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Post Your Comments Here To Win A Copy


Click The Comments Link At The End Of This Post And Tell Me Why YOU Should Win A Copy Of My New Info Product Dashboard but READ What Comments I'm Looking For FIRST!

If you post a video on YouTube, you'll be eligible to be 1 of 5 people to WIN an additional FREE gift that is very valuable.  Here are some guidelines on what topics to address:

1.  I'm NOT looking for sob stories or how broke you are! 

2.  But WHAT would having your OWN product DO for your life in a positive way?

3.  What has STOPPED you from HAVING your own info products and how could this HELP you!

4.  What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

5.  What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

OK, here's the comments link.

  • vital psp says:

    What has kept me from doing so is that I didn’t know HOW to do all of the things Marlon teaches in the dashboard. Now I’ve been an avid student of DM & IM but don’t have dollars to throw at just any product–I have learned a lot on the cheap BU

  • NJ Paust says:

    Seems I'm a little late to the party but I am so excited to find out about the info-product dashboard! Why? Well like Marlon says, I want to stop trading time for money and offer quality (products)for $. I want to remove the limitations in all areas that have kept me from living the life I really want and deserve! I have a wonderful friend from India who stays with me here in America who is 64 and still working–I'm only 10 years behind her and also still slaving–I want to free us both so we can go see the sights together anywhere we choose, when we want, and how we want. This product will allow me to pay off any remaining debt and secure my retirement and help me create ways to help others that also helps me! What has kept me from doing so is that I didn't know HOW to do all of the things Marlon teaches in the dashboard. Now I've been an avid student of DM & IM but don't have dollars to throw at just any product–I have learned a lot on the cheap BUT the point and click ease with the GUI in this product is fantastic. Even if Marlon doesn't give me a free copy I will BUY IT within the next week or so. Thank you Marlon Sanders, thank you thank you thank you! (Jumping for joy that I finally have a chance by using a product from someone I *know* and trust!)

    Blessings to all of you! (Btw, if you get a chance do read The Master Key by Mr. Haanel–it's fabulous!)

  • Ron Goodwave says:


    My international news show has just exposed you.

    I'm Ron Goodwave, and I'm known worldwide for my uncanny ability to sniff out the dogs from the rabbits…

    And it's all revealed in my latest show – "Internet Marketing News – Marlon Sanders Exposed – Episode #1"

    To see the truth for yourself, go to:

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    The whole world knows about it by now…

    Ron Goodwave


  • Evans says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I've been getting your newsletter for a bit and have been throughly impressed and envigorated by you. I am new to info-products and marketing. I am very organized, never give up, but sometimes you just need that extra kick or boost to learn from and teach you the right and best way to get your product's completed, out there and promoting your way in your own business as well as promoting those who helped and aided you. I feel I should be a winner of your Dashboard as I believe it would help me accomplish all of my ideas and dreams for my business and learn from one who knows and knows well.

    Thank you Marlon for this opportunity to turn my business and life on the right track…

    Elizabeth E. Evans

  • Douglas says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Well, I probably don't stand a chance of winning the free Info Product Dashboard since I don't have a video to submit. Heck, I don't even know how to make a video or post one online, or even how to do the simplest things to get started in internet marketing. That's why I need the Info Product Dashboard so bad… despite immersing myself in all the principles and theories out there, I still lack the focus and basic skills to make a go of it. And one thing I know for sure: internet marketing is what I truly enjoy and want to do to become financially independent and professionally fulfilled.

    After getting laid off from a well-paying but personally unsatisfying job a couple of years ago, I realized that I don't want to ever again work in such an environment. Instead, I want to be my own boss and the master of my own destiny. But I need help!

    I need a system to guide me step-by-step so that I can start to realize my dream, and the Info Product Dashboard looks like just the ticket.

    Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


    P.S. If I do win, I promise to promote your products like crazy! (if I ever get a list)

  • 1. To my knowledge I’m NOT any more broke than anyone else. I've got no sob story to tell. Sob story's don't help anyone and only emphasize the negative in one's life. My desire is to emphasize the positive. I'm looking for a tool to streamline my product identification, creation, design and implementation strategy

    2. Having my own product would provide me with three things: A)An organized method for planning my product B)A disciplined strategy for plan implementation C)An incentive to create a product that will not only benefit my bottom line, but will help others to achieve their personal goals, as related to my product, as well. These three things cannot help but but be a positive influence in my life and the lives of others.

    3.I have been stopped from having my own info products by not having a concise plan for identification, creation, design and implementation. These four things are what the dashboard can help me achieve. I'm a busy guy and anything that will help me to get my product from mind to matter sounds like just what I need.

    4.I have not previously purchased any products that are designed to specifically "automate" the process to the degree that your product appears to. I have nothing to compare it to.

    5. I need a product that provides a plan and outline to the steps in product identification, creation, design and implementation

  • Tom Justin says:


    As an owner/affiliate of your products, I'm more than happy to purchase this one too.

    Every financial decision has a risk/reward ratio. You handily eliminate all risk for those who are ready to take action.

    Because our course, First Step Internet Marketing, deals primarily with newbies, I'd like to win this product and give it away in one of our own promotions. I plan to promote this through that company and my other online businesses too.

    Have a great launch,

    Tom Justin

  • Pastor Michael says:

    Hi Marlon, I have a ministry to deaf and hard of hearing college age students. As you can imagine, there is no money in that! ๐Ÿ™‚ My wife and I actually subsidize our ministry with the money that my wife makes as a teacher while I work as an un-paid Pastor as well as being a stay-at-home Dad for our infant daughter. My desire is to start an internet business making and selling info-products so that I can start making money from home and better taking care of my family financially as well as have more money to put into ministry work. Your Info-Product Dashboard would be a great blessing to us to help me get my feet on solid ground by successfully creating info-products with a goal of becoming financially independent and capable of taking care of my family and ministry.

    Thank you Marlon and God Bless,

    Pastor Michael

  • Hi Marlon,

    I just put up my Youtube video to keep everyone happy. It's about your new Info Product Dashboard. It's also about an Aboriginal Australian in Thailand, or something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the good work and let me know if there is anyway I can help you…


  • Maria says:

    Good morning,

    I enrolled in your blog this morning,I love Dashboard and I use it often in my business. I am also your partener. I work hard in my business but for the instant without result.

    The info-product Dasboard is a great opportunity for me. I think with the product like this I can finally begin to win and I will do my best to benefit of this possibility.

    I know I do not win: I am newbies, I have not yet vidéo and I relied on INFO COPY to start. But there something important in this: I have taken the knowledge of your blog and I see things genuinely interested.


  • I think I must win a copy of Info Product Dashboard because I intend to be a Social Entrepreneur.

    If by winning this product, I can turn my dream/mission into reality, I will be in a position to serve a cause for which I have a passion.

    I will appreciate if you can take a look at the article I posted at the following Ezine a short while back.

    Please also visit


    I intend to sell your products through this site



  • Elisabeth says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Just a quick follow-up…

    As it turns out, I already own TWO of your dashboards, the Marketing Dashboard and the Affiliate Dashboard, but I got it all backwards.

    Both of them are GREAT but they both assume that I already have a product to sell, and, well, I don't, which is why I NEED your new Information Product Dashboard, so I can put the other two to good use…

    Your new post on your blog, about selling products instead of services is very apropos! Really hit a nerve. I've been wearing myself out selling my services, and there's only so much of me to go around… So products it will have to be.

    I do have a few in the works actually (and have had them at that stage for a while), but I find myself getting stuck somewhere, so getting things sorted into a step-by-step process will be very helpful.

    Keeping my fingers crossed ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Sheri says:


    Whenever I run into trouble with a software program or an issue on-line in my buisness, my wonderful husband, (IT networking specialist at a major Fortune company and my personal CIO) says, "You're only one button/click away from happiness", and he's always right. You just need to know WHICH button to click! So, today, my one click is to submit this post in hopes of winning a copy of your new Info Product Dashboard!

    In answer to your questions:

    Q. What would having your own product do for you in a positive way?

    It would allow me to:

    – Build residual/passive income and a true business on-line to eventually free up more of my time to spend with and help care for my elderly parents who live in another state, and help our other family members and friends learn how to build their own businesses, as well.

    – Learn how to create interesting and high demand, profitable products to share my years of experience and expertise as a recruiter, small business owner, marketer, consultant, professional musician, and speaker with those who want to learn how to find job and career opportunities that align with their passions and skills.

    – Share my faith and experiences with others who are looking for hope, insight, and practical techniques while looking for career and job opportunities;

    – Have the ability to give even more to charitable causes and those in need out of the abundance created from the increase in the business(es).

    – Further develop my writing, copywriting, video/audio, and internet marketing skills.

    Q. What has stopped you from creating your own info products?

    – Fear (of writing and just putting it out there for the world to see/critique)

    – Information overload (too many seminars and products confuse the issue)

    – Lack of knowledge or a system (of what REALLY works and what doesn't)

    – Lack of time (due to full time corporate jobs. We have a plan to scale back our jobs to work on this and eventually move into the on-line business full time once it can support our family)

    – And, quite honestly, procrastination (because while we have what we THINK are some good ideas, we aren't sure which ones to start with or how to develop them into something that people really would be interested in or need, or how to get them out there quickly, so we just keep putting it off).

    We purchased both your Design and Marketing Dashboards, both terrific products and very easy to use. But we soon realized that we were missing the main ingredient, just as you have been saying – our OWN information products. But, we have made the commitment that 2008 is going to be the year that we will JUST DO IT!

    Q. What has been missing in any products you have bought on the topic?

    – Although many products have good information, they are overwhelming; hard to know which one is best or what to do first. But, your material is always laid out in an attractive, easy, step by step, point-and-click outline that explains exactly what to do and when. Our experience with your dashboard products as well as your years of expertise and great articles of encouragement tell us that this new product will most likely be the best and quickest method to help get us up and running with our own products.

    Q. What do you need in order to breakthrough and create your own information products?

    – Ideas on how to determine profitable topics; information on how to put information products together in the right format and get them to the marketplace quickly; seeing how others have done it successfully so we can model it; ENCOURAGEMENT!!!

    Marlon, thank you for taking your time to develop these products and get them out to the marketplace. We are just getting started with our websites and products and services, and your material has always been very insightful and helpful to us.

    You are doing a great service for those seeking to build an on-line, residual income business to help them work toward their goals in life!


  • Mike Chepiga says:

    Even though I've long understood the importance of having my own products to sell, I've been caught up in the time for dollars ratrace. I'm a marketing consultant. When I'm busy, I'm too busy to spend the time developing products. When it slows down, I'm busy scrambling around to replace the income. Plus, I'm a procrastinator. But with the New Year approaching, I've promised myself that I'll carve out a little time each day to build a series of my own products. A system like yours (that helps you take one step at a time–and the right steps) seems to exactly what I need.



  • Howard Rosenberg says:

    Marlon –

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    I often feel I'm a serf! A chattell!

    I'd welcome the opp to win your new product to introduce some flex into my life instead of just grinding away.

    Your material would also help me validate the idea that I tell my sons, Michael and Tony, that the money's in the roylaties not the per-unit production.

    My wife thinks along the lines of traditional old school thinking of just get a job and call it a day and I'd like to put my hand to a better life rather than relying on other people's risks.

    Thank you Marlon.

    Howard Rosenberg

  • Christopher Tebbatt says:

    I have just set up a business with the sole purpose of selling information products 'Info Producteer Ltd. I have a number of products I can rebrand with full master rights they are quality products by some very well known gurus, but I need to create my very own products to offer with these to create stunning Back End and Front End products. I alredy have some of your products Marlon and have seen you on video at some of the conferences. So I know the Info Product Dashboard will help me to create top flight Info Products to get my business of to a great start. Also adding affiliate products once I have my own out there.

    Kind regards


  • Tian Yan says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Here is my video where I share my reasons for winning a copy and also my success story in applying your advice which you shared in an earlier blog post.

    Here are the links


    I realized that the lighting is awful and I went on a long rant sharing my opinions, so I apologize for making you sit through it. I am, however, sincere in what i say.

    Talk soon.

    Have An Optimal Day.

    – Tian Yan

  • Alex Maggs-Wellings says:

    Well i have been trying to create info products for a very long time, but i dont have the correct tools to help me finish anything. Its a shame because i think my products could be come really good. The one reason is i cant afford to purchase these tools but once i have them under my fingertips then i wont need to spend any more money on useless toools that dont help me. Please allow me to complete my products and get them uploaded and sold on the net before i actaully run out of money ๐Ÿ™‚

    Warm regards

    Alex Maggs-Wellings

  • I am completely self taught from a 6th grade education. I could never learn in school in a traditional way. I always had to methodically take everything apart, examine it, then put it back together to learn about it. I always felt I was lacking in some way and was teased that I was dumb because I was always failing in some classes.

    Over the years I learned about cars, sales,handwriting, and many other things teaching myself the way I needed to learn it. I did finally learn why I had trouble & received a clinical diagnosis for ADHD and some other medical problems. My assets are loads of energy and determination & that is how I have survived.

    When I started trying to learn IM I could get parts of it but quickly got information overload. I have been stuck for 3 years! I have great ideas but I can't quite seem to put things together & in an order to make them work for me.

    I can't say that I deserve a free copy of the program any more than anyone else but I believe it may be the one thing that can put it all in an order for me where it can make sense to me. It can then give me a direction to focus upon helping me to finally become successful at IM.

    I won't bore you with a sob story other than I have been homebound for almost 10 years now & need to make money quickly to raise myself up to a level where I can afford to get better physically and retain what little I have left. I will certainly put the Info Product Dashboard to good use setting things in order, step by step so I can build my business & make my life and those lives around me better.

    I appreciate your generosity in giving 5 lucky people a chance to get Info Product Dashboard. It spreads fun, hope and goodwill which many people are starving for.

    Thanks for giving us all a little fun and a chance to win it. Now if you could just make a Dashboard for Life:)

    Thanks and Good Luck everyone!


  • Don Khakpour says:

    I am going to buy this product even if I don't win it, because recently got layoff

    From my job and need to start Internet business somewhere and I found you are one of the best.



  • Mark says:

    Hi Marlon

    I think you might be overestimate the working knowledge of the people your trying to Market.

    While it’s true most people aren’t stupid, I would be very surprised if your info product dashboard could actually walk somebody of average computer internet knowledge through to a successful business. believe me there’s always something major that’s been presumed or forgotten, or overlooked in most systems. Now here’s my experience from a user’s point of view. I’m not saying this is your system, but I would be totally gob-smacked if it was different. In most cases the learning curb is too great, and cost too much effort and time and energy too succeed for the average Joe Blow.

    if you want a honest unbiased report, I,ll gladly test your system for free

    cheers Mark

  • Dan Safkow says:

    The Internet Marketing Ninja seeks to unlock the power of the Info Product Dashboard at

  • susan says:


    Well, as one of the baby-boomers who

    needs a boost, and find this IM a

    little crazy, therefore, in need of

    some assistance in making it online

    and perhaps Marlon's "dashboard" may

    be just the required assistance that

    will relieve me of all the stress

    due to browsing/searching/analyzing/

    researching & re-researching on the internet & to help simplify the process

    for a beginner.


  • Kevin says:

    Well – talk about being too busy making a living to make any money.

    I have plenty of ideas – or, more correctly, people give me plenty of ideas. A few years ago, I noticed that people would say things like “Where can you get …?â€ย, “Why don’t they make …?â€ย, “Wouldn’t it be good if you could …?â€ย

    Anyway, this made me realise that people tell you indirectly the sort of stuff that they're willing to spend money on – it's just that they don't necessarily verbalise it in a way that is immediately apparent. If you listen when people are being indistinct, there are often very powerful hidden messages.

