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Post here after you’ve told 3 of your friends about the Book of Secrets!


By telling 3 of your friends about the Book of Secrets, you'll get my 12-month implementation course.

Each month for 12 months, you'll receive a follow up from me reminding you, cajoling, stimulating and encouraging you to use the 12 Secrets.  This takes things out of the world of theory into the world of practice.

After you've told 3 of your friends, just drop a note below in COMMENTS and let me know.

ANY NOTE here is fine and gets you the follow up course.  If you want to complete the questionnaire below in your comments, I'd appreciate it very much. It isn't required but this would help me out a great deal!

Customer Feedback Questionnaire

1.  Why did you purchase X?

2.  Please list the three things you like most about X?  Why do you like them?

3.  What, in your opinion, is the strongest feature of X?  why?

4.  How has X saved you time, money or frustration?

5.  Is there anything about X that you would like to see changed?

6.  May we use your comments for promotional purposes?

  • Hi Marlon. I told 3 current clients about your Book of Secrets and how I’m learning from the book to help them and that I’ll share details with them soon.

  • Hi Marlon,

    I bought your ebook over a year ago and love it so much and have recommended to about 13 people. Its simple and easy to understand the the writing style is just marvellous.

  • I’ve told more than 3 friends about your Book of Secrets, Marlon, including a few people I’d love to see you partner with or have you speak at their live events. Will send you a private note with relevant details.

    I think the thing that most stands out for me is how easy it is to digest your material. You write in clear, concise chunks that are easy to devour.

  • Bradley & Belinda says:


    We recommended your Book of Secrets to our FB business page community. Looking forward to ongoing communication & support for 12 months!

    Bradley & Belinda

  • Bob says:

    Looking forward to receiving the 12 month implementation program and hope the referrals see the value in your products and expertize! Thank You, Bob

  • Bob says:

    Looking forward to receiving the additional 12 month implementation program.

    hope that the shared individuals see the value in your offerings and expertise. Thank you, Bob

  • Jack Dalton says:

    I shared Frank Kern’s “Best Sales Letter” link for “Book of Secrets” to 587 Facebook friends. Looking forward to the implementation bonus.

  • Hi Marlon,

    I posted an article about you and all of your wonderful products on my website, Hopefully more than three people read the story! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and advice with us “up and comers!”


  • Peter Crawford says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I did tell 3 friends about the Book of Secrets, so now that it’s the new year I’m ready for the Implementation Course. And here are some answers to your questionnaire.

    1. Why did you purchase X?
    It sounded like an interesting and promising take on the subject of marketing.

    2. Please list the three things you like most about X? Why do you like them?
    — I like the conversational tone because it makes it easy to read.
    — I like how many of the secrets are easy to implement because that allows for easy testing.
    — I like how most of the examples come from areas different from my own business, because that sets me to thinking about the possibilities for my business

    3. What, in your opinion, is the strongest feature of X? why?
    — ease of use: in one or two sittings, you can go through the book, mark out the ideas you want to return to, and then spend time thinking about those ideas as you go about your day

    4. How has X saved you time, money or frustration?
    I haven’t implemented any suggestions yet, so I can’t answer this question.

    5. Is there anything about X that you would like to see changed?
    A table of contents naming the specific suggestion (three or four word title) would be helpful for skimming through the book, as well as finding suggestions again.

    6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes?

  • Sophie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I learn always something from what you produce: paid as well as free information.

    I recently bought book of secrets and shared the link on my Facebook account to the english speaking part of my friends (as I leave in France, the other part is speaking French).

    I am happy to get further tips on implementation and thank you for that, Marlon.

    I wish you a great New Year 2014,

  • Alfred says:

    Hi Marlon, I’m done with the posting. Lemme at it!

  • Angela says:

    Hello Marlon,

    Have told more than 3 of my friends. Most of them are busy executives usually too busy to read anything unless it’s a dollar bill. Hopefully it’ll help them see that your insights which proves to them and shows them how bring in more $$$.

    Your Big Book Of Secrets is incredible and it also has a secret take away – it help them streamline the process – enabling them to spend more with their family and other activities they love so they can get more juice out of life.

    Thank you,

  • Andrew says:


    I sent three email messages to people I know who may be interested in your Big Book of Secrets! And the following are answers to your Customer Feedback Questionnaire:

    1. Why did you purchase X?
    Just one great idea is worth much more than what you’re asking for.

    2. Please list the three things you like most about X? Why do you like them?
    a.) You gave one “WHY” for your motivation for helping people with their marketing(p.19),
    b.) You explain what and why we should be “fast followers”(p. 21), and
    c.) You explain what five powerful marketing strategiess Microsoft uses(pp. 77-80).
    There are other things I like about your Book of Secrets, but these are the ones that came to mind first.

