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Tell Me Your Opinion On Product Creation!


I'm updating some of our products. 

I need your opinion on:


My questions are:  Are all your problems and issues about product creation are solved?  Is there something I can help you with?  Are there issues you have on this topic that appear to NOT be covered in the above 2 products?  Are you even still interested in creating your own info product?  If you have NOT bought the above products, why not?  What do I need to add to entice you to buy?

Is there something about what you want or need I'm totally missing or overlooking?

Just hit COMMENTS to express your opinion.  Your voice counts!


  • vikki says:

    Marlon, I am a newbie Affiliate Marketeer and have a lot to learn. I very serious about the Internet Business that I want to build but have not yet found the right resources and a person who is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Looking for a mentor who is knowledgeable and is willing to train me on his products and help me build a business online and allow me to pay for performance rather than upfront. Interested in : eBook Creation Membership Sites Affiliate Marketing

    [Vikki, successful don't have anything to prove.  I suggest you go to any college in the U.S., any book author, any accomplished person in any field and tell them if they train you fro free, you'll pay them later.  It ain't gonna happen.  No pay.  No play.  There are no freebies in life.]

  • Dave says:

    I have not bought do to the High Price Tag & the lack of a Physical Product to receive…I'd rather not stare at the computer reading & prefer to have a product that I can take on the go…audio for mp3, car & dvds… Good to see you finally got a blog & are doing product demos w/videos

    [Marlon's comment:  I've lost you.  I don't teach people to start by staring at their computer.  What I do teach in Action Grid and is to start with an audio product and a transcript.  Camtasia video is fine too. I don't recommend "real" video to start with. It's way too difficult.  Writing is also too time consuming for most people.  Glad you like the blog. Why don't you get busy and do some audio?  In 2-3 days you can have a product.]

  • Dave says:

    As requested from my last comment some stuff I already know in your Action Grid: How to create my own minisites Registering domains What to include in webcopy Detailed Tracking For Free Autoresponders How to track ppc keywords How To Create Audio BTW: This does look like a great product, & I'm sure that as it covers pretty much everything that a lot of people need such a product. My suggestion is to perhaps do more focused products for those of us who already have some experience but need help in a particular area. Sure you can re-purpose some of your existing content for this, add the appropiate templates etc… Personally I would be interested in a focused product on creating cd's, to be exact – how to set up a cd with sceen cap videos, so it auto starts etc. Thanks, Dave.

    [Marlon's comment:  Good comments Dave.  Thanks for visiting here.]

  • Marlon The Affiliate Dashboard is Your latest Product Creation that has been jaw dropping to me. I'm currently locked in and focused on Targeted Traffic Generation, List Building, Conversions Funnels that are EverGreen in nature. Such as the Affiliate Dashboard, You have certainly convinced me about the priority of an Affiliate Program to Generate Free Traffic that is win, win situation for everyone. I'm desiring to include as many Fire Fighters and Christians in What You recommend, to learn how to MARKET because what I gather is You share EverGreen Concepts.

    [Marlon's comment:  Hi Jim, thanks for the comments!  I didn't print all your post here. It was a bit long. But thanks for your enthusiasm and I wish you success.]

  • Leo says:

    Is there anyway you can create a payment plan for the Action Grid and the Deluxe versions?

    [Marlon's reply: Sure, how many payments do you want?]

  • Bill says:

    How do I know? You asked me if there were issues not covered… but all you did was send me to sales sites? The best answer I can give you is whether the issue are covered in the SALES LETTER. I haven't purchased the products, because I'm tired of paying good money for products that don't deliver. Sure, in almost all cases I've gotten my money back on those products… but that whole cycle gets tiring. I'd just once like to find a product that lives up to it's salesletter and actually gives me the info I need to post a success. So many courses give me a great formula for creating the product, then step 232 is: put it online and sell it. Arghhh! If it were that easy, I'd be selling anything and everything online!! Marlon, tell me EVERYTHING I need to do (or at least give me a strong indication), and I'd buy your product and recommend it to everybody!

    [Marlon's response: Bill, let's be honest here.  You aren't buying a franchise.  You're buying ebooks that cost less than a steak dinner, and in most cases have information 10X better than an equally priced book at the bookstore.  I fail to see how you're a victim here of anything but excessive expecations.  If you want EVERYTHING from A to Z and hand holding, buy a franchise.  Of course, it'll cost you $250,000 more than those ebooks did.]

  • Dave says:

    You asked: 'What do I need to add to entice you to buy?' I'll keep my reply short as possible, I could write pages, but basically: Everyone claims in their marketing blurb that if you buy their product, it will solve this or that problem, that they know their target market (me) have. Everyone makes rash claims to entice me to buy their amazing solution to making lots of money. Obviously they do this because they know that this is what their target market (me) really wants! But the reality of their product is much, much different. In many cases they PLAY with the English language, and mislead people INTENTIONALLY to part with what little money they have. It may tell you how you COULD do this or that, but it never tells you, EXACTLY what to do. So eventually you get jaded because you have tried all the crazy schemes on the planet, that you've run out of trust, time, and money. There's a general saying… If something can't be explained in a few sentences, then it's to complicated, and will never get done. So what can the honourable product developer do, what's the solution ? Develop a simple plan that actually works and actually makes some reasonable money. Which if scaled up can make lots of money.