    Around about the same time, I was finding that friends and colleagues were asking my advice an awful lot, on all manner of subjects. For several reasons, I had developed a reputation as the person to ask if you needed to know something and weren't sure which way to turn. You name it, people asked me : where they could roll down a hillside inside of a big plastic ball (called zorbing, by the way); how to find their way from A to B using a map; help with mental arithmetic; even financial advice, from mortgages and debt consolidation to taxation. If I didn't have the answer, I knew where an answer could be found.

    I realised that I was learning, or perhaps had already acquired, the ability to convey information, and of acquiring information that I did not already have at my disposal. How annoying that others had identified this before I had myself!

    Still, no matter – this was confidence-boosting reassurance that I had skills that I could use to make money whilst helping others.

    My problem really is time. I cannot, and will not, waste it. I work hard and earn good money. (Not that I have much to show for it – my lifestyle is quite an expensive one!) I know that people will pay good money for information (so long as it's relevant or pertinent or interesting to them), but when I sit down to write a guide, or a manual, or a pamphlet, I need to know that I am going to get a return on my investment, and without knowing exactly how to target and market such products, I lack the guarantees I need.

    This goes against the grain of all the lifestyle books, of course – we are constantly being told that the power to succeed is within us all and to harness that power, we simply need to apply ourselves to the necessary plan and use Belief.

    Unfortunately, I simply don't have the time. Time is money, and I can't afford to lose any of that without some guarantees. When I'm in possession of the Info Dashboard, I will have access to those tried and tested Marlon Sanders techniques, so that when I give up my time to work towards a better future, the time I give up will be a valuable investment rather than a wasted opportunity.

    "If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap, than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door." supposedly remarked Ralph Waldo Emerson. Many people are now pointing out that this isn’t the whole story. The world needs to know about you and care about you first. The internet is a wonderful, exciting market. How thrilling to be a small fish in a big pond. If only you know where to swim.

    That's my take on things.

    Thanks Marlon. Good luck everyone!


  • Ken-g says:

    Hi Marlon,

    to win any thing would be a first.

    Want a sad story,sorry I've kicked about that much nothing hurts me any more.

    Sad,no, just get on with life, you only got one.

    Take Care – Ken UK…

  • Bob Gatchel says:

    Hey Marlon!

    Long time – No Type!

    Why do I deserve to win? Quite simple. I want to reboot my business by having a never ending supply of MY OWN products that will help me do that!

    As someone who has been blessed with a level of success with internet marketing, I have found myself recently 'stuck' when it comes to taking my knowledge, skills and techniques and putting them together into a cohesive and profit pulling product or package.

    I think this comes with some level of "entrepreneurial A.D.D" where I have tons of great material, but just lacking the focus and discipline to get this material from my head to "products" to share with the world.

    I see the "dashboard" as a comprehensive system that will help me take all of those great thoughts, ideas and proven concepts running around in my head, and FINALLY put them together … kind of like a "product creation GPS", guiding me in a "turn by turn" basis to convert my ideas to products.

    You ask "what would having my own product(s)do for my life in a positive way?" Well, let me answer that. I'm in a new phase of life and business. Yes, I'm very blessed and acheiving success with online / offline marketing. BUT I know that I can do more and have more to share.

    I'm entering some new ventures and these new ventures pose different challenges and opportunities. And because of that I need some "new stuff" to help me capitalize on these markets. For me, this is like starting from scratch all over again! Something I have not had to do for several years! AND I KNOW THAT THINGS HAVE CHANGED in the realm of "product creation" since I started! I've gotten "stale" and need something to help me reignite my creative juices!

    I see the dashboard as a way for me to "get up to speed" with the best possible way to create products the RIGHT way!

    Bottom line? I need something (the dashboard) to keep me in control! My mind is going 1,000 an hour and I need the power of the dashboard to be my foundation to build my new information products … to build my new businesses!

    What will this do for me? Well, without going into TOO MUCH DETAIL (smile) having some super info products will allow me to dominate a new niche market that I have entered, and this could be WILDLY profitable since NO ONE (that I know of) is tapping this market!

    That's why I'm not too shy to ask for help and to put my hat into the ring to win the dashboard! (smile)

    Marlon, you also asked about "what was missing in other so called product creation products" … well … to be honest I have tried them and they were not what what I would call good!

    Many product creation "things" all give the same cursory highlights on creating a product … but from what I see from the dashboard, you go into INTIMATE step by step detail on how to go through the process. Instead of giving huge chunks of concepts (with a lot of missing detail) you are providing a tool that allows us to go through specific steps in a logical fashion AND giving the necessary details so that there is nothing left to the imagination!

    I have used your products before (and have been part of my past success!), and if the dashboard is HALF as good as you say it is … it is going to be amazing!

    So I will say … PICK ME (smile) and let me learn the RIGHT way to create my own products to help me reboot and relaunch my business for the better!

    Your buddy in the business,

    Bob Gatchel

  • austen says:

    Hi Marlon

    I came across your blog through dave Valleries site and would like to have your information development guidelines cause i know you as an expert in the field of info-product creation and i know anything you approve is certainly one of the best.

    <a href="http:// wwww.antiwrinklesguide.con” target=”_blank”>http:// <a href="…” target=”_blank”>wwww.antiwrinklesguide.con

  • Ron Rolontz says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the shot to win your NEW Info Product Dashboard!

    If I could create an info. product on the internet, it would change my life. Having the time to do what I want and the money to do it! Thats the dream we all have!

    I've bought a number of different things to do this but it just hasn't happened.

    I'm always missing the "nuts and bolts". What I need, are the exact steps, the exact actions, all laid out from a to z. What I need, is a system that I can do and that I will do. Your new product sounds like it could be the path that I need! Wow-would I love to win a copy??

    You bet your arse I would!

    Thank you Marlon Sanders,

    you are the "man"!

  • Joe Watson says:

    Hi Marlon

    Found your blog via David Vallieres newsletter and think it's a sign of good luck.

    I have been trying to develop my own product but with little success and have not actually reached the stage where I have one completed. Having my own product would enable me to have everything under my own control ie; price, marketing, building a list,JV's etc and I really believe that this is the only way to make real money.

    All things being equal, I would be able to set a price based on the perceived value of my product, I would be able to set up affiliates, based on the best possible affiliate support, to get the maximum return, But not only that, this would set me up for the future with further product releases sold for me by my happy and loyal affiliates. In this, I think the sky's the limit. The LONG TERM benefits are mind boggling.

    The things that have stopped me from having my info products up to now is the big question: Where do I start?

    and after I have started, what are the steps to take to completion

    I have some books on product creation but they all just tell you what you need to do but don't go into the nitty gritty of actually HOW to do it.

    I NEED a step by step solution which is easy to follow, provides clear guidlines and the satisfaction of actually seeing progress being made until the info product is finally completed. As a confidence builder this would be nothing short of fantastic.

    Other products would follow without all the previous problems and really the Info Product Dashboard would be not just a stepping stone, but a complete platform on which to build a highly successfiul and lucrative business.

    There's not only Microsoft who have platforms, (and this is what I consider the Info Product Dashboard to be) – on which they build their business – I can have one too!!

    Cheers Marlon


  • Clare Sias says:

    Hi there.

    I just started on the internet and don't know much about working online and would really like to know more. thanks.

  • Renee M. says:

    Would love to win your product

  • Renee M. says:


    I have been trying to learn all this marketing "stuff" on my own, and I have accomplished alot. I feel overwhelmed! I

    have soooo many products that I can produce

    right now, sooooo many articles and information items that need to be completed. And your product would help me to organize this whole mess of things that I have. You could go to my banners page and see what I'm talking about.

  • Mercy says:

    "The more you give, the more you get"… and there is no major satisfaction in life than helping others. And if you can do that while making a living, then you are truly blessed and rich.

    Many American families are being impacted by the housing downfall (foreclosures, bankrupcies). Many are loosing their homes and giving up on their "American dream."

    There is hope for these families. They can put their negative financial situation in the past and learn about their positive options to re-build their lives after the storm. And I just want to do that with my info product. In English and "en Espanol."

    I want to empower them with the necessary knowledge to get back on their feet, to put their finances in order, and even buy a new home within a short period of time. Also empower qualified professionals with the right tool to help these families as well.

    But time is of the essence. Your Product Dashboard is just what I need to make this concept a reality… quickly, easily – hassle-free!

    My sincere thanks for the opportunity ("Mis mas sinceras gracias por la oportunidad").


  • Wayne says:

    “How an Aussie Info marketer wannabe won a life changing hand up as an Info-product mastermind took him step by step from poverty to prosperityâ€ย

    OK, I know that your headline would be better, but the reality is that that’s my whole point… I need your help! I know you are probably wondering why I specifically need your help, so please let me explain…

    Marlon, the truth is that I am very frustrated with the information I have read so far. I have spent endless hours and more money than we could afford to acquire the information to become a success in this business. At this point my wife is understandably furious that I have spend so much money and haven’t put together my product yet. I am getting pressure to produce some profits or go back to the dead end life of a normal job. I realize that a lot of people “wantâ€ย to win your product so you’re probably wondering at this point why I “deserveâ€ย to win one of your products….

    Well the reality is that I’ve already put in the hours. I’ve read a ton of information, both free and paid, but I have ended up more confused than confident as there seems to be so many different points of view regarding what is the best thing to do. One of the biggest problems I have personally encountered is that the information I’ve read always seems to tell only part of the story, which leaves me with more questions than answers. When I try to put it all together I still seem to be missing bits to the overall picture.

    I am not afraid to learn or put in the hard work to produce results. I do not want someone to do it for me, but I would love for your product to guide me to success. I do not want the fish, but to be taught how to get my feet wet in this business so I can catch my own fish.

    Marlon, I got to tell you, I’ve studied the headings under your info-product dashboard screenshot and was amazed to see how comprehensive it looks. Finally, I am convinced that there is actually a single product that would expose the overall step by step comprehensive and complete path to success that I need to finally produce and profit from my own product so I can provide for my family and avoid a life of drudgery working a normal job for the rest of my life.

    I sure hope that you will find my efforts to date worthy of benefiting from your product. I look forward to working with you to improve the heading for my testimonial from Down Under.

    Best regards,



  • Rowell says:

    My work involves looking after people with mental and physical disabilites. Everyday, I see how they triumph and seize the day in their own little ways….I could write some books about this, books that could serve as a ray of hope to the more abled bodies that have lost the will to 'design' their lives. Amidst my hectic schedule ,I need something that will relieve me from this time restraint, a tool that will buy me more time, so to speak, and I believe your Info Product Dashboard is just the tool Im looking for.

  • Geoff says:

    Hi Marlon

    If you like a challenge I'm your man!

    I read about your new product which sounds great. But then what do i know, as I no nothing. I've got no hard luck story to lay before you however I'm enthusiastic and committed, but don't know what to do and in the right sequence. Maybe that's why I need your help.

    Like I say, if you're up for a challenge?

  • Hi Marlon

    I would really like to win a copy as my wife and i have been struggling for the last couple of years to make a go of it online and spent a huge amount of time and money and we are just about exhausted and just need a bit of a kick start

  • Spedlad says:

    Hi Marlon my mates call me "Sped" because I'm just a bit different from them. However being different has it's advantages as I see the world in a whole new light and thus am able to think of things and ways of doing things that others think of as great and ask "How did you think of that?".

    So wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could teach me how to create products from all my thoughts and ideas some of which one day may make help make a better world for many other people especially those like me that are poorly understood by normal people.

    Thanks for the opportunity Marlon.

  • Olivier Pilon says:

    I want to win this product big time.

    Couldnt have come at a better time.

    I have expertise which could free a lot of people from agoraphobia, which i have suffered from for 10 years, "stuck at home". And I've been trying to learn about marketing and product creation and create my product for the past 2 years on and off.

    Ive put a lot of time into creating content, but product creation has always been something i had trouble with, especially knowing how to pull everything together.

    Having the info product dashboard product would finally help me create my product to help people free themselves from agoraphobia, which is the ultimate prison. People with agoraphobia who "stumble" onto my products will have a great chance of skipping the "wasting years of their lives" part i had to go through to figure out how to free myself, and to resolve the secondary issues related to that.

    Helping people becoming free is the greatest satisfaction I have in life and it's a god send for those who free themselves.

    My life would dramatically change as i could stop sacrifying myself buying expensive products and all the trial and error…all the gazillion hours i put in to create my product and biz in the making, at the expense of my family.

    The thing that holds my back is product creation, of course..

    What stopped me from having my own info product is a combinaton of things. For my info product i need to know many things, interviewing experts(i dont have a product on how to do this yet), knowing how to convince them to jump onboard and the type of deals i can propose them to be able to do that, and most recently, my biggest obstacle has been on not knowing how to put the product together, the legal stuff, the finishing touch/packaging, knowing where to get it created physically without paying a ton of money up front.

    I feel that one thing that seems to be missing out there is knowing about the copyrights and legal stuff, the legal disclaimers etc..

    Also missing is how to get experts to collaborate with you, as you are starting out.

    What i would need to break through is a step by step "system" for finding and getting experts on board with me to jv with.

    Also how to put the finishing touches on a product with all the lega stuff(copywrights, disclaimers) and all.

    And while i find that with a lot of work and dedication i can develop structure of my site, and write the content, it takes me wayyyyyy too much time to do so.

    It takes me so much time that i am too embarrassed to mention how long I've been working on this agoraphobia freedom product (and backend product plan)..

    I have a lot of content inside of me that cant wait to be put into products and shared with people for their benefits. And i know of several unique "under the radar" experts that i want to approach, collaborate with and have people benefit from.

    I just need to know how to do those two things!!

    I want to learn a system of getting products created faster(completely done to start with!), with a clear path and focus so i can create products at a reasonable speed and get to the meat of why im doing this in the first place: to help people with agoraphobia

    finally live a decent life, and to create the kind of life i want to live for myself and my family.

    I wish myself the best ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I have been online for some years now, and have yet to create my first product. I am a great fan of Marlon, and this product has the strong recommendation of some of the people I trust. Since my stroke, I have a load of time and motivation to deliver a good living provided by an online business. Having my own info product seems to be the right way.

  • Faith Marcil says:

    (Reposted since I posted in the wrong area in the first place. I don't want to be left out of the contest by accident.)

    Having my own information product accomplished within a framework of easy to follow instructions is great for one as me who has so many ideas and even with having bought many ebooks, have never been able to follow thru to the end. I always start something and it is great in the beginning and then I get lost in between.

    Most ebooks tell you to do this or that and leave you to navigate alone with your own set of softwares, further guidelines and balancing your own timely management skills to create a product. For the weary, easily distracted & bright eyed impulsive buyer of anything packaged as ‘information’, it is not easy to isolate my focus and resources and direct them toward a maintainable goal and eventual finished product.

    I am hoping that Info Product Dashboard can change all that and more. I need the ability to see my work in its creation toward its final finished form, starting at one point and onward, overcoming small easily surmountable steps that when combined leads toward that achievable successful goal. This is what I have always wanted and have always hoped for. Minimizing distractions and information overload and allowing me the control of time and application while building my self confidence with small successes would create the ultimate safe area where I can work and enjoy the process and still learn at the same time.

    I want to prove to myself that I can do it, succeed in creating an informational product of my own. And if I am blessed by utilizing Info Product Dashboard, I am hoping for the best and succeed where others have failed me. A superior model for a profound success in finally creating a product that I can be proud of would be a blessing.

    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Faith Marcil

  • Ken says:

    Hi Marlon,

    It seems learning how to do something for the first time is always a challenge. You start down the road and really don't know what you don't know. I am in that position as I have ideas but run into "how to" technical challenges. Having my own product would be great… having a system to continue building would be even better. Your program looks well thought out (step by step) and I believe it will help fill in some of the learning gaps that occur whenever one flys over unchartered territory. Again, the primary thing I need that would be of greatest value is a working system (blueprint)that I can use to not get stuck in traffic…..

    Kind Regards,


  • Linda says:

    Hi Marlon:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your IPD. Winning this would help me to help more dance teachers successfully bring more fun, friends, health, and happiness into a higher percentage of the general public, in a shorter period of time.

