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Marlon here.

Today's article:

STOP OVERCOMPLICATING part 2: Even LESS Things You Gotta Do
To Make Money Online And Sell Your Stuff To People Who Buy It

This got out late 'cause I've been on my box mucking around
with Photoshop to create some stuff for a new product!

I'm hoping to get it out next week or the week after.

A lot of you have bought Evergreen Traffic based on the video
I sent out.

If you haven't, the URL is:

Check out the video I did.  YOU can do the same thing
in your business.  Get CamStudio (free) or Camtasia,
fire it up and do a little video.

All I do on my video is walk you throught he PDF bonus
and share some background inf.  My point is, you don't
have to do this big, elaborate presentation.

My video is really just about a conversation I had with
a marketing friend who asked me “what Evergreen Traffic”
was all about and was the story for real or made up.

So I told the story in the video and walked people
visually through the PDF bonus.

Of course, it HELPS if you have a killer USP like how to
get 100 visitors a day starting in 30 days.

Which sounds like a big claim.

Some good tips in the article today.

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C. STOP OVERCOMPLICATING part 2: Even LESS Things You Gotta
Do To Make Money Online And Sell Your Stuff To People Who Buy It

By Marlon Sanders


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Here we go…

I don't get it.

There's something about the human brain that makes everything
seem more complicated than it really is.

The stuff that you gotta do in Internet marketing isn't
rocket science for the most part. Not unless you get into the
really advanced stuff.

Part of the role of “gurus” is to think of more and more stuff
to make it more and more complicated so they can sell more and

And if you have a niche, you should do the same in your own
charming way.

But for me, for whatever reasons, I like making things simple.
Many others CLAIM to do that right in the context of over-
complicating everything under the guise of making it simple.

It's like Photoshop Elements.

Here are the BASICS. These are ALL explained in ONE Design
Dashboard video — The 20 MINUTE bonus walk through. If you
HAVE Design Dashboard and have NOT watched that 20 minute
walkthrough, go to, log in, go to the
bonuses and find the one that's the 20 minute walk through.

If you have Elements 6.0 it is THE SAME as 5.0 as far as what
we do. The ONLY difference is the change in looks.

Here's the stuff:

File new canvass, 650 W x 150 pixels H.  72 resolution, RGB,

Now you got yourself a header.  Click the T for text.  Type.
Select Impact Font size 48.

Hit the gradient tool.  Select a gradient.  Ctr/Cmd and click
on the T in the layers pallette to get the marching ants around
the text.

Drag a line from top to bottom of the text.

POOF!  Instant gradient.

Now go to EDIT Stroke, 1 pixel, black.  OK.  Now you have a nice
little line around your text.

Now go to effects, click layers and select drop shadow.
Pick one and hit APPLY. Now you got yourself a drop shadow.

Open a picture, select all, edit, paste into selection. Now you
have a picture as a background.  Decrease opacity.  Control T
and move it around.

Is THAT so all complicated you cannot do it?

Really, folks.  It's NOT hard.

My point is you spend all this time fearing Photoshop and thinking
it's some BIG MONSTER. And in about 20 minutes ONE video can show
you all the basics.

You gotta know inserting type and sizing it, apply gradient, add
stroke, add drop shadow.

You gotta add a pattern and pictures to the background.

I'm NOT claiming to turn you into some master Photoshop artist.
But knowing the basics?  You NEED to know. And it's not some huge

Ditto with the other basics like going into,
Aweber or Getresponse and setting up an opt in form, copying and
pasting the code.

Need to PODCAST?

1.  Download audacity

2.  Hit record

3.  Talk

4.  Save as mp3

5.  Open up Sonic Memo

6.  Pick player

7.  Save

8.  Upload

Here's a little tutorial on how to put your podcast into your
Wordpress blog:

Need video?

Open Camtasia or Camstudio.  Select screen area. Hit record.
Talk.  Save.  Upload.  Learn this TODAY.  Camstudio is FREE and
easy to learn.  Camtasia is a great product.

What about a mike?  I've found that for starting out, Plantronics
headsets work great.  Later, you can get an Eidorol and higher
quality mike.

Frankly, to start, grab about ANY mike you have.  Practice.  You'll
at LEAST learn.  Then upgrade as you go.  Try out different

You need to learn this.


