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Re: $65/week employee BEGS for your “to do” list

Re: $65/week employee BEGS for your “to do” list


Marlon here.

What's up? What's happenin' today?

Did you work on your most important goal this morning the way
I've been encouraging you to?

Now, how you would you like to take that “to do” list for today
and just give it to someone else to do?

And what if they worked for you full time for $65 a week?

And what if they spoke and wrote good, solid English without
those annoying accents and WITH polite manners?

What if almost every day they thanked you for their job?

In this email I'm going to present 4 conclusions:

1. You will NOT reach your goals for this year if you try to
do everything yourself

2. Having an office and employees isn't viable unless you have
quite a bit of experience and a very robust back end

3. Elance and Rentacoder do NOT cut it because of the learning

You need people who work with you DAILY and learn what you want
and need and how to do it. Then they can do it over and over.

4. The logical outsourcing choice is the Philippines

I encourage you to READ this email twice, think about it carefully
and respond back on my blog.

See, my GOAL here is to get YOU implementing my Master Plan.
You've read *some* of it in my past email issues.

My Master Plan is the big picture.

It puts everything together for you. But HOW do you get it all

I've ALWAYS outsourced. For many years I had Lisa and other
staff in Canada. But when the exchange rate went south, it HURT

I had no choice I thought but to get a local office with local
employees. And I think a few of those can be good at a certain

But think about this: For the price of a local office, utilities
and a few employees, you can employ 8-10 talented people in
the Philippines.

I KNOW you have lots of questions. Well, what about Elance?
What about Odesk? What about India?

I needed a SOLUTION on this for YOU guys. Because I know you
want to build and grow your business. And some of you just wanna
pay bills.

But you need products being created or marketed, you need seo,
you need ppc, you need web 2.0.

And then there's the MSN Loophole. The Adwords Blackbook.
The Butterfly Marketing. The article marketing thing. The
seo ebook you bought.

WHO is gonna DO all that stuff?


You MAY remember the brilliant chart Rich Schefren showed folks
when first exploded on the scene with the Manifesto. And how
there were all these tasks that needed to be done.

Since then, a LOT of guys and gals got offices, utility bills,
employees and headaches trying to foot the bill for all of 'em.

It's good in theory.

But unless you have a phone room to sell a $3,000 to $5,000
something or you have high end coaching programs and fancy
seminars to pay for all those employees and utility bills and
phone bills, unless you got THAT, then that whole “get an office
and build a business” dream kinda goes out the door.

Good news!

The Philippines to the rescue.

John Jonas has people who have been working for him 1-5 years.
He has 2 people at $150 a MONTH! Full time. His programmer/
designer gets $450 a month.

Listen, I'm NOT here to pitch you crap.

If I was gonna do THAT, don't you think I'd hop on every launch
regardless of whether or not it fit into my Master Plan?


Homey don't play that tune.

I promote things ONLY if they fit into my Master Plan of
marketing, sales and business.

They KEY Formula we operate off of my friend is:

Volume x Margin

Now, I'm here NOT to shove my stuff down your throat. I'm HERE
to take my 20+ years of experience in marketing and business and
bring the tools and know how to the table that you need to get
sales in the door and put bread on the table.

This year I”ve come to the conclusion that:

1. You will NOT reach your goals for this year if you try to
do everything yourself

2. Having an office and employees isn't viable unless you have
quite a bit of experience and a very robust back end

3. Elance and Rentacoder do NOT cut it because of the learning

You need people who work with you DAILY and learn what you want
and need and how to do it. Then they can do it over and over.

4. The logical outsourcing choice is the Philippines

a. They speak very good English
b. They are an educated culture
c. They are loyal
d. They aren't entrepreneurial as a culture so they won't go
into competition with you

I got a question for you:

You have goals for the new year or you should if you're one of
my followers. And if you haven't been, I invite you to follow
me on this ezine, on my blog, on my Twitter and in telecalls.