    I have been studying minisite creation, membership sites, autoresponders, sales letters, control panel, affiliate marketing, network marketing, and have information overload. I have taken action, but not where my passion is on teaching dance, so the IPD will finally get my infoproducts DONE and out there to benefit all of us.



  • Lia says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm Lia from Romania. I'm actually in the process of making researches about a suite of related info products meant to leverage subjects learning in a creative and fun way.

    I have used the techniques I use as the core of the products I develop to help students — from primary school to college level.

    Besides some "classical" knowledge about learning it would help the user build step by step his or her learning systems based on what comes natural to them.

    Just imagine the average student, after dealing with my materials:

    -turning a microbiology book full of Latin names and classifications into a 6 pages "comic book",

    -learning from the "comics",

    -getting an A+

    -saying "I've got to write about the empty fridge and the policeman.

    It didn't take more than several hours instead of days of studying. Effortless.

    An example of what I did.

    I'm sure that Info Product Dashboard would improve my work and help me reach more people.

    The reason I would like to win is because of online payment limitations I have to face.

    Many "international" credit cards issued in my country aren't suitable for Internet payments… and some other complications.

    Otherwise I wouldn't have written here, just go, buy your goodies, start applying and give you feedback including MY goodies.

    I hope I'll be your client soon, Marlon.


  • Having my own successful info product (that actually made me money instead of eating it) would help me meet my aim of making a good income working part-time and doing more things with my wife & kids.

    I write pretty well and I have the necessary production skills, but I'm not an expert an anything and feel guilty approaching experts for content without giving them a share of the income – which I'm having to do with a veterinary education subscription site I'm developing. I also learn best by being shown all the steps involved in doing something. Info Product Dashboard would help me in both of these areas.

    I have previously purchased 2 online info products. While the content has been good, the thing that really has been missing (and I'm not just saying this) is the systematic, step-by-step approach that Info Product Dashboard follows. In other words, the Elephant has seemed just too darn big!

    This walk-you-through-step-by-step approach you've built into Info Product Dashboard is great! From just looking at the screen shot I can see that all the guidance, tools and resources I'd need to be able to both create AND sell a good info product is all there.

    Thanks Marlon for the opportunity to be in the running to win a copy of Info Product Dashboard.

  • Paul Kearley says:

    Success, no matter how you measure it all comes down to the amount of action that you are willing to take to achieve your goal. That has always been my philosophy.

    When I saw your invitation I knew that it was for me, because I already have a product that I just finished. It's an E-Book that I wrote after my week spent in Alabama and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina helping to stock a food bank, offering support to people who had lost everything and just simply helping out however I could.

    I noticed that there were more people pointing fingers and blaming others for their misfortune than there were people doing things to improve their situation. I started wondering just what it was that allowed some people to whine and moan and others to get into action. So, I started studying people who were able to get results and taking notes on what they did and how they did it. What resulted was my e-book.

    I am confident that this e-book will change the way people overcome procrastination and achieve their goals.

    The reviews have been pretty good, but, this is my first foray into the world of internet marketing, and I'm a little unsure on how to proceed. Your program looks custom made for what it is that I am looking for: A clear, direct and doable way to get my product out so that people can start to achieve their goals.

    When you are considering the hundreds of requests that you will receive for your marketing program, please consider me.

  • Phil says:

    Thanks for the chance you offer.

    I read your stuff till my eyes bleed.

    Your one of the best marketers on the planet. I love your products and have learned alot from you.

    I've read over 500 books on marketing and Yours are some of the best.

    I'll learn more once I win your product. Even if I don't win, one of my other goals is to meet you at a seminar.



  • Lon Naylor says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Here's my video entry:

    Thanks! For everything…

    Lon Naylor

  • Edward S Bumgarner says:

    I have been on the net trying to make money for over four years; but, so far nothing. I have a lot of blogs with Google; but, they don't make any money for me. I need to start making some money because my retirement account is beginning to lose its value, daily.

  • Crystal says:

    Hi there! Crystal from Australia here.

    3 reasons I want to be chosen for a free copy:

    First, I'm the perfect candidate. I've got a list, got a website, but don't have a product.

    Second, what I need to GET a product is a way to 'excuse-proof' myself. This is where your dashboard would be so perfect – small 20 to 30m chunks I could tick off each day would make it all but impossible to avoid finishing the project.

    Finally because, living in Australia, giving me a copy of the dashboard lets you claim credit for the success I achieve without ever having to go through a moment of sleep deprivation ๐Ÿ˜€

    My video's uploaded and still processing, so give it a while to finish, but once done, it should pop up below

  • Tom Baucom says:

    Hey Marlon!

    I'm one of those lucky individuals who has the opportunity to retire at 50 years old after working for the same company for nearly 30 years. Having my own product/service would allow me to recover through residual income that portion of my current pay what I will lose when I retire in two to three years. Retireing at 50 will be great, when I find away to supplement my retirement.

    I use to have my own website called MBA Tom's Web Solutions ( that for awhile earned me a little income. Unfortunately I never really found that one product that I had a passion for and could take to the next level.

    Other tools I've tried tell you how to market your product, but not how to find the product that is right for you.

    Your tool sounds like it could help get me there!

    I promise if you help me, I'll help you as an endorser of your products.

    A partner for the future,


  • Stephanie Trahd says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I decided not to read any of the posts above mine so as not to be influenced (or dissuaded) by what anyone else says!

    I LOVE marketing. I love the psychology behind marketing. I love the potential to help others through marketing.

    I have found that I experience my greatest successes when I trust my gut. It takes a brave soul to go against everything your friends and loved ones tell you to do and do what you know is right for you. I've recently discovered that bravery in myself, and it excites me endlessly!

    I am also well aware of my weaknesses, and continuously work to overcome them. I know your new Dashboard will help me to take things in bite-sized pieces and move me toward my goal.

    I have the knowledge, I have the skills, and I have the drive. I will succeed with or without your Info Product Dashboard – but I'd much rather succeed (more quickly) with it! Then I'd be able to tell everyone how great Info Product Dashboard is ๐Ÿ™‚

    My next product will be the result of finding a weakness in my competitor's strength (thank you for that gem, Master Ninja!). And I'd love to do that with the Info Product Dashboard.

    Thank you Marlon!


  • Deb says:

    Hi again Marlon,

    I thought that since there's no school because of the teachers' convention that we could take this opportunity to make a video to take full advantage of winning the InfoProduct Dashboard.

    Normally she is very outspoken but on our video you wouldn't know it!

    Here's the link…

  • Stephane Fisbein says:

    Hi Marlon, and everybody out there!

    When reading all the posts, I get the sensation that this is a big community of people who are keen to do something to improve their living conditions, as well as that of others, and I feel I'm proud to be part of it.

    I personally sufferred from the Internet bubble crash a few years ago and had to survive with wife and kids as good as I could. But I don't complain about this, because I made it somehow. However, I have now an off line job which is taking me all my time and is not well paid, as well as a lot of debts.

    Looking at all the trash that's hanging out there in the Internet, I want do help doing something to improve the ethics on the net. The problem is that although I have a number of ideas I'd like to put in practice, I don't have enough time and money to invest in lengthy and costly classes to learn how to do this. The dashboard seems to be the perfect tool to get efficiently started and I do have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to this activity to get it to work.

    Furthermore, I have read some recommendations regarding your products that were coming from people I highly respect in the Internet marketing arena, such as Rosalind Gardner.

    For these reasons, I do hope I'm going to win one of the copies of the new Info product Dashboard and if I do and succees, you can be sure I'll let everyone know where my success comes from.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Carol S says:

    Hi Marlon!

    I’m so excited about your Info Product Dashboard (“IPD“)!! My brain is in overdrive thinking of all the possibilities (regarding growing a business and lifestyle) if I had the ability to create and own multiple info products.

    After spending far too many frustrating years (and money) trying to learn internet marketing and then only getting a percent of the profits from selling other people’s stuff, IPD will give me freedom from supporting others’ fat wallets by allowing me to quickly produce my OWN profitable products and enjoy substantial benefits, listed below, that will add LOTS of $$ to MY wallet and allow me to design the life of my dreams for my family:

    The following are just a few of the substantial benefits that come to mind from owning and using IPD:

    Make 100% profit—rather than only a small percentage from selling other people’s products

    Set up my own affiliate programs for my own products

    Ability to build and own extensive targeted mailing lists around my products/markets

    Confidence and ability to respond quickly with a new product when I find a hot market

    Confidence and ability to repeat the process of creating new info products over and over again!!

    Financial freedom and the ability to experience life however I please!

    I need structure and organization in order to learn. I also need minimal distractions in the material and presentation of the material in order to learn. Info Products Dashboard provides the best solution for my learning style. Precise daily tasks, taking it step by step, enables me to learn without getting frustrated and discouraged, which has been a problem with so many other programs that are filled with useless fluff instead of precise, actionable steps. IPD breaks down all the barriers that cause frustration and paralysis. I feel that the specific daily action steps are key to empowering me with knowledge and skills that will enable me to achieve success in creating my own info products that will allow me to enjoy all of the profit-making, life changing benefits that I listed above.

    Thank you so much for yet another empowering product! I would LOVE the privilege of winning a copy!


  • I've been sitting on over 1000 domains that are not being utilized. This is exactly what I need.

  • Hi Marlon,

    My name is Ronald Nzimora from Nigeria, in Africa and

    i want to win a copy of your product, the 'Info

    Product Dashboard'. I have been a huge fan of yours

    from way back in 2003 when i first read an article of

    yours reproduced in a magazine in my country.

    Since then i have visited your website many times even

    signed up to promote your products. I even have the

    sales pages of your 'Marketing Dashboard' and 'Design

    Dashboard' saved on my computer.I really wanted them

    but i couldnt buy them because making online payments from Africa, especially my

    country Nigeira is extremely hard as we are not

    allowed to open a PayPal account or sign up with a

    credit card processor.

    Having my own info products is going to help me live my dream o becoming a published writer. In fact I just launched a website from where i intend to sell

    my self help eBook titled 'Failure Buster'.

    I really want to own a copy of your 'Info Product

    Dashboard' as it will help me ease the pain i

    currently go through to write and create my books (the

    'Failure Buster' ebook took me thre years of grit and

    hardwork to create and launch.)

    I once got a free ebook about creating info products but it didnt say how to get other people to help one write the product.

    I will be relly be thankful to you if you make this

    dream of mine come true.

    What I need to create my own info products is a simple easy to use point-and-clcik system just as your 'Info Product Dashboard' promises.

    Thank you so much for your work in helping ease the

    pain of newbies.

    Thank you.


  • Peter says:


    I'd love a copy of your new Info Product Dashboard. Here's why:

    I've written an information product to fill a gap in what's available in a popular market niche. It took me months to get it to the stage it's at and it still isn't ready to launch. My lack of experience with the various steps and the resources required to develop an info product has reallt hampered the spped at which I can proceed. I know the topic and I know how to write – it's the other stuff that is holding me up!

    So, having the Dashboard to walk me through the steps that are required to get it edited, formated, with bonuses and video would really take it to a level that right now only exists as bits and pieces. Your product ties everything together and that's what I need.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  • Tony Millet says:


    Hey, did I make the cut off in time?

    Hope so. Here's why I should get a free copy of your Info Product Dashboard.

    Take care, Tony

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for giving me a push with this competition.

    I decided to do a video entry because it's something I've never done before and I wanted to challenge myself to take action.

    I spent two days just now writing an outline, practicing it, figuring out the basics of video and even how to change the format when it turned out to be too big for YouTube.

    Sure, it was a learning curve, but it's given me a lot to think about as far as the potential to use video in Info Products. It was definitely worth the effort.

    Whether or not I win the Info Product Dashboard, I've already won something – because I know a little more than I did before.

    Here's the link to my YouTube video so you can see how it turned out.


  • James Veach says:

    Hey Mr. Sanders, I want to thank-you for the chance given to win your new dashboard product. Now I want to introduce myself.

    My name is Oscar Meier (AKA "the Wonerful Weiner Dog"). I am writing today because I am really concerned about my Master. I call him Dad and that will be the way I refer to him from now on.

    My Dad has been working on the internet for over 2 years now. He has a great website about the state of North Dakota. He has also put in countless hours learning marketing and SEO strategies.

    I know he rally respects you Mr. Sanders. When it comes to the internet and marketing you be the man.

    His big problem now is how to develope products to solve other peoples problems. I've seen him bang his head on the walls and running in circles for hours trying to figure how to create a product. All this to no avail.

    He just seems to be stumped when coming to product develpoement. He says he will never give-up or quit but he is really a big concern now days. I can see he is really troubled.

    A couple days back I overseen one of his e-mails from you. I read e-mail and discovered you had contest going for product give-away.

    Knowing you to be one of the most honest and trustworthy men on the net today. Well I thought just maybe my Dad could be one of the lucky 5 people to win.

    Dad has been maxing out credit cards on all this crap floating around the net. He finally smarted up here. He also knows getting rich over night is a big scam going around the interent. He knows dedication and desire is the main force here to continue. And let me tell ya he has no lack of either.

    Your knew product sounds like it could be the key to my Dad's success. This I'm sure would free up the knowlege I know is stored in my Dad's head and help deliver on product production.

    Well Mr. Sanders that is about it. Again I want to thank-you for this great opportunity and I really beleive my Dad deserves to win.

    Yours Truely;

    Oscar, The Wunerful Weiner Dog

    P.S. My Mom helped me write this letter. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Scott Krech says:



    At only 2 min 13 secs, this short, yet powerful video shows why anyyone that's even thinking about becoming an info-preneur should grab their credit card and order the dashboard:

    Take care!

    Scott Krech

    PS – Am having connectivity issues, in case this is my 2nd post.

  • Thanks Marlon for this opportunity, I appreciate it. You are without a dought, one of the best marketers alive. Your ability to break things down into their simplist forms, allowing us dummies to understand. You explain the details of marketing principles that you have developed over several years of trial and error. You are convinced that we can create an info product, because you explain you ideas in a clear consice manner. I could sure use one of these dashboards, because to be blunt, I would loose my backside if it wasn't attached. With your dashboard, I wouldn't waist hours wondering where I put my notes on a potential product I wanted to create. I enjoy your e-mails and newsletters, because I always learn something new and your positive outlook comes through in your writing. I look forward to meeting you, hopefully someday soon.

    Thanks again,


  • Robbie Stephenson says:

    Some time ago in fact 7 years ago I brought the Amazing Formula.

    I read some where that it usually takes seven years for a business to get up and running and start making some decent bucks.

    Now Marlon I have never meet you in person, but during the course of those seven years, I have brought a couple of other products of yours which I have put to good use. I have followed you for a long time and I can see you are one very smart cookie.

    All your work has come from a good idea and in the process the work that you do has become you and to date you have become the force that breathes life into an idea. What’s more the best thing is that you are willing to share your ideas to others around the world.

    You have shown integrity and honesty and to that end you have also demonstrated that you can mix it with the best out there. And as an individual I congratulate you…well done

    So with that all said and done, and seven years after purchasing Amazing Formula, I have just purchased Gimme My Money Now (hasn’t arrived yet) and to take my project to the next level dashboard would be the icing on the cake.

    Cheers mate


  • Hi Marlon,

    First, thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your new product

    I wont go into a long blurb about why I should win and how it will change my life etc, etc

    But i will tell you this if you go and watch my VIDEO entry.

    Go on!!! Go and watch it now!!

    All the best


  • Urska says:

    Hey Marlon,

    your Info Product Dashboard seems to be it! I have been looking for something like that over the past year. So, if you wish, I can give U a chance now and prove, if your product is really that good as you claim :-), if it really helps people to find the idea, what to sell on the internet and actually create their own product.

    It would be great to win a copy, because I spent quite lots of money already on products, where the right informations are missing! Hey, I want to scream to all these gurus: SHOW ME LITERALLY, HOW TO FIND THE IDEA THAT SELLS AND HOW TO CREATE A PRODUCT!!! AND I NEED A STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION! Can U do it Marlon?

