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Post Your Comments On My July 19 Article






So you know now you were a promoter and marketer the day you were born.  And being and entrepreneur is about being a creator of value.  Do you agree, disagree or not care?  Do you resonate with this or see it as being irrelevant to you making a buck online?

  • Perl says:

    I honestly am doing this to have the chance to win the DASHBOARD.

    I have bought almost everything out there

    but still not able to market anything. I have no product. But reading through your email, and how you sold so many of this dashboard, I thought…that could be my product, if you allow me, and I get some guidance in the marketing of it.

    Maybe this is the chance I have been looking for.


    Perl ocampo

    a real "newbee"

  • Lois Lawrie says:

    I was trying to respond after viewing your video for the contest on July 29 and was distracted onto this page. I am absorbing all the problems that most people are trying to deal with about Internet Marketing but I have not yet been able to make a start because I have not yet found anything that I am able to use with a screen reading program. This means using only the keyboard because I am not able to use a mouse being blind. I currently am the main person running a Charity that has created textures to represent colours through a unique printing process.

    It has recently become a new passion of mine to work on making the Internet fully accessible to people with disabilities. I am hoping that as I write this post it will not be blocked by a code that I will have to copy and is not readable by me and my software is not able to pick up.

    I have been inspired by reading this blog and I am continually looking for accessible programs and software. Most people forget that before Windows 1995 all computers were run through the keyboard and so were therefore far more accessible than they are today.

    My target market is all people that run a web site but everyday I am being held back by things that are still not accessible after a decade of campaigning by

    As people are aging and people with visual impairment are on the increase I like to present the business case as to why companies and internet marketers would benefit by making their information, forms and blogs fully accessible by everyone.

  • I liked the content and the graphics. I showed it to my partner who is an successful artist and colour expert her coments were that that the background colours are too dark and will attract men more than women.Thats all. Doug.

    [Hey Doug. Yep, that's true. I think she's probably right. Appreciate your comments Doug.]

  • "Man is what he believes"

    Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)

    Russian Novelist and Dramatist


    We are all, basically, given the same life's toolbox at birth. It is what we do with the tools that makes the difference.

    Thank you, Marlon, for sharing your philosophy and making it available for all to see.

    In one of my online businesses, 'The Winning Journey', my partner is Dr. Walter Doyle Staples, author of "Think Like A Winner".

    In that book, Walter presents the 'Expectation Theory' … one that is so true and relevant:


    you change your beliefs;

    When you change your beliefs,

    you change your expectations;

    When you change your expectations,

    you change your attitude;

    When you change your attitude,

    you change your behavior;

    When you change your behavior,

    you change your performance;

    When you change your performance,


    Personally I do very little outsourcing, as I have this desire to control my own destiny through my own actions, or inaction. But there are limits to one's knowledge and education, especially when it comes to technology and programming. Business partnerships and relationships are a form of outsourcing, and some of these "relationships" occur when you seek the knowledge you do not have to complete a task.

    Last month I celebrated my 60th birthday. One card I received stated, "How is anyone going to know that you're 60 unless you act 60" … I don't feel it, so I don't act it. I have always been a promoter, a marketer, and a leader. I was born that way and recognized it as I traveled through life until present day, and will continue to do so.

    "Change your thoughts and you change your world"

    Norman Vincent Peale

    “Whatever understanding you have of yourself,

    this is what you become.

    You can become anything you want

    because the world exists through the power of beliefs.

    There is nothing fixed or limiting about a human being.

    All the power of the universe is inside you.

    Simply put, you are who you think you are,

    and this you have the power to change

    at any moment.”

    Dr. Walter Doyle Staples

    From his Book, 'In Search of Your True Self'

    Thank you for the renewed inspiration, Marlon, we need to be reminded of this daily.

    [Comment from Marlon: Hi James, Wow, what a great post. And congrats and successfully making it to 60! Keep on promoting….]

  • Silveen says:

    I got an email with the NewDay 6. "The Day you Discovered your True 'Born Identity'.

    This is the nicest link I've gotten in my inbox in a long time. I really appreciate your ideas.

    [Hi Silveen, thanks for the kind words. Share it with a friend or two. Pass the word.]

  • Robert Woodring says:

    Marlon those things about when we were young points out what can happen when you get clear and focused about something.

    I also think that giving and recieving value is a spiritual exchange.