Now, to REACH your goals, you need to have products created or

There is seo work to be done.

There is ppc work to be done.

But let's make this CURRENT.

Yesterday in my email I got a pitch for the latest product
making the rounds. Guru Assassin. I haven't bought it yet.
Probably will.

But the pitch is that it's all copy and paste and so forth.

Why NOT take ebooks like that, send them to a $65 a week (or less)
employee and say “Go do this!” I mean, if it's really a fairly
easy system as he says, why wouldn't you?

See what I'm saying?

If you missed my email yesterday, it's on my blog, You need to
read it.

Are you STUCK?

I'm the one guy here to give you a swift kick and get you

And I'm not here to blow smoke.

I'm here to EMPOWER YOU to reach your goals for this new year.


Go there.

Buy it.

Seriously. Whip out the plastic and buy it. And let it turn
you onto HOW to get UN-stuck by getting the help you need.

John suggests you start with ONE person.

You can pay as little as $150 a month but most will want $250.
Those are good wages in the Philippines. I explain that in my
email yesterday.

I'm here to help you put my Master Plan into action.

It's common sense.

I've updated it to include Facebook, Twitter, Web 2.0, blogs,
and all that.

I buy all the latest stuff and will add any new things to it
that make sense.

Some guys and gals on my list have plans that don't make crap
for sense. I read them and scratch my head.

Go back on my blog.

Find my Master Plan. Read it. See if it doesn't make sense.
Then realize you need HELP doing it.

You need someone to set up your WordPress. Someone to do
seo linking strategies, blog commenting, Google Adwords.

John has opened a door to a new world.

For me.

For you.

For all of us.

I invite you to join me, my staff, my team in a new world of
marketing. We're changing Internet marketing for the better.

Less hype.

Less crap.

More realism.

I'm NOT going to tell you to go lease an expensive office, hire
expensive employees and sell $5000 thingys to pay for it.
NOTHING wrong with it.

I'm just not gonna tell you to do it.

I'm down-to-earth. I have a solid plan. A big picture of how
this whole crazy mess actually all fits together and makes

I not only want to teach it to you.

I want to empower you to DO it.

But I need you to read my emails and post on my blog. I need
you to show up on my conference calls and webinars.

I need you to PARTICIPATE and not just sit back in your chair
and go “Oh, that's interesting.”

This ain't about watching my SHOW.

It's about you getting it going in 2009.

Now, take a load off and get HELP this year.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

  • Tyrone says:

    Hi Marlon,

    That's how cost efficient are these great people from the Philippines. I actually started paying my programmer $200 per month while receiving quality outputs that I'm going to use for a lifetime. In the end, it's all about finding the best resume resource, hiring the best staff and training them to get them on your behalf in the business.

    After all the time spent training them, you just have to sit and wait for the checks to come in to your doorsteps. 🙂

  • […] did a great write up about achieving your business goals here: digg_url = ‘’; […]

  • Rainer says:

    This may be EXACTLY what I'm looking for…

    I have ssooooo many ideas to implement that it actually paralyzes me because I don't know WHERE to start.

    Outsourcing to the Phillipines sounds extremely attractive. For the price of a daily Starbucks latte plus a little goodie, you can hire a full-time employee!

    My only concern is about training the people… it's great if you already know everything and you can just train them. I did that for many years when I had 40 employees.

    But what if you don't have all the skillset necessary to build your business? Can you find people who are already trained? And how do you know if they are doing a great job?

    I wasn't too impressed with how John cut into his audio at the end to sell his CD. Wasn't the best sales pitch, and his CD is pricey.

    Although it may be worth it IF I can find the right people.



    [Rainer, John covers all this and explains his experience in his little $97 audio thing. Snag it. He literally will just send his folks an ebook and tell them to do it. One of them set up a whole complex mini net for him. Having said that, one of my friends hired a programmer there and didn't have good luck. With things like programming, if you aren't a programmer, I don't know if you'll get good results. I recommend John's audio.]

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