    What will my own product do for my life? It will help me earn some money! Heck, I stayed without a job because I decided to have a second child and I want to show myself and the world, I can do it on my own! (but it sucks because I still don¨t have the product!)

    OK, enough said? I will follow your dashboard with joy and let you know, how it works for me!

    peace, Urska from Slovenia, Europe

  • Kalidasa says:

    The thing is that I am going to make it with an information product. I have been working on a book that I am going to publish online in the near future. I have been working steadily at this for 14 or more hours a day most days with only a few days where I worked a couple of hours. And, I have been doing this for four months! I have come up against and worked through more barriers than I can count. I have learned to be my own ad copy writer, SEO, webmaster, advertiser/marketer, adword creator and more. And, I wrote my book, it's on a technique for doing chiropractic adjustments on yourself, but without the cracking, fear and pain that comes with most chiropractor adjustments. I have dealt with obstacles at every point in the process spending hours figuring out the simplest thing. And yet, I still run into complications or things I just don't know about. And, I know there is still more waiting just around the corner that I don't know, or another weird complication. So you see, I will have my success, there's just no way it won't happen. However, your product would go a long way towards making my work a lot easier. And, I bet it would open many doors to multiple streams of income as well, which is my next project after getting this book launched.

    Thanks for your consideration,


  • John Iams says:


    If what's said about taking care of those who helped you on your way up….and you sure are up there, then I should win one of

    the copies as I'm quite likely one of your very first customers.

    I still have the first info products you produced way back when no one knew who you


    Nuff said….

    God speed


  • Ron H says:

    Don't know if I'm screwing this up. The first upload had no sound. Sorry if I submitted multiple times. Please edit as is necessary.

  • Hardy says:

    Hi Marlon,

    As your longtime follower ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to say you sure know what people want and need.

    I've been promoting other people's product with some success but it feels like something is missing. It won't feel the same as promoting my own products.

    I want to be able to create products that I'm totally proud of and will really help people (in the niche I'm working on). I'll make it affordable so most people can have access to it and it will make big impact in other people's life.

    I've purchase other "create your own information product" products but they are totally lack the step-by-step do-this-then-do-that touch of all your dashboard product lines.

    Anyway here is what I will do if I win this product: PUT IT TO GOOD USE!!!

    Thanks in advance for offering all of us the chance to win this for free,


  • Kevin says:


    I sure would like to win. I have been plugging away at IM for two years now and I think i am on the verge of a few really profitable ideas. I am working on a database for IM and sure could use some help. I too would make a great testimonial. I have one ebook now and am working on another but sure could use some help. I like all the free stuff, I have dumped some money into this endeavor and would like to start seeing some return. A good product for a fair price.



  • Scott Krech says:


    I let it all hang-out on YouTube, check it:

    Take care,

    Scott Krech

  • Ok, so I came across this a little late..

    I am hung up on the "Get it up onto the web, generate and connect the links and download pages.." and also, just making a document (with pictures) INTO a pdf. Technical slogging: reading and reading and.. s l o wwwww video downloading (trickle charge.. less than even other wilderness dialups..) but ..

    passion is John Lennon.

    youtube: Changing the World = slide show with recording of song: "I Love You John"

    second video:"I Love You John"black and white video: linked to Phil SPector on the assassination of JOhn Lennon.. could not locate the urls at this hour..

    o.k….found it: =Changing the World =black&white "I Love You John"

    have a line up of stories, poems, drawings, songs etc… to share.

  • Laurie Lacey says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm here to tell you that I should win the product because I'm a writer;)

    Gee wiz, when I consider what I could do with something like that, my heart almost jumps into my mouth and says, "Get 'er done!"

    So, no long story from me . . . but, if you want a super success story as a long-term testimonial to your product, just give me a copy of that baby and watch me run with it!

    All the best to you and yours,


  • Tim Junck says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I actually picked up your Affiliate Dashboard a couple months back. Then I realized that without a product, affiliates won't have any reason to sign up with me!

    I've spent the months dreaming of big kills at affiliate marketing, etc. But I've also realized that without my own list to market to, my approach is not going to be fruitful.

    So I have been working to build my list. And it's going quite slow. I think I'm focusing, but apparently I'm still letting myself get distracted.

    What I've realized recently is this: Friends who have products – even if they don't sell very well – they have a product. They have something to put up on giveaway sites. They have results that they can measure; they can split test; they can tweak and improve. And they can work on a second product. They can JV with PEOPLE WHO HAVE A LIST.

    They can set up an affiliate program.

    But it starts with having your own product that has value to offer. I listened to your talk with one of your staff, "Just create a product. There are SO many ideas…" – but I soon forgot the message. There are so many other messages out there…

    Yes, I have many things that promise all that and a cup of coffee, too. But it's the simple plan – with pieces that are small enough that you CAN get something done today (this hour!); it's having a path to follow and not having to go foraging through the forest (which leads to days of distraction); it's knowing that the path will actually lead somewhere – so it is worth it to stick to the path when 1000 guys are in your mailbox screaming at you.

    The Affiliate Dashboard is so pleasant to look at. Yeah, there's a lot to do. But it makes it all look like just 6 things. And big blue numbers are soothing. Then the icons give you more detail.

    It's about ignoring other things and paying attention. 6 weeks, eh? Somehow I believe that you've thought that through. It seems more believable than many of the other claims. You should help a good number of people to keep on track for the time it takes to get that product done. And you help us by providing little 20-minutes bites to chew. Cool. And thank you!

    Cheers from Malaysia,


    P.S. I'm thinking about that dashboard again. Just imagine – as you do get a few of the "bites" digested…when you look at the dashboard, you'll be able to see some icons that you've taken care of. That will feel good, and I'll work on the next one and the next. I think I'll set up a blog and record my progress as I work through the process!

  • Jennie H says:

    1. No sob stories here – just a genuine, tenacious determination to succeed

    online, and set an example for my grown children! Owning your own business

    is the ONLY way to get out of the 'rat race' these days! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. WHAT would having your OWN product DO for your life in a positive way?

    Though I have tried a myriad of programs over the last 6-8 years on the

    internet, I have yet to reach 'success'. IPD is a dream come true!

    When I create an Info Product of my own, in only a half hour per day, it

    could bring in extra income for myself and my family. We could stop

    living paycheck to paycheck, and actually start enjoying the things

    we WANT – not just NEED.

    3. What has STOPPED you from HAVING your own info products and how could this HELP you!

    The Info Product Dashboard is the key I have been looking for, to allow me

    to produce the product(s) that I can copyright/trademark as my OWN, and

    sell online, on my own web site(s). There are just SO many things to try

    to keep track of! List building and newsletter, the advertising, product

    downloads, virus checking, security, updates, etc! Definitely 'info overload'

    for a single individual to attempt to keep track of on a tight timeline!

    4. What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

    Specific 'step-by-step' guidelines in creating a product – from idea to

    sales page. Too many other 'step-by-step' guides are far too broad –

    or each step takes days or weeks to complete. I need something in

    bite-size nuggets, that I can accomplish after I get home from my

    'day job' each night, and log on to my iMac!

    5. What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

    Time and Guidance. I have many ideas, but not the technical expertise to

    put them into 'finished, downloadable' form for sale. Thank you, Marlon, for

    your generosity.

    Good Luck to All ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sybille says:

    Dear Marlon,

    I really deserve to win a copy of your new Dashboard,because it is tehe solution and the precise tool to create my first infoproduct.

    I am a newbie and a computer beginner and I have been trying to create an infoproduct for a year now,but… all the products that offer "how to create your own infoproduct"don´t show the whole "how to" or they are so difficult to understand that it has been impossible for me to create one.

    During this year,I have found out that you are a very respected internet marketer and that´s why I am sure that

    your Info Product Dashboard has to be the real thing.

    I would be very honored to find out that I can be among the winners and finally have the chance to create an info product for real.

  • Hyman G says:

    Hey there Marlin,

    I am going over "Cash Like Clockwork" (Awesome product btw) for the third time. Oh how wonderful it would be to put all of this knowledge into an easy to follow system where I could be pumping out info products like "Clockwork" as well. I think I would prefer the "snail mail" instead of online delivery as your "Thank you for the purchase" alone had me floored and I would copy that to a "T". Hmm… Wondering if I could get Tim in your Texas office to give me a plug as well. Anyway, You are a great role model to follow. I have a long way to get to where you are now but whether I win or not be forewarned that it wont be long before I am right up on your same playing field. You are a great inspiration and if anyone follows your marketing tactics they are sure to get a head. That is IF THEY FOLLOW THE SYSTEM!!

    All my best to you Marlin!!


  • Joseph Howell says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I am currently developing an information product. I have studied your information and finally bought the Amazing Formula. I feel I have a good product to take to market, but it is more of a list builder.

    What comes next? Where are the follow on sales? Where will the ideas for the next product or big ticket products come from?

    They will come, but The Information Product Dashboard will kick in the afterburners and set my family free.

    Thanks for being a beacon of hope in the internet jungle.

  • Regina Cohen says:

    Hi Marlon,

    As you can see from my attempt at a blog ( I have an interest in topics that others might be interested in, but little time to follow up on them — I didn't even make my one blog a month goal to start. If I get comments I would respond and that might generate more interest, but I have difficulty in a vacumn. So a Product Dashboard such as you are offering could help me to actually succeed at creating a product, as well as developing a list, and marketing it to those who would be interested.

    Finding a proper niche however is not trivial so hopefully the Dashboard also steps me through how to decide on what products to offer. And being new to online marketing (with hopes that it would provide a stream of income for my not-so-distant retirement), I don't have all the pieces in place to actually do this yet, such as a squeeze page, since finding a target is difficult. I do agree that I want to do something that actually connects with people — I am not comfortable just sending out notes on list generators with affiliate links to items I am not sure I should be recommending to others anyway. So I'd like to do something to help others with a step-by-step approach to success.

    Thus, if I am chosen to receive one of your gifts I will use it and share results. Thank you for your consideration. To Improving both Our Health and Wealth, Regina

  • Sue Chartock says:

    Hi Marlon,

    This is coming straight from the heart. I would love to win a copy of your program. It's well worth the time spent to try and convince you that your products are top-notch. If, however, I do win a copy, I would be more than willing to provide what is called "word-of-mouth advertising" and gloat about the benefits of having actually used the product to those who have never have ever come in contact or have been exposed to their unique applications.

    I am confident this a "must-have" program like many of the others you have produced in the past.

    Looking forward to winning one of those software programs. It would certainly be an unexpected holiday present very much welcome. Thanks! And Good Luck to All!

  • […] Marlon says, “Click The Comments Link At The End Of This Post And Tell Me Why YOU Should Win A Copy Of My New Info Product Dashboard but READ What Comments Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm Looking For FIRST!”. Post Your Comments Here To Win A Copy… […]

  • Mike Wreggitt says:

    Hey Marlon, I'm relatively new to internet marketing, branching over from marketing on eBay. Here's what I see with your product: a opportunity to get on the cutting/bleeding edge of the flow of goods, services, interactions and drama of humanity (IE. the economy). Kind of like being a wildcatter at the turn of the 20th century. On a less philosophical note, I've been in construction for most of my adult life, and at 43, see a future of diminishing returns, with nothing in the bank to show for it. Marketing an information product, or better yet a number of them, coupled with the sense of customer service learned from dealing with homeowners over the years, is actually a way of first, handling my own financial future, but second, potentially influencing a massive sector of the economy (which, again, translates into influencing people's lives). Sounds pretty hifalutin', yet I'm learning this is the degree of change occurring in the world these days. How many people are you influencing now vs. when you started in your marketing career?

    Best, Mike

  • John L. says:

    Hi Marlon. I would like to win the Info Product Dashboard as I am just getting started in the online information business. At present, I am creating my first eBook as we speak. I have been receiving your emails – getting excellent tidbits of information from you. I would love to be able to be able to get the Dashboard to be able to follow step-by-step to increase my income and get out of the daily rat-race.

    Thanks so much for your newsletters and emails.

  • Mark G says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I've lost count of the hours I have spent trying to find a product that is simply a "plug and play" for a novice like me. I have subscribed to so many sites to learn how to move into internet marketing; spent thousands on seminars and eCourses, etc and I still feel confused.

    Finally, it looks like I have found a product that will help me transfer my enthusiasm into making some hard earned cash by systemising my business!

    And as you have given the opportunity to try to win a copy, it wouldn't hurt for me to ask you nicely and post what I hope is one of the winning 5 comments!

    Thanks, Mark

  • Liana Carbon says:

    Just moved to San Diego and I'm rethinking how I do business. I'm certified in a bunch of different holistic healing modalities and have been teaching forever. Now I want to get all that super good info into ebooks and online courses. I've looked at other ezine programs, ebook programs, affiliate programs, and none seem to get the fire lit under me to take a step in the right direction.

    When I read about the Info Product dashboard, I just KNEW that was the answer. Something even an internet newbie could handle and could make money using it. Since every newsletter you send out has tons of valuable information, and your e-courses have been dynamite, I figure the Dashboard has got to be pretty spiffy too!

    Thanks for all you do, Marlon!

  • Bodoo says:

    Today i consider it a lucky day, to be given a chance to win a product from Marlon! The man with 10+ products that all helped thousands and thousands of people around the world. Not only products, the information he has shared through articles, newsletters, discussion forums, reports etc is invaluable.

    Marlon i have zero list, have always had $0 from other people's products trying to sell. Those in the know how say "having your own product is the way to go", but they did not show me how to start.

    Now is my time and my chance. Give me IPD and i will prove my wife wrong. She believes earning a living using online methods is for those living in big and developed countries, not an african country still developing, with little IT developments. BTW the country is called Botswana.

    I have a creative mind and will put IPD to good use. I will develop my own products and sell them; and yes one day will relocate to Phakalane or Sowen valley (these places are like Holywood of US) I want to be a role model to others in my coutntry by starting a mastermind group and teaching them to start their own online businesses.

    I have started dreaming as i write this, yes dreaming big as if i won a copy already!

    God bless you all.

  • I am not at all tech savvy and even if I win your product, I am not certain whether I can exploit it even marginally. Although I am desperately looking for ways to make some money because I want to quit my job.

    Only a week back I became your affiliate and hope it will help me make the required amount.

    My website (not info product) went live only last week which I got it made by a professional.

    From the site you will find that I aim to be a Social Entrepreneur.

    I have also submitted a small article to an Ezine. If accepted I hope it will generate some traffic to my website and may be some orders too.

  • John Farina says:

    Hi Marlon. I have been an affiliate marketer since 2001. Actually your affiliate program was the first program I signed on with. Of course 6 years later I have grown as a marketer and now promote many other programs.Most are with Clickbank. I would call myself a seasoned affiliate marketer that averages around $1,000 per month. What reasonates with me the most is the email you sent me and the rest of your affiliates in July. The email was a heart to heart discussion about starting your own affiliate program. You remember that email don't ya Marlon?. Anyhow, I have been thinking about taking the "my" affiliate program plunge but have hesitated for many reasons to long to list here. Suffice to say your NEW Info Product Dashboard is just what the doctor ordered coupled with the Affiliate Dashboard I have saved in my favorites but haven't yet pulled the trigger on. These two products working in unicen seem to be what I have been looking for. It sure would be sweet to only have to pay for one of them. To be perfectly honest I'm tired of making other people money. I want my own army of affiliates making me money. Take care Marlon

    [John, your own product + affiliates is a winning formula. Of course, you gotta add in there the basics like sales letter, good emails, good offers and so forth.]

  • Olivier Magnan says:

    I SHOULD NOT win.

    I'm so cool that I've already bought gimme secrets.

    Which, if you have a brain, is all you ever need to make money online.

    So, let another lucky human get your new product. Chances are, they will never do anything with it.

    But they should, the formula you teach is the same all other marketers use anyway.