    I'm on disability and have more time than money. I put up a blog but couldn't install any plugins or change the look.So I took it down. I bought a themed website and then couldn't figure out how to change the code.

    I've had 4 heart attacks and needed a new diet. Not finding what I wanted I created my own,"have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too" diet.

    Wanting to put it online I bought a low-end ebook writer software that after I had about 40 pages done locked up with no access available to it.

    So now I've opened a separate checking account to put a little money to pay for a better solution.

    In the meantime I've just opened an account at facebook where I plan to network and put up a page on my health journey.

    I could I guess become an affilate but I'd much rather learn the marketing process first. And, I really didn't want to get side-tracked.

    So I guess you might say I'm confused.But I don't ever plan on quiting, I may have to regroup and start again.


    [Comment from Marlon: Robert, affiliate marketing teaches you list building skills. Those are good. Ebay would also be something to consider. You learn some things, get some cash flow and can build up from there.]

  • George says:


    I look forward to reading your Marketing Minutes every week. Unbelievable content and inspiration!

    I usually don't get to them until Monday morning, but it helps get me in the proper mindset for the week's work.

    [Comment from Marlon: George, thanks for saying that. It's always nice to know people are listening and being helped.]

  • jorke van eerten says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Liked your article…it's refreshing to find some fundamental thinking here.

    And to remember what it basically is all about: not money in the first place, but right :creativity!

    And get inspired and started by that.

    best wishes , Jorke

    [Comment from Marlon: Jorke, thanks so much for your comments here. Yes, it is fundamental. And I think that's where it all starts. It's all about creation. There's a lot of joy in creating something. Even if it's a smaller "effect" than someone else creates. It's art. meaningfulness, joy AND money. To me, they are all the same.]

  • Gail Trahd says:

    Hi Marlon –

    I like the Value = [Benefits – Cost] X Convenience.

    It's a great equation to remember when developing products and writing sales letters. Benefits are wonderful but convenience can sometimes be the factor that beats out your competitor.



    [Hey Gail. Yep. I got it from a book on Innovation. The name escapes me at the moment. I didn't invent it but it is a great formula. Glad you're reading and commenting here. And folks, if u want health plr stuff, go check out Gail's blog]

  • Robert says:

    Hi Marlon, Your article is dynamite! You are really inspiring and you are Right On! Thank you for all your time and trouble, I really appreciate it. Robert

    [Robert, I appreciate the kind comments. You know, it really is the truth. That's the thing. It's not some marketing hype or pitch. It's just the truth. From the day we're born, we're competing for the attention of our parents, our teachers, that girl or guy we like. And from day 1, we're learning how to market, how to get attention. So now, Robert, the only thing left is to find that uniqueness you have and CREATE what others want and will value. If you create what is wanted and valued then the selling part gets easier. Good luck to you Robert and thank you for posting here.]

  • Daniel Haran says:

    I can't agree with your born identity more! When starting a business especially on line when one doesn't have loads of dough, we need to learn the basics, which can take time.

    Many times I believe you can have a great web site or blog, but if you can't write a convincing sales letter you won't go far.

    [Daniel, you are right. Creating value is one thing. But you do have to learn to market and sell it. Value in a vacuum won't give the exchange you deserve. You have to market your product. Anyway, if any of you are interested in gardening, go check out the blog:

  • You hit the nail on the head two ways –

    1. We all sell from day one

    2. You need an advantage of some type. You can be helpful and create your advantage. Too many people think they are mutually exclusive but if you don't have an advantage in either your service or marketing (preferrably both) you go very hungry.

    [Marlon's comment: Mike, yeah, it's this weird thing. I believe in creating and in your uniqueness. I also believe that like it or not, we compete for people's time, attention and money. Maybe not with another direct competitor. But if nothing else with TV, cars, fancy computers, electronics. So it's up to us to find our advantage and uniqueness and communicate that the best we can.

    So everyone, Mike and I are on the same page. Check out his site at:]

  • I was on the debate team in high school – what's more persuasive than that? It IS part of my BORN IDENTITY!! What an exciting discovery! Thanks for the reminder Marlon!

    To Sandra – I have a free website/ecourse on keeping your computer running optimally. No hard sells – I only really monetize it with Adsense. It may help you! It's at:

    [marlon's comment: I'm sure a LOT of people need those computer tips….If you read the other comments, you'll HEAR that they also have problems with Vista!

