The Most Unpopular Internet Marketing Article Ever Written

The Most Unpopular Internet Marketing Article Ever Written



Marlon here.  Some time ago, I sent out this article to my list.  I got so much hate mail, you wouldn't believe it.  I think it must be my most unpopular article ever.  I guess the truth hurts.  And that truth being that you make money over the long haul in this business by creating and selling products.

Since a few people said one of my other blog posts was the best one they had ever read, I thought I would balance it out by publishing again the most unpopular Internet marketing article ever written.

Here then is the original article.  Before you jump on the NEXT hot whatever moneymaking method that takes Internet marketing by storm, maybe you'd benefit by spending just a few minutes to read this article.

How many "DOZITS" do you need?

If you don't have the success or results you want, then this will probably be the most important article you read..

So please PRINT IT OUT and read every word. And then listen to the audio.

Let me explain why I ask about how many DOZITS you need.  I'm gonna give you 33 DOZITS in this email. If that isn't enough dozits for you, please post a comment to this blog post and tell me how many dozits you need.

Hunker down a second.  This will take me a minute to explain…

In the emails I've exchanged with several hundred customers over the past few weeks, I've found out two things:

1. You are probably overwhelmed

2. You are confused

There are many people with many different ways to make bux on the Internet, many of them with HUGE numbers to show you.

But if you put on your thinking cap one second, how are they in THAT moment stacking paper (you know, making bux).

They're doing it by what?

Selling YOU a what?

A BIG TICKET information product, membership sites, coaching programs, and so forth.  Basically, information products.

Yet, for some reason, I have a devil of a time convincing people that THIS is what you need to be doing.

The facts are…and I'm talking facts here. NOT hype. NOT speculation. NOT maybe this is what the person is doing.

I'm saying flat out, this is what is being done:

1. It is how John Reese made his million dollar day

2. Ed Dale and Frank Kern?  They're doing it.

3. It's how Jeff Walker did well with HIS product launch formula…I mean, by definition if you're launching something, it's your own product.

4. Mike Filsaime does it

5. Jonathan Mizel "used to" do it.

6. Declan Dunn does it.

7. Armand Morin does it.

8. Yanik Silver does it.

9.  Jim Edwards?  You guessed it.  Does it with FLAIR!

10.  Dave Fry?  He does it.

11.  Ewen Chia?  He does it.

12.  Paul Colligan.  He does it.

14.  Mike Mertz.  He does it.

15.  Johan Moke?  Does it.

16.  Ted Ciuba?  Does it.

17.  Alan Smith? Dozit in UK

18. Stephen Pierce.  Doz it big time.

19.  Brett McFall….Does it in Australia

20. David Cavanaugh?  Does it with authority

21.  John Childers?  Nobody dozit better

22.  Robert Allen?  Teaches boot camps on it!

23.  Alex Mondossian?  He's doin' it with the big stars

24.  Perry Marshall?  He's doin' it with the pay-per-clicks

25.  Mike Fortin?  He's doin' it and writin' it twice

26.  Big Al, Rod Cook, Joe Shroeder, Art Meakin — they're all doin' it big time.  Super big time.

27. It's how Corey, when he was here with us, brought in millions

28. It's how Dan Kennedy makes his living, albeit it in the form of seminars and newsletters. But take my word for it, they ain't cheap. That would make him selling information as a big ticket.

29. Gary Halbert did it.  God rest his soul.

30. It's what Ted Nicholas has done and continues to do

31. Carlton Sheets does it to the tune of multi-millionaire

32. Vincent James does it

33.  Matt Furey?  Dozit with POWER!

34. It's how Anthony Robbins makes his substantial living

35. 20 years ago, it's how E. Joseph Cossman was doin' it.

36. And before that, it's how my mentor's (Lew Williams) mentor Thomas Hall was doin' it.

37. Back in like the 1920's Napoleon Hill and W.D. Gann were doin' it. Bigtime.  Yeah, you heard that right.  Back in the 20's and 30's, W.D. Gann doin' it BIGTIME bigboy.

A few for you ladies….

