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The Most Unpopular Internet Marketing Article Ever Written



Marlon here.  Some time ago, I sent out this article to my list.  I got so much hate mail, you wouldn't believe it.  I think it must be my most unpopular article ever.  I guess the truth hurts.  And that truth being that you make money over the long haul in this business by creating and selling products.

Since a few people said one of my other blog posts was the best one they had ever read, I thought I would balance it out by publishing again the most unpopular Internet marketing article ever written.

Here then is the original article.  Before you jump on the NEXT hot whatever moneymaking method that takes Internet marketing by storm, maybe you'd benefit by spending just a few minutes to read this article.

How many "DOZITS" do you need?

If you don't have the success or results you want, then this will probably be the most important article you read..

So please PRINT IT OUT and read every word. And then listen to the audio.

Let me explain why I ask about how many DOZITS you need.  I'm gonna give you 33 DOZITS in this email. If that isn't enough dozits for you, please post a comment to this blog post and tell me how many dozits you need.

Hunker down a second.  This will take me a minute to explain…

In the emails I've exchanged with several hundred customers over the past few weeks, I've found out two things:

1. You are probably overwhelmed

2. You are confused

There are many people with many different ways to make bux on the Internet, many of them with HUGE numbers to show you.

But if you put on your thinking cap one second, how are they in THAT moment stacking paper (you know, making bux).

They're doing it by what?

Selling YOU a what?

A BIG TICKET information product, membership sites, coaching programs, and so forth.  Basically, information products.

Yet, for some reason, I have a devil of a time convincing people that THIS is what you need to be doing.

The facts are…and I'm talking facts here. NOT hype. NOT speculation. NOT maybe this is what the person is doing.

I'm saying flat out, this is what is being done:

1. It is how John Reese made his million dollar day

2. Ed Dale and Frank Kern?  They're doing it.

3. It's how Jeff Walker did well with HIS product launch formula…I mean, by definition if you're launching something, it's your own product.

4. Mike Filsaime does it

5. Jonathan Mizel "used to" do it.

6. Declan Dunn does it.

7. Armand Morin does it.

8. Yanik Silver does it.

9.  Jim Edwards?  You guessed it.  Does it with FLAIR!

10.  Dave Fry?  He does it.

11.  Ewen Chia?  He does it.

12.  Paul Colligan.  He does it.

14.  Mike Mertz.  He does it.

15.  Johan Moke?  Does it.

16.  Ted Ciuba?  Does it.

17.  Alan Smith? Dozit in UK

18. Stephen Pierce.  Doz it big time.

19.  Brett McFall….Does it in Australia

20. David Cavanaugh?  Does it with authority

21.  John Childers?  Nobody dozit better

22.  Robert Allen?  Teaches boot camps on it!

23.  Alex Mondossian?  He's doin' it with the big stars

24.  Perry Marshall?  He's doin' it with the pay-per-clicks

25.  Mike Fortin?  He's doin' it and writin' it twice

26.  Big Al, Rod Cook, Joe Shroeder, Art Meakin — they're all doin' it big time.  Super big time.

27. It's how Corey, when he was here with us, brought in millions

28. It's how Dan Kennedy makes his living, albeit it in the form of seminars and newsletters. But take my word for it, they ain't cheap. That would make him selling information as a big ticket.

29. Gary Halbert did it.  God rest his soul.

30. It's what Ted Nicholas has done and continues to do

31. Carlton Sheets does it to the tune of multi-millionaire

32. Vincent James does it

33.  Matt Furey?  Dozit with POWER!

34. It's how Anthony Robbins makes his substantial living

35. 20 years ago, it's how E. Joseph Cossman was doin' it.

36. And before that, it's how my mentor's (Lew Williams) mentor Thomas Hall was doin' it.

37. Back in like the 1920's Napoleon Hill and W.D. Gann were doin' it. Bigtime.  Yeah, you heard that right.  Back in the 20's and 30's, W.D. Gann doin' it BIGTIME bigboy.