    Sandra…I have good news for you today. The OTHER skill from debate is research. If you've done debate, you KNOW how to research and compile information that you can turn into a salable product.]

  • Matt Geib says:


    You inspire me man!!

    Just as you say we are creators! We were born in the IMAGE of the Infinite Intelligence (To me He Is GOD) Who CREATED this very Universe & all that we see & have in it…Therefore since I am in his IMAGE I can do likewise. All I need to do is give myself permission, step up to the palte & as nike said.."Just DO IT!!"



    [Comment from Marlon: Matt, the act of creation or creating is a spiritual act. People just don't realize it. Making money is as spiritual as going to Church because you are serving your fellow man.

    This isn't about numbers. It's about you finding your unique value and having the skill and talent to market it to those who would appreciate that value. There is skill and art in that process. But we are all born with the ability to market. But in growing up, to a degree we forget who and we are. Creators.]

  • Allison Sheffield says:

    I loved your phrase about all of the emphasis on money not soul, Marlon! It seems all to be about money, that we all need, but it is so nice to think about what you are, not just the measure of a person by their bank account. Keep it going Marlon.

    [Marlon's comments: Allison, the ironic thing is, I'm ALL for making money. But it's come down to who can make the biggest numbers in the shortest amount of time with the least work. And NO consideration of value given, soul, meaningfulness or anything else.]

  • You Born Identity – yep, Marlon, what you said there should have struck home with people who where listening.

    We are all born marketers – it's a natural instinct.

    Marlon, you always deliver so much content via email for free – please keep doing it.

    Your 'push button sales letters' was the first ever real info maketing product I bought online and it was responsible for taking my conversions from almost zero to aound 15% within minutes of applying what your product delivered.

    Ever since then I have followed you closley because you ALWAYS deliver – period.

    And I wish I could personally thank you for that Marlon and shake your hand.

    Michael Sherriff

    [Comment from Marlon: Michael, thanks. And everyone, go check out michael's blog:

  • Dale Calvert says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I caught your comment on Twitter.

    Thanks for being a "deep thinker" !

    I agree 100%

    Ultimately and entrepreneur's income is in direct proportion to the value they provide to the marketplace.

    Have a great weekend.

    Dale Calvert

    [Marlon's comment: For those of you who don't know, Dale is and has been a leader in mlm for many years. He is a creator and a thought leader. If you're in mlm, do yourself a favor and check out: And if u ever get a chance, hear Dale speak.]

  • John Clark says:


    I agree totally. And thank you for your comment. People should go check out:


    Hey Marlon,

    Marketing your products and services are basically the only way to get what you desire.

    Even when you go to a job interview you need to market yourself to the interviewer on your ability to get the job.

    When you are courting your future wife or husband you need to market yourself.

    When you are trying to communicate to your son or daughter, you need to market yourself.

    Creating value for others profitably, you will be able to get what ever your heart desire. The more people you help the greater riches you are entitled too.

    Keep up the great work, Marlon!

    Here's to Your LifetoSuccess,

    John Clark

  • I liked the article a lot. It spoke to the creative urge in me but it also left me a bit frustrated. To simplify things is fine and appreciated. To simply leave it at that is less than fulfilling, IMHO.

    On one hand it's 'don't try to do it all' and on the other hand, you appear to be advocating doing it all. Huh? I have so many bits and pieces of internet related knowledge but it still adds up to nothing much. Attempts to obtain the missing pieces is, in some instances, just about impossible.

    We are told to configure our computers and so on to prevent problems but nowhere does anyone explain what all those cryptic 'options' we face when we attempt to do so mean. How can any intelligent person know which to choose 'permit, disallow, ask' when they don't even know what the question refers to?

    Needed: a booklet that explains all those cryptic pieces that microsoft and programs love to throw at us. I'm tired of guessing and fumbling in the dark.

    Anyway, your article was a great thought starter for me. Thanks!


    [Marlon's Comment: Sandi, for beginners, I think Macs are a better choice. The spyware and anti virus on a pc ARE confusing. You don't need that junk so much on a Mac. And you don't get the confusing messages. However, I still like the file manager on Windows XP better.

    But if you post the specific message or messages that confuse you, I'll try to clarify. Are you on Vista?


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