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The Newbie’s Start From Scratch And Build Your Autopiloted Bank Deposits in 7 Steps




Saturday, June 20
10:19 a.m.


Marlon here.

This week's big special report download:

Newbies Step-By-Step From Scratch
Gameplan To Build a True Semi-Auto Piloted
Internet Business (Or Even An Empire)

Subtitle: How I Started My Business At Home
From Scratch Out of A 600 Square Foot Apartment
With a 386 computer and a dot matrix printer…
then grew it into a 6 figure autopiloted income,
discovered the Internet lifestyle is true — and
travelled the world.

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Minute. You can upgrade and get the advanced Alist version
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— How I got started from a 600 square foot apartment
— How my friend John made $300 with only 10 people on his list
— Brief synopsis of my story
— The simple marketing system I've been using since 1994
— Secrets of the marketing funnel
— Examples of target markets
— The 2 things you MUST look for in a target audience
— The secret to auto pilot money in the bank
— How to have bank deposits made when you do NOT work
— How to get people on your email list

If you're too busy working at a job or running your online
business to make any real money, then today's in-depth report may
be the most important you'll read ALL year.

It holds nothing back, so you may be taken back a bit.

Feel free to take this PDF and stick it on your web site, blog,
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Marlon Sanders

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #21, June 13, 2009

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement: How To Save BIG On a Bundle of
My Products. The NEW Cash Like Clockwork System

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: Link to the PDF download

D. Services You Can Use

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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Newbies Step-By-Step From Scratch
Gameplan To Build a True Semi-Auto Piloted
Internet Business (Or Even An Empire)

Subtitle: How I Started My Business At Home
From Scratch Out of A 600 Square Foot Apartment
With a 386 computer and a dot matrix printer…
then grew it into a 6 figure autopiloted income,
discovered the Internet lifestyle is true — and
travelled the world.

By Marlon Sanders
If you're reading this article, you're probably
not a customer of mine yet.

My customers who have bought in the past 6 months
and are

So you wanna start from scratch and stick some
dough in your bank account.

Hey, I don't blame ya. You got bills to pay,
a retirement to worry about. A mortgage payment.
A car payment.

Whew! That doesn't even include kids, gas and clothes.
No wonder you wanna bring in some dough part time and
possibly even full time on the Net.

I started in this business way way way back on AOL
and Compuserve. I'd run a little freebie classified
ad offering a report.

People would email me and I'd hand email them back.
Things weren't very automated back then and they've
thankfully come a very long ways.

But get this: I use the SAME formula today as I did
back then and you can too.

I started out of a tiny 600 square foot apartment,
where I barely had any room for books or courses.
I had a little white wooden press board desk my friend
Kelli gave me.

I had a 386 computer I bought from the Dax mail order
catalog not to mention the dotmatrix computer. I must
say I'm VERY happy to have a faster computer today.

If you can write or you can talk, you might find this is
the perfect business for you.

Now, I'm known as the “King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing

So in a minute, I'm going to lay some step-by-step goodness
on you to prove and demonstrate I really AM the King.

So what took me from that tiny 600 square foot apartment
to world travel, highly prestigious speaking engagements
around the world and even to having the organization for
genius folks (Mensa) put one of my products in their
online catalog?

What allowed me to bring in 100's of thousands of dollars
a year like I have for years now while working so little
time in a day it's almost embarrasing? (I consider 30 minutes
to an hour a good day's work).

The answer is what I dubbed many years “The Amazing Formula
That Sells Products Like Crazy.”

See, either you trade products for dollars or you trade
time for dollars.

I'd a lot rather trade products, so I can spend MY time the
way I wanna spend it.

Here's my little step-by-step System for doing that:

Step One: Find a group of people who are passionate and
buy lots of stuff, especially expensive stuff.

a. Given the choice of selling to broke people or people
with money, it's better to sell to people with money!

b. Find people who not only spend money but spend it over
and over and over.

Here's an example: Golfers.

Do you golf or know anyone who does? Chances are they
have golf equipment, gloves, ebooks on how to golf, books,
cd's or courses on it, and so forth.

Avid golfers just can't get enough stuff that will help
them golf better! And they're willing to pay good money
to improve their game.

Oh, they buy over and over and over.

Or take my dad.

