Post your comments on today’s ezine article

Post your comments on today’s ezine article

My article today is:

Two $100,000 A Month Models Compared — PLUS The Shocking Truth About Banner Ads, Your Email, Privacy, And Yes, We Even Have Traffic Secrets…

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1.  Did you know this stuff about PRIVACY?

2.  Did you get ANY insights into traffic generation or conversion?  Maybe what you've been missing on or an insight of what you NEED to do?

Here's the link to Hide My IP:

Also, Google knows WHAT people BUY (Google Checkout) and WHERE they GO (what they search for on Google Maps).  Did you know you can buy banner ads that FOLLOW people to the web sites they go to?  Yeah, literally, your banners follow them ACROSS major brand name web sites.

But the cost of entry is $10,000 or something like that. Not a cheap buy.

Now, the NEWEST phones TRACK your every movement with GPS and it's stored in a permanent record. I'm NOT making this up. The article just came out today:

Please post.

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