Squeeze Pages — How To Create A State-Of-The-Art Squeeze Page

Squeeze Pages — How To Create A State-Of-The-Art Squeeze Page


Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Memo To: Marlon
Re: How To Double Your Squeeze Page Results


Marlon here.

The article this week:

“How To Create A State-Of-The-Art Squeeze Page
That DOUBLES Your Response”

Subtitle: If you ain't Squeezin', dis is how u
git started. Get your Squeeze on, baby!

If you're looking for your “money hookup,” if you're in search
of that big JV, if you're hoping a guru is gonna email their
list for you, if you need in any way to get things going or
get better results than you are today, this article is for you.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #32, September 27, 2008

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: How To Create A State-Of-The-Art Squeeze Page
That DOUBLES Your Response

D. Services You Can Use

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“Join my Ateam and get on calls with me 2X per month for
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I'm probably making a new hire next week to pitch in and
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Three: I read Joel Comm's book

Joel Comm's revolutionary new book on the history of Internet
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I'm in there a lot. It's a fascinating read. No bull. It's
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C. “How To Create A State-Of-The-Art Squeeze Page
That DOUBLES Your Response”

Subtitle: If you ain't Squeezin', dis is how u
git started. Get your Squeeze on baby!

By Marlon Sanders


Are you Squeezin'?

If you are, do you wanna double your results?

If you aren't, do you wanna get your Squeeze on?

A Squeeze page is what you use to convince folks
to give you their name and email so you can follow
up with them like I'm doin' with you right here.

Hopefully, you follow up with some content and value.
Although if you listen to the Ben Hart interview,
you'll see there's more than one way to do this.

Ben only sends pitches but it's because his entry
product is a buck.

And if people won't fork over a buck, why send 'em
free content. That is Ben's theory.

Anyway, lemme (Oklahoma talk for “let me”) break
down a state-o-thhe-art Squeeze page for you.

Here are two pages for you to study:




1. You do NOT have to scroll down the page to see the
part where you input your name and email address.

This is called being “above-the-fold.”

2. The Squeeze pages use VIDEO.

When Daegan tested this, he DOUBLED his response. Thus,
the headline of this article.

3. The headline immediately grabs your attention:

“The AdWords Code for Earning $326,819.61 in 90 Days…”

4. The beginning of the video sucks you right in.

5. There's no doubt about the action Michael wants
you to take.

Just LOOK at the box on the right. It's very well
done with the arrow and all.

Overall, this is a world class Squeeze page. Now,
Daegan calls 'em lead capture pages.

But whether you call 'em Squeeze pages or lead
capture pages, it's all the same thing.

There are important nuances here to consider:

* What happens AFTER someone inputs their name
and email address?

* Is a double optin used?

* How often are follow up emails sent?

* What is the conversion used in the follow up emails?

I discuss these questions quite a bit in Promo Dashboard
and go in depth on my Ateam calls. If you aren't on my
Ateam yet, it's the single best value in Internet marketing.
Two calls per month with ME. And you can try 'em for a buck.


6. Notice the use of PROOF in this video.

You probably don't have THAT good of proof of performance.
But I bet you have something.

And if I'm losing you on the concept of proof, go back
and study Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples or
read my ebook on writing sales copy.

By the way, Michael comped me his Adwords course and it's
excellent. He really knows his Adwords stuff.

7. Notice the sparing but effective use of graphics on
the page. The graphics SUPPORT the overall objective which
is to get you to input your name and email.

Compare this to Daegan's page:


Daegan comes from the old school of copywriting (where I'm
from) that says copy transcends graphics. But like me, he's
learned that graphics CAN increase your response.

Originally, his Squeeze or lead capture pages didn't have
graphics. He boosted response 20% by adding graphics and
doubled response by adding the video.

The thing I LIKE about Deagan's video vs. Michael's video
is Daegan shows actual video of himself. Michael wants
to be more anonymous, so he can't do that.

What you see on Daegan's page is a world-class Squeeze
tested and refined over the past two years.

But he'll also say you don't HAVE to start with the graphics.
Plain ol' text WILL get people to respond. The graphics
are a 20% boost.

In the VIDEO version of this ezine which I'll send out
tonight or tomorrow (feelin' lazy today), I'll include a link
to a site that will show you HOW to create your own video!

It rocks. Totally rocks.

OK. So this is it. The simple structure of state-of-the-art
Squeeze pages.

1. Use video

2. Have a great headline

3. Make it all above-the-fold of the screen

4. Have a great box on the right side

5. Add graphics that support the message

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

I'm starting a new MasterMind so to speak. You gotta get
Promo Dashboard first to be a member.

But you can watch the video on it here:



REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention

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Marlon Sanders

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