He builds model airplanes…you know, the kind you fly
on remote control. Talk about an expensive hobby! Those
planes cost $1,000 and $2,000 each for the kits!

And then there are plans you can buy, videos, dvd's —
all kinds of stuff.

Step Two: Look at what the people BUY and spend money on
over and over.

a. All things being equal, it's better to sell 'em something
similar to what they're already buying.

No use reinventing the wheel too much.

b. Study the web sites they go to, blogs they read and the
forums they go to.

(Side note: If you don't have my Promo Dashboard and Product
Dashboard, they show you step by step how to do this. Those
2 are part of what I call my Basics Pack for newbies to get
up and running super quick with a minimum of time spent
trying to figure stuff out. It's the ultimate in step-by-step

Step three: Look at what people buy to START with and then
what they over and over or things they buy that are more

We call this the marketing funnel.

Typically, a new customer buys something cheap. Then they buy
things that are more expensive.

You want to have a little funnel of stuff that becomes more
expensive as they go along.

Step four: Create a freebie to get people on your email

I did this way back in the AOL days by running classified
ads. But I had to send the reports or freebies by hand.
Today a thing called an autoresponder does it for you.

(Tip: If you need to save a bundle of money, get this
all in 1 system that includes your affiliate software,
ad trackers and all kinds of other stuff. I recommend
the freebie trial to check it out:
Many famous marketers started with this system)

Step five: Send 2-5 emails a week

Once you get people on your email list, send offers for
affiliate products until you have your own. See, you
can sell OTHER people's products and get a commission
for doing so.

If you want to see what my affiliate program looks like,
just go to and you can scope it all

Here's the thing: Even if you only have 10 people on
your email list, you need to start sending emails and
learn how to write emails that get people to click.

That's really key.

My friend John Alanis at did that.
And when he had 10 people on his list, one of 'em bought
his $300 product!

He started sending out daily emails and it worked like
a charm. It works for me also and many of my friends.
And I'm pretty sure that if you follow this formula,
it'll work for YOU also.

Now, I like to lead with cheap offers. Usually under
$100 and sometimes under $10. But it really depends on
your list.

There's a method that works gangbusters a lot of
more advanced marketers use called a “dime sale.” I'll
tell you about it sometime. So stay tuned.

Step six: Mix in content, entertainment and good stuff
with your promotional emails.

Do NOT send all pitches. Add in links to videos or
podcasts. Or do little articles that have content like
I'm sending you.

Make people WANT to stay on your list and read your

Step seven: Once people buy, sell 'em more expensive

You know, move 'em up your funnel.

That's what I do. Once you buy from me, you move onto
my Alist version of Marlon's Marketing Minute that contains
more advanced information and secrets.

And, of course, I don't just promote my Dashboards in
there. I have coaching programs and other things that
provide really incredible value but do have a bit higher
price tag. Still, my Alist customers get exposed to real

All you gotta do to be ON my Alist and get my advanced
ezine issues is buy every six months.

If you don't buy after six months, you revert to my
standard issue you're reading now. Which is STILL the
most content-packed weekly ezine anywhere in Internet

Other marketers ONLY send you content during their product
launches. And then they just hammer you with pitch after
pitch for all their JV buddies they only emails to!

I recommend you do what I do.

Regularly create little videos, emails, podcasts or other
forms of content or entertaining things that your customers
will love and send 'em out.

Here's the AUTOPILOT part:

Once you get emails that work, you just stick 'em in your
autoresponder and the sales happen automagically!

This is the greatest feeling in the world.

You'll be so jazzed, pumped and excited when you realize you
don't have to even show up for work and you'll STILL have
sales coming in and money being deposited in your bank

This is what's so freaking awesome about Internet marketing.

Now, let's summarize my 7-step Gameplan for you:
Step One: Find a group of people who are passionate and
buy lots of stuff, especially expensive stuff.

Step Two: Look at what the people BUY and spend money on
over and over.

Step three: Look at what people buy to START with and then
what they over and over or things they buy that are more

Step four: Create a freebie to get people on your email

Step five: Send 2-5 emails a week

Step six: Mix in content, entertainment and good stuff
with your promotional emails.

Step seven: Once people buy, sell 'em more expensive

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step
Internet Marketing.”