    Survey, offer first, speed in creating product (some guru even says crap sells), then if sells, rank up with THE traffic/leverage method … affiliates.

    Even SEO guys sell with this method.

    I must now return to my home planet Zebu. I must fight giant arachnids that spit fire out of their ass.

    God speed,


  • Jeff says:

    Thanks – I'll wait to find out more about your product. Please give a copy to one of the others who need a little boost. I've been doing internet marketing (mostly e-commerce, not info products) for over 10 years. And direct marketing for 10 years before that. While our current business is profitable, I'm trying to move more into the info-product/affiliate-marketing area because the customer service issues in our e-commerce business is a big hassle.

  • Jill Bray says:

    There are two reasons why I should like to win one of your Info Product Dashboards, Marlon.

    1. I care deeply for my disabled adult daughter, but she is likely, without divine or human intervention, to be my financial responsibility for the rest of my life (I am 67). Her medical and other expenses are a considerable drain on my modest resources.

    2. I care passionately for the English language and, for the past half century, have taught, examined, proofread, checked websites, published articles, written advertising copy, etc. etc.

    To expand my first point. With an effective product being marketed and sold without my struggling with the somewhat ineffective internet marketing I now undertake daily, I could take positive steps towards my aim. This is to provide my daughter with a small country cottage (complete with dog!) where she could live independently in a quiet and therapeutic environment when I can no longer support her as I do now.

    To return to my second point. Some time ago, I completed a 52,000-word light-hearted guide to all aspects of English (spelling, grammar, punctuation, common errors, style, etc.), entitled Key English Grammar Tips. This is currently lingering on a blogsite: <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    I feel certain that, with the right guidance, it could be marketed in several ways to the many millions of people worldwide who have not been taught English well enough for them to use this effectively and accurately. As someone who can spot a misplaced apostrophe a mile off, I know I have the expertise to show others how to do the same! I love my daughter and I love the English language. It should be possible for me to use the second to help the first.

    [Jill, very nice.  Glad you're here.]

  • Jeff says:

    What is your "Info Product Dashboard" ???

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a link to a description anywhere. The first time I had ever heard of it was in an email I received yesterday. I might want one if I knew what it was.

    If it's useful, I would even pay for it.

    [Jeff, we're in pre-launch.  All will be revealed]

  • Donna G says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Awarding me your product would make a great rags to riches testimonial for your updated sales letter ! (with my testimonial included of course…smile). I can see the headline now…. Marlon Sander's… cares about the 'little guy'!

    Winning would also inject a ray of sunshine into my life right now as my husband's job has been made redundant.

    This sudden change has thrown our family into chaos.

    As a stay at home mom, I would like to help support my family financially.

    I can't stand feeling of being dependent on an outside source for our wellbeing so, I want to do my bit to break this cycle by helping our family take charge of our own destiny.

    I believe passive income streams are the key to turning things around.

    So, I would use your product to help me create info products to help me achieve this.

    I have read various reports on creating your own info product, but have always become stuck on choosing a topic that:

    1. I know enough about and

    2. That people will want to read about.

    I believe your product will not only help me generate ideas that are in demand, but also give me a fool proof way of HOW to do it from start to finish.

    I now have some public domain info which I believe I could use to make this happen inconjunction with your product.

    In return for your generosity, I would become a great affiliate for the product and truly endorse it from the heart. And as you already people can tell when you are passionate about what you are doing.

    There by generating more sales for you, plus commissions for me.

    Sounds like a match made in heaven…don't you think!!

  • Darwin Gunn says:

    Okay, Marlon….Its time I spilled the beans. I am 56 years old and a Mail Order, Opportunities Junkie,E-book afficionado,and info- product lover.

    But in my past,I have been lured into by good info-product writer sizzling and compellingly good copy, and charismatic web personalities into investing my refrigerator kept cold kept cold hard cash. Bu,always with maximum disappointment and minimum benifit as provided for by the truth in advertisinglaws of this great nation. I also am overwelmed with what should be accomplished. Wher does a newbie begin .

    I admire your dashboard concept and reputation. And I have to say, I can procrastinate with the best of them. But this looks like a crack in the probabilites of my progress."deserve this product is a tough word… I would like a chance to try this product. and make good with it.. to show other newbie, would-be marketers that it can be done.

    Without a product easily forthcoming, in a step by step fashion a man with a desire, and not to much procrastination,can make good, with the help from a Pioneer of Innternet Marketing,(No I am not referring to AL Gore) but a man such as yourself…whose products always seemed out of reach from a price standpoint. ( my poverty-conciousness, I guess… you might say.) Give me a shot.. If you give me the means, I ll bring home some fish with my own home-made fishing knowledge info-product

    And others will see how you make it possible for the Semi-Clueless but enthusiastic Masses can make good–


    Darwin Gunn

    [Hey Darwin, glad to have you here.  Thanks for your post.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I think you are a wonderful person to give me a chance to win one of the greatest tools ever created to help complete hopeless Internet marketing wanna be rich types like me. I want to become a multi-millionaire like you and all my other hero's online, ( I won't name them here but you are one of the best!).

    It would be great to win this "New Info Product Dashboard" as I will tell the whole world that I owe all my success to you and provide you with extra business eventually, and that can't be bad? So please consider me. It would shock all those who have doubted me and mocked my efforts to succeed.

    Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the great work,


  • Hi Marlon,

    I think you are a wonderful person to give me a chance to win one of the greatest tools ever created to help complete hopeless Internet marketing wanna be rich types like me. I want to become a multi-millionaire like you and all my othet hero's online, ( I won't name them here but you are one of the best!).

    It would be great to win this "New Info Product Dashboard" as I will tell the whole world that I owe all my success to you and provide you with extra business eventually, and that can't be bad? So please consider me. It would shock all those who have doubted me and mocked my efforts to succeed.

    Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the great work,


  • Marlon – THANKS for this opportunity!! The answer to your question is quite simple: You're talking to to the one person who is MOST AWARE of customer benefits –than ANYONE on this PLANET!

    In fact, it is beyond reason how far this grateful and excited person is committed and DESTINED to take this – due DIRECTLY to this authentic, burning tendency toward "Benefit Consciousness". In the overall "natural health" field, there are many, many niches. Each is a blossoming gold mine, within an endless Orchard of "E-Commerce Fruit"! What if there was one, so blessed to have "downloaded" an incomprehensible amountof USABLE knowledge, within THREE MAJOR NICHES WITHIN THE NATURAL HEALTH FIELD?

    And this same person, after sharing and coaching MANY individuals and attaining varifyable levels of personal health, has thought, written, recorded, and LIVED a level of service via BENEFIT CONCSIOUSNESS, Every Day For FIVE YEARS STRAIGHT? And this person ALREADY TRIED being selfish and just getting younger and healthier with a few dozen friends, and got a "HIGHER CALLING" to share it on a mass level – we're talking angles of approaches to health that NO ONE has, GUARUNTEED!! AND,that images of SPECIFIC DETAILED BENEFITS have FLOODED this persons mind, day and night, for YEARS??!!

    Well, you'd have a Cozmic Fire Cracker ready to explode with INSANE levels of Raunchy Interplanetary Success, which will set a NEW STANDARD of BENEFIT CONCSIOUSNESS!! And the customers of this info will be MORE RESULT-DRIVEN than ANY before, showering testimonials to and fro! Which, almost as a side note, will filter back to YOU, Marlin, as a FACILITATOR of this HOT ROCKET of internet health success!! It's happening either way, let's do it TOGETHER, OK?!!

    Yours in BENEFITS, Dave

    [Hey Dave, you're thinking benefits!  That's awesome.]

  • Carolyn says:

    I really want to win this Dashboard because:

    1. I am working very very actively to change my life (I am a pre-op transsexual going from M-to-F) and want to have a life where I am not bound by company rules, corporate life, or social conventions about people like myself.

    The Dashboard means a positive step in the direction of financial independence and self-respect for me. I want to learn this business to help myself, and wish to win this product to give me the push forward I need.

    2. My problems up until now are three. A lack of HTML knowledge, a lack of graphic / layout experience, and no clear cut path to follow.

    By clear cut path, I mean that I have many many individual tools and promotional offers etc. but nothing that is integrate, self-consistent or planned out step-by-step. The offers and products I have been receiving are one-off affairs of do this and get traffic. Do that and make your sales letter better. And it goes on and on like that.

    3. What is missing ? A product that shows BOTH the small details on how to get each step done BUT ALSO an integrated overview that shows me how the parts and steps fit together.

    I participated in Ed Dale's 30 Day Challenge and while it was well-done, I still missed a clear understanding of why I should be doing various steps and how the steps fit into one another.

    4. I have ideas for products and can speak and write in seven languages. What I NEED is more guidance with the exact steps and mechanics. I have been using so far simply because I do not have the HTML or graphic abilities at this time.

    I have already purchased your Amazing Formula product, and am convinced that you are the right mentor for me. You tell it straight and completely, so that is why I am taking the time to write here.

    I know this product has to be good even without seeing it.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Mit freundlichen GrÃ&frac14;sse


  • Hi Marlon, me again :0) I just wanted to say thanks for your comment, I seriously am going to print it out and hang it by my computer for time immemorial :0) You made my day.

    Have a great day!


  • Hi Marlon,

    My name is Ronald Nzimora from Nigeria, in Africa and i want to win a copy of your product, the 'Info Product Dashboard'. I have een a huge fan of yours from way back in 2003 when i first read an article of yours reproduced in a magazine in my country.

    Since then i have visited your website many times even signed up to promote your products. I even have the sales pages of your 'Marketing Dashboard' and 'Design Dashboard' saved on my computer.I really wanted them but i couldnt buy them because

    Making online payments from Africa, especially my country Nigeira is extremely hard as we are not allowed to open a PayPal account or sign up with a credit card processor.

    I just launched a website from where i intend to sell my self help eBook titled 'Failure Buster'.

    I really want to own a copy of your 'Info Product Dashboard' as it will help me ease the pain i currently go through to write and create my books (the 'Failure Buster' ebook took me thre years of grit and hardwork to create and launch.)

    I will be relly be thankful to you if you make this dream of mine come true.

    Thank you so much for your work in helping ease the pain of newbies.

    Thank you.


  • Susan says:

    Owning my own product would open

    up a new marketing portal,

    enabling me to apply new tactics,

    like employing other affiliates

    to sell it for me, thus freeing up valuable time.

    What has stopped me from developing

    a product up until now is having the

    time to develop it launch it and

    promote it.

    Also it is a gamble whether you

    will succeed or not. This way I am

    assured of at least some success.

    The main ingredient that's been

    missing in developing a product

    of my own is Time, I work and

    have a family, also other

    commitments which doesn't leave

    enough space in my daily routine.

    What I need to actually break through

    and create my own product is right here.

    Once I have Marlon's new info product

    I will only need to promote it, make

    some money and then consider full time

    online marketing.

  • Pramod Chandra says:

    Whatever others may say, I got to be one of THE five. Why? because I know nothing of what you are talking about but I'm attracted to it by the promise you make of making money!

  • Joshua says:

    I think I should win a copy of your Info Product Dashboard, for several reasons.

    The first is that I have several of your other products. This shows that I am not just a "prize hound." It shows some commitment to the idea of really trying to make a business online, and that I am more likely to make use of the product, as it really integrates with your other Dashboards.

    A big problem is that I went about trying to build an online business in the wrong way. What do I mean? I began with your Marketing Dashboard, because I have always had an interest in marketing.

    I realized that traditional marketing isn't what is needed on the internet and your Marketing Dashboard showed me how to go about it in this medium.

    The problem: I didn't have a product, and I was to intimidated to make one. Though your Marketing Dashboard touched on this very important subject, it didn't completely handle it for me. If I win your new Info Product Dashboard I will have the help I need for this step.

    You came out with an Affiliate Dashboard which I have to admit, I didn't get. I had been traveling and was focused on the world around me, not on building an internet business. Though I have to say, "An internet business is just want you want to have if you are into travel!" This new dashboard will help me to do that, build an internet business.

    I have since settled down in China. This is another reason I should win your product. If you have never tried to work in China you would not know that money here is on an entirely different plane. You might imagine it is worth less (not worthless,) but you don't imagine that the same amount of money actually buys less, when compared to the United States.

    So what was a minor purchase in the USA is now a major purchase. So if I can make some money online it will likely be in US dollars which, though are devaluing here, are still worth more than the local currency. I will not only be able to live a better life for myself and my family, I will be helping others at the same time, because my customers will be getting something they want as well. A valuable Information product. Winning the Info Product Dashboard will help all of us.

    After setting down here in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province (I am sure you have heard of spicy Sichuan Chicken, well it originated here, Mmmmm… Yum….) I actually did purchase your Design Dashboard. It is quite good and I used some of the data I learned there to help one of my friends with his web page. The Design Dashboard is a great product that really walks you through getting a professional web page up and running. I was surprised at some of the goodies that I found in it, along with all of the Bonuses. I was still faced with the problem: I didn't have a product! (Though in fact you could use the Design Dashboard to make money if you want to become a web designer.)

    So your Info Product Dashboard is just the thing I need! It will walk me through creating a product — which has been my problem all along — just as your other products have walked me through marketing and web design.

    Earlier in your blog you asked the question: Does product creation Blow Chunks or Rock? I sent in a comment and part of your reply was "buy some Anthony Robbins or go to a therapist." Well I have a better idea, I can win your new product.

    Which I think is a better solution! No doubt Anthony Robbins knows something about product design, but I might as well learn from a master in my chosen areas of interest: info-product design and internet marketing. If I win your product I will be doing just that, as you have proven time and time again with your products, you really are a master at this.

    Product design has always been a very intimidating subject to me. It is easy enough to know you have helpful information in "some" area, but a lot harder to actually move forward and get the product made. Your previous Dashboards have the ability to get people actually moving forward a step at a time, so that when you are done, you have finished something. You have moved forward, learned some skills, and improved yourself and your business, if you have one.

    This product will do for me exactly what I need. It will take be by the hand, and walk me step by step through the process of creating an information product. I know if I follow this procedure I will come out the other side with a finished product to sell. Match this up with the other Dashboards and the future looks bright!

    So those of you that have yet to purchase any of the other Dashboards are in for a major treat, you can get ALL of the data now, and in the exact sequence you need it!

    My recommended sequence is this, though others might have a different preference:

    1) Marketing Dashboard

    2) Info Product Dashboard

    3) Design Dashboard

    4) Affiliate Dashboard

    You are walked step by step through it all.

    So this is why I went about it all in the wrong way. I stalled on the product step of the Marketing Dashboard, I moved forward to learn how to really make a web page, but that wasn't what I needed to do, I needed to really understand how to make a product, and get one made.

    The skills I have learned from you so far are definitely worth worth every penny I paid, but by winning this Dashboard I will finally be able to move the horse back in front of the cart.

  • John Morelis says:

    Somebody developed my website, so far so bad, lots of money, no result or having fun. Now I am trying on my own, and at my age, I have to succeed, even though I have served to long already and I am turning into a skeleton.

    As of yesterday!!!, that is how much I need this product.

  • James says:

    Marlon…my good fellow! It is I, James who should win your Info Product Dashboard!


    Because I've been screwing around with this info-product stuff for years and never got off my happy rear end long enough to make this thing work…and YOUR product is gonna push me right over the edge…into the INFO PRODUCT SUCCESS ZONE!!!

    Besides…I should know better. I goofed around with an info report back in the early 90s and actually got hundreds of $2 orders for my report from all over the US, Canada, and Australia. And I even had the good sense to fill those $2 report orders with a one page sheet of addtional back-end offers ranging from $19.95 to $39.95 and got several nice orders. Some customers bought every product on my brochure, one at a time.

    You would think I would have learned something about the power of Direct Response Marketing…but NO, not ME!!!

    But YOUR Info Product Dashboard is going to make the difference! And now that I'm 49 years old, I look at it this way:

    If I don't win, I just might have to order it!