A few for you ladies….

38.  Dottie Walters (for you ladies) — does it with CLASS!

39.  Oh, Ezine Queen?  She's doin' it Cally style.

40.  Jeanette Cates?  She's doin' it and keepin' it REAL.

41.  Lorrie Morgan?  She's doin' it red HOT!

I'm gettin' carried away here.  But one more. Brian Sacks? He's doin' it in the mortgage industry.

Every ONE is doin' it!

So why is it that it seems SO CONFUSING the formula that you use to make bux?

There's ONLY ONE THING all these people have in common in terms of how they have stacked paper. And that thing is creating and selling big ticket information products of some sort.


How many "Does Its" or DOZITS is it gonna take before YOU are the one who DOZIT?

You see what I'm saying? What PROOF or EVIDENCE do I need to give you that if you take away all the smoke.

Take away all the mirrors.

Pull back the curtains and see what the Wizard of Oz is doing….

He's pulling levers that sell products…and THAT is what makes the cash appear on the screen at the end of the day.

Yeah, there are some exceptions. But most of them are STILL selling information products….just maybe not big tickets.

Marlon Sanders says:

Here's a model that isn't smoke and mirrors..

Now, you can argue if you sell ebooks or multi media. If you sell to a small niche or a big niche. If you do it deep or do wide.

(If you didn't hear my discussion of building deep or wide, listen to my audio)

It starts slow but we pick up steam. Matt and I brainstorm MANY ways to come up with big ticket ideas and then about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through discuss a lot of other good stuff. It's really worth listening to all the way through.

My question remains, how many DOZITS do you need before you decide that YOU need your own big ticket info product (B.T.I.P.)?

If you do NOT think YOU can do it, if you feel there's no way YOU could create one, if you think YOU aren't an expert, if YOU don't have a niche, then listen to the audio ALL the way through to the very end.

These are ALL issues Matt and I talk about.  Now, Matt and I made that audio not too long after I'd hired him. That was a few years ago.  He's no longer with me.  The ideas in the audio are just as current as when we recorded them.

Oh, and you know Jeff Walker's product launch formula? Well, you may be thinkin' that YOU don't know anyone to do JV's with and that you could never get anyone.

I talk about THAT on the audio too.

Or, if you just realize it's high time you stop jumping around from model to model, chasing the latest thing that sounds easier and better than the last one, and finally get your own DOZIT on record where YOU do it just like everyone else in this business DOES it (after you take away the smoke and mirrors) then hop on over to:

It's the most in depth, most A to Z, most "everything is covered" product on creating big ticket information products I know of.  Now, you don't need it if you just wanna start with ebooks or audios. You can always start small and build up. Still, it's a good product for the person who wants to go the next level.

Yeah, I know, you think you can't do it. You think you don't have the time. You think you don't have the whatever.

When are you gonna quit making excuses and get it done?

See, half done, almost done, gonna be done, done next week, done next month, done next year, — It all equals one thing —


It's done. Or not done.

The people who I listed above? They all got it DONE and that's the difference between THEM and YOU. People always wonder, what do they got I ain't got?

What DO the gurus got?

What's their REAL SECRETS?

Their secret is in the DOZIT and the DONE.

They turn not dones, gonna be dones into DONES.

They DOZIT. (Scuze the bad grammar.)

Funny thing.

Why is it everyone wants a short cut?

I realize some people have gotten started by buying reprint rights. They make great bonuses. And there are ways to use them.

But you really need to have your own product. And I say you can crank one out faster than you may think if you really just hunker down and do it.

By 6 or 12 months from now, will you be in the chips?

Or still sending me emails about how you've bought all this stuff and haven't made anything because you STILL don't have a product to sell.

There are lots of ways that people apparently bring in zillions on the Internet.

