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STOP OVER COMPLICATING: The only 3 things you gotta do


Saturday, June 21, 2008, 11:47 a.m. Central Standard time USA


In this issue:

STOP OVER COMPLICATING: The only 3 things you gotta do and
how to get ’em done in a few weekends.

If you don’t have a list or are confused by “how you market”
online, then it doesn’t get any SIMPLER than this article.

A lot of people in this business are in the business of
over-complicating things to you with fancy elaborate charts
that take 3 hours to understand.

And making everything sound like rocket science.

Well, it ain’t all that. Read my article.  What annoys me
is people spend thousands of dollars for advanced marketing
methods when they don’t know:

— How to create a web page
— How to ftp
— How to develop a freebie that gets people to join a list
— How to create a name squeeze page
— How to write emails

Yet, they’ll spend $1,000 to $10,000 for super advanced
mumbo jumbo training.  What they hay is that about?

Dude, if you don’t got a target market, a freebie that
gets people to join your list, a name squeeze and an
affiliate program, and you can’t design a simple page
from scratch or do a graphic for the life of you, WHAT
are you thinking?

Read my article today. Seriously. THAT is what you need
to do.  THAT is what you start with. The very basics.

Get people.  Offer freebie.  Send emails.

THAT is ALL you gotta do to make money. STOP acting like
this takes a ph.d. to do or understand.  It doesn’t.

Now, once you are BEYOND the basics, YES, there are TONS
of things to learn.  TONS of nuances.  LOTS of little tricks
and secrets. Of course.

But you don’t go triple diamond before you go direct.

You start with the BASICS. That is why in EVERY single pro
sport there is training camp where even with the highest
paid professional athletes in the world they cover the

This is why Tiger Woods has as COACH for Pete’s sake.
He needs someone to sit there and watch him and remind him
of the basics and when he deviates.


Santos is planning a new live streaming video sample
session.  I’ll probably pop on for a bit.  The video course
following continues to grow.

And yes, if you’re wondering, video is an advanced tool.
I personally think you SHOULD learn and know how to use it
because it ain’t complicated — at all.

And it’s a GREAT selling tool.  Oh, and it’s FREE. How
do u like them bananas?  (As they’d say in Oklahoma where
I’m from.)


Marlon’s Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #22, June 21, 2008

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement:  Who Else Wants To Increase Sales,
Reactive Dead Customers, Build Your List Or Become Famous
In Your Niche?

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: STOP OVERCOMPLICATING: The only 3 things
you gotta do and how to get ’em done in a few weekends.

Plus, a sample name squeeze that shows you the RIGHT way to
do it.

D. Services You Can Use

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Who Else Wants To Increase Sales, Reactive Dead Customers,
Build Your List Or Become Famous In Your Niche?

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arm twisting or cajoling.  Just by answering their questions
and giving good, solid information.

The quality of the audio was less than perfect.  See the
article in today’s issues for details. But still, you’ll be
able to SEE and hear what a fabulous, ground-breaking
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energy and fix it up some.  I WILL. NO worries.  Hang out.

I have NOT forgotten you.

C. STOP OVERCOMPLICATING: The only 3 things you gotta do and
how to get ’em done in a few weekends.

By Marlon Sanders


Marketing 101 is to get a list of people and sell
something to ’em.

That’s about as basic as it gets.

Step one:  Get people on your list

Step two:  Send emails

Step three:  Sell something

There, now you have the “magical formula’ for making
money online.  How does it feel?

Of course, as with all things, the devil is in the
details.  For example, one fly in the ointment is people
don’t have a target market.

I solved that with so I won’t
waste time on here.

Another fly in the ointment is having a product to sell.
You START by selling affiliate products or PLR. But you
create your own product in ONE WEEKEND if you’re halfway

Santos works for me. He’s writing an ebook THIS weekend
for his niche (a  gaming membership site).

Beyond those two sticking points, the next BIG question is:
“So how do I get those people ON my list to begin with?”

The answer is:  Offer them something free that they
really want.

The more they want it, the higher your conversion rate
on your squeeze page, that is the page that gets ’em
to give you their name and email.

There is no “magic formula” for the write freebie to give.
Some target audiences might like videos, or audios, or
cd’s or podcasts.

In the past, there was an import company called Mellinger
that build a multi-million dollar business running classified
ads in dozens of magazines offering a free sample import.
And they taught you how to run an import/export business.

Their freebie was a free sample import.

If you’re offering a free report, audio or video, the KEY
is simply the title you give it.

It’s no more complicated than that.

They have to REALLY want whatever the secret you’re offering
is.  If they really wanna know about it, they’ll opt in. If
they don’t, they won’t.

The format of audio, video, ebook or whatever is secondary
to the topic and the secret being offered.

