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Post Your Feedback On The ORIS Small Groups Here

If you're signing up for the ORIS Groups Or NOT we want you to post your comments here.

Let us know what you do like, what you don't like, or anything else that will give us some insight to your thoughts.

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

  • Dan Quizal says:

    I live in Panama , so I do not have access to the internet for days, weeks sometimes, at a time. So any regular group meeting is no good for me, but one time works. In fact I cannot even get the internet at my house…have go "go to town" to hook to friends wifi (if and when they have service).

    Sorry 'about the group

    [Hi Brother Dan. Glad to have you from Panama even if you go without Internet access. That's tough not having Internet like that. Good luck Dan. Sounds like you better start a local service business.]

  • Sandy Sommer says:

    I am afraid there is a lot of confusion at this point.

    [Sandy, I will send out better instructions in the morning Sandy. I should have given everyone an official start date.]

  • support says:

    [Denny, that is Ning. Each person has their own sign up page.]

  • Denny says:

    Hi Marlin,

    Thought I better let you know the "Sign up Now" button goes to the blog, NOT the sign-up page.


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