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Post Your Comments And Win $300?




Tell me HOW the Promo Dashboard would help YOU in your marketing, business and life in 300 words or less.  My team, Santos, Danny, Sean, Jared and Tim, and I will select the best post based on originality, sincerity and inspiration to others (how they relate.

There is a SECOND prize for the best video submission.  Create a YouTube video 5 minutes or less and post it to the blog.  The winner will receive $200 credit toward buying any of my products on, other than the Promo Dasboard.  No purchase required. See more rules at the end of this post.

You're either a CONSUMER, a PRODUCER or a PROMOTER.  Consuming “how to sell on the Internet” products without producing and promoting will get you nowhere.  Producing a product but not PROMOTING will get you nowhere.  

1.  WHAT would making the shift from a consumer or only a producer to an active PROMOTER do for your life?

2.  What has STOPPED you from making the transition from consumer only or producer mostly to a producer AND a PROMOTER?

3.  What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

4.  What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

Post your comments on the How to Promote In 3 Easy Steps Video and get a chance to win $300.

Watch the video at: 

* Do you WANT your videos to have a PIMP background like that?  How about that opening cube?  

* How do you feel about knowing how to DO, using AND pimping out your PDF's, screen videos, live video, streaming video, flash audio PLAYERS (that are totally trick)?  

* Do you wanna be BORING like everyone else?  

* Do you want YOUR flash audio players on your web site to look like everyone else's? Do you want YOUR Camtasia or CamStudio Power Point backgrounds to look like everyone else's?  

* Or do you want YOURS to look both unique and cool?   Does the difference between what is SAID and what is DONE bother you?  

* Does it disturb you that people make their money throwing out shock and awe promotions at you but then never show you HOW to do those things yourself?

* Do you feel other marketers are doing TRICK things in their PDF's, videos, web sites, graphics and emails but then NOT telling YOU how to do those things for yourself?  

* Are they holding back “the good stuff” for themselves?  Are they lording over you how big their list is, their car, their house…how PIMP their videos and PDF's and promos are.  But then, NOT telling you HOW to do the stuff THEY do…but just giving you the same ol' drivel?  

* Is what is SAID and DONE the same?  Or are you seeing ONE thing DONE and another SAID and taught?  Yeah, they got full color this, hot that, pimp this. Pimp that. But what you YOU?  

* Are you YOU being showed how to DO those things for yourself?  Or are the secrets being hoarded?  

* Are they being kept between a very small circle of friends who keep lording it over you again and again and again through ruthless waves of product launch emails to POUND you finally into submission and handing over your money?  Only to remain as in the dark as you were BEFORE? Is that happening to you?

*  Are YOU being shown how to have your OWN pimp videos, pimp PDF's, pimp web sites, pimp email promos?  Is it about THEM?  Or is it about YOU?  Are YOU being empowered to be a PRODUCER and SELLER of products and services?  

* Are you being made more and more DEPENDENT on others? Does it bother you that you pay thousands of dollars and STLL don't know how to create cool graphics in a PDF? (it's much simpler than you would think…you do NOT need to hire a graphic designer to do it).  

* Does it bother you that fancy videos are used to SELL you. But even AFTER you fork over your money, you're still never SHOWED how YOU can use the SAME methods that marketer used?   Is that fair?

I'll tell you what I think. I think one set of techniques is used ON you to get you to buy. And an entirely, much lamer set of techniques, methods and skills is taught to you.  I think product launches keep getting crammed down your throat one after the other in rapid succession with too much cramming and not enough “showing” and revealing after the fact. That what's being done TO you ain't bein' taught.  That you aren't being empowered.  But that's what I think. What do YOU think?  

Rules are subject to change.  They include void where prohibited.  Deadline for entries:  Tuesday, August 5, 11:30 CST.  Winners will be posted on Wed. August 6 on the blog. If any other important exceptions or stipulations occur to me, I'll post them.  Void for friends, family or employees of Higher Response Marketing Inc.  NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO WIN.  Odds of winning depend on the number of entries but are likely to be under 1,000 total.  You can view the current number of entries on the blog.   

  • Jackie Jones says:

    Who can do it all?

    Create content, produce products, write compelling copy, special reports, audio, video and get it into the hands of active buyers.

    Marlon Sanders can! He is the Ron Popeil of Internet Marketing his PromoDashboard is the automatic marketing tool I need to propel my online business to web dominance.