To get on his killer ezine list, to get cheat sheets and all kinds
of other goodies every Saturday and during the week, to get simple,
to-the-point Internet marketing know that works real world without
all the hype, go to: and subscribe

Check out all my products here:

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REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
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You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention


D. Resources for continuing education

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following links with your RESELLER links)

Stop trading time for dollars and start trading products for

Save 100's on graphic design. FREEBIE report:

NEED A SALES LETTER? Fill in the blanks and click a button.

Many people have copied my software. But there really and
truly is only ONE original.

See the original systems I created for Lisa


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secrets of Evergreen Traffic step-by-step

Who Else Wants An Organic Traffic Master To Hold Your Hand
And Walk You Step-By-Step To Getting Big Rushes Of Organic
Traffic To Your Web Site That Doesn't Cost You A Wooden

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All rights reserved.

  • Shonda Sojda says:

    What a great post on online business models! Seriously, some of your best work. I can't argue with one word of it, and I just subscribed to your feed. In the future, how about a post on ANCHOR_TEXT%? Cheers!

  • Kittie says:

    I've read too many how-to books,so I'm going to read your emails only. Promise!


    [Hi Kittie, how are you? Well, I enjoy reading how to books. But there's a difference between reading for insight and reading for ACTION. I'm all about people who want to learn and then take ACTION.]

  • stephen kane says:

    Marlon, I second Karen on that suggestion. I can't keep up with clients and I love what I do, but I know we have to improve our product marketing big-time. We've sold over 5000 of our products largely by word of mouth, but if we met someone trained in the "Marlon method," we'd be interested in making a deal. I'm looking forward to the "Marlon-certified" marketing freelancers outsourcing solution 🙂 All the best, Stephen

    [Hi Stephen, that's a great idea. There may be thorny legal issues surrounding it. You have to avoid being a "school" or you fall under all these laws. I haven't been able to get good legal counsel on it or I would have already done it.]

  • Learning Internet marketing is not that easy for a newcomer.

    [Hi Gail, THAT is why I produced the Dashboard line that walks you through everything step by step with screen caps and videos and written instructions. You eat an elephant one bite at a time. You need someone who has ALREADY figured it all out to hold your hand and lead you step by step. THAT's what I do in my Dashboards and on my Ateam calls.]

  • allan says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Very interesting I do not have a website as of yet I look forward to your emails though but I am a bit busy to get in their and do it.

    [Hi Allan, yes, U understand. You eat and elephant one bite at a time. My Dashboards break things down into 20 min. to 30 or 60 min. a day.]

  • MARK MAYOTT says:

    Hi Marlon

    It's Mark here. I got you mail.

    I am new to Internet Marketing. Have website(s),but have no clue how to build it.

    Thank you for lettinf me download "Design

    Dashboard", I am going through it.

    [Hi Mark, Design Dashboard will definitely help you. Welcome to Internet marketing and be sure to read the freebie ebooks and reports I'm giving away.]

  • JoEl says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I must say, your products and info that you provide is the best step by step I've seen anywhere. Period! I'm glad I came across you.

    What would you suggest to start with for fast cash, if a person couldn't start with 'Cash like Clockwork System' first? Being a newbie.

    Also do you have any info on CPA networks and how to use them successfully? Thanks for your response and standing out above the rest.

    [Joel, the search for "fast cash" will lead you on a wild goose chase and in the end you'll end up wasting all your time. The BEST route is to learn how to get people on an email list, send out emails and sell affiliate products. Then transition into selling your own products. Product Dashboard will teach you to build an email list and send out emails that sell.]

  • Ben Stacy says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great information as usual.I had little idea that all of this stuff could be automated!

    I have learned more from your newsletters recently than any courses I had bought in several years! Many Thanks!

    I am currently trying to learn how to drive effective traffic before diving into another website destine to fail with no traffic. (Been there done that)

    I will be looking closer at your dashboards in the near future they look awesome!

    Thanks again for the great content,


    [Ben, you need to have a high visitor value and conversion rate. Then all traffic sources open up to you.]

  • Chuck McCall says:

    Hi, Marlon!

    Thanks for this weeks valuable information. You seem to go to such great lengths to provide the excellent content that you do "And I Appreciate IT!" so much that going use it and change my life! and once I have done that I plan to join you in that Cafe! I've really got my eye on your Coaching Program "What A Deal!!!!!", but I'm being denied by my wallet-So I will continue my plan of action with your Info Product Dashboard.