You gotta be able to insert tables, position graphics, select
font sizes.  I think it's really NICE to know how to screen cap
a subhead font and then insert the image.

Also, you should know how to put a nice shadow around your table.
That's a bit more complicated but not bad.

Most people use Dreamwever. It's the standard.  You can also get
by with Microsoft Expression Web.  In Design Dashboard we taught
Evrsoft, a free html editor that's pretty robust.

Don't have a name squeeze page?  You open your html editor.
Insert table. Center.  Fill out web form info at Aweber, Getresponse
or  Go to “code” area of html editor.

PASTE and save.

Now you have a name squeeze!  OMG!  It didn't cost you an arm and
a leg either.  You did it yourself.

Have you LOOKED at the Double Your Dating name squeeze?

If you CAN'T DO that, you need practice. Seriously.  Insert
table. Center.  Add code.  Save and done.

Oops, I forgot. To dress it up add a headline and bullet points.
Maybe even a picture of what they get. The ebook or report cover
you can outsource, although Design Dashboard shows how to do
them too.


1.  There IS a set of skills you need to learn
2.  These are fairly basic skills
3.  You need confidence and proficiency in doing them
4.  That comes through practice
5.  You do NOT gotta do all the super ninja stuff to sell and make
6.  You DO gotta do the basics
7.  Most people AVOID the pain of learning the basics and focus
on super ninja stuff
8.  You go super NINJA AFTER you have your basics in place
9.  Always work on the basics and never forsake them
10. Gurus have a vested interest in selling super ninja stuff since
people are totally enamored with buying bright, shiny objects
which is MUCH more exciting than buying something that teaches
the basics
11.  Grasshopper says you don't need to spend $5000 to learn the
basics. But you can if you have the money and want to. Nothing
wrong with it.

A lot of people will spend $3000 to $5000 for advanced methods
(or even basic ones) before they'll spend a few weeks (or less)
learning the basics.

I mean, if you can't format TEXT, insert tables, format and
email, set up a web form for your opt ins, and do the basic
stuff, I question spending those huge fees for advanced marketing.

I totally and completely believe in education and training.  But
there is a sequence to things.  I think you START with the basics.
You don't start with advanced ninja marketing stuff.

And yeah, I KNOW some say just to outsource it. Fine, if you have
the budget. But even then, you'll STILL pull your hair out waiting
for a freelancer to do what YOU could have done in 2 minutes with
fairly minimal knowledge.

Don't get me wrong.  I use freelancers and employees.  But in
the beginning I did it myself.

There IS a time and a place for outsourcing. And when you launch
that first site, yeah, you might wanna use a graphic designer to do
something slick.

Still doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to put together a quick and
dirty page or graphic yourself.  Or edit the font, text or picture
that a designer sends you.

You have to LEARN to see a little deeper sometimes.

When I say STOP OVERCOMPLICATING, what I mean is:

1.  You gotta get traffic from one of these — pay-per-click, article
writing and submission, banner ads, affiliate program or joint
ventures (part of an affiliate program).

Pick ONE and become an expert in it. After that, you can add a second.
But you start with ONE and learn it inside and out and make it work.
I don't care which one. Pick one.  Pay per click is good but costs
money.  The Evergreen Traffic System is great but requires time.
Affiliate programs are GREAT if you can network.  Banner ads are
great in niches where you can BUY them.

2.  You gotta have a name squeeze page that offers a very enticing
freebie to people for getting on your list.

3.  You gotta have emails

4.  You gotta have a sales letter, sales teleseminar, sales video
or sales podcast.

Something has gotta GET people to buy.

Now, here are my questions:

1.  Do you have your target market?

If you don't, get

2.  Do you have a way to get traffic?

If you don't, try: or

3.  Do you have a name squeeze page?

Design Dashboard will teach you how.  But to start, try hiring He is inexpensive and knows what to do.

4.  Do you know how to write and format an email?

If you don't, READ the emails you get from me or whoever.  But LOOK
and observe.  Learn from others.

5.  Do you know how to sell via a sales letter, teleseminar, audio
or video?

WATCH what others DO and HOW they do it. That is how you learn.


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