    I think it's great that you are willing to empower us to become effective online marketers and are opening up your knowledge vault to share your expertise to teach us how to fish (market).

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Heidi says:

    Hi Marlon,

    a loong(it seems…) time ago I worked with the designdashboard to create a webpage- in the end I had a problem with the upload to my server…Howerver: the way you explaned things was great so even I could do whatever was to be done. Now I am at the point to start my copywritingbussiness and I know, the Promodashboard could help me with setting up whatever I need to be different to most of my competition here. For me the tecnical site of this is still a horror- but with what I experienced with the designdashboard I could face the chalenge.

    So what the dashbourd could do for me: Help me promote my new business.

    Greetings from good old Germany


  • Reatha Carey says:

    July 31, 2008


    Over 25 years ago, I went to school to be an LPN (License Practical Nurse). I studied hard, my average grade was B+, but when it came to take the BIG test to pass in order to gain my license and be a “Real Nurse” I had to pass 351 points out of 700 points. Easy huh?, I passed by one point (352 points). That’s not to say I wouldn’t be a good nurse. Many nurses made excellent grades and their score was in the high 600 points, but when they actually got out on the floor and practice patient care with their knowledge, it was pathetic. They were book smart but not people smart. Well, I learned more by doing the hands on method than reading all the material and passing the tests. I was in the nursing field for over 17 years. I am now trying to learn this Internet Marketing for over a year. I have been reading, listening, viewing videos. I have over 20GB of PLRs, MRRs, software, and products, but they are just collecting dust. Now what am I supposed to do with these products? I am not exactly sure what to do with them. Through emails, search engines, and listening to all the gurus, I am learning slowly and with much ambition, but I am so overwhelmed with everything from “how to build a web page, how to do squeeze pages, how to do ‘opt-ins’ and grow your lists. I even tried to do the JV Giveaways to build my list, but I let my list grow to 16 but wasn’t sure how to do the ‘follow ups’ and build a relationship with my list of subscribers. I literally laid the money on the table and let it go to waste. So as you can see, I am overwhelmed, but my inner voice is telling me, “You can do this, Reatha, you can do this.” That is where the “Promo Dashboard” will be helpful for me. It will walk me through step by step, stay focus and see the positive results. Even through trial and error, I will get more out of this Dashboard than watching all the videos, eBooks, PDFs, and etc. I just need to have that “hands on” technique to get started. After learning and applying, then all I can say is “Watch out Reatha is on fire!” I have a web page, but not yet built, I am still learning to do that too. Thank you.

    Reatha Carey,

    Oklahoma City, OK

    [Hi Reatha, first off, watch this video:
    What you do is target your audience, then come up with a freebie that'll get 'em to opt in to your list. Then you send emails asking them to buy something…either your product or an affiliate program. Reatha, keep the big picture in mind…You get a list of people then send emails asking them to buy. You know how YOU get emails asking you to buy? Sending you to podcasts or videos or sales letters asking you to buy? THAT is what you do and how you do it.]

  • J. Nayer Hardin says:

    Talk about when the student is ready the teacher appears. Thanks for the dashboard.

    Before it's even out, I see how to organize the basic of my blogs, webeos (web videos), sites, groups and affiliate links.

    Oh the possibilities.

    [Hi, don't know if you saw the little intro video we did. It's linked to on the blog. Also, we sent out a podcast today that is both a demonstration of one of the things you'll learn and also contains content.]

  • Marlon,

    Thanks for the feed back. I recognize the need to multiformat ones material as you mentioned with Matt Bacaks' material. Once The staff shows up I'll be there.

    [So check out the podcast:

  • Marlon –

    Enjoyed reading your comments on the comments.

    Not only is it good manners to do that… it's a great "social networking" add-on. People buy from people they know… and your taking the time to write to me puts us a step closer together.

    Thanks for another useful idea I can try on for myself, too!


    [Hey Barbara, thanks again!]

  • Ray says:

    Dear Marlon and "Marlonites" all,

    I am thrilled to see the launch of PromoDashboard, because we newbies get every offer imaginable, from selfish, self-serving "Guru's". These same people pose beside foreign sport cars, outside regal antebellum homes, aboard shiny ocean going yachts and lolling on tropical, palm fringed isles.

    It makes me sick to realize that most, if not all of the "Guru's" keep 80% of their secrets secret and tease the target audience with freebies, courses, webinars and part of the system, all the while acting like they are dedicated to your success.

