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  • Chas says:

    I don't like that the e-zine isn't posted here. I'd prefer to comment on a particular article. Just having a blog announcement notice instead of a complete newsletter in my mail makes more sense to me. Plus you can avoid any filters.

  • MCG2008 says:

    These are great ideas, amazing that people aren't doing it in droves! It's getting the motivation to stop sitting and start doing that really makes the difference. I find the materials and resources that Frederic Patenaude makes available very inspiring and helpful as well. Whatever gets your creative juices going, I wish you all great success!

  • How would you like a way to shoot several "info-product creating" birds with one stone?

    Newbies… people who are starting from ground zero… people who are starting from scratch… all have similar problems.

    First, they have to be shown the path to success. Marlon's Info-Product Creation Dashboard [] solves that problem.

    Second, they don't have a list of prospects or previous clients. Their list size is = 0.

    No list equals No Business. So,

    The problem is to create a list.

    Next, in order to create a hot product that will appeal to a starving crowd (a crowd with a track record of buying high ticket items like $497 or $997 or $1987 courses) you need to survey the market place. You can't guess as to the "wants" of the market you need the market to tell you exactly what it wants.

    Also, "newbies" tend to freeze at this point because they aren't use to approaching the market place in the capacity of a seller. Most people have lots of experience in approaching the market place as buyers but those experiences aren't the ones new info-product creators need.

    Next, when an entrepreneur creates a new product it is important to collect testimonials from satisfied customers.

    Those testimonials create social acceptance, create believability, create authority and can convince a sceptical market that your sales pitch is supported by actual customers that have tried and loved your product.

    So, we need to survey the market to find out what it wants.

    We need to get testimonials and

    We need to create credibility. In other words, the market needs to be reassured that the "newbie" knows what he's talking about and is qualified to have created the product that bears his name.

    Here are nine easy steps to solve the "newbie's" major problems.

    Step 1: Buy the Info-Product Dashboard.

    (visit to get your copy)

    Step 2. Go to and download a free 21 day trial of their mind mapping software.; create a mindmap or process map of the sequential steps outlined in Marlon's Info-Product Creation Dashboard

    Step 3. Approach the curriculum committee at your local community college and propose to them a course that you'd like to offer called "How to Create A Product From Scratch and Sell It Successfully Within 8 Weeks or Less!". Tell them it's open to 30 or more students.

    Step 4. Follow the steps in the Dashboard to create your first info-product (the text book for your class called "How To Create A Product From Scratch…"). Warning!!! Don't rip off Marlon's Dashboard content. Instead, use it to guide you as far as steps to take and the proper sequence of those steps. The text book can be presented to the students in pdf format (a requirement of the course is that they have to buy the text from you via your paypal account or by using the website you'll create by carrying out Marlon's steps in the Dashboard.

    Step 5. Have each student in your class, as an assignment, conduct a 12 product survey. Take the results of that survey to determine the name of your product.

    Step 6. Have each student contact an expert in the field that complements the winner of the 12 product survey and interview that expert. If you have 20 students you'll end up with 20 interviews.

    Step 7. Use those interviews to create your info-product.

    Step 8. Use Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen's approach in creating their best-seller: "Chicken Soup for The Soul" by having your name on the cover of the product as "Written & Compiled By" [your name] and then, at the end of the pdf or book acknowledge all the students and interviewees (the experts) who contributed to the pdf/book/info-product.

    Step 9. Collect testimonials and critiques about the product from your students, along with permission slips allowing you to use their names in all or any of your marketing for the product.

    If you do those simple nine steps, and if you can get the nerve to teach a class…

    You will not only help yourself tremendously in creating your first product, but…

    You'll also show others how to do it… and,

    You will become an expert in your field super-fast… because,

    Now, you will have a teaching and public speaking set of credentials…

    And everybody knows how important good credentialization is…

    So, go to it now.


    Gerard LeBlond

    P.S.And don't forget to get your Info-Product Creation Dashboard now. Just click on the link below…

  • Aaron says:


    I am glad you do what you do.. I have to wait till the 4th to get the Info product.. But am going to get it.. As well as the Amazing formula..

    One thing I like about it .. That moved me to be getting it..

    Is I sell complicated stuff.. its a multi billion dollar industry .. but only like 2,000 searchs a month..

    I liked the fact that you had Yank Silver.. That he learned from you got his start.. He has the sales letter product that has very littles searchs i think i read in your e-letter but yet he pulls 700,000 a year with it..

    I feel i am in the same boat. Its huge industry just no searchs. on the engines.. doesent mean they are not looking on the net just not on the search engines..

    Everyone one of the gurus i have learend from.. say offer a product easier to get that to open the door..

    well that hassen't been as easy as its said..

    why i like your stuff so much..

    what i like about your stuff is its classical.. classics are allways in style.. i see the flash and hype of other products but there gone at the change of wind..

    I like how you have stood the test of time or are classical.. Any how thanks for offfering what you do..



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