But there's ONE that nearly everybody does and agrees on.

You create and sell BTIPS — Big Ticket Info Products.

Will YOU be the next DOZIT?

Or the next email from someone confused, overwhelmed and clueless about what to do to stack any paper?

That URL one more time is:

Don't let anyone tell you there's a course that's almost as good.


That equals isn't.

Isn't as good. Not as good.

There's only ONE.

Action Grid by Marlon Sanders

copyright 2007 Higher Response Marketing Inc.

P.S. You have the rights to publish this in your ezine or as an article on your web site if you have the guts.

Oh, and yeah, you can put your reseller URL there for the Action Grid.

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  • Keith says:

    Howdy from texas! I enjoyed your article. I have researching websites to buy but have not found one yet. A new site scares me because of all the marketing scams I don't know where to start. But I did fimd a good site for building from scratch call site build it. But I need a product or service:) So you can see why I liked your article. I want to do it right the first time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Keith

    [Hey Keith, Design Dashboard helps tons with creating a web site.  I recommend it.  Good luck.]

  • Ray Edwards says:

    Great article, Marlon — you hit the nail on the head. People really need to "get this" in their heads: this is the way to make real money online.

    Last month, I did a "last minute" infoproduct and made a cool $25,000. That's in ADDITION to my other products, and not counting my copywriting fees.

    And what I did, anyone can do — if they just follow the steps.

    You are one of the people who can certainly lay out the steps for people. In fact, the very first infoproduct I ever bought online was: The Amazing Formula!

    Keep the wisdom flowing!

  • Graham in U.K. says:

    Hi Marlon I got your email and got to the blog without a problem. I can't understand why your blog post was the most unpopular- I thought it was straight and to the point as usual. Marlon Sanders? yeah – he's the guy with the strange sense of humour! But you know what? -he talks a lot of sense. Keep the content coming on the blog Marlon – and spread the word!

    [Graham, the reason is back then everyone was doing Adsense. They didn't wanna hear about creating a product or having to deliver it,, even IF it's digital.  Does that make sense?  Now, most people are into ONLY promoting affiliate products. And when you see the large checks produced by a few people ONLY doing that model, most people wonder why they need to create a product.]

  • eb says:

    Love your style Marlon! Even though a very large portion of my own income comes from selling things other than info products, (about 30% of it does come from selling infoproducts) I never started making any money until I made a commitment to take action and stick to one thing until it was profitable. Once I did that, a pretty funny thing happened. I made a little over $3000 in less than a month, and since I've been focusing on more of a "residual/recurring" income model, it's been growing ever since!!

    Thanks for all your great advice.

    [Hi, I don't really work…I have staff that do.  So what we do is create and sell info products.  I used to make a lot from speaking and copywriting.  But I don't speak that often anymore and gave up writing for clients.  Now, mostly I drink Starbucks and go to bookstores.]

  • Joseph Howell says:

    I just wanted to let you know I got the email and got thru via the redirect.

  • Byron says:

    Just tell it as it is Marlon, your opinion is just as valid as any one else's. Or more so, you've been there and done it again and again.

    [Byron, thanks for your input.  I agree. But man, you shoulda read some of  the responses when I first published those thoughts.]

  • Marlon Just to let you know the email with the redirect made it through. But I'm telling you man…you are the Guv'nor. Your last two blogs where just blow-outs for hogs at the trough. Packed full of such good stuff if the dozit and dunit doesn't fail to get people off their butts and making bux nothing will. My good wishes to you and continued success in all you do.

    Mike C…

    London England

    PS I'm working up my big ticket doozy at the moment, as soon as it's ready I'll give you first preview.

    [Mike, thanks so much.  Dude, I'm gonna be in London at the Frank Garon event end of Sept.  Be there!]

