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The Absolutely, Completely Stupid Way To Making Hundreds Of Sales




Marlon here.

Today's article is a DOOZY….

“The Absolutely, Completely Stupid Way To Making  Hundreds Of Sales”

What I have to say today is stupid.

Really, really stupid.

Yet it could make you hundreds of sales just as soon as you apply it.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 5, #14, March 27, 2010

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor advertisement

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article:  The Absolutely, Completely Stupid
Way To Making Hundreds Of Sales

D. Resources

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C. Main Article: The Absolutely, Completely Stupid
Way To Making Hundreds Of Sales

What I have to say today is stupid.

Really, really stupid.

Yet it could make you hundreds of sales just as soon as you apply it.

I'll also reveal how just a sales letter that is only HALF complete and
totally misses the point can actually make sales.

Last summer in my city of San Antonio, Texas, we had a drought.

It was pretty bad.

You could only water using a sprinkler for 2 hours
a week during an assigned time. My time was 8 p.m
to 10 p.m. on a Friday night.

Like I was going to stay home every Friday night to water.  Please!

So anyway, THIS summer I have hades to pay.

My back yard resembles a jungle.

Now, in the front yard I paid someone to hand remove the weeds.

And I hand pulled them out myself also.

And I STILL got weeds.  Before you laugh at my pain
and mysery, I want to show you how you can do something better.

You can make sales from my pain, your pain and the pains other people have.

I know you may think because some people call me a marketing
wizard, I should also be good at lawn care.  And yeah,
I know you think I got the world's best landscaper.

Which only shows how much you don't understand about this topic.

See, sometimes you only understand a pain by having the
pain or talking to someone else about it. And how YOU
understand it isn't how THEY understand it.

Go on Craigs List.  LOOK to see if anyone has an ad
that says “I'll blast your WEEDS to a place the sun
don't shine and keep them permanently banned there
until the battle of Armaggeddon.

Bet you don't see that ad.

Now, I can have my yard LANDSCAPED.

I don't NEED landscaping!  I got WEEDS.  I got PAIN.

See?  I don't need landscaping. I don't WANT landscaping.
I want to blast these weeds to a place where the sun
don't shine for like a L-O-N-G, L-O-N-G time!

Now, in making this embarrassing confession, I'm quite
aware some other Internet marketer will try to score
points by showing their carefully manicured yard and
pointing out they pay THEIR landscaper 100 g's a year –or whatever.

One upmanship in this business is a way of life.  I'm a
marketer, not a gardener.  Trust me on this one.

That's got NOTHING to do with the point of this article.
And really, I don't need you to post all your weed getting rid of tips on my blog.

Seriously.  This article is NOT about weeds.

It's about PAIN and understanding what hot buttons REALLY
are and how stupid marketers are and how to make hundreds
of sales by being really STUPID.

… Stupid enough to find out what the REAL PAIN is and
sell a solution to IT instead of what you THINK the solution should be.

Which is something I always think about in my business.
Am I missing YOUR PAIN?

See, to me, you find a problem that's a good topic for
an info product and in a target group of people where
they also spend money on a repeat basis and for larger items.

Then you create and sell the front-end product (the
initial sale for those of you who stupidly haven't
read Amazing Formula).

Then you make the back end sales.

Did you know 324 people a day search for:
“how to kills weeds” on yahoo, Google and msn?
(according to Traffic Travis)

173 a day search for “how to get rid of weeds”

That's 500 people a day searching, not including the
traffic you could get on the content network and via
banner advertising like Joel showed you how to do on the
webinar I sponsored with him.

That's roughly 15,000 searches a month.

Anyway, I'm off the topic….

See, hop on over to

Type in WEEDS.  Or “Get Rid of Weeds”.

Here is the #1 relevant result I get:

“The Secret of A Great Lawn Without Needing a Professional ñ You Can Do
It And I Can Show You How!”

A Great Looking Lawn Doesn't Have To Cost Hundreds
Of Dollars Or Require The Use Of A Professional Lawn
Care Service.  All You Need Is This Incredible Book!

Now, that's a beautiful web site and I'm certain it's an awesome ebook.

But a beautiful lawn is a LONG WAY away from my mind.

I got WEEDS.

Do you get it?

I don't want a freaking ebook about a beautiful lawn.
I want to get rid of these weeds.

Now, I went down to my home depot and asked them.

Actually, I had to search about 10 minutes before I could
even find anyone to talk to.

THEN the guy I talked to was apparently a contractor caring
for their plants. And he didn't “supposed” to talk to me.

But he said I probably had Bermuda and I needed XZY product.

So I tried a little test patch.


Now, not only do I got weeds. I got dead grass.

Come to find out, if you put the wrong stuff on there you kill your grass.

Now I know someone is sayin' “How come you just don't hire someone?”


I had a guy come out. Gave me a very professional analysis. Said
he'd give me a quote.  NEVER got back to me and I can't find his card.