    I like a.) because on page 20 you reveal you’re not just into marketing for the $$$.
    I like b.) because I sensed this “fast follower” truism myself but never was really sure about it. I am now.
    And finally, I like c.) because I always wondered exactly how the Microsoft marketing muscle operates. I think I know now.

    3. What, in your opinion, is the strongest feature of X? why?
    The strongest feature is when you explain how to apply the law of large numbers to the front end and to sell the big ticket items on the back end throughout much of the book. I feel this powerful concept is the crux of your Secrets book.

    4. How has X saved you time, money or frustration? Save time by avoiding what not to do. Save money by what your Book of Secrets is really worth. Save frustration by knowing why what you did may not have worked(just consult the Book of Secrets!).

    5. Is there anything about X that you would like to see changed?
    The Book of Secrets seemed a little redundant. But I think I understand why. You were trying to hammer home the point on the Law of Large Numbers and to sell big tickets on the back end.

    6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes? Sure. But honestly, I would like to be a little compensated if you were to do that. Hey, this posting took me about an hour to write! And most of the people who posted here did not directly answer your Customer Feedback Questionnaire!! I’m not asking for anything special. Just your Big Course!!! Ha Ha!

  • Hello, Marlon!

    I’ve told three (or more!) of my friends about your book.

    It’s already one of my favorite resources and I haven’t even finished it yet.

    Thank you!

  • Jim says:

    Thanks for a great course! I purchased because you always put out such good products, a few of which I own. I just emailed 5 of my friends about it. Looking forward to the 12 months implementation course

  • denise says:

    G’day, i have posted on 3 of my facebook groups i am with one on kindles books, one on business for women and the other IM, hope thats enough
    thanks and be well

  • Jono says:

    Hey Marlon!

    Enjoying the book so far, I’ve let the Entrepreneurs Society at my University here in London know all about it, hope they flood over 🙂


  • Thanks for a great course! I just emailed 5 of my friends about it. Looking forward to the 12 months implementation course. 🙂

    Best Wishes Always!

  • Calvin Mah says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I shared it with 3 of my buddies.

    Great book! I love the secrets for some of the big name marketers that you reveal in your book. Gives me confidence in the business model that I am embarking on.

    Cheers! Calvin

  • John says:

    Told 3 friends

  • Alvaro says:


    I recommended your Book Secrets to my Mastermind and FB group.


  • Jody Toole says:

    Marlon- I promoted you to more than 3 friends. Very clever marketing. Well done.

  • Jack says:

    I told 3, lets get this going!

  • Josef says:

    Hi Marlon

    Enjoying going through the book, have passed on the info to 3 of my friends.

    Kind regards


  • Brodie says:

    Hey Marlon

    Loved the book, I have already started to implement one of the strategies and have told 4 friends about your product and highly recommended.

    Look forward to the course!

    P.S Your vintage video from 2000, where you blow bubbles was entertaining and powerful to watch.

    Cheers Brodie

  • John Racine says:

    All posted Marlon. Thanks!

  • Adam says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I told 3 friends that I know would be interested in this product.
    I really look forward the this part of the product.

  • Jens says:

    I chose The Book of Secrets after it was recommended by Frank Kern, Reto Stuber and Heiko Häusler. The Style of writing, the examples and the examples from real life makes it fun to work through. I recommended it to ALL of my friends. To all three. 🙂

    Thank you Marlon.

    • marlon says:

      Jens, thanks. It’s a very informal writing style.

      My goal is to talk like we’re just having a conversation. And to build piece by piece
      to EPIPHANIES as you read through it. That”s why reading it 2x at least is important.

  • Tony Liddic says:


    I just sent out messages to a few of my friends, posted on my facebook pages (personal and business), as well as sent out a message to my email list. Can’t wait to dive into the book and take action.


  • Alfred says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I’ve followed you as you have evolved with internet. Done with the emails to 3 friends!

  • James Johnson says:

    Just a little note.
    I have emailed three friends about the book of secrets. There into marketing, so I think they will read them.

  • Rodney says:

    Hello Marlon

    Have contacted three friends and will send out more links when I have finished the book…


  • Cathy says:

    Hi, Marlon.

    I have told 3 of my friends about your book and am looking forward to going thru it. The 12 month implementation course is what I Really Need. Please send ASAP. Even tho you are a prolific writer, I can’t imagine the amount of time and effort you have put into this. Thank You for doing this.