    I am always annoyed at the barrage of autoresponder emails that treat you like you are the only client, when as one "Guru" says – just make sure you hit "Send" to your list every day. They sell their b******t and other "guru's" c**p to those stupid enough to pull out their credit cards. Once you do that you are at their mercy!

    I am happy to see Marlon offering the way for the inexperienced to have all their Marketing needs under one roof on PromoDashboard. Do you know how hard it is for the uninitiated to organise emails accounts, web sites,squeeze pages, video, autoresponders, traffic trackers, PayPal merchant accounts and such – it's enough to discourage even the most enthusiatic Internet Marketer starting out.

    What some dispicable "Guru's" don't get, is that not sharing and tutoring correctly means they get a huge "Drop-out" rate, because their "students" get so overwhelmed they throw in the towel.

    Someone like Marlon gets it! He offers Evergreen for Listbuilding, Marlon Sanders newsletter and Courses to teach people correctly and now the most importantr aspect – what I call – "The Organiser", the "PromoDashboard". This brings together what we all need most, the means to get our ideas, learning, research, purchases and originality to Market effectively.

    I can't wait to use and promote the PromoDashboard and make some real money at last!

    Good luck all you future Marlon Sanders and just keep up the enthusiasm!

    [Hi Ray, I don't think we have many Marlonites but I hope we DO have people passionate about a wonderful topic — marketing. Thanks for your wonderful comments. If you didn't see the pizzacast, it should be in your email box shortly. Think you'll like it.]

  • Desmond says:

    Just to also add on those who have Vista. Vista has built in speech to text software. Just go to Start and help and type in text to speech…or something along those lines.


    [Desmond, I didn't know that. I'll bring that up in the Dashboard. A lot of people have some issues surrounding writing or computer use.]

  • I watched your movie and I already know all that. Your advertising dashboard sounds like something that could help me a great deal everything in one place instead of having to look in all the diffrent software to find what you need at the time. Plus I am disabled and cannot sit for along period of time so I can cut my time a little

    shorter with the advertising dashboard.thanks for telling me I appreciateit.Plus I can concentrate better also then having my mind in a million different places at once.

    [Comment from Marlon: Ellie there is a product called Dragon Naturally Speaking Mobile. It is speech to text and there is a mobile version you talk into. Read the reviews on it on the Net. It'd let you write by speaking while walking around. You should also focus on podcasts. And when you can, hire a part time virtual assistant. Learn to use and to hire help with the details.]

  • Roch Jimenez says:

    The following is my 300-word entry, I am

    using text msging so that I can get as

    many words in as possible:

    Luvd Promo vid, just wht Im lookng 4.

    Disabled frm heart surg. in 04,trned 52 on 7/26/08, hve 2 eBooks, 2 sites,

    shopping cart w G/D, wrking on Fr*ebees

    4 ea. site.

    Hve & don't understand fr*e Camstasia, 2

    much promo hype – nvr nuf real info or

    time to try evrythng.

    If Promo wrks as advertzed, it would help

    others & myself 2 trget R niches.

    I understand Fr*ebees, having trouble

    writing them.

    I luvd full arsenal attack and vid.

    I downloaded for reference and wll try 2

    refer back to vid, to jump start my


    On the other hand, being on disability,

    I am on a fixed income, so I can't

    purchase any of ur products if I wnted 2.

    The only thing I have to offer is a quick mind and a good soul.

    Which, unfortunately, doesn't getcha much

    in today's world.

    BUT, if YOU don't enter, YOU can't WIN!

    Peace be UR journey!


    [Comment from Marlon: I would suggest Dragon Naturally Speaking for you also if you're having troubles writing. Or make your freebie videos or audios. Camtasia is a great product. You draw your recording rectangle or area. You record. F9 records and pauses. F10 stops. Then when you're done, open your video in the editor and and your title frame and music on the intro and exit. Then "produce video as" and save as flash. The point is, it lets you take screen video of what you're doing on the computer (or of Power Point presentations) and save the synchronized audio and video as flash for easy streaming on the web.]

  • tom says:

    I'm looking for a system.

    Repeatable steps in a solid format.

    I'm tired of

    "trying to figure it the hell out".

    I love you man.

    [Hey Tom, I hear ya. Check out the pizza cast:}

  • Gene says:

    I'm not sure the video in the previous post worked so here it is again.