Had someone else call me.  I called them back and didn't even get
a  voice mail.

Fortunately, over SUSHI last night, I met a GUY at the sushi bar
who told me HOW TO get rid of these blasted weeds.

So guys and gals, you can relax.  My lawn is SAVED.

But I DID find an ebook on Clickbank I might order:

I won't give you the link because the sales letter is HALF
FINISHED! Seriously.  The letter is only half finished.

But he has a 4-day lawn turnaround.

I figure my lawn could use THAT!

Now, if the sales letter is only half finished, I figure the ebook
probably is too. So maybe I won't buy it.

But even HIS sales letter doesn't talk about my problem….


Here's the point:

Do Your Customers Have WEEDS?

See, if YOUR customers have weeds, and you're talking to them
about beautiful lawns, they probably feel like cussing you out.


1.  The desire for pleasure, i.e. get a beautiful lawn

2.  The desire to get rid of pain, i.e. get rid of weeds

If you're talking about one and your customers have another, it's a problem.

How to make STUPID money

Did you know you can actually make sales by being stupid? That's
right.  Stupid enough to not listen to your own advice and your own ideas.

And stupid enough to listen to the pain of your customers or
potential customers.

If you THINK the lesson of today's article is that you should go
write an ebook about weeds, you really and truly haven't heard a
thing I've said.

It's NOT about weeds.  Weeds have nothing to do with it.

It's about what goes on inside of people's heads and what
motivates them to take action.

You know, you'd THINK some of these stupid “lawn mowing” services
would pass out fliers on houses with weeds that say:

“Get rid of your weeds in 6 weeks — guaranteed.”

But they don't.

They mail you fliers for lawn mowing.

Anyone can mow a lawn.

If I wanted business, what I'd do is send out fliers that said,

“I'll banish your weeds to a place where the sun don't shine and
they'll NEVER come back again or you don't pay me”

Dear Neighbor,

I freaking hate weeds.

Can't stand the sob's.

I supposed I have a psychological hang up. It gives me great
pleasure to kill the suckers and banish them to a place where
the sun don't shine.

I don't know what a psychologist would say about that.

But if you have weeds, I'll guarantee you one thing.  I'll get
rid of those nasty suckers and they won't EVER bother you again.

Here's the story:

…. then I'd tell a story and go into benefits about how easy
it was and all that.  If you don't know how to write benefits
then you need to read Amazing Formula again and re-listen to the
audio that comes with Push Button Letters and re-read Ockham's Razor.

Anyway, do you see how you could run a 20 or 30 person business
and probably do a million dollars a year in weed prevention
services by being STUPID and understanding the PAIN people have?

See, no one wants to get rid of weeds?  It doesn't impress their
relatives to say they get rid of weeds.

“Oh, I'm a landscape manicurist and I create beautiful lawns.”
Now THAT s what everyone wants to be.  That sounds all impressive and stuff.

But STUPID thinking is just “what's the pain and how do I get RID
of it and banish it to a place where they ain't ever gonna be no sun.”

So the question is, do YOUR customers have weeds?

Are their “weeds” addressed by existing info products?

I know this is a stupid article.

It's about a trivial problem I have … weeds in my yard.

Fortunately, all is well because I had sushi last night and
the dude there told me how to get rid of 'em.  He has a little
secret none of his OTHER neighbors know.

And his yard always looks great year around and is greener
faster than anyone else's.  How cool is that?

Now, in Internet marketing, there are lots of pains. I've built
my solutions around getting rid of these pains:

1. The pain of creating an info product

2.  The pain of designing a web site and not knowing how to do it

3.  The pain of getting people to buy

4.  The pain of getting traffic

(although the traffic issue is one I'm still working on for
a more elegant solution).

5.  The pain of overshelm

6.  The pain of sporadic income

7.  The pain of getting new customers and making sales

8.  The pain of not seeing the big picture

But maybe you got “weeds” and I have missed YOUR PAIN.

If I have, then tell me.

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
the Internet.


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  • Dave Osmonson says:


    Thanks for the post and I really like the way you present yourself and the detail. Refreshing!

    Now I do have a question and it is about my blog. I purchased the setup of my blog for $49 and I pay a $12 monthly fee (hosting), but I do not make enough to even pay the monthly charge! Now I know that I fall into that "newbie" category, but I also know that if I cannot turn this around, how long do I stay with this blog? I guess what my real question is, what CAN I do to turn this into a profit at some point? I certainly put the effort in, but I am also limited in my budget. So if you could provide me with any feedback, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks much and nice post.

    Regards, Dave Osmonson

    [Hi Dave, I teach creating and promoting your own products more than I teach the blogging model. Blogging is an seo model and it isn't my specialty. Normally it can take up to a year to build up organic traffic. It's a long term game. In tight niches though you can do it in as little as a month. You' got to create or outsource lots of content, and drive lots of inbound links to the content on your blog targeting specific keywords. Go to and read Terry Kyle for some interesting ideas on creating links.]

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