    [Chuck, as a warning, I'll be raising the price to $100 but I don't know when. Probably not for 6-8 weeks. Possibly 12. I have to create a new Dashboard first. But those in now will be grandfathered. Anyway, don't worry about it. Just work on your product dashboard. You're doing the right thing.]

  • Binodah says:

    Hi Marlone,

    I have downloaded your The best of Marlon Sanders' articles. I will be dedicating a bracket of time/day to read your articles. Thank you very much for providing this type of info.

    [Hi Binodah, sounds great. Enjoy and profit.]

  • André K says:

    No, I'm not a customer. Not yet, but by providing the classy information you do here, will ensure my future loyalty as a customer 😉 Thank you.

    [Hi Andre, how are you? Thanks for posting here. And I do want to provide you high quality info to show my appreciation for reading my emails and being on my list.]

  • Jo says:

    Marlon, your posts are always realyy helpful. This one is good cos it gives you step by step what to do. I am a newbie, and when you or someother guru says "stick this on your site and make money from it". I would but i do not know how to get it on my site. Can you point mein the direction of doing this techy stuff.


    [Hi Jo, how are you? If you're on my Ateam calls, I do 2x per month and can give some help on stuff like this. But in general, forum can help. Or you can get cheap help on]

  • Ryan says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Just thought you'd like to know that this is the second time that I was notified twice for the same lead. I don't understand how this lead thing works. I understand that if I sell one of your product through my promotions that I would get paid that day from paypal but I don't understand how the lead compensation works. I've been notified that I passed on 2 leads but there was no change in my PP account.

    P.S.- there is no support link for your emails and I can't find a place to email this so I did it here.

    [Ryan, on I'm starting a forum for affiliates. I think it has a bunch of spam in it now but we're clearing it out and monitoring it. You can always get support at: Can you post those duplicate emails there and the thing where it says you passed on 2 leads? I don't know what you're referring to. It sounds like the email system may have a glitch.]

  • […] Originally posted here:  Learn Internet Marketing » Blog Archive » The Newbie's Start From … […]

  • Liz says:

    Always great hearing from you Marlon, Starbuck's sounds great, save me the seat next to you. 🙂 Be there soon. Joking but you know what Im stuck on now is how to put the second name on a WHM, seems many tell you how to do the first but no clue how to do the second. I guess its just the same but different huh.

    take care


    [Hey Liz, I think you're talking about your web hosting panel in cpanel. I use olm so they're not on cpanel. If you go to forum, they can help.]

  • Rajesh Kumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    How do you see the future and present of Internet marketing like the countries where most of the people do not know about internet and they do not believe in shopping from the internet. A few of people have credit cards on their name in these countries. Do you suggest some thing in this scenario?


    [Hi Rajesh, people WILL send money through the mail. I used to get a lot of money through the mail. I would try that. If the offer is good enough, people will send money. I would look to see if there is a way to charge their mobile device like in the old 900# days.]

  • Hello Marlon,

    I replied to your ezine last week, and I

    have to find out what your reply was, Like before, I'am a newbie in this internet marketing of 4 months, and I have spent some money, in order to make

    some money.I have'nt made any yet, but I've learn a lot so far that I can truly

    say is worth my money spent. You said,

    we all can take and learn from all types of marketers in this business, good or bad, so I choose to take whar is presented and try it, and if it did'nt

    cost me a arm and a leg, and it didn't

    work, I try not to think I got ripped off.

    I just chalk it up as a learning experience, and move on, I don't want to look at this as all about money, I want to enjoy the experience as well, if I

    do make some money in this, I feel I will

    enjoy it better!

    [Isaac, get people on your list and send out emails selling stuff. I lay that out in Promo Dashboard if you don't have it. Really Isaac, it's not that complicated. You get 'em on a list and send out content and sales emails. I do 2 Ateam calls a month where I help people. Consider getting on those calls.]

  • Shallie Bey says:

    Thank you for sharing the video with your 2 Page Web Sales Model. The way that you set it up using a mind map made it perfectly easy to understand the presentation and how the parts fit together. After seeing the video, I feel fully equipped to get a product to the test stage to see if it will be worth marketing on a full scale. I look forward to getting more of your products to help me make a contribution to my market, baby boomer entrepreneurs.