    BTW I REALLY like it.

  • Gene says:

    Marlon, I really like it. See my comments live here:

  • Katarona says:

    First of all Marlon, thanks for your good advice and for telling us the way it is. Second, I have 2 dashboards already and this one will be the most important one of all.I would like to see, in the Promo dashboard,something like a service in which you can see your competitors traffic.Where is it coming from, who is visiting, from where,what age,which website and many more.I would like to know more about my competition and how they get traffic.For example, if I go to that or similar service (alexa)and type my competitors URL in it I can get number of sites that provide traffic to that site and maybe I can buy advert little bit cheaper there or maybe I can get links from those sites. Analysis and tracking is the key.Most of us is blind and just trying to find something by chance. If I would know how to analyze and research well I think that I would be able to find and convert targeted audience for what ever product.In the Info-Product Dashboard and Marketing Dashboard we have received basic info about how to make something and set up selling process.Evergreen Traffic System is great but for blogging.Promo dash should go deeper and try to explain that process so we can understand how marketing works.


    [Response from Marlon: Hi Katarina, Quantcast is an excellent resource for research. There are a few others I recommend. Not necessarily rocket science. But a step most people skip. If you don't know the key blogs in your market, the main forums, who has the lists, who the influencers are, then you don't have a position to promote from. Once you know those things, you know who your jv's are or could be, the blogs and forums you can buy ads on, etc. I'm NOT saying Promo Dashboard will solve all problems or teach anyone everything they need to know about promotion. But I can very confidently say that if people go through it, they'll get to another level beyond that which they're at.

    As you know Katarina (and I'm preaching to the choir here, there are 3 main things — one is becoming a producer and not just a consumer. The next is to become a promoter and not just a producer. It's one thing to produce a quality product or service. It's quite another to promote it so it sells in volume. I'm trying to help people get the SKILLS of promotion and get in a production and promotion mindset.]

  • 1. I’m NOT looking for sob stories or how broke you are!

    Broke is a state of mind. I am wealthy beyond imagination with the love of my children and friends that support me and my endeavors. Having more money to spread that love around is why I’m getting into the infoproduct business.

    2. But WHAT would having great promotions DO for your life in a positive way?

    This answer is a gimmee, great promotions will bring more of the target market to my site where they will gladly spend their money on what I have to offer. But the glaringly obvious is not the only thing I see happening. With the ability to promote effectively, and efficiently, I will have more time to upgrade my products and services in one way, shape, or form. This will secure in my clients minds the elevated value to cost relationship, and develop a happy stable of repeat customers and wonderful testimonials.

    Oh, I almost forgot, my standard of living will become seriously upgraded, allowing me to see to the needs of my loved ones at a higher level.

    3. What has STOPPED you from PROMOTING products and how could this HELP you!

    The primary reason for my failure to promote properly is multifold. There are so many ways to promote the site that I find myself buried in technical work that I have to learn first before implementing. I’m sure you know what I mean, squeeze pages, autoresponders, banner adds, press releases, give away’s, webinars, yada, yada, yada. Most all of the IM Gurus have been telling us that we need to have at least five, six, seven, the more the merrier, of them going all at the same time. They all take time for the solo act to follow through with and become a job in and of themselves. Oh the kids also need my attention.

    On another note finding the target market ( My infoproduct can sell to multiple markets) is somewhat elusive. Regardless of what the thought process is when deciding on the target market, getting into their mindset is not always that easy. For example; a man marketing products and services to women.

    How this could Help: Easing the learning curve on the technical aspects of promoting, and better resources for target market acquisition.

    4. What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

    Several things are missing. The readers digest version is that: the products I have purchased will tell me what to do, but not really adequately show how to do it, or will provide a limited demonstration that is quickly surpassed by my needs. Again the need to spend time and resources learning what to do.

    5. What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

    I’ve already got my info product created. I only need more time to flesh it out.

    [Daniel, very nice focused writing. I can tell you have it to make it. Hang in there. On the traffic thing, I've always felt you could only do 1 or 2 methods well unless you have employees. But Promo Dashboard is about squeeze pages and what happens in the emails and conversion stuff using audio, video, blogs, etc. Thanks for posting Daniel. Nice writing. I realize Kennedy says that about having multiple lead gen sources. And he could be right. But we also have only so many hours in the day. Now, a model I DO like is what Matt Bacak does. He writes his article then has freelancers turn it into a podcast, a press release, a blog post, a ppt video. The video gets uploaded to video sites, the podcast goes to podcast directories. All Matt does is write the article and he may have a writer help with that. I plan to implement that. I think it's efficient and smart. But that is NOT what Promo Dashboard is about. Thought I'd bring it up though since you are far enough along to grasp what I'm referring to.]