  • JerSooz says:

    Marlon Yeah Marlon reading the Blog enlightened me "DOZIT'S" looking at it as if from a Christian Perspective! seeing it as many times sure looks like People who are Successful sure are "DOING" it a Lot OMG you said How Many Times and with How Many People and with a Closed Mind almost looks Vulgar though very Enticing … Your Telling Us all Those DOZIT'S are "Doing It" and like the 50's and even Today's Christian or Moral Bans on Controversy … Seems You may be leading People to Believe if 1 Having Fun 2 Believing in Yourself 3 Making their Own or even Promoting a Product Believe in as these People who "DOZIT" then Your Morally Corrupting Others to Believe they Can be a Success! … Hey Maybe You have a Christian or a Moral's Based Ideology Group trying to Ban Your Blog Then Marlon if again Looking with a Closed Mind Your Telling People … Gee look if Your Not Willing to Work and Learn even Research then Open Your Mind to see How truly easy it can be … Man then you give examples using others idea's and concepts besides your own that are … Not New Today … Not New Tomorrow even … Just Plain Facts and Figures on True Success that have worked through the Ages! … The Secret though is as said "Must Get It Done" not do the Would Have Should Have Could Have … Man Marlon You all but said Hey Your Stupid if can't see it! … Gee the Wizard of Oz was behind the Curtain Giving People Hopes and Dreams (Course Negative People don't See "Stupid" Means You can Learn where "Dumb" means don't have the God Given Mental Facilities to Learn there is a Big Difference … You can either choose to learn and overcome then quit feeling Stupid or not ) What Message also the Wizard of Oz gave was It's always been in You … You just never maybe tried to bring it forward or tried so hard you actually suppressed it Needless to say You may have started a controversy with the Psychiatric Community … Because Your Insensitivity You in all essence said "Gee You Can't be a Success because You can't see the Simplicity … You will see it only as a Scam" whereby Marlon Got the Nay Sayers and the "Well I was Gonna Do It" People now in Therapy … Maybe the Psychology Community is now trying to get Your Blog Banned … BTW even Larry the Cable Guy would say "Get Er Done!" seems he "DOZIT" too Though Marlon hate to say this I think the True Fact is "You Did it 1st!" You beat a Competitor to the 1 2 3 Punch "DOZIT" "DOZIT" DOZIT" Marlon the Big Name Dropper! … Gee Marlon has Connections … Gee Marlon "DOZIT" … That Competitor thinking Gee Marlon has a Blog Might Steal My Customers How? 1 Giving Facts 2 Showing Reality 3 Then Backing it up with Resources Gee Following the True Marketing Tactics that make People a Success gee what is that again? 1 Who I am what Product I have 2 How can this Improve Your Life 3 How to Buy or Find more about "BTW we Never Sell we Offer Products or Suggestions that Sell Themselves so is never a Need to Sell" if they don't have that capability better drop them like a Hot Potato You Do have to Promote Promote Promote" whoops again a "Big Secret Guru's can't sell You" You gave the Secret away … MarlonsBlog Not seeing it really can't be that easy! "No it is not that Easy you do have to learn the ways …"Gee isn't this Blog for Informational Products too Can Buy?" Maybe if a Competitor trying to get you Banned didn't see that in message they saw only a Commercial Endorsement for Your Products not the true Message … Then Marlon if they still don't get the concept it is Truly about Themselves Only Holding Themselves back …Then You will Never Stop them from trying to Ban You! that is Plain Fact only Competitor Envy and Ultimately the Truth will be Revealed Marlon Tells it like it is For those Double Optin People hey it truly is as Simple as Hit the Delete Key To Bad if Intentionally did File a Formal Complaint didn't see the True Positive Message … Whether Coming to You or Others Unless You Truly Get Started and Heed the Advice People who are Already Successful Give You … Yes You Can and Probably will Fail Gee 90% and above Fail because Gee it's Not That Simple You Do have to Believe in Yourself 1st Find a Product or Person to Get started 2nd Then Learn and Learn More everyday then impliment your plan and work it 3rd … Yeah the Reason as You stated "They May have Forgot Contacted You 1st then were on Double Optin List 2nd" Why the Complaint? Probably more Mad because Message Got was " Yoo Hoo Mr/Mrs/Ms You haven't Made any Money because You Didn't get Started I am Not a Scam I am Still Here Where are You?" Good Luck Marlon though as a Supervisor once told Me if weren't complaints against Him then maybe wasn't doing his job … People with No Reactions can be of a more Danger because Complacent they may not be doing their Job Whereby a Person Complains can help Us improve ours … They show Us Ways to Improve or in worse case draw attention to themselves for their ignorance or inability to do the job … as in complain 1st without seeing the reprocussions to their actions Our Advice Keep Telling the Truth and the Truth shall Set You Free Jer&Sooz PS another Reason maybe Banned is Gee Marlon can hit the Mass Media Trigger Button Called Email any time he wants and make money called having a List … Maybe Marlon does know his stuff ISP seeing it only as Hey Hey Marlon came through on all of these People or seems so many same Message must be junk mail sender … can get you Banned lot of New Server Updates going on this week alone and a New Email Checker was implimented on our ISP we could check our Email only thing was It wasn't receiving any 4 days this problem seems Our ISP in upgrade knocked out a lot of other Customers too in process

