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  • Tom Justin says:

    The glaring difference is in the cadence of his vocal. One is slow and full of "ah's" and "um's" – the other is more dynamic and crisp.

    also in the second one, he brings "you" into the picture, about your ebbook, etc.

    For my Marlon Sanders Video, please visit:

    Tom Justin

  • Sam Carrara says:

    Go thru your house and find all the books, courses, CDs, DVDs, anything you haven't used within a year and list it all on eBay.

    You get two things:

    1. A cleaner, less cluttered house. This also helps to reduce anxiety and allows for the creative juices to start flowing.

    2. Gives you some cash to pay bills or invest in your next product launch (marketing, creation, etc.).

    Hope that helps,


  • W Humph says:

    Right now I'm working with Product Dashboard. Goal is to have a product and set all information in place where in six weeks I have done all Marlon Sanders said to do in his program. Not to jump from program to program.

    Six week program to 7 days sounds good. But takes my fous off goal. If six weeks program does not work no since in getting involoved in any other program by MS, Prove the first product. Don't ask me to fly to the Underground till you make me some money to fly to the Underground.


  • Hi Marlon,

    I generally enjoy reading your articles because you often present information from an interesting angle – this article included. However, I'd like to point out a couple of inaccuracies.

    The rainbow’s spectrum of colours consists of – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Many texts make reference to indigo but this colour isn't there, it was added in the 17th century by Sir Issac Newton to make the rainbow's six colours a more mystical seven.

    Also, while there are seven traditional charkas, many minor chakras also exist, e.g. in the feet, shoulders, hands and fingertips.

    Plus, there is also a chakra that lies outside the physical body at the periphery of the auric field – the eighth chakra.

    The eighth chakra connects most immediately with the seventh chakra of insight and facilitates the symbolic interpretation of life.

    I too, once thought that there were only seven chakras and it was a relief to discover the eighth chakra because I wrote a unique 8-part relationship management course that was literally infused with colour. It offers an introduction to colour therapy.

    The program follows the acronym FAITHFUL – hence the eight parts and is an exploratory journey inwards and outwards moving an individual from FEAR and into LOVE.

    So a brief outline of the elements of the course is:

    FEAR – RED








    Perhaps, more information than you need to know but I hope this has been helpful.

    Nickolove Lovemore

  • Brad says:

    Mr. Marlow my biggest set back even after buying your dashboard is how do i get traffic. I have very little people I know and they have never signup to my site and I dont want to be hit by spam.I tried google adwords and that is a loss. you have a large list of emailers opt in.I have none.I understand affiliate program knock out sales letter but who can i send it to.Im sure others have the same problem thanks

    Brad Waters

    [Brad, I have multiple dashboards.  Traffic is covered in, although it is only about getting traffic via an affiliate program. is about creating info products. is for designing web sites.  Marlon]

  • MattG says:

    here's a simple way to make some extra cash in just 7 days: –

    Do a bit of keyword research to find a suitable "non-high competition" niche.

    Use the best 25 keyphrases to write 25 artilces for the niche, 5 per day is not too difficult to achieve.

    Then sell those article as a "private label" package on The Warriors Forum.

    Ensuring you also grab the buyers emails, so you can offer them more "PLR" article packs in the future.

    An easy way to "add value" would be to also reasearch and add a list or recommended affiliate programs to go with the articles..

  • Sparky says:


    I have a hard product "Survival Safety Wrap'er (TM)" that should be in every car glove box on this planet ($15). Sign me up for a test on how to sell this on the internet?

    Sparky Lisle sends.

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