  • Richard Rose says:

    Ok, This will be the most sincere you will get. I never win anything and I need the $300.00, So I should win. I have used many of Marlons products and dashboards and think there all good stuff. Matlon is down to earth in his demeanor and training. You have to learn from someone who has done it. You can't learn to make money from someone who is broke. The Camtasia video presentation was great. I do believe that the promodashboard for the beggining marketer will walk them step by step through the process without stumbling and will not miss any ideas or methods that will help. The whole concept of keeping it simple (stupid) applies here and that is what I have been hearing from marlon for months as well as years. Great product all should try it.

    [Hey Richard. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for posting. Ummmm, the best words of advice i can give you are to keep producing and promoting, producing and promoting. Keep listening to your customers. Innovate in both products and promos. I think you have to innovate more on the promotional end than you used to. Thus the promo dashboard.]

  • Derek says:

    To answer your question:

    [Derek, you have 100 people on your list. How many visitors have you had? A 10% opt-in rate would be OK. 15%-18% good! And 18% to 30% great. If you're above 30%, you're either a marketing stud or you're in a very passionate target market. I've seen the squeeze pages claiming 50%+ opt-in rates. But I doubt it's from the TYPE of traffic you've been sending to your page.]

    total hits to my squeeze page: 1,777

    total opt-ins: 407

    total confirmed opt-ins: 185

    after unsubscribes I have 116 on my list.

    total people who clicked purchase after knowing the price: 122

    total sales: 3 at $9.97 each

    So you're saying the promo dashboard will help with this?

    Am I sending the wrong type of traffic to my page? What would be the right kind?

    Again thank you,

    Derek J. Soto

  • art says:

    This says it all…

    [Art, so far you are the ONLY video entry! Now see, THAT is the kind of target market I like. Where you WIN the $200 credit cause you were the one and only! We'll see if that holds. But very nice job here. Gotta love Jing.]

  • Damon Nelson says:


    Thanks for the video showing the promo dashboard and what is about to be launched. I have a great website that I spent alot of money to JV with Dan Kennedy. I love his products, but I think he has oversold his licensing rights. I am getting few visitors and even fewer sales.

    I just bought your sale letter generator and am very impressed with how it completely walks you through the process. I want to do a new rollout of my Kennedy website incorporating the dynamic sales letters, a video introduction and video training.

    You are right about what is being sold for video training is always part of the puzzle but not the whole picture. And yes, you are right when you state the marketing gurus that we're buying from (including yourself) have a very pursuasive video pitch to replace that long sales letter format.

    I want to do the same thing with my current site and 4 new sites that I will be launching later this year.

    I have 1 website that I am very excited about, that is currently under construction called

    I have started, successfully run and sold dozens of businesses in my life. And I have also had my load of losers. But all the successes had similarities on the startup process that I didn't do with my failures. I want to share this secret formula with entreprenuers on what to do in the first 8 weeks of starting their new business.

    It will be designed for those who are just starting out and for experience business owners that want to turn around a stagnant business. This is a work of love and I really want to promote it to anyone who ever wanted to be their own boss and skip past landmines of the early startup days with a roadmap to focus on making money.

    Please help me get that message out.


  • Ranadeb Ray says:

    Hello Marlin,

    You have made an informative video. The most important thing that anyone can learn by seeing the video is to do the necessary things that you have outlined in a very lucid way.Your language is also kept quite simple for everyone to understand.

    In this type of environment,Traffic is everything and its the start or the end of anyone`s venture into Internet Marketing.

  • Marlon –

    I would LOVE to create videos like the one I just saw.

    I'd even go on a diet and lose 20 (…er…er…ack!…40 pounds) and put on (yikes) makeup to look good on film. On second thought, maybe I could paste my (thinner) picture on a whiteboard like you did – YES! – well, you solved that little problem for me right off the bat.

    By the way, that was a really cool idea… to see your pic on each shot while you're speaking off-camera.

    MY target audience is spiritual entrepreneurs, who are not happy learning new technologies as a general rule. And these "Age of Aquarius" technologies are just what they need to market themselves.