Your actual name squeeze page can be ultra simple.  Eben
proved that with  Or you can be a tad

Here’s a page Jonathan Mizel (inventor of the Name Squeeze
as evidenced by his trademark on the term) used to use as
his example of a fancier name squeeze:

See the red circle around the box?  You should know how to
add something like that to your pages or make sure whoever
you use as your graphic designer does.

Should you use a name squeeze page?

How do you come up with a great title for your freebie?

Look at the things that grab YOUR attention. That’s a good
start.  Look at magazine article titles, subject lines of
emails, and so forth.

When something grabs your attention, ask yourself “why?”
Why did that grab your attention?

So step one is:

1.  Find something your target market really wants to
have, see or know.

2.  Offer it to them in exchange for joining your list.

It’s no more complicated than that.

Now you have people on your list. Step two:  Send emails
that continue value and on occasion sell something.

There are advanced methods, secrets and little tricks
for name squeeze pages, follow up emails and all that.

But you START with the basics.

Target your group of people. Get ’em on your list.
Send ’em emails.

Listen, in ONE WEEKEND you can write an ebook.  50 pages.
You can do that in one weekend.

In one hour you can write 10 bullets and ask a designer
like Design Guru Ryan to create a name squeeze page for
you.  That would be

Excellent graphic designer who knows how to create a nice
name squeeze page for ya.

In one weekend you can create a few Camtasia videos people
get as a freebie when they join from your name squeeze page.

You can EVEN do like Eben does on and
answer all the bullets on the next PAGE. If you notice, Eben
NEVER sends a freebie. Your freebies are all delivered on the
next page after you join his list.


Get a stupid name squeeze page DONE!  Get a freebie you offer
in exchange for a name and email. Get it DONE!

Write your ebook in ONE WEEKEND.  50 pages.  THREE PAGES per
hour.  Ten hours in a day.  That is 30 pages per day.  60
pages in two days.

DONE!  Finished. Get on with it.  If it needs editing, send it
off to an Elancer.

Don’t got a target market.  Can’t
do graphics. Hire Guru Ryan NOW and then get Design Dashboard
and get some SKILLS going for yourself.

It’s a GREAT product.  I just had Santos watch some of the vids.
Heck, I watched the vids. Great stuff. Yeah, Adobe has a new
version of Elements.  So one or two things changed on the videos.
But really, you CAN figure it out.

It isn’t complicated.

You draw boxes.  You insert photos.  You add a border or shadow.
You create a gradient. You add a pattern.

Understand layers.

Understand how to use the canvass.

Understand how to lock layers and view layers.

Know how to add a stroke on text or graphics.

Know how to add a background image or color to a table.


That’s about all things we do in Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
You could learn them in a few hours if you set your MIND
to it.  We use like 3% of the total abilities of Photoshop.

It’s EASY to learn.

Dreamweaver. Insert tables.  Center.  Add background image.
Insert picture.  Insert graphics.

That’s your html editor or Dreamweaver basics.

Now, Photoshop.  Layers, gradients, patterns.  Saving for
the web.

Basic, basic, basic stuff.

Let me ask you a question:  Can you think of ONE STUPID THING
your target audience or market REALLY wants to have, see or

Can you think of ONE THING?

If you can, write 10 bullet points on it.

Open html editor.

Insert table.


Type headline.  Select font. Choose dark blue as color.

Type bullet points.

Go to aweber, or Get Response.
Create form.  Copy html. Past in code in html editor.

Name squeeze.  DONE!  See for example.

Now, you have a list in Aweber, Getresponse or

Send emails.

Sign up for affiliate products at Commission Junction or Clickbank.
Send emails.  Sell.

Here are some other basic things you can do AFTER you’ve done those
above.  Don’t sweat them until you’ve done the above.

Do live streaming broadcasts for your folks.  Or videos using Camtasia.
Or regular videos and compile with

Do a blog in WordPress.  Hire an elancer to set up your blog or do
it yourself.

Make posts.  (Click on write. Write. Then save.  Tough stuff!)

Set up Twitter.  Tell list about Twitter. You can set it up in TEN
minutes or less.

Make more blog posts.

Write article of 300 words.  Submit using, or isnare.  In the resource box of the
article (the bio box), offer your freebie and send them to your
name squeeze page.

Write press release.  Submit using  This takes a
few days to study how to write a press release.

Hint: Search “how to write a press release” on Google.

Buy pay per click words on Google. Track your name squeeze
results using their built-in conversion tracking tool.  Buying
clicks takes more time to learn.

You’ll spend about a month learning how to do ppc.

Set up your affiliate program using

These are the BASICS.

This is how you make money in this business if you’re curious
and really don’t “get it.”



Get the basics done.  Like starting NOW.

Hit me with your feedback at:

Do you agree?  Do you think I’m full of it?  Hit me with YOUR

Best wishes,


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