  • Ahmed Abdlbary says:

    Hi Marlon,

    First, I'm really impressed that you're releasing a new product,you're in fact one of only 2(yes just TWO) gurus I believe in in this crowded over hyped market,you can guess the othe name.

    About your new product,I can say in confidence that it may be what I'm waiting for to breakthrough and start a real profitable business that earns me money instead o sucking my money.

    Why? because of the following reasons:

    1-I've tons of ideas,projects,even a bunch of private label products in many topics,in brief I'm setting on a gold mine of "to-be-products" that I believe will be successful if just been released!

    The problem is that I need something that can put all of these ideas and resources in "arrangement and order".

    something works as my faithful never-down clerk or assistant,that carry out the tasks of "management and order",for me to be free to work on creative tasks,like research and developing more profitable ideas.

    I don't know about your new product,but I expct it to be something like this,according to what I know about your previous "Dashboards"

    Just waiting!


  • Marlon,

    My videos say it all. The first one is about my general desire

    The second one gets much more specific about how the Info Product Dashboard can help me:

    Thanks, Marlon, for the chance to speak out on YouTube and possibly win a great prize!


  • Heath says:

    Hi Marlon,

    So straight to the point if I may. If this new product of yours truly is a blinder, as a usefull and beneficial product, then I blazenly ask that we get down to where the rubber meets the road, and suggest that you pick me as a winner, and then allow me prove to you just what I am capable of doing with your product.

    All the best with your roll out campaign


  • Rocque says:

    I deserve to win because I believe that if you can teach someone how to fish you feed them for life. Right now I am learning a lot about selling other's products but absolutely nothing about having my own product.

    Once I have master how to have my own product then I can become better at helping more people, and in turn the world would be a better place.

    So let me win this or the academy award, please, for best supporting comment.

    Plus, I am funnier than Michael, no doubt about that!

  • BILL SCHWAB says:


  • Roy Brady says:


    I deserve to win a copy of your NEW Info Product Dashboard because I intend to zero in on a highly profitable market and provide the products those people want to buy. I need direction. I can follow a step-by-step system. I will follow each step precisely as described. I DON'T ned quick or easy.

    What it will do for me is get me focused on what I need to do now, tomorrow, and each day following to get started marketing info products. I've realised I'm caught in the information overload trap. Every time I get excited about a plan or system another one comes up that looks like it might be better for me. I need the action steps spelled out.

    Thank you,

    Roy Brady

  • Doug D says:


    I tried to post earlier…I wanted to say Thank you for the opportunity to move up in the world.

    Why would you want to give me a copy of your program ??

    Because I am more like the masses out there. I don't have a webpage. I do not have tons of experience in internet marketing. I am the "Average Joe"…Well…actually the "Average Doug". ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I were to receive your product, I could be the example you hold up to show that your product works. It will move a virtual internet unknown through the 6 week process to "eat the elephant 1 bite at a time"…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What would your product do FOR me ?? Well..I am one of those people out there that has that little 3 letter word (Job), and your product would eventually allow me to have more of a 4 letter word (Time) and a 5 letter word (Money) to spend with my 6 letter word (Family).

    OK….Corny, I know…but, you get the point. I know I can be the Robert Allen example for Marlon Sanders and the Info Product Dashboard!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity, and I wish you continued success !!!

    Doug D

  • Mark says:

    "Who Else Wants To

    Know How To Win the

    Marlon Sanders new

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    Hi Marlon hope this give's you a chuckle



  • Michael Weir says:

    I'm alrady promoting it on my website, so it would make sense for me to own it, too. Of course, I could purchase it, but I've spent more than enough money learning how to be an internet marketer and I just want to focus on actually being one … and earn some money for a change. I even promise to write a glowing review if I thnk it deserves one.

    [Michael, you're funny.]

  • Kevin says:

    Hi I am from New Zealand have just recieved your email re your new product I am finding it incredably dificuilt to get started and have joined a few things to find them whating anyway after months of searching the net i am now more a less ready to give up, thats why I am here responding to your give away you must be confident in the product to give some copies away so here I am in the line I am working away at my website but it is taking me ages foceed some how I have the time and energy its just a matter of getting the right info I get people promoting there products every day very hard to no whats going to work most is juck as I have found out anyway thanks for sending me that email re applying for a free copy never got anything free worth keeping befour.

    Cheers Kevin

    [Hey Kevin, I know it's hard when you have a lot of products being promoted.  This particular product isn't so much about deep dark secrets but just "getting it done" so you can get on with selling and making money.]

  • George Mohan says:

    Hi i am from Kuala Lumpur, Marlon is offering "Free-diamonds". Anyone would be a fool to not put up his hand. This is the real stuff form Martlon who has been there, done it and been thru it. Any decent newbie, oldbie, bumble bee and wannabee must look and take the offer. I must win this because i think I am a best description of the 'bees'and the most deserving to win. Gosh the anxiety of the outcome is exciting.

    Cheers Marlon

    [Hey George, I was JUST talking to my friend Fione Tan who is from Malaysian and has IM offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.  Nice to have you here sir.]

  • I should win a copy because I will put it through its paces and provide a case study for others to learn from. When it works for me it will be verifiable proof that it will work for the "average" person. I also own the Design Dashboard and it rocks!!! Looking forward to receiving one of the available copies. Thanks.

    [Hey Bayo, thanks for the comments on Design Dashboard.  And for commenting here.]

  • Kyle says:

    Hey Marlon,

    First of all, I'm kicking myself for taking so long to find your product line! I had no idea you had created so many fantastic products. (Something I envy)

    This leads me to the Info Product Dashboard comment: To be honest, your Dashboard is really cool, and the simple fact that you have 21 different high-quality products you've created and automated in the last few years is amazing!

    Simply put: I'd love to have a tool to replicate your proven system, but I'm still a full-time college student at 21 years of age, and I don't have the money to invest.

    I'd really appreciate the complimentary copy, Marlon. =)


  • Rich Newell says:

    I deserve this prize because I have been studying very hard to be a leader in internet marketing and I want to make my own products. The Info Product Dashboard would help me make enough income to help those that can't help themselves. Your Dashboard products help by giving a checklist and roadmap to the creating good things. I know it would add to the knowledge I already possess.

    [Hey Rich, you are right….creating your own products is 100% the way to go!]

  • Elisabeth says:

    Dear Marlon,

    First off – if this is a duplicate post, please ignore it. I tried to post a few minutes ago, but something went wrong, so now I don’t know if it “tookâ€ย or not. Just in case it didn’t, here’s take two:

    I deserve to win your dashboard for lots of reasons, including these:

    1. I’m sick and tired of being a broke professor. I’m happy I got to live my academia dream and I love what I do, but my dream did not include the kind of money troubles I’ve been dealing with just about ever since I got the job, a job that doesn’t begin to repay me for the investment it took to get it and that requires me to pay for most of my work materials as well as the majority of my business trips. ‘Nuff said.

    After years of hemming and hawing and holding out so long I’ve practically worked myself to the verge of bankruptcy, I have at last taken action to remedy that situation. After struggling with technology for a while, I’ve just gotten to the place of the learning curve where things are finally coming together (and it’s high time too!)

    I’ve had a blog for a little while now (a couple actually), and just earlier today(!), I finally managed to pull together my first squeeze page (so I can finally get more subscribers!), complete with thank you page featuring a downloadable product link (the freebie) and a link to my blog. And everything works! I’m so gosh darn proud of it I could just burst! Feel free to check it out:

    2. Now that I finally have the technical stuff in place to sell them, I’m ready to create a bunch of products, which puts me at the right place at the right time for your new Product Creation Dashboard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. If I win, I will put it to work right away and report on the results on my blog. I’ll also send a review of it to, where I have already managed to get expert status ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Since I’m still a relative newbie myself, Ill be in a particularly good position to convince people just how easy your dashboard is to use (assuming that it really IS easy to use, obviously, which I fully expect). I.e., I’ll argue that if I can use it to create products, so can they. If for some reason I don’t win, maybe you’ll send me a review copy?

    4. I love your blog! When I first found it maybe a month or two ago, I printed out most of your articles! You’re a voice of sanity in a world of hype. And you promote one of my all-time favorite books (4-hour work week)!

    Thanks for the contest. I’ve had fun writing this and reading all the other posts. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


  • Rabs says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My reasons on why I should win a copy of your your new Info Product Dashboard:

    After a year in IM, I've finally realized the value of having your own product and am in the process of creating my own product. I never realized how difficult it would be. I am actually taking action and practicing product creation and I am sure I would benefit from the 'Dashboard approach' that you had in Design Dashboard.

    I think one of the things that really hit home was one of your newsletters about the guy who was a big proponent of owing your own product – about having exclusive rights to things – and how that was the way for financial freedom. I know you've been saying that in your newsletter forever, but sometimes it takes while to hit home.

    And lastly, since I started my IM journey about a year ago, I've spent about $6800 on various products / hosting /services , etc etc. So yeah, I've spent way too much and not made as much. For the last month or so, I've decided to focus on start creating my own products and keeping the wallet zipped up, at least under the end of the year. So in order to help me keep my IM-a-holics Anonymous promise to myself of not buying anymore products this year, please give me a free copy!


  • euan aird says:

    I am 13 years away from retirement (with four daughters, the oldest of which is 11) and was pondering what the best legacy would be that I could leave them. I have been thinking along the lines of learning to provide a full time income online so that I could teach them to do likewise and never have to spend their time being "too busy earning a living to earn any money" as 99% of us have had to do. Your marketing dashboard would certainly help in that direction

  • Kim says:

    Hey Marlon

    I don't want to win – I'm just posting a comment because every time I do someone else who has been here goes to our site (just like you showed us some months back) and buys one of our products – so thanks, we have already benefitted from your expertise and experience. I certainly don't envy you having to choose from all these comments but everyone wins by listening to you and reading the experiences of others here.

    Thanks for giving us all a chance to push ourselves!

    Cheers from DownUnder!

  • Beryl Warner says:

    Marlon – 71 & striving!! I NEED your product to get me past this Newbie stage. I can't be a caterpiller much longer-my wings are growing…soon I'll be working my laptop rather than the 'piller way of reading/writing email!

    I am so pleased that your works have reached me. The ONLY way is UP.I could build an igloo with the programs I've tried, hoping …. hoping……

  • albrechtino says:

    I think, all your products greate to work with.

  • michael gaines says:

    I should win because I am absolutely dumbfounded with the internet and since I had a stroke 1 year ago my memory has gradually begun to elude me. I learn by one on one hands on observation with a mentor. I can't understand what I read and apply it without help.

    [Michael, sorry about the stroke…ummmm…..the Dashboard is a self study product…so I don't know if it'll be appropriate for you.  But I wish you green pastures in the future my friend.  If you haven't seen a doc for your memory, do so without delay.  There's a high correlation between strokes and the onset of alzheimers…early detection helps tons.]

  • Whooooah baby!

    Don't forget that the money is in the "back-end". So,…

    If you win the Info Product Dashboard think about not only creating the first (up-front) info product but the subsequent "related" info products to serve as your back-end mega money generating strategy.

    With the Info Product Dashboard you'll start, naturally, on the first product and as you are selling that one you grow your list and query the list to see what "proven buyers" of yours want that is above and beyond the first info product. Then…

    You go back to the Info Product Dashboard and go step by step to produce your first back-end product.

    Now your cooking with fire!

    Once you get the system down, and the profits are beginning to roll in, start out-sourcing the tedious stuff so you can focus on the marketing angle and creating a deeper and broader back-end product line-up.

    Aaaaaah, this Info Product Dashboard is a thing of beauty when placed in the right hands…

    Can't wait to see who the lucky winners are.


    Gerard LeBlond

  • Androtruman Brillian says:

    Marlon, Thanks for a chance to get a copy of Your new info product dashboard.

    Belom I describe myself and why You should choose me :

    – Have a burning desire to become a Succesful Internet Entrepreneur, so need a blueprint and guidance and I am very confident that You are willing and capable of providing that.

    – Willing to do my part by study and apply Your teachings, and would be honored to be ONE OF YOUR SUCCESS stories.

    – Interest much on internet and commited to make it as a tool for my ultimate source of lifetime income.

    – 100% ready to take actions and VERY SURE that I CAN learn much from You.

    – Very dedicated, very smart, teachable, very persistent and don't give up easily until my goals has been reached.

    – Do everything with Positive Manner/Attitude – even when unnoticed – have integrity, including in internet 'jungle'

    – One of my personal goals is become one of internet marketing expert;

    I have been online since 1999 with little success.

    I have the ability to find Right, Accurate, Updated, Quality INFORMATION with lightning fast

    – Can spend more than 60 hours per week to this program.

    – Willing to give back all my achievements to internet community.Help another group of people to achieve the same success.

    – My life transformed much because of information found from internet.

  • Pete Bass says:

    Hi Marlon, I know your products work.I have learned to put together a web site, but I don't have my own product. I have no programming skills but I do have a couple of product ideas. I have spent a lot of money on other peoples stuff but we are always told that the way to really make it, is to have your own product, book, or membership site, etc. We are told thats the best way to to build a business and a list. I would like to bring my own product to light and this seems like what I have been hoping for. Since I have spent so much money buying "Other Peoples Products" a break would be nice. Free is good and it nevers hurts the ego to be a winner for once.

    [Hey Pete, I'm a big believer in creating and selling your own products.  Thanks for posting here my friend.  Good luck to you]

  • Kelvin says:

    I think I should win Marlon because… "'drum roll'…envelope please…" (sorry best I can do at the moment else this what I would have on You Tube… me with a drum roll and an envelope)… I should win because… I have noble dreams for my new found financial freedom should you so choose me… like: financing my wedding and taking proper care of my soon to be bride… and providing for our future together appropriately and prosperously…

    …paying it forward and giving back… this I will do…

    …I have an idea for what I believe will be an awesome info product…

    …this will be like a stepping stone for me into many multiple streams of online income…

    …I challenge you Marlon Sanders to pick me and to become part of my upcoming success…

    …in any case…

    …all the best… to those contending for the 5 free dashboards…

    …may the best five win…



  • Daniel says:

    Hi Marlon! You probably don't know this, but we go WAY back. I bought my first PC in 1999 to sell some things on eBay, and I don't know whan "AMAZING SECRETS" (I may have the title wrong), came out, but I bought a copy…which disappeared when my first PC crashed.

    It seems like that was sometime before 2001. It's taken me this long to focus on writing my first eBook on parenting children with behavioral problems, and I knocked out the first version in about a month. I'm planning to write some shorter eBooks on more specific topics, as well…and I'll have a monthly newsletter. So…I feel badly for some of the others, who seem to have some serious health or money issues.

    My reason for hoping to win is just that I have finally filtered out all of the "guru fluff" that Ramon wrote about, and have finally got a product to test, revise, and use to learn by trial and error. Your Dashboard would certainly be helpful in streamlining my learning process. And, I'm not sure how…other than spreading the word to as many people as I can, but at some point, I might be able to send you some of my own clients.

    Whether I win, or not…thanks very much for still "being there" so that I can have some hope and excitement about something that I'm risking some money and a lot of time on!

    Wishing you Success… Daniel

    [Hey Daniel, very nice to hear from you!  Good luck man!]

  • Marlon of the Red Reign, Did you have to ask for the website? I obviously bought it…and have not made a single sale. ๐Ÿ™

    Speaking of finances, another "interesting" subject, I have made a few poor decisions on where to spend the cash I used to have. Like mentoring, that did me little good, if any, for reasons that I will not go into here. What I need is a step by step master to learn from…well maybe not a master but a guide, whatever. I think your deal sounds like just the thing to boost me into the beginning of bliss place that will get and keep me on track!

    I will, of course, tell the world how fab your dashboard truly is! I will also try to do a video too, but I will have to alter my computer to upload it. This may take me a bit of time because I don't really know how to do it yet. (72 hours???) My niche market plan is in place, but I still need the daily duty plan. I am not going to write an endless sad tale, but yes Marlon, I can really use this puppy! Thanks for the chance!