    If you can help them with an easy point and click system to get the tech stuff figured out, I can help them find their market and create their freebies. Wait… that's Step 1 and Step 2.

    You're the STEP 3 guy.

    This 3-part system certainly works for me.

    Many thanks,

    Barb Casey

    [Hi Barbara. Thanks for your comments here. Sounds like a good match. The Promo Dashboard will give you the nuts and bolts of squeeze pages, setting up broadcast email, podcasts, blogs, video and all that. PLUS, I throw in some sizzle things for the intermediate and advanced folks. Like the Power Point background, trick flash audio players, and other cool stuff not a lot of people know. I like the 3 steps because that's what got ME hooked on Internet marketing…3 simple steps you could actually DO without being an expert.]

  • Derek says:

    Marlon, as I watched your video, it's like a bunch of light bulbs switched on above my head all at once!

    My problems:

    a.) I've written over 200 articles based on the problems I've seen people address in OCD forums and submitted them to and What's the balance between duplicate content and SEO for articles? Should I used

    [Marlon's comment: Promo Dashboard doesn't cover TRAFFIC as people are tired of hearing about it after the Traffic Secrets launch. It's about targeting your marketing, creating that freebie to build your list then launching your promotion to that list. You know how at the bottom of your article you have your resource box with the link? That is where Promo Dashboard BEGINS…with your Squeeze page. Then the emails and the conversion tools you send people to FROM the emails in order to get 'em to buy. This is what Promo Dashboard covers.]

    b.)Yesterday, I went on to and sent a friend request to 1,002 people who I saw were currently active and then submitted an article entitled "Sufferring from OCD? So does Cameron Diaz…(which she does) then I sent a shout to all my friends so they could digg my article which was posted on my site and at the bottom of that site was the link to my squeeze page. How do you make work for you?

    [Again, this is a "Traffic Secrets" question. Promo Dashboard is about what happens once the visitor HITS your web page. What happens THEN? It's a what's next AFTER Traffic Secrets. I don't use Digg much. I've always gotten my traffic using the plan laid out in However, social marketing CAN work for you if you focus on it. It's not my thing overall.]

    c.) I have been on myspace for a while and am using friendblaster pro to send friend requests to everyone in the OCD groups on myspace, then talking to them, building relationships, answering their questions about OCD and giving them the link to my squeeze page. How do you make myspace work for you?

    [Again, that's a traffic question. Promo Dashboard kicks in ONCE they hit your squeeze page.]

    How promote dashboard will help:

    a.) I am over extending myself and promote dashboard will help me to get organized. It will show me what specific essential actions that I'll have to take in each advertising venue to get results.

    b.) promote dashboard will tell me which advertising venues are worth spending time on and how to leverage my time by choosing the right ones that are good for my particular niche.

    c.) I've been noticing marlon's marketing and I have to say, it stands out and is more personal that any of the other ones I've seen. Other "guru's" have a hands off feel, I feel like I can actually talk to him!

    I currently have a list of about 100 people and I've made $35.00 online. So I know I'm getting Marlon's dashboard because I'm living proof that a good idea is not enough, I need a system which will make it work.

    Thanks for everything Marlon,

    [Derek, you have 100 people on your list. How many visitors have you had? A 10% opt-in rate would be OK. 15%-18% good! And 18% to 30% great. If you're above 30%, you're either a marketing stud or you're in a very passionate target market. I've seen the squeeze pages claiming 50%+ opt-in rates. But I doubt it's from the TYPE of traffic you've been sending to your page.

    Derek, what Promo Dashboard WILL do is have you research the blogs, forums, and web sites your target market goes to. That way, you can BUY targeted banners and text links to zero in on them with precision. In that process, you also find out who has LISTS so you can invite them to be an affiliate.]

    Derek J. Soto

  • Mike says:

    This is the first time I've seen your site or anything offered by you. I saw your link on Twitter and got here.

    One word I didn't hear much in your video is "organization". What you say to do makes sense. I've heard similar things in the past from others, but not quite as clearly.

    Figuring out, or knowing, what to do is one thing, bringing the know-how together to do it is another. "Doing it" is yet another thing. And for me, usually at the point of doing it, I've already stretched so far, that any additional choices and detailed knowledge needed to move things forward start to overwhelm me.

    Getting lost in technical details stalls the forward movement. And when you're "lost", how can you know which way to go?