    [I wouldn't even know where to start commenting on thast. But thank you so much for your thoughts.  I can see I hit on some key points of agreement. Hey, help promote our blog!  Thanks man.]

  • Mekhola says:

    Marlon, Got through, read and appreciated your article. What's there to hate in it? It's one rare piece of information that provides a rock-solid base to start from for the befuddled newbie. Will link to it soon from my newly started blog.

    Best wishes,


    [Hi Mekhola, well, a lot of people have this dream of not having to learn anything to make money or sell products. They have a dream of buying 1 piece of software, clicking a few buttons once a day and making $100,000+.  That's what's wrong with it …. for them.]

  • Hi Marlon! I had no trouble getting to the blog thru the email. Hope you can get things straightened out. I read your post about the most unpopular email. I agree with what you said about the DOZITS. Either it's done or it's not done! Those who take action are the dozits! No action means not done. Wouldn't you agree? Keep up the good work!

    Steve Wiseman

    Great hosting for minimum cost!

    [Steve, I'll update everyone on any progress we make.  It's kinda a nasty problem.  You know, on the "dones" thing, it's very easy to get caught up in the almost done thing.  And have 101 things "almost done."]

  • Jan says:

    Marlon, I once heard you say in an interview: "DONE is BEAUTIFUL!!!" I'll never forget that quote. In fact, I printed it out, framed it, and put it on the wall above my desk! In this post you're saying it again. It's right there in our face. The simple truth! About the competition maybe trying to sabotage your efforts, consider it a compliment. You must be cause for concern… 😉 In the marketing world I only listen to a couple of guys and you're one of them. ThankS for your great posts, and PRODUCTS!

    [Jan, well, done IS beautiful.  I didn't originate the saying.  Patrick Anderson told me that once when I was debating over whether to work MORE on a product or start selling it.  He said, "Marlon, done is beautiful."  And there's an awful lot of wisdom in that.  Glad that saying has helped you.]

  • Marlon. This is what seperates you from all the so called "gurus". It made so much sense and really drove your point home so that… "even a caveman could understand it". The article itself is a lesson on how to write articles that will hold the readers attention. I loved the article. I am posting this on my blog for my subscribers.


    [Russell, if you post the article on  your blog, hit back my blog with your URL and I'll publish it.  And thanks so much for spreading the word!]

  • Bob Clifford says:

    Marlon, Managed to get thru and print out the blog. Will read at my leisure. Thanks. Hope Lisa manages to get you off the BL's.


    [Hey Bob.  You and me both!  Hee hee.  Well, hope you have a good read.  And thanks for posting here.]