  • Hi Marlon,

    I sent my list an email and plan to send more… and I posted an article on my website and tweeted it too.. And I’m not done yet. And yes, there are at least 3 friends in there… In fact, I’ll send it to a few more of them.

    Looking forward to your bonus implementation course!

    Why did I buy it? I love your products, have ALL of your dashboards I believe, among others. In fact, I have a total count of 24 items on my Product Access page -) Well, a couple of them are bonuses and/or upsells, but still…

    There’s a lot I like about the book –

    First of all, I love that it is a PDF! Seriously! I much prefer reading to watching videos and this makes it very efficient to access the info…

    The book is also a fun read and has lots of cool stories, and there are LOTS of brilliant ideas that I can see myself implementing. Which ones are my favorites? They REALLY started getting me excited around pages 50 or so, and even more so couple of dozen pages later. Great info! Worth its weight in gold, and then some.

    Another thing I liked was that there weren’t just really rich people from way back. though those stories were very cool and inspiring, but people I know from the Warrior Forum whose products I own. Now THAT is super inspiring!

    About questions 3 and 4:

    The (several) pieces of info about marketing high priced products was priceless!!! LOVED it! Thank you. It solved a few mysteries for me! And inspired me too!

    Another thing I see as a huge strength already is that there’s such a variety of ways that can increase our revenues that there’s got to be some for just about anyone who has a business, online or offline. It can also help those of us who are helping businesses with online marketing consulting and implentation. And come up with additional services to sell! How cool is that!

    Ahem, if I still want to keep selling my services that is… Well, probably for a little while longer.

    Has it saved me money etc. Not yet. But then I’m still reading… Give me a few weeks.

    About 5:

    Well, there were a few areas where I would have liked more information, especially earlier in the book. You seemed to get more and more specific as the book went on. Of course that might have just been my impatience as I kept reading for more tips… If I find anything specific I’ll send a ticket 😉 Then again, I bet you’ll help us out in the implementation course too.

    About 6:

    And yes, of course you can use my comments for your promos…



  • Stephen says:

    I shared a link to Book of Secrets on a private FB group that I belong to.

    I also emailed three friends who I think would benefit from your marketing know how.

    I can’t answer your survey since I’ve only skimmed through the Book of Secrets and haven’t begun to study it.


  • M. Stevens says:

    Hi Marlon-
    I purchased your, “Book Of Secrets”, and have told three of my friends about it, because I own many of your other products and have found most of them to be good, and because you said this is one of your best products on “Secrets” in your opinion.
    Thanks in advance for including me in on your 12-Month Implementation Program for your Book Of Secrets. I think this will be very helpful in keeping everyone on track to get the most from this product.
    I have not had a chance to read through the Book of Secrets yet but I look forward to it because there appears to be a diverse number of stories and marketing tactics that will be discussed.
    The strongest thing for me about this product will be if the tactics discussed can all be used simultaneously with each other by any business or industry, and if it teaches the “funneling” concept, which I expect it will as promised.
    I would expect this product to save anyone using it time, money and frustration, since it appears to be a synopsis of “field-tested” marketing tactics.
    I am not sure that I would change anything about this training course, Since I expect the Quickstart Call will cover anything needing further explanation.
    Please do not use my comments for promotional purposes.
    M. Stevens

  • Clint Butler says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Thanks for the opportunity to get the most important part of the whole product, implementation.

    I told 3 friends and hopefully they’ll join me on the ride!!


  • Dan says:

    Hey Marlon!
    I’ve let several of my friends know about your offer. I’m looking forward to receiving your 12 email series.
    Best regards

  • Graeme says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I told 3 friends about it… Please gimme my 12-month implementation course.

    Great product… read it from front to back in one sitting!

    Customer Feedback Questionnaire For Book Of Secrets

    1. Why did you purchase X?

    With your years of experience, I knew it would be full of GREAT ideas

    2. Please list the three things you like most about X? Why do you like them?

    1. Why is this important? Section
    2. What’s the secret? Section
    3. Application Section

    Breaks each idea down in detail.

    3. What, in your opinion, is the strongest feature of X? why?

    The depth of experience and knowledge Marlon has. It’s tested.

    4. How has X saved you time, money or frustration?

    I don,t have to spend a lifetime and all that money Marlon spent to gain the knowledge.

    5. Is there anything about X that you would like to see changed?

    Some of the links in the PDF were not working.

    6. May we use your comments for promotional purposes?

    No, this was just feedback for you guys.



  • Troy Warren says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I told three of my friends before even reading the material. Been following you for a long, long time and there is an immense amount of trust so I had no hesitation in telling three and actually will be telling many more.

    Thank you,

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