Promoting With Itunes Made Easy

Promoting With Itunes Made Easy




I can't really explain why.

But to date I've done almost nothing to promote on Itunes. But that's changing NOW!  Why? Because I realized how stupid simple and easy it is to upload your podcast or audio to Itunes. 

a.  It's a total no-brainer. 

b.  It's free. 

c.  It's easy

So why wouldn't you do it?

Step 1:  Download Itunes from if you don't have it

Step 2: Install

Step 3:  Go to the Itunes store

This is the trick part.  You must first click on “Itunes store”

Step 4:  Click podcasts

Step 5:  Scroll to the bottom on the left and you'll see “submit podcast”

It's that simple and easy!

Really, a lot of people use Itunes.  It's free to put your podcasts or audios on there. Why wouldn't you?  It doesn't take much time at all.  Now, you have to save your audio in the right format but the new software programs make this easy.


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