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Somewhat Humorous Video Update & Juicy Info


Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Memo To: You my loyal reader
Re: Somewhat humorous update from my recent visit to the hospital
AND a little credibility trick you've probably never heard before
AND …. well … you can listen for the rest.



Marlon here.

I don't know if you'll find this funny or not. You can hit me on
my blog and tell me if you do or if you don't.

Of course, being a marketer, I've included one or two marketing
lessons you'll want to know.

Let me know if you like this form of video update better or equal
to a straight email.

Best wishes,


  • C says:

    Do both the written blog and the video.

    In the video about your Hernia and the Razor, there was too much fluff and not enough actionable content.

    However, you generally load us up with actionable content.

    Therefore, all is forgiven (smile).

    [Hey, yeah, I agree with you on that point.]

  • Leigh Anne says:

    Am I too late? I just got chance to watch.

    The only reason these guys didn't absolutely adore the video is it was to-o-o-o-o-o long. Too long, Marlon. Too long. It was really delicious too.

    But it was a delicious strawberry shortcake that was cut triple size with double scoop of ice cream, then triple layer of whipped cream and then chocolate sprinkles,

    Please, sir can we have some more but daintier portions? How about 3 minute mini-vids? Yea!!!!!!

    Love ya, Marlon

    Leigh Anne

    [Hi Leigh, thanks for pointing that out. I'm sure you're right. Well, I'll try another video when I'm back up to speed and have all my brainpower and energy.]

  • Don says:

    I like both. Particularly if they're short! And especially for videos. I simply have a hard time sitting through a 22 minute video unless it is very specific and on target. Even then it should be broken down into smaller segments. Same for e-mails. There is so much "stuff" to sort through in this IM game I simply don't have time to sift through all of it.

  • Nancy Gomez says:

    Guess I'm the odd man (so to speak) out here. I really like the video and here's why: your energy and enthusiasm are contagious and that just doesn't come across as powerfully in an email, even tho your emails are always useful.

    The internet can be a lonely place and the sound of another human voice makes a connection that words on a page just can't make. I seldom laugh out loud when I read emails and I frequently laugh out loud when I hear your voice. Laughter always puts me in a buying mood. If I didn't already have the Razor, I would be hitting the Buy button right now.

    Sir, may I have some more?

    [Hey Nancy, yeah email is crushing it, eh? Then again, maybe it wasn't the best video example. Given the length of time I can sit at my computer at the second, it was the best I could offer.]

  • Don Loughran says:

    Hi Marlon. My vote's for email as well. Not that video isn't useful, but I agree with Mildred. I find info products that don't include, at least, a printed transcript of the video, to be most tedious to go through. I believe that video needs to add value, not simply be an excuse not to include printed, or printable, materials. Not a criticism, just a comment. Thanks for your insights and I hope you're recovering well from your surgery. Take care.

    [Hi Don, appreciate you sharing your feelings on this.]

  • Norma Pealing says:

    Another vote for emails.

    I agree entirely with Mildred she just beat me to it.

    [Hi Norma, man, you gotta be faster on the draw! lol. Thanks for casting your vote.]

  • George Browne says:

    Hi Marlons! friend and Mentor.Well..

    I vote for Email ,because im legally deaf

    [Hi George, don't worry. I won't stop sending out emails. But I may add some videos.]

  • Mildred says:

    A vote for the email.

    I can skim an email — so if I don't care to hear about your hernia operation, I can bypass it (are puns allowed?)

    Can't skim a video. Have to sit there for however many minutes to find the point of it. (Always assuming it has a point…)

    Can't go back and re-read a section of a video, either.

    [Hi Mildred, I send out 300 emails for every video. So I thought a change of pace might be a bit welcome. I do agree with some of the drawbacks of video.]

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