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  • dragan says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I have read your 'lookout for high quality banner impressions' in your last ezine.

    Here is a website which offers highly targetd banner impressions for a low monthly flat fee: has their own 'Ad-Selve-Serve-Service' named is a Health & Fitness oriented social bookmaring service.

    To advertise on this site can be relevant for marketers who sell health and fitness related products and services.

    Their traffic has increased in the last three weeks. It looks like they started a big marketing campaign.

    Check it out on:

  • Trapper says:


    I GET IT! Oh boy do I get it! The evergreen system is already helping me bring traffic with a brand new blog! BTW, it is ONLY 7 days old! 🙂

    This night time cash plan helped me with a new idea for a workbook for another idea I have.

    Plus you have given me places to submit my articles to, advertising sites, etc.. man oh man you deliver!

    I am trying to get it all done, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, and now I REALLY, REALLY believe I am on the right track!

    Thank you!

    PS…the other cool thing is that all your other dashboard products compliment the others, just great!

    [Trapper, right now I have Tim doing customer service and Danny and Sean working part time. Santos decided to go on his own path and Jared went back to school. I'm understaffed though. So yes, it does take time. But if you cut out all the dead end paths, it makes things at least go that much faster.]

  • How many people do you have working for you Marlon?

    I want some of this online cash, but can't seem to get a penny of it, because I either am so slow or just plain ol dumb.

    I sent a longer email to your help desk yesterday, and I am still waiting for the response to it, I basically said what I wanted to sell and maybe too much information. Anyway Please help me Marlon.

    [Kevin, Tim works full time answering support tickets and I can guarantee you that if you didn't get a response, he didn't get your support ticket. When you say you sent an email, never do that with anyone's support. You POST to the support desk. You do NOT email. Email gets buried. Tim says he has spoken to you about these issues. I leave you in his capable hands.]

  • Marlon,

    I must be totally sideways, because I have a good product, but I don't have a site to sell the product on.

    I have your dashboard design, but must need some more help with getting it up and running, because I cant get past making the header.

    I appreciate your help in any direction that youn can send me. Thanks Marlon.

    [Kevin, Tim just checked and he doesn't see a purchase for Design Dashboard. So I'm not sure what the issue is here. But he has located you and will communicate with you.]

  • TheNightOwl says:

    Heya Marlon!

    Seems that inspiration struck after our last long-winded back'n'forth re: Google's silliness, eh? ;-P

    That article was a DEAD SET RIPPER!

    (Translation: It was fantastic!)

    Man, I'd love to post a link to it over at the Warrior Forum on a couple of threads where I was (further**groan**) whining on about AdWords…

    … but there ain't no blog post or a link! I guess I'll just have to republish it on my site, insert my affiliate links, and send folks there, eh? ;-P

    I'm more than happy to post a direct link to YOUR site, but I guess you have your reasons for not wanting to publish that article.

    Actually, I just had a cracker of an idea! I'll get back to you!

    Thanks again.


    P.S. (Hopefully) Without sounding too sycophantic, you're right about your always sending out useful advice to your subscribers week after week and not just hitting us with video promo after video promo when you're pimping something.

    Do you pimp stuff? Sure. No problem with that, obviously.

    But you are right about "being there with quality content week after week" for your subscribers.


    Hint/Tip/Advice/Comment on this point, however…

    … I feel that you mention it perhaps a little too frequently in your correspondence and that it may start to come across to some people as sour grapes (maybe it is???) or whiny, ya know.

    I share the same frustration with a site I have in my main arena of professional expertise: I write articles and provide good content and no one comments or offers feedback or says thanks or anything… it's weird! I know when I do that kind of stuff in person with folks they LOVE me for it. But put it online and they just silently swing in and swing out again without a whisper.

    And on another site I'm building up, I offered a copy of the finished ebook I was researching in return for the answers to some preliminary questions on a survey AND some comments once they had read it (and where I would use the negative comments to make it better and the favourable ones as testimonials).

    So far I've got nothing usable. Not even negative stuff. A small handful of comments (all saying "Wow! Thank you! Very generous!" etcetera through an anonymous feedback form I put on my site (to give people the anonymous option in the event of negative comments)…

    …but mostly nothing.

    I sent a few follow-up emails to the list (one a month over the course of three months) and got a comment in my Aweber "This person unsubscribed and decided to leave a comment" box following the last one I sent (I've shut that list down; it's clearly dead). It read:

    "Tired of requests"

    And I got a spam complaint too.

    Okay, didn't cry about it, but what the HELL is going on there?

    People, huh.

    So I feel your frustration. Really I do. I'm just letting you know how your "Support the person who feeds you" and such comments might be coming across.

    Perhaps that's how I came across in my own requests for feedback that I mentioned just now. Who knows? It's hard to step outside of your own head sometimes and listen to how your message sounds (even discounting morons).

    Just a thought.

    [Hi, I don't really want to create a big issue around Adwords. Google has all seeing eyes. I did want to publish that one article about it. It is crazy in that I'm ranked top 10 on the organic side but can't PAY for what I get for free. On the whining thing, whatever people think is what they think. I'm not here to worry about their opinions for the most part. If anything, I'll put it in all caps next time…]

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