    [Marlon's comment:  What I do is teach people how to get traffic and sell.  I do have some really good problem-solving products that are step-by-step.  If you've seen the Design Dashboard, it doesn't get any more step-by-step than that.  The Affiliate Dashboard is pretty step-by-step too.  What I recommend you do is learn how to MARKET. Then, you can sell what you want.]

  • Does ghostwriting really work? I can't imagine how someone can accept to promote a material that was written by someone else and considers himself an expert. I am hearing a lot that top experts out there are using ghostwriters, but is that really true? How is that?!! I think that this method is used by marketers not experts. What do you think?! Am I correct or do I have a self-limiting belief 🙂 ?

    [Marlon's comment:  You are talking about selling ebooks to niches.  I see no problem with that.  You are HIRING someone with expertise to create the product.  Often, but not always, the ad uses their name and credentials.  Now, if the product is shoddy and not written by an expert, I do see issues there,depending on the scenario.  Anyway, the way I teach product creation, you don't need to hire a ghostwriter.  And my products are created by myself in collaboration with my team.]

  • James says:

    Hi Marlon!You asked if you could help anything with. I've got already a product(data base sevice), now I've to sell it. I don't know how to do it. Is onley one sales e-mail enough or shall I send more e-mails?Thank for you help

    [James, you need a series of emails, as many as 300!  But they need to provide information and not just a pitch.  You need to email your list once a week, if not more.]

  • Dave says:

    Hi, I like the idea of the fill in the blank templates in the action grid. Right now I am most interested in creating cd's and dvd's. I want to know how to set up a cd with screen capture videos – I can create the videos just need the mechanics of putting 'em on a cd as a product. your products look good – but with the action grid I'm putting off paying for that as their is alot of info I either don't need or already know. So instead of covering all that broad info why not also offer some more focused products (such as just creating cd products and provide label/case templates just for that with this product? I also would buy all the 'fill in the blank' templates offered in the action grid product if provided as a product in of itself. Thanks, Dave.

    [Marlon's response: Good comments Dave.  I'll see what we can do. What parts of Action Grid do you not need or already know?]

  • Javier says:

    I think if you set up the "yourownproducts" product as a " product creation dashboard" or "product in 30 days" with activity assignments each day, it would be a much stronger draw. People like step by step instructions. Look, all your products look wonderful but where do you start??? Affiliate dashboard – not until you have your own product. Is it teaching you how to be an affiliate, or get an army of affiliates to sell your product? Action grid – better know how to build a website first, right? Design Dashboard – OK now you know a little how to design but do you have a product? Before I even create a product should I be finding out if it will even sell first or find out somehow what the market wants? So that's amazing formula I'll stop whining and change my diaper now.

    [Marlon's comments:  Javier, Gimme My Money Now covers all of the above although maybe not in granular detail.  I think you bring up very good issues.  What would your ideal system be?  Was the Marketing Dashboard at not A to Z enough?  What did I leave out for you?]

  • Luana says:

    Hi Marlon I joined your affiliate program which I must say is excellent :-)so I didn't have to create my own products. I have tried to create my own but I am such a perfectionist that it takes me forever and I am never statisfied with the result so I give up. No sorry, I haven't purchased your products purely because I am suffering from information overload and have already spent way tooooo much money on products and how to courses and guides etc. I am slowly becoming more focused and I have more self discipline now. I would love to see a affiliate link to join your affiliate program itself. My main online activity deals with affiliate marketing and how you can do it for free and I would love to be able to recommend your affiliate program to my entire list and include it in my toolbar of resources. I have searched you promotions page and can only find links for your products. I may have overlooked it though. Thanks for your time Luana Andrew

    [Luana, that would be a 2-level program.  I don't offer a second tier commission due to legal issues.  Have you tried creating a product just by doing audio interviews with people and recording them?  Or selling a teleconference?  I recommend you try that.]

  • Frederic says:

    Hi! The Amazing Formula rocks! For me I don't have much of an issue with creating products. I have experienced good success so far. I have created and sell 12+ info products. But now I'm going to try something in a new market where I have no experience selling, so it's going to be a lot of fun to start a new mailing list there! I would like to know how to create a bestselling ebook on clickbank, and get lots of affiliate to sell it.

    [Marlon's response:  Congratulations on your success!  I agree on Clickbank. Sometimes I scratch my head on how some of the ebooks there are bestsellers.]

  • BDM says:

    $$$$$$ if i had $900

    [Editor Response: is a lot less than that.]

  • Mark says:

    If your a newbie, how on earth do you start without a list to market to? If your techie oriented,all that seems to be left is joining pre-made sites and networking? That leaves the affiliate road right? Thanks

    [Marlon's comment:  Hi Mark, I understand your frustration.  And it does echo what a lot of people feel.  At the end of the day, all I have is my own personal experience.  So I can tell you what I personally did and what a lot of people I know in the business have done.  I’ll share this in a Saturday ezine issue.  Thanks for posting Mark and I wish you a lot of success in whatever path you choose.]

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