38.  Dottie Walters (for you ladies) — does it with CLASS!

39.  Oh, Ezine Queen?  She's doin' it Cally style.

40.  Jeanette Cates?  She's doin' it and keepin' it REAL.

41.  Lorrie Morgan?  She's doin' it red HOT!

I'm gettin' carried away here.  But one more. Brian Sacks? He's doin' it in the mortgage industry.

Every ONE is doin' it!

So why is it that it seems SO CONFUSING the formula that you use to make bux?

There's ONLY ONE THING all these people have in common in terms of how they have stacked paper. And that thing is creating and selling big ticket information products of some sort.


How many "Does Its" or DOZITS is it gonna take before YOU are the one who DOZIT?

You see what I'm saying? What PROOF or EVIDENCE do I need to give you that if you take away all the smoke.

Take away all the mirrors.

Pull back the curtains and see what the Wizard of Oz is doing….

He's pulling levers that sell products…and THAT is what makes the cash appear on the screen at the end of the day.

Yeah, there are some exceptions. But most of them are STILL selling information products….just maybe not big tickets.

Marlon Sanders says:

Here's a model that isn't smoke and mirrors..

Now, you can argue if you sell ebooks or multi media. If you sell to a small niche or a big niche. If you do it deep or do wide.

(If you didn't hear my discussion of building deep or wide, listen to my audio)

It starts slow but we pick up steam. Matt and I brainstorm MANY ways to come up with big ticket ideas and then about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through discuss a lot of other good stuff. It's really worth listening to all the way through.

My question remains, how many DOZITS do you need before you decide that YOU need your own big ticket info product (B.T.I.P.)?

If you do NOT think YOU can do it, if you feel there's no way YOU could create one, if you think YOU aren't an expert, if YOU don't have a niche, then listen to the audio ALL the way through to the very end.

These are ALL issues Matt and I talk about.  Now, Matt and I made that audio not too long after I'd hired him. That was a few years ago.  He's no longer with me.  The ideas in the audio are just as current as when we recorded them.

Oh, and you know Jeff Walker's product launch formula? Well, you may be thinkin' that YOU don't know anyone to do JV's with and that you could never get anyone.

I talk about THAT on the audio too.

Or, if you just realize it's high time you stop jumping around from model to model, chasing the latest thing that sounds easier and better than the last one, and finally get your own DOZIT on record where YOU do it just like everyone else in this business DOES it (after you take away the smoke and mirrors) then hop on over to:

It's the most in depth, most A to Z, most "everything is covered" product on creating big ticket information products I know of.  Now, you don't need it if you just wanna start with ebooks or audios. You can always start small and build up. Still, it's a good product for the person who wants to go the next level.

Yeah, I know, you think you can't do it. You think you don't have the time. You think you don't have the whatever.

When are you gonna quit making excuses and get it done?

See, half done, almost done, gonna be done, done next week, done next month, done next year, — It all equals one thing —


It's done. Or not done.

The people who I listed above? They all got it DONE and that's the difference between THEM and YOU. People always wonder, what do they got I ain't got?

What DO the gurus got?

What's their REAL SECRETS?

Their secret is in the DOZIT and the DONE.

They turn not dones, gonna be dones into DONES.

They DOZIT. (Scuze the bad grammar.)

Funny thing.

Why is it everyone wants a short cut?

I realize some people have gotten started by buying reprint rights. They make great bonuses. And there are ways to use them.

But you really need to have your own product. And I say you can crank one out faster than you may think if you really just hunker down and do it.

By 6 or 12 months from now, will you be in the chips?

Or still sending me emails about how you've bought all this stuff and haven't made anything because you STILL don't have a product to sell.

There are lots of ways that people apparently bring in zillions on the Internet.

But there's ONE that nearly everybody does and agrees on.

You create and sell BTIPS — Big Ticket Info Products.

Will YOU be the next DOZIT?

Or the next email from someone confused, overwhelmed and clueless about what to do to stack any paper?

That URL one more time is:

Don't let anyone tell you there's a course that's almost as good.


That equals isn't.

Isn't as good. Not as good.

There's only ONE.

Action Grid by Marlon Sanders

copyright 2007 Higher Response Marketing Inc.

P.S. You have the rights to publish this in your ezine or as an article on your web site if you have the guts.

Oh, and yeah, you can put your reseller URL there for the Action Grid.

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