    [Hey Allison, a great step here is to create and sell your own products.  All is not wasted Allison. Success is the result of a progressive series of learning experiences.]

  • Deb says:

    Hi Marlon, Thanks for giving us the opportunity to take advantage of your most generous offer here. I have been climbing the learning curve (which has been very steep I might add) for about a year now. I have bought numerous info products and e-courses to learn how to get an internet marketing business up and running.

    Many ideas out there… more cr*p than anything else though. None of them give you ALL the steps to follow through to the finish line of a profitable info product or business. I have followed certain so called "gurus" only to find out that they are just blowing smoke up my a** again… I have signed up and then unsubscribed from many, many, many newsletters and email lists… Except yours.

    I have followed and saved all the emails you have sent me. When I run into a problem that I remembered you covering… I can check and it's usually in there somewhere. You have always been there for me even though you didn't even know it! When I first started, I had no concept at all of the way things worked behind the scenes… even how to register a domain name! LOL Using the Design Dashboard had cut out that learning curve quickly.

    I can only imagine how GREAT this Info Product Dashboard is going to be!!! I'm so excited about it! I don't have a product of my own yet. I have many, many ideas but not the knowledge of how to go about it yet. This will help me out significantly! Also, my daughter has been watching over my shoulder trying to learn what I'm doing. She is only 13 but a very quick learner… (don't know where she got that from) LOL I don't want her to have to go through what I've gone through for the past year… so this InfoProduct Dashboard has perfect timing. "When the student is ready…. the teacher will appear!" Ain't that the truth!

    Thank you Marlon

    [Hey Deb, great post!  And thanks for the nice comments.  Wow…what a great start in life for your daughter.  Imagine knowing at age 13 to trade products for dollars instead of time for dollars!]

  • Hi Marlon–Kate here of Nursing Career Transformation. I believe I deserve to win your new Info Product dashboard because I am totally jazzed about my life as an on-line creator of e-books, articles, blogs (let's see, last time I counted, 10 blogs), bonuses for other people's work, and a few days ago, I received my first JV offer!! I'm not bragging, just explaining why I would cherish winning your wonderful product!!! I would totally appreciate it!! I would climb on the nearest roof and tell the world about how wonderful your products are!!! I already do that, anyway, but believe me, I will excitedly tell the world!!! Love To Everyone Who Also Is In The Competition!!

    Kate Loving Shenk

    [Hey sweet one…you have the most wonderful energy.  Thanks for your presence!]

  • Scott McCallum says:

    I enjoy reading your Blogs and all the emails you send me they give me a glimmer hope that one day I could get out of the work force and on to finacial freedom. I am a welder and a father of five and I make $15.00 hr and live pay day to pay day just once would to prove to my wife that there is money to be made on the net I have tried alot of things that just cost money with no results if I win I could tell all those disbelivers out there LOOK IT WORKS Thank you for the chance to win


    [Good gosh Scott.  I have NO idea how you can raise a family on 15 an hour.  Ouch.  Well, you really NEED some products to sell!  Good luck to you man.  I know you have a heavy load on your shoulders.]

  • Greetings Marlon! Wow! It's nice for someone to ask a question all about me! I made it a point not to read any of the other comments, so as not to cloud my own judgments, but I promise not to make you feel guilty while you read – I really don't have it too bad! The number one reason that I feel that I'd be a great winner is that I'm already a full-time freelance writer that makes most of my money writing OTHER PEOPLE'S books.

    Unfortunately, my client schedule doesn't leave a lot of additional time to work on my own personal info products. The fastest I've been able to knock one out has been four days, which is abysmal considering how MUCH work I did do on already existing content. I know that if I'm ever going to be able to take my business to the next level, I'll have to supplement my income with my own information products and my own personal branding and labeling. I think that your product could certainly aid in helping me accomplish my goals. I've gotta get back to work, but thanks for the opportunity to let me throw in my own two-cents and talk about me for a little bit. I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday! –

    Jennifer Gibbs

    [Hey Jennifer, you sure need your own products.  And I guess the good news is it should come EASY to you.  Bridging with a service business as you're doing is a good way to do it.  I started in this biz as a copywriter. But then eventually got my own products.]

  • Hi Marlon, I'm in the process of developing a blog and marketing site. I'm well on the way with the blog and have developed a mailing list (still small), and now I want to focus on creating a great product(s) to sell. So I'm looking to the master of marketing – you – to point me in the right direction. I look forward to winning a copy of your product.

    Blessings to you, Alan

    [Hey  Alan, thank you.  And yes, I WILL point you in the right direction.]

  • Hi Marlon, your info product dashboard is just the thing that I would love to have to help me finish my info products that are 3/4 finished (one for mom's to help them keep things together at home, one for wahm's to help with project management and stay on track in business and one for wellness/fitness to keep us in good health) I've built a website, blogs, do articles, sell affiliate products but always get stuck with exactly what to do with my own info products. I dearly want to finish them but they are "my babies" and I want to do them right.

    I guess I'm frozen at wanting them to be perfect and what is the best way to do them, your info product dashboard would take the guesswork out of it. I already own two of your dashboard products and love them both (design dashboard for my sales pages and affiliate dashboard for when I get my products finished, I knew from design dashboard that I should have affiliate dashboard, when I get rich from my info products

    I would love to purchase all of your products :0), your bonuses and info are amazing, the graphics and set up make it fun to work/play with. I don't think I even knew you had a marketing dashboard, I am guessing that I will be purchasing it as well :0)) Thanks for the contest, it's been fun to write in at any rate :0) take care,

    Jan Ferrante

    [Hey Jan!  Thanks for the great post.  Yep, it's TIME you get on the product creation program!  Nice writing and style.]

  • Chuck says:

    I'M NOT WORTHY. I bow down to your greatness OH KNOWING ONE. I am merely one of your loyal subjects who covet your every email and blog.

    But seriously (which I have been about the emails and blogs), your design dashboard has helped me in so many ways. I probably would have given up any internet design if it wasn't for that product.

    I am currently struggling to put an info product together, which I will eventually get done. I'm not saying I deserve one, but it would be a Godsend. I take that back… I'm a good person, yeah, I DO deserve one. That way I can get my project done quicker and be able to share this gift to the world (or at least to a chosen few). PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!

    (OK, I'm getting up now)sorry for the groveling.

    [Hey Chuck.  LOL!  Nice.  No groveling!   Hee hee.  Thanks for posting man.  Good luck to you.  You're right, with the Dashboard, things will go faster and smoother.]

  • Robert Allen, the author of "Nothing Down", set out an outrageous goal for himself: "Send me to any unemployment line. Let me select someone who is broke, out of work and discouraged. Let me teach him in two days the secrets of wealth. And in ninety days he'll be back on his feet, with five thousand dollars cash in the bank, never to set foot in an unemployment line again.") and met the challenge not once but three times! And then he wrote a best selling book that told about the outrageous claim, how he met it and how well it had succeeded. He called the book: "The Challenge" and it sold hundreds of thousands of copies in hard-copy and paperback.

    I, Gerard LeBlond, throw down the guantlet: Lend me a copy of The Info Product Dashboard for 2 weeks. During that time I will review it, study it, take notes and put the dashboard through its paces. The goal will be to create a brand new info product from scratch, using the dashboard, and to market it using the marketing dashboard (which I already own). Goal is to go from nothing to $100,000 (net) in sales within 127 days of putting the Info Product Dashboard into use. A website will be established to follow the progress of the dashboard's ability to take a new info product idea from conception to the market and follow the sales through out the 127 day period.

    Once the goals have been met I will pen a series of glowing testimonials for the product, followed by a sequence of 5 articles describing the virtues, strengths and advantages of the Info Product Dashboard. These will be posted on line and permission will be granted for any and all interested web-masters to display the articles on their websites as useful content. I will next submit a confidential, no-holds-barred critique of the dashboard to Marlon explaining any glitches (if encountered), and offer suggestions as to making the current version more powerful and user-friendly for the next generation dashboard.

    Finally, I will send a special gift basket (The Berry Breakfast Sampler from Wolferman's mail-order house; consisting of Mixed Berry Signature English Muffins, Raspberry Crumpets, Cranberry Mini English Muffins, Blueberry traditional English Muffins, Apple Cranberry Scones

    (2), Tiffin Blend Coffee and a jar of Strawberry Preserves) to Marlon's often forgotten but very efficient personal assistant and, as the piece-de-resistance, I will send Marlon a personalized, autographed, special, deluxe version of the Info Product created by Marlon's Info Product Dashboard.


    Gerard LeBlond

    P.S. Kindly excuse any typos but I had to whip this missive off while putting the kids to bed.

    [Hey Gerard, great post with a MARKETING mind!  I love it.  Hey, it's a 6 week program.  6 rows, 6 icons each row.  You do 1 icon per day.  Most days that takes 20-30 minutes.  We eat an elephant 1 bite at a time. But still, I get your offer,  Very creative.]

  • Denny says:

    Well, It's like this. My wife and I were waiting in line at a See's candy shop a while ago. Two, (slightly sketchy looking) characters were ahead of us. One went into this incredibily long and complicated inquiry about buying See's candy online, their catalogue etc. After all of this was said, (no purchases made by either) the clerk offered the free sample, (intended response). The other dude just asked for the free sample. Can I have the free copy? Peace Denny

    [Hey Denny, Nice story.]

  • Sue Smith says:

    I should win because I just bought my first Dashboard and now realize that I need them all. In the past I learned by trial and error on my own — climbing the learning curve as quickly as I could, including figuring out where that curve WAS!

    With my first dashboard product I was productive very quickly in an arena where I had been stumbling in the dark trying to do it "on my own." I did my first web site in 3 days, not 6 weeks. (Well maybe I took a few shortcuts!) So if I win, I promise to take the full six weeks and do it one step at a time — following the complete program. Besides, I need the other dashboards, and will be working on several things at once! My business is beginning to grow rapidly and Dashboard is helping me do what I want to do to succeed.

    [Hey Sue!  Nice post.  And yes, the Dashboard will put you on a virtually surefire path to your own info product.]

  • Hey there Marlon, Cranking out and info Product is in the plan for us to expound on grace and truth realized in Jesus Christ. We would like to include this GiveAway Info Product from our http://www.BlogTalkRadio.Com/VisionSphere that is being a Next Level Viral Marketing Illustration to spread the Word of Life Using the the Internet as we are being led for the Will of God. We invested in all the Dashboards You have create so far and I count it all joy to use this one for Jesus Christ as you will soon see much manifestation in 2008 of what we've been learning from You Marlon through the Years about, How to Use EverGreen Marketing Strategy and Tactics to get win on the Internet. Well, if it be God's will for this win, win to be, I count it as already done. Be Blessed always…Peace!

    [Hey Jim, thanks for being here.  Nice to hear from you.]

  • Irene Ogden says:

    I think I should win cause I love your stuff. Your Dashboard products have been making my learning experiences fun and easy. I realy enjoy the step by step, one day at a time aproach and the fact that I can do things at my own pace. I look forward to all your products.

    [Hi Irene, you got it!  Thanks for the nice comments.]

  • Hi Marlon, If the Information Product Dashboard is anything near the level of detailed teaching and action as the Marketing Dashboard and the Design Dashboard (both of which I have copies), then my goal is to purchase it whether I win this competition or not. You have been telling us for years to get our own product and stop fooling around with the business in a box and other promotions that promise the world AND rarely deliver.

    Since taking your advice not only is my business increasing, but also with less effort. Focused work is the secret to running a successful internet business. The dashboards take away the temptation for the easy score that generally turns out not to be easy or profitable at all. I want to add the product dashboard to my tools list. If I win a copy I will continue to be a life long customer because you are the REAL deal. If I don't win a free copy I am still your lifelong customer. All I can say is PICK ME!

    [Hey Joel, nic epost.  And I'm glad you're on track.  And you get it.]

  • Alvaro says:

    Marlon, creo que me merezco el premio pues soy un cliente antiguo, muy antiguo. He comprado varios de tus productos (Amazing Formula, Gimme Money, entre otros). Muy buenos, instructivos e indispensables. ENGLISH: Marlon, I deserve the prize since I am a long long time customer. I have purchased several of your products (Amazing Formula, Gimme Money, among others). They are excelent and indispensable for any serious marketer.

    [Hey Alvaro, my friend, how are you?  Thanks for being a long time customer! And for the nice comments.]

  • keith d says:

    Marlon… Your products are so clean, so linear- They are capable of putting anybody on the map if they just follow the step-by-step you so eloquently provide… I am a Design Dashboard junkie, and promote it shamelessly (as an affiliate) wherever possible. I have taken to the internet marketing niche in the hopes to be able to provide a safe starting point for those just dipping their feet in the waters. There is way too much scam, hype, and out-and-out lying going on in this field, even by some of the big dogs… a new marketer is seen as just a mark by so many of the heavy-hitting pushers of the latest gizmo… I am trying to wedge myself between the beginner marketer and the hype/info overload syndrome. I am developing three products right now at various price points to make it as clear as day how a new marketer can avoid the hype and overload and keep their business moving forward. I have never tried to produce and market my own info product, and am absolutely certain that once again your 'dashboard' product will make this a snap! (shameless brownnose: I post some of your insightful, honest and challenging blogposts on my site…) Send me a copy of your INFO PRODUCT DASHBOARD and I will have some results and a glowing testimonial in a week! You keep doing it your way, and I will keep paying attention!

    Thanks, Keith

    [Hey Keith, you're pimpin!  Alright, that's all good.   Glad to have you here.  And yep, the goal IS to overcome info overload and get you on the short track to success.]

  • Jose Camacho says:

    Hi Marlon, As newbie as i am, it would be fantastic to start with the right foot in the IM arena. From a course that i followed, i learned that there is nothing better than owning your own product. If the NEW Info Product Dashboard points me the right direction, it should put me in an advantageous position to further expand this concept into other markets. I invite you to image the tremendous impact that we could make if we apply this tool to the continuously growing hispanic market. can you see it? i can. and because i can visualize it, i believe i can multiply this product's effect onto others! WE could help lots of people!

    [Jose, it IS a huge market, I agree.  Nice post.]

  • Bobby says:

    Because I have a terrible disease. Its called "I can't stop buying stupid sh*t for no good reason disease". I hear your products are some of the best but i am also trying to cure myself of this terrible disease. So I don't know if I will be able to "risk" buying a copy. I imagine creating an info product is probably one of the quickest ways to profits with the least amount of risk. Your step by step info product dashboard would give me the best chance of success with hardly any fluff. Kind of like a crabcake, a jumbo lump crab cake. All meat, no filler. ๐Ÿ™‚

    [Bobby, that's freakin' hysterical!  Well, this is all meat, step by step action.  It's just about eating that elephant 1 bite at a time and not getting stuck.]

  • Nalini says:

    Hi Marlon, I am thrilled that you're taking your dashboard concept and applying it to information products. I'd love to use it to launch my first product which is a guide of investment strategies for time-strapped, investment adverse people. I'm creating this product in response to dozens of people who have asked me for my help. So, I shamelessly submit my name and entry here for your free copy.

    [Hey Nalini, glad to see you're in product creation mode!  Be sure to do the 12 product survey method in row 1 BEFORE you create the product!  It can save you a TON of time!]

  • georgette pann says:

    hi there Imy name is Georgette and I am 50 yrs old, I think I should win:) because I am just about to launch a new book and could use this to do it right! It looks like it will be a great product and one I will actually USE…plus I have a feeling it will be easy to utilize as well:) Thank you for the chance to win

    [Hey Georgette, yes, this product is all about the USING!  The action.  And yes, I've made it as easy as I could.]

  • Hi Marlon, First, I wanted to thank you for giving us all this opportunity. I have so many ideas spinning in my head on products that I would implement and improve upon, but need guidance in getting off on the right start. Info productrs "Rock" because it is exactly what people are in search of online…..Information and resources! If I won, I would be ready to go and jump into it with all of my energies!