  • Jen says:

    Marlon, in my best english, you ain't never lied. You are absolutely right. The difference between the haves and have nots in online business is the 'Get it done' factor. Keep telling the truth and shaming those devils out there!

    [Jen, if people would spend 1/2 their time learning and 1/2 their time doing, I think they would get a lot done.  There's a lot of information so it's easy for folks to get stuck in the paralysis of analysis. Thanks for posting here!  Good luck to you Jen.  Thanks for the encouragement.]

  • WOW! Says it all!

    Hope you get the blog off the (you-know-what) list.



  • Leon says:

    Or Have I????

    [Leon, I guess you lost me on that one.  Or have you?]

  • Totally agree again Marlon! The formula is pretty simple, but I have no idea why some people don't get it. Find a market. Run the survey to find out what product to create… write salesletter… create product… sell to list! Drive traffic through any method you want (affiliate being a good idea!). I've applied Marlon's formula since 2004. In a market totally unrelated to Internet marketing, and it works! Sales are constant and products created 3 years ago keep on selling…

    [Frederic, I appreciate the positive feedback, especially for those who are newbies or who simply don't have it all working yet.]

  • Leon says:

    Yes Yes yes BUT, You need traffic that is what I have found . I have a product I have a good website (I think) and I get hits but not enough It seems unless you have cash to burn on PPC or some other traffic generating system you get no where. I have even bought hits but of course I am sure someone jsut sits there all day click on my web page. Also I have had over 9000 hits in the last few months and the first thing they see is the weekly tips pop up but I ahve had no repsonse from this yet. OR have I just a thought leon

    [Leon, weekly tips probably wouldn't be a good match to stock trading.  I assume trademecharts is something about investing.  You have to match the offer to the market.]

  • Bob Cadle says:

    Marlon.. Anyone who posts negative to such an obvious truth is simply seeking to assuage the natural "need" for human beings to either blame the victim or attack the truth with all of the "face-saving" efforts they can muster to avoid looking in the mirror and saying: "OK, putz, either put up or shut up" I even know better, but desperation sometimes affects even a mind which was trained to spot deception and guilt manipulation, so I have bought 86, 459 1/2 (or so it seems) products, including your webdesign dashboard. Did I complete it, or get bogged down because of having to buy the hundred dollar Elements 5.0 over and above the cost of the (excellent) product? Don't ask. But I would never seek to lay off that bondage on you. Au contraire! I applaud your forthright message.


    [Thanks for posting here Bob.  And I hope you're making some progress and getting some wins.]

  • Marco says:

    That's Marlon at his best. I can't believe there are sissies around that got pissed by this article. It just says how things work here. Great article (and I am working on my BTIP).

    [Marco, yep.  I got a LOT of heat over it in the past.]

  • mike perl says:

    Marlon, You kick ass! The main reason I read and keep all of your emails, posts and material.(Trust me, I delete 95% of the other paper mache gurus from my inbox) Is beacause you CALL IT, THE WAY YOU SEE IT! It's like a breath of fresh air, from all the other B.S. Your able to look at everything, and give us(your readers) the golden nuggets, and a healthy slap of reality(we all need this from time to time) so that we can create our empires. Long live MARLON!

    From the Renegade Real Estate Investor, Mike Perl

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    PS. I printed this article, and have it on my office wall, just for a reminder…

    [Mike, thanks!  And rock on.  Oh, bookmark this blog in one of the social networking software programs if you're a member.]

  • Art Luff says:

    Marlon, You da Man! I've always admired your no bull approach to marketing and your emphasis on "WORK" I guess the Sissy Boys who want to sit around and complain must have gotten a fire lit up under their A__. I like it when someone stirs up the slackers! Keep Up The Honest Work Marlon!

    Kindest Regards,

    Art Luff

    Action Is Not A 4 Letter Word
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    [Art, you rock. Thanks so much!  Appreciate YOUR kind words.]