    So I would say staying organized both as to time invested in each step, as well as moving along each step, completing it, and building an inventory of promotional items–and keeping all of it organized–would be helpful.

    I don't understand your products because I've never seen them before and based on one video I haven't nuch of a clue, however the idea of tracking the tasks needed for promotion, and keeping them all organized before, during, and after the promotion, sounds interesting.

    Thanks for the video, it was helpful in refocusing my efforts.

    [Marlon's comment: Mike, I think CLARITY is important. If you don't really have a clear, simple-to-follow plan, I think it's a hard path to follow. And you're right. The Dashboards DO help organize efforsts.]

  • Osman says:

    I'm just beginning to start selling something as an affiliate after over a year consuming information and getting confused.

    Promo Dashboard sounds big to me as a newbie. It'll benefit me once I have my own product to sell later.

    And guess Product Dashboard is something I need more than Promo Dashboard once i move up a step higher.

    Nevertheless, Promo Dashboard looks like a dream product for those who's going to launch something.

    Only wish I'm able to use it now. 🙁

    And oh yes, I'd love to learn how to create the kind of video you did. It'll definitely help if I can create videos people find interesting to watch..and not doze off after 5 minutes.

    [Hi, you can use Promo Dashboard to promote affiliate products and build your list WHILE you're creating your product. Although I'm certainly a HUGE advocate of creating your own product.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Back in 1999 I discovered your "Amazing Formula" and began my exciting journey into internet and affiliate marketing. (side note: I think I spend $197 back then, and I remember having to swallow hard to spend "that much money" on a digital product 10 years ago. Oh, how times have changed.)

    Anyway, since that first purchase, I have studied and studied and studied your products and products from many others in the IM industry.

    The result? Now I am an affiliate of dozens and dozens of great programs.

    The only thing is I stumble on pulling all the pieces together and putting together a marketing plan/system for promoting those products.

    I am expecting the new PromoDashboard to help me finally be able to put a plan of action into place and turn these past 9 years of educating myself into profits in the bank.

    Thank you Marlon and Team! For always creating top-notch products that over-deliver and making it so the customer always wins.

    Your student forever,


    P.S. – How will this help my life? When things turn around, and I start making more substantial profits, my hubby will have to "eat crow" and we will finally have peace in the home. (wink, wink)

    [Hey Cindy, GREAT to hear from you! Thanks for your great comments and energy.]

  • Gene Higginbotham says:

    Are you asking for comments on what it does or asking what we want it to do? I can't tell from the video what it does. Looks like you have put a lot of work into it but maybe I am dense, I can't figure out what it does. As far as what I want it to do: I may be to much of a newbie to know. What I would like would be if it somehow could analyze what I am doing and tell me how to correct my mistakes and improve upon my strong points. If it could guide me thru each of the 3 (all) steps that would be wonderful. If it showed me how to create the camtasia effects that would also be great. How to take an idea from concept thru research and product formulation on to building the list to promote to and then promoting and launching and follow up, etc. I would MAYBE be able to finally get something going.

    [Hi Gene. For product creation, we have That is a whole dashboard by itself. The Promo Dashboard covers targeting (finding the blogs, forums, affiliates, influencers), creating your squeeze page, setting up your email and then sending out the promos with podcasts, video, blogs, streaming video, etc. It doesn't cover doing product launches. That's a $1,000 or $2,000 product from Jeff Walker.) For getting the traffic, I have That shows you how to set up your own affiliate program and promote it.

    Gene, the MAIN thing I'd say is you need to focus on 3 steps:

    1. Targeting your market.

    2. Finding a freebie compelling enough to get 'em on your list.

    3. Sending emails and selling something

    If you do THAT, you're on the track to getting money in. That's HOW you do it.]

    God Bless


  • Cal says:

    I believe that this programme will help me to create a profit from the $42,000 worth of library that I have built up.

    Sorry, not creative,

    Sorry not startling.


    It is bloody sincere.



    Not really bothered about winning $300.00

    main aim, is to get this into my grubby little hands

    [Cal, you have a $42,000 library? Nice!! Time to put all that good learning to work PROMOTING something. The money is in being a producer and a promoter, not a consumer. Having said that, I consume large amounts of info products to ASSIST me in being a producer and a promoter. But consuming without producing and promoting gets you nowhere. Welcome here and Cal, you'll love this product.]

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