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I'm at a seminar in Dallas here hanging out with a few friends.

I'm learning things as always.

Today's article:

A Simple Model For Escaping Your Day Job

(An Easy Place To Start When You're Not Sure What To Do Or You
Don't Even Have A List)

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Vol. 3, #7, March 1, 2008

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(An Easy Place To Start When You're Not Sure What To Do Or You
Don't Even Have A List)

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One: Yanik's Underground Blowout

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I WILL be endorsing more products.  I try hard to ONLY endorse
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C. A Simple Model For Escaping Your Day Job

(An Easy Place To Start When You're Not Sure What To Do Or You
Don't Even Have A List)


I'm at a seminar in Dallas this weekend.

One of the attendees here had a problem — He was trying to sell
Amazon products as an affiliate using pay-per-click as his traffic

The problem?  The cost of his clicks equalled the revenue he got
from sales.  In other words, at the end of the day, he didn't bank

It's funny how all the great things in marketing and life are simple.
There's a simple solution to his problem.

I want to share it with you because the solution is one of the
fundamentals of making money online:

Step one:  Get subscribers

Step two:  Send emails

Step three:  Make sales

Let's look at each step.  First, get subscribers to your email list.
This is what we call getting “opt ins,' where someone opts into your
email list.  Usually, in exchange for this opt in, you send out a
weekly ezine or content-rich email or blog post.

It's up to you whether you send your content in an email, post it on
a web page or post it on your blog.  For me, I send out the email
you're reading now weekly. And usually post the content on my blog.

In the ideal world, before you post your article on your blog or
web site, you optimize it for the search engines by making sure your
keyword appears in the title and in the article.

How do you get people to opt in to your list?  Go to:

That's an example of one of my opt ins.

On a lot of my sites, I just ask for the opt in on the sidebar of
the sales letter.

You can drive traffic or visitors to that page by running ppc (pay-per-
click) ads, writing and submitting articles or by getting affiliates
to promote the page.

The good thing about writing one or two weekly articles that you send
to your list is that you can also submit those articles to
and garner inbound links to your web site or blog when people
re-publish your article on their site.

You only need a handful of opt-ins to have the chance to make money.

I remember my friend John Alanis telling his story at one of Yanik's
seminars (I'll be at his seminar in March).  John said that when he
started his web site, he began with only 10 opt
ins from a little ppc ad on Google.

Only TEN!

But John sent 'em an email every day. And in only a couple of days
as I recall, John had his first sale.  I don't remember the price
point.  I think it was $297 or something like that. is another guy who sends out extremely engaging daily

You have to tell great stories and be very intriguing if you're gonna
use the daily email method.

Personally, I send something once a week.  That earns you the right
to send one or two offers per week.  Plus, I usually get $3,000 or
so in sales just from the few ads in my ezine each week.

I'm talking about sales generated in 7-30 days. Not the sales that
come in for months and years after that.

That's just the icing on the cake as far as our income.  it doesn't
include special offers, new product launches, affiliate traffic
and so forth.

My point is, if you build a little list, start sending out good
content and mix in offers, you're on a path to success.

Who is it you WANT to sell to?  Can you put together a little free
report to offer them they'll jump for?  If you can, then you too can
build a list.

Once you get 5 or 10 people on your list, start sending them several
articles per week.  Practice writing engaging emails.

Yes, these are small, simple steps.  But if you want to get started
NOW, this is how you can do it.

Well, it's time to get back to my conference.  I just had a nice chat
with John Jonas who is getting top 10 Google listings on highly
competitive key words using article marketing.  You know, writing
articles like I'm talking about here and submitting them to article
directories like

Article marketing is so popular right now, I was shocked when John
told me that even in highly competitive markets, people STILL aren't
actually doing it.

I've always used affiliate program traffic to get people to my
web sites (see  But maybe it's
time to do a little article marketing too.

Another guy at this seminar is Mr. X, the Adwords Blackbook guy.
Very nice guy, actually.  And I'm gonna see what I can learn about
Adwords from him.

He follows the same formula I'm talking about here.  He gets traffic,
builds the list and sends out content-rich emails and special,
time-limited offers.

It's a proven formula that works.

One of the things X shared is that he has 1 campaign where he only
bids on two key words and makes $1600 a month on auto pilot, without
touching the campaign.

How do you escape your day job?

1.  Get traffic via an affiliate program, article marketing or

2.  Send out emails

Get in the habit of emailing your list content and offers.

3.  Make sales

Initially, you'll start off promoting other people's products.  As
soon as you can, develop your own using the Product Dashboard.

Hope this gives you some ideas and inspires you to start your list
building if you haven't already.

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