  • Laurie Lacey says:

    Hi Marlon, Very interesting article. Thanks for laying it on the line. I'm going now to the local Cafe for a coffee, and plan to read the article again, while sipping my coffee.

    All the best!


    [Laurie, I hope it reads well over coffee.  Just got back from a coffee shop.  Thanks for posting here.]

  • Jude says:

    Marlon, I'm behind you all the way. You are not even in the same class as those you send out spam and scams. You are at the top of the list when it comes to being the most respected and revered internet marketers. How would I describe MY hero? Marlon Sanders? Well let's begin: valued, honored, admired, well-regarded, reputable, recongnized, acclaimed, highly thought of, established, highly praised, lengendary, commended, celebrated, applauded, illustrious, prominent, renowned, eminent, distinguished, notable, great, notorious, infamous and perhaps we could even add adored? I for one cannot see this being just someone who 'forgot' that they had signed up as an affiliate for you, it has to be the 'other' reason; a very envious and jealous competitor who cannot stand that you are a stand-up guy who doesn't have to resort to childish antics to slow the competition down. Nobody can compare to your style and your panache! If I could afford to become your next apprentice, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'd be mortgaging the house and asking "where do I sign up". For those of you who can't 'handle' Marlon's success; get out of the game because little pranks such as this will only put a big black mark next to YOUR name when you are found out! We're with you Marlon! You ARE my hero!

    Jude Hollingsworth

    [Jude, thank you so much for your words!  I really appreciate the encouragement and positive feedback.  Bookmark us in one of the social bookmarketing services or put one of our articles on your blog!]

  • Akin Alabi says:

    You sure have a point Marlon. I remember selling 70 copies of my $10 ebook and I netted less than $600 But with the same effort, I sold 4 copies $497 product. That is about $2,000. We all need high priced products although I must confess creating and selling it is harder than $7 ebooks.

    Akin Alabi

    [Akin, I agree it's more work to create big tickets.  You need both. Those little front-end products and the big ticket back end of some sort, whether it's a seminar, teleseminar, info product, coaching or whatever.]

  • ALEX NEWELL says:

    Well you're right Marlon. What the "BIg Dogs" of the Internet do is to sell both B.T.I.Ps and Small ticket Info Products according to where we are in their Marketing funnel. And if we want the results they get we should follow the methods they use. Kind of obvious really. BTW one name not on the list is "Marlon Sanders", HE does it with gusto! I'm working on it and will happily publish this post on my blog

    All The Best!


    [Alex, thanks so much!  And I appreciate the kind comments.   You all are inspiring me.]

  • Steve Pike says:

    Hi Marlon, I did get this email and got through to the blog. Good luck with the issues, some people try to ruin it for everyone.

    Regards and God Bless,

    Steve Pike

    [Steve, thank you so much.  You know, I don't know who did this or what their motive was.  Maybe it was sincere.  I don't know.  I know I'll be GLAD when we fix it!  Appreciate your comments.]

  • Marlon, this is a fantastic article. I'm not sure why it would be so unpopular, except that some people don't like to hear the truth. I've taught people to build online businesses and the biggest obstacle I've come across is people not wanting to put their heads down and stick to the plan (in this case, creating products). I would constantly get asked about this or that new product, tip, technique, or money making opportunity and then these same people would not have accomplished anything months down the road because they bounce from one thing to another. Success comes from taking action on a plan, not buying everything in sight and bounce from one scheme to the next. It's about building a business and you've done a great job of reminding people of that, whether they want to hear it or not.

    Love the new blog!

    [Gregg, thanks so much!  Now, if I could JUST create a membership site people like as much as the blog!  I've REALLY gotta work on that one.  I agree with you about people not wanting to stick to the plan. There are so many highly attractive sounding things that make the rounds.  It's hard for folks to stay focused.]

  • >