    Warmest Regards

    Chris Peterson

    [Yo, Chris.  Like your writing style.  Nice.  Like the energy too.]

  • Hi Marlon, I've got stacks of ideas for a host of products for offline business owners and but judging by my sales results so far, I'm missing part of the puzzle (actually, it must be a large part ๐Ÿ™‚ A dashboard system like Design Dashboard (it's terrific by the way) on product creation that contains marketing advice and systems for streamlining the process is exactly what many of us need. If I win a copy I promise (hand placed upon heart here) that I will flog it as hard as I possibly can and let you know the results ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the op,

    Cheers, Rocky

    [Rocky, love the word "flog".  You have writing talent.  Yep, the Dashboard is step-by-step.  Just the ticket!]

  • Keries says:

    An Info Product Dashboard – Wow. Gee I wish I knew how to do a video on YouTube but that's another learning curve added to my to do list. Can your Info Product Dashboard help me do this? People tell me I have so much information on how to do things to offer and your Info Product Dashboard sounds like it just the thing I need to make all this information into a saleable product. I've also got a couple of blueprints worked out for products I'd like to create one day but up until now I haven't found the resources to be able to make these product blueprints a reality. Keep your great products coming Marlon.


    [Hey Keries, what's up?  Well, we do have a section in there on video.  I don't think we covered YouTube.  Might be a nice bonus, though.  Do you have a web cam?  Or a video camera you can plug into your computer?  Or a laptop with a video on it?  Or a cell phone with video?  If you do, suck it into your computer, go to YouTube and they have instructions on how to post.]

  • Elaine says:

    Hi Marion

    I'm working on intention and the law of attraction here. Have just started learning how to set up an internet business (many ideas but none finalized yet) and want to move from rat race to being ahead of the pack and helping all my friends leave the rat race also. Don't know much about the product but it looks like it could help me become much more proactive, more timely and give me freedom!!

    Looking forward to recieving it and then telling the world about it and how great you are.

    [Hey Elaine, you're a jewel!  Thanks. And good luck to you.]

  • Hi Marlon

    My reason is because I NEED it!

    Why do I "need" it?

    Several reasons, here's a few:

    => I've had a crammed life and a lot of learning experiences.

    => I've been writing up the 'lessons'from these careers.

    => I have an understanding of how to chunk up and chunk down and group this information into a whole variety of products.

    => I am highly creative and can produce original content 'at will'.

    => There are many people in niche markets who would benefit from this material.

    => I love to teach, coach and train. I've been delivering the material at live workshops and coaching sessions for years.

    All sounds good, doesn't it.

    It feels good too … that I have this 'vault' of valuable info raring to be released.

    If only I had the ability to turn it into digital info product!

    And THAT's why I need this …. not so much for me but for all those who will benefit once I am able to release the eBooks, eCourses …. eVentually!

    Thanks for reading …

    John Gordon

    The Infotainer

  • Vincent Josephson says:

    Actually, I'm not so sure I WANT to win a copy of IPD. Don't get me wrong–I have to have a copy. This is the final piece of the I.M. puzzle I've been looking for. It'll complete the picture and get me on my way. The bottle of champagne smashed across the bow of the ship, it you will. But if I win my copy instead of buying it, I'll be obligated. I'll have to give you a glowing testimonial, with plenty of before and after evidence that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was IPD and only IPD that made the difference in my success. I'll also have to spend time updating a new blog that will track my progress each and every day through the entire six weeks. Then all the posts on the various forums. Articles to write; interviews to grant. On the other hand, if I just buy my copy, I can fly under the radar and focus on making more and more money. So I'm really not sure if winning is really worth it. I'll gladly accept my free copy, to be sure. But just between you and me, you won't see any crocodile tears in my eyes if I'm not one of the "lucky" ones.

    [Wow!  Joseph, you really can analyze stufff, can't you?  Like the phrase about crocodile tears.  If'n you win it, you don't have to do jack.  Of course, we do LOVE testimonials, but they aren't required.  Just posting is ALL that is required.]

  • Bob Richards says:

    I have my first mini site up and running. It took a long time to get all the bugs worked out of. Also, it took me about 6 months to write the ebook. I think it is a great product and beleive in with all heart. I can help people. The problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to market it effectively. No one has purchased it yet. It is very discouraging. I know I'm to soemthing big I just get it off the ground. I have watched a DVD seminar that you spoke at and I know for a fact you could help me. Thank you.

    [Hey Bob, I'd be shocked if this couldn't help you.  Ummm, before you do a product, you do a 12-product survey. This WILL be covered in the Dashboard.  You ALWAYS do the survey first. Then create the product.  I don't like ebooks overall because of the problem you just experienced.]

  • Mark says:

    Hi Marlon, it's great you care about the little guy!I really want to win because I can appreciate the 'Red Factor'and want to create my own stuff more than anything.It's taken me two years to finally create a list and building now your new board is the back end needed! Thanks for the chance Marlon, 'You one and only you'!

    [Mark, glad you have a list.  Creating products should be easy in comparison!  You're at the right place at the right time.]

  • Edward Wallace says:

    I am 69 years old and just starting to put up a wevsite. I have almost 30 years experience in working with people locally to raise their awareness and improve their health and spiritual growth. I have a give-a-way prepared and a domain name, I am starting to construct a landing page. Wining a copy of your product would not only greatly shorten my learning curve but allow me to begin helping others on a grand scale much sooner.

    [Hey Edward, yep, time is moving on so saving time is a big premium!  Keep up the good work.]

  • Hi Marlon, Thanks for providing us with the opportunity to get our hands on yet another fantastic Marlon Sanders created product! You as well as each and every one of your products seem to provide tremendous value to your customers. In the vast abundant sea of Information Marketing where many products are completely filled with 'fluff' you honestly deliver the maximum amount of high quality material that you can offer. Now, I'll get to answering your two proposed questions in a hopeful effort to win one of the available copies of Info Product Dashboard. And please believe all the words that I have accoladed you with from above, as they are completely straight from my heart, since I hold you in high regards as an Information Marketer. Why YOU deserve to win it? Well… to put it in two simple words, Success Achievement. I'm a 22 year old aspiring Internet Marketer/Entrepreneur that has been online over the past year or so. During this time I have been strategically assisting other Internet Marketers with their various project-related tasks. During this time I have made each and every opportunity a learning experience that I would now like to fully utilize your product and put into Action, thus allowing me to create a profitable Information product of my own. I would then like to continue to contribute and help others reach their fulfillment and empower them with the ability to take freedom and learn how to do so by creating info product in significant relation to their passions. What it would do FOR you? This product would allow me an excellent opportunity to take my accumulated knowledge and convert it into an actual product that can create a consistent revenue stream for myself. I'm ready to take significant action upon product creation of my own and hopefully will be considered to utilize your product in this process. In conclusion Marlon, After I fully utilize your Info Product Dashboard, then I would be Very eager and willing to provide you with a Glowing testimonial as well as any additional case-study type information that you would like to obtain from myself. Thanks for Maintaining a High Level of Ethical Esteem in this industry that is often clouded with shrewd marketers!

    To Your Success, Mitch Mauldin

    [Hey Mitch, nice writing!  Welll said.]

  • John says:

    I am launching my new site soon therefore I am sure your info product dashboard will be a great help to me to launched my upcoming product successfully and I will be able to apply what you given me. I called it mine! John <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    [Hey John, good luck on your new launch!]

  • Wanda Butler says:

    The opportunity to win a copy of Dashboard would allow me to expand my home-based business online. My aspiration is to work full time for myself. When Dashboard was first introduced I was impressed with the ease of usage but, unable to afford the cost. If I am chosen as a winner not only would it be to promote my business but Dashboard as well. Their are many challenges I am facing however, my desire is not for pity but empowerment and opportunity.

    [Hey Wanda, glad you're here.  And yes, info products are a great way to expand your home-based biz.  Good luck to you.]

  • Joe says:

    I like simple, no-hype, forward planning process. I know you are the man with the plan.

    God Bless, Joe

    [Joe, you go it!  And you're right. That IS what the goal is. Simple.  No hype.  You follow the steps.  I really think this product is going to help lots of people.]

  • Gerasimos Fois says:

    Hi Marlon. I had heard about you before, but my first real taste of what you're about was through watching "The Next Internet Millionaire". Very much like your "Ninja" mentality, I have always had a similar approach to marketing (and everything I do, really) that I like to call "Guerilla warfare". Why go head-to-head with the big guys when you can side-step and strike like a real Aikido master. Anyway, I think I should win because I've recently quit my job in a quest to succeed in the internet marketing game and everything that can help me leverage my time is very welcome.

    [Hey Gerasimos, yes, you GET my approach.  You got it.  Glad you're here.  And yep, info products IS the way to go IMHO.]

  • Joan says:

    Hi Marlon: I am a big fan of yours because you do what excellent teachers do-break things down into small parts and guide us through the process. I have a couple of your dashboards and would love to develop my own projects/products. I am totally convinced the best way to success online is to have my own product.

    [Hey Joan, thanks for that.  And yep, you NEED to have your own info product!  Like in 6 weeks from now!]

  • Peter says:

    Hi Marlon, I should win a free copy of you InfoProduct Dashboard because I'm halfway there, a doer and most importantly a customer of yours! ๐Ÿ™‚ You see, taking action is hard. So I purchase a domain name, and upload a squeeze page. (link at my name) I know if I don't do this I will procrastinate. But the thing is, only my autoresponder sequence is done. My ebook is on it's way. So, your IPD come just in time to further boost me to complete the product. Which might not see the day without IPD. I will really appreciate it and of course will put some plug for your product at the end of my ebook when it is completed using the info in IPD. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best Regards Peter

    [Peter, you're on the way!  Keep on keeping on.  And yes, the timing is perfect.]

  • I've been reading about the internet success that you guys are having. I been trying to make it on the internet using severals other internet course. After ordering the courses, they just don't give you all the info you need to get started from begining to finish. I've been reading all of your site and the info you have to offer is awesome. I think the dashboard would be what I need to get the ball rolling. I want to order the dashboard but my credit card is max. I being reading the dashboard site and just dream of myself owning the package. It don't cost that much, but I just don't have the money right now. I think if I win it will be put to a good use. TB

    [Terry, in terms of creating your first info product, nothing is left out.  This is NOT a teaser.  This IS the meat.  Step by step, what to do and how to do it.]

  • Mark says:

    I don't generally win much, but I suppose that's because I'm usually too busy to enter these types of things. However, this caught my eye. I'm relatively new to this game, but have done reasonably well at establishing the groundwork and testing it out through affiliate channels. I beleive its time to crank it up a notch and market my own products. Looks this might be right up my alley. While the price appears proper, it wouldn't diminish my enthusiasm and I'm sure resultant accolades. Regards, Mark Z

    [Hey Mark, YES!  IT's time for you.  Crank it up!]

  • earl says:


    I need the paint by the numbers approach the 1 2 3 of how-to. Its taking just to long to create products without a well thought system that can pump out a product in shortest amount of time without the pain. There has to be a better way to Speed To Market a info product. I need the short hand version….I need it NOW!

    [Earl, you're funny!  Yep, it's paint by numbers much as we could make it that way.  Love your enthusiasm bro!]

  • Ramon Pena says:

    Mr. Sanders, I have been struggling to get going on this internet business for the past year or so to the point where I'm suffering from information overload. I'm hoping to come accross someone who can me the straight scoop instead of all the marketing guru bull. I'm ready to give it my best effort and hope that your info product is the right one.


    Ramon Pena

    [Ramon, that's the whole goal of the Dashboards. NO info overload.  You eat an elephant one bite at a time. So that is what we do in the dashboards.  Six weeks.  One icon per day, just follow the big blue labelled steps!]

  • Bruce Tuggle says:

    I am still working on my new site, which is in need of incredible promoting. As a nearly 70 year old promoter, any help that I can get (for free) is just what the doctor has been prescribing.

    If you would like to see what an incredible cool idea for Christmas gifts looks like, check it out at:

  • Deen A says:

    Well, I'm $38,000 in debt. on my CC's and working a min. wage job. Need to start generating income off the Internet to make it and it has to be SOON as my payments are more than I make! Taking care of my parents before they died took too much time away from my marketing. Now that they're both gone I need to apply myself to the marketing again. I need something to organize my efforts and get me going in the right direction. I'm sure the Dashboard would do it!!

    [Hey Deen, I can sympathize with your parents.  Tough.  But yeah, it's totally time to get you back on the right track!  This will do it because it's all about taking bite-sized ACTIONS!]

  • Daniël says:

    Hi Marlon, I'm Daniël, a 49 year old Dutch guy. After having been a (psychiatric) nurse, a personell and organization manager, a therapist and so on, I landed in a wheelchair, am diabled to work on a regular basis and am living from social security. Now that's no way of living for me! I fel too young to sit behind the geraniums and watching out of the window.I'm a way too active and intelligent person for that also. At the moment I want to built an internet business with the little money I get each month, to get me freedom on several levels of my life, and to pay for an operation on my spine, that is only performed in Germany and won't be paid for by my health insurance. Succeeding in reaching these goals will mean health, independence and freedom for me. That's why I would like to win a copy of your New Info Product Dashboard. I want my life back! With friendly greetings,

    Daniël The Hague The Netherlands

    [Hey Daniel, I wish you success in your challenge.  Life has dealth you a difficult situation.  But if you do have products earning for you, it sure helps.]

  • Harlan W says:

    I don't deserve to win, but I would like an opportunity to start an online business to give me a different way to make money. I have an offline business, and this would be a great way to start online. I appreciate your giving me this opportunity.

    [Hey Harlan, thanks for your comment.  And YES, the beauty of selling info products online is it gets you out of the dollars for time trap.  And the beauty of the Dashboards are they are only what you need to know to get the job done in bite-sized, manageable chunks.]

  • Lars Hanning says:

    I never win anything (sigh) why I think I am a great candidate for this prize. I wasn't first either but I still hope to get among the first in the draw. I could try to bribe Marlon but somehow I don't think that would work ๐Ÿ˜‰ Keeping my fingers crossed!

    [Hey Lars, you're funny!  Don't know if you'll win but you were quick on the draw!]

  • Tian Yan says:

    Marlon, I should win a copy of Info Product Dashboard because I am the first person to take quick action in getting a copy! But seriously, because the business model that I am using is exactly similar with that of an information product publishing model, having the software will bring the ideas quickly. This speed to market will be a competitive advantage, but more importantly, if not for this software, I would have needed more people and overhead on my team and every second that goes by, I'm ripping someone off for not sharing the information. It would give me and all my partners an easy way to express our knowledge quickly and the fastest way for our clients to take quick action to put it into practice and reaps its value.

    Thanks Marlon. Have An Optimal Day. – Tian Yan

    [Hey Tian, you are a go-getter and fast on the draw no doubt!  Just so you know, the Dashboards I do aren't software. They are an unusual breed of product that gives you 6 days of actions each week for 6 weeks to get an end result.  Each day normally takes 20-30 minutes.  So you eat an elephant one bite at a time.]

  • Med Welch says:

    I subscribed to coaching from Bright Builders and I'm out of sessions and I still need a lot of help. Oh, yes I'm also out of money. Thanks, Med Welch

  • Marlon I would use this product like a crazy man and would tell the whole world why it is so good.

    Thanks, Alan

    [Alan, you MUST be a marketer. You're thinking benefits!  I love that.]

  • Jessica K says:

    I think I should win because I (maybe – nothing is showing up as posted yet) am the first to respond. I don't have a long sob story to publish. I just think it would be incredible to win a chance at freedom from the grind. Who wouldn't want to quit the rat race to enjoy life like we should? I have lots of ideas – not sure where to take them. As my father always called me – "a jack of all trades, a master of none." I would love to become a success and prove his little description of me is incorrect.

    [Jessica, you're awesome!  Great post.  Yep, trading products for dollars sure as heck BEATS trading time for dollars.]

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