    Shallie Bey

    Smarter Small Business Blog

    [Hi Shallie, Jeff Walker was originally the one smart enough to do presentations likes that. But my buds Jason Fladlien and Robert Plan do it all the time and kinda turned me onto it.]

  • Angela says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I apologize for not contributing more often. I do enjoy your emails as they are "real and ready to implement" ideas and tools.

    I've developed a product and am stuck, trying to sort through it.

    Best regards,


    [Angela, join my Ateam. We do 2 calls a month where I personally help people get unstuck.]

  • Scott Covert says:

    Hey Mr. Sanders, you may remember lil' ole me. I built this new website, not quite ready for prime time, based on the kind of thing Karen is talking about above, although it's more slanted towards the already-existing business that could be doing WAY better on the web, or isn't even on the web AT ALL yet!

    I'm sorry this isn't really a comment about your step by step process, but I'm a silly Canadian. Actually, I can make a comparison – what I've done for 11 years is find a partner that I think can make it BIG on the Internet (that substitutes for step 1 and 2) then do exactly what you say.

    In fact, YOU were the first guy to tell me to make a "squeeze page", and that was in 1998, I don't care what anyone else says about who invented it and when.

    Anyway, the only 3 projects that have made me any real money have involved me teaming up with a go-getter and providing the Internet expertise. And I want new partners, asap.

    Observation – those guys saying that blogs and videos get you into google page 1, I don't know where they're getting those screen shots from, or if it only worked for a very short time, but it ain't workin' for me. Word to the wise. I'm sure the (brand new) blog will get me some seo-ness soon, the slow old-fashioned way.

    I wish I could advertise the site to the kind of people on YOUR list, Marlon, it would probably be more productive than trying to get inside the "Launch Buddies" circle.

    Hey, did ya hear the one about the Internet marketer guru dude who launched a new product? Yeah, so did I, 10 times a day for the last 3 years!!!

    Dude, we haven't hung out since the year 2000, and that's a crime.

    [Scott, great insights. Bro, I talked to Carter just a week or two ago. Great hearing from you.]

  • Kathy says:

    I love your info and the dashboards.Those dashboards helped me build my site and product.I must say that I still don't understand,and can't find people who will buy from me and don't know how to effectively drive traffic to my site.

    I cant spend 8h per day driving traffic because I have a job and family.Article writing,blog commenting,social media,video syndication are things that I do in moderation but , it is just not enough to jump-start my business.I sell few products per month and that is all.Few $100 per month is my best no matter what I do 🙁

    I was one of your students few years back,it was coaching by email,didn't work for me. I even tried ppc with little success.

    Can this be done without jv partner..I don't think so,Everyone with success out there have a guru as a partner.After 10 years in this business…I am about to quit.

    [Hi Kathy, how are you? You might want to get on my coaching calls. The problem I see on your web site is the sales letter. It's a good start. But you're in a VERY competitive field. Print out sales letters from Mike Dillard and Daegan Smith and compare yours side by side. Take everything MISSING from yours that they got and add it. Your sales letter needs to be 5X to 10X better in the industry you're in to compete.]

  • Mike Stokes says:

    This is the BEST step-by-step "How to Do the Business" that I've seen. ANd you give it away for FREE.

    You are 100% right on when you say that you give your readers valuable info every week, while the other gurus do it ONLY at "buy-something-from-me" time.

    I wish "they" would come out with a new product launch format, the one they're using now is getting old, and oh-so obvious.

    Thanks, Marlon.

    Mike Stokes

    [Hi Mike, GREAT hearing from you! Thanks for posting and I hope the people who need some traffic go check out your ppc course.]

    Baton Rouge, LA

  • Marlon, your information is always excellent. It would be a great service if you had talented, expert people who could do all the things you mention for people who are too busy and don't have time. I have a few websites I need/want to build, but just haven't had the time. I do keep reading your information, in the event that my schedule clears up. I also direct a charity and am working on my PhD in Natural Health, so there are already not enough hours in my day. I just long for someone talented who could do this for me. I imagine that there are many others in my shoes. Just a thought for a future service you could offer…if the people were really as good as you are, lol.

    [Hey Karen, what I would do is eat that elephant one bite at a time. Devote 30 min. every morning to doing some marketing. Or, if you have to, late at night.]

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