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The New Info Product Model That Will Change Your Life and Your Profits — This Year


Marlon here.

There’s a new launch model that CRUSHES.

It’s very different from the “old” launch models. Those models still work. But this is a NEW MODEL.

My latest, newest discovery is very exciting.

Here’s what I’ve observed:

1.  Some info marketers promote one product over and over for 2 or even 3 months.

That’s ok if you’re running ads and have a big dollar “back end.”

But that’s not my thing.  I have NO attention to detail and struggle to stay on top of ad numbers daily. I find it very distasteful.

2.  Other marketers bring in the dough by only selling $5,000 or $10,000 coaching

I’m not with that. What about the rest of the people who need help?

What about the legal exposure from having to sell people who are relatively cold to you and your business?

I’m just not on board with it.

3.  Most people only launch every 2 to 3 months. So there’s a surge of income. Then it’s a bit of a dry run until the next launch.

You tend to see feast or famine or up and down income in between launches.

3.  Launches suck up your life and dominate everything. They’re a real drain.  And a hassle with your merchant account.

Everytime you launch it’s tough.  Late nights. Problems.  Things blowing up. A mad rush to serve affiliates. All the support tickets.

4.  Low ticket models are great.  But you really need to bring in some REAL dollars to pay all the bills.

It seems like every bill you get is $300 or more.

If you aren’t selling products in the same or greater price points, you have to sell 30 $10 products just to pay that $300 bill for the plumber.

And it’s a lot more to pay the dentist or auto repair guy.

5.  And then there’s audience building.

You need a way to build your audience without paid media.

6.  Psychic vampire customers who suck the soul and life out of you

This latest, newest discovery SOLVES those problems
and gives you the best of all worlds:

1.  Regular cash flow from regular launches

You won’t have feast or famine.  You’ll have cash flow consistently and evened out with this model.

2.  Launches without the big bursts that make it so hard to manage

3.  You can go from idea to launch within a few hours, yet get paid premium prices. And product delivery won’t suck the soul out of you.

4.  You avoid psychic vampires that suck the soul out of you

You want ideal customers not psychic vampires.  You know the customers I’m talking about. They find the cloud in every silver lining.  No matter how incredible your product is they complain.

5.  Price points across the spectrum, so you have plenty of extra money for bills and surprises

6.  A way to build an audience every day without paid ads.

When I saw this I immediately thought:  Oh my gosh, this is brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this?

It’s beyond the scope of this post to lay out the new model. That’ll take a whole product to do. I’m working on it right this minute.

With that said, here are 3 things that will change your IDEAS about launching:

One, launches don’t need to take six months to do.

Most of us can’t afford to spend six months on a launch without making money from it! Taht’s pretty crazy. But even if we could, that’s a big risk. If the launch flops, you just lost six months of income! That’s a huge hit.

Two, you do NOT have to sell big tickets over the phone.

There’s nothing wrong with this model if it’s your thing. My friend Flo excels at it. He loves it. It’s just not my personal cup of tea. More power to people who love it.

My jam is small tickets, mid tickets and bigger tickets that can be sold without phone calls.

Three, launches do NOT have to be a soul-sucking, life-consuming event.

I recommend you do launches that are more like breathing.

You do them all the time.

They’re part of your daily, weekly and monthly routine.

And you actually ENJOY doing them.

The KEY To Doing Consistent FREEDOM Launches Vs. Soul-Sucking Launches Is One Thing:

As long as your lead flow is DEPENDENT on launch partners, you’re going to be stuck in a really tough cycle of launches where your true customers are your affiliates.

I have nothing against the model. I use affilaites but on a private basis on my terms.

Big launches that rely totally on affiliates can suck the life out of you.

Instead, I recommend you use content marketing and distribution to get your lead flow going. Then, you aren’t trapped into appeasing affiliates with your launches. You can then create the products YOU want to create, with the content YOU believe in at the price YOU want to charge.

See, affiliates probably won’t like YOUR topics. They won’t like YOUR price points. They won’t agree with YOUR content. Because their goal is something that SELLS not something that SERVES people with YOUR true view of the world.

Now, again, I’m NOT against launching with affiliates. But being DEPENDENT on those can be a trap.

You’re stuck creating products for the lowest common denominator customers who are often bottom feeders. They don’t want to work. They have no time. They want everything to be push button easy.

In short, they’re DELUSIONAL about how you build a real business.

And you want to put THESE customers on your list? I DON’T THINK SO!

You want real customers who understand you get out what you put in. Who want the TRUTH, not some push button crap that’s a fantasy.

So the whole key is being able to break FREE.

FREEDOM LAUNCHES are the exact opposite. You get to create topics you KNOW will help people that aren’t b.s. You get to launch at YOUR price points. You get to do it YOUR way.

You’re free of those snide comments “This sounds like it’s too much work” or “this topic doesn’t appeal to my list.”

Yeah, it doesn’t appeal to your piece of crap list because it’s a bunch of people who don’t want to work, who have fantasy of making money by pushing a button once a day, and who don’t want to watch a video that’s longer than 5 minutes long!

Thank you very much. But I’ll pass. And you can keep your customers. Have at it.

If you want to find out about the FREEDOM LAUNCH SYSTEM and how to launch early and often and bring in more sales and profits YOUR way on YOUR topics at YOUR price points, then get on my email list by going to and subscribing to get my free Seed Marketing Report.

  • Rick Ellwood says:

    Really looking forward to this new system Marlon, it sounds very exciting and exactly what I need.

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