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I'm back from speaking in London.

Had a great time with David, Kirt, Armand, Frank, and many others.

I skipped publishing an article last weekend since my sleep schedule was totally off and I didn't even know what day it was!

Article today:

“The ONLY Way to Make a Lot More Money Than You're Making Today”

Subtitle:  Why I don't have a clock in the house and don't wear watches other than for good looks.  How to escape your income trap and discover the free life

Alternate title:  If you STILL got a job, or your income is STILL dependent on what YOU do, then read this article now!

If you like the article below, publish it to your list or post it on your blog and let me know in commments.  I DO pay attention!

Best wishes,


Marlon's Marketing Minute
Vol. 2, #16, October 6, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Success stories from UK

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article: “The ONLY Way to Make a Lot More Money Than You're Making Today”

D. Services You Can Use

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While in the UK, a lot of people came up to me and told me about their success stories with our products.

I remember one gentleman who told me he'd used Design Dashboard to design his web site. Another lady who told me how awesome it was and how she had just watched the videos and follow instructions.

I took probably 30 or 40 pictures with various attendees and speakers.

I had several speakers and event volunteers tell me Amazing Formula was the very first product they had ever bought on Internet marketing.

Every time I go to an event, I hear tons of success stories from people who have used my products, models, systems and ideas to get great results.

My stuff works.  And I've been teaching the SAME systems and methods for years now. Why?  Because they are evergreen. Because they work.

The article today will PROVE that to you.



One: Two new Milcers newsletters FINALLY going to press

Santos is now up to speed on Adobe In Design. And we have two Milcers newsletters headed out in the mail.  They're good issues and worth the wait.

TWO: I'll be re-doing the call this week for my London seminar presentation.  We had conference call issues the first time. The call just dropped off in the middle of my presentation.

Plus, I wasn't happy with how I presented the call.  So I'm re-doing it. You've been sent an email with the call details.  This is ONLY for those of you who spent your coupons.

THREE:  I'm also doing a GOLD Milcers call this week on the same topic as the article this week:  How to have a breakthrough in income by having products generate money for you instead of your own personal work efforts.

C. “The ONLY Way to Make a Lot More Money Than You're Making Today”

Subtitle:  Why I don't have a clock in the house and don't wear watches other than for good looks.  How to escape your income trap and discover the free life

Marlon here.

The reason you aren't making the money you want is 'cause you're on the clock.

And I'm not.

That's it. That's the reason.  Let me explain.

It's well known that I don't work a lot.  Even compared to other Internet marketers.

How come?  How can I do that?

The reason is because I have products.  Those products generate money for me, so I don't have to work a lot.

Most people STILL don't understand this.

They keep on following work intensive models that require their own personal efforts and time to make money.  As long as you have a model where you're selling your work, what you personally do, instead of selling PRODUCTS, you have a very serious lid on  your income.

The ONLY way to make a lot more than you are today is by getting out of that trap.  Now, you can have employees who do the work for you.  That is called a service business.  The margins are low and you have to be an expert manager or hire one.

But the model I have been teaching for many years now is one where you find, acquire or create products and those products generate your income for  you.

Since there is no limit to the number of products you can sell, there is no limit to your income.

A lot of people blame themselves in life because they have a friend who rose in a company or occupation to make a lot more money than them. Yet, on examination, you'll find that star person is STILL working a lot to bring home their paycheck.

One of the things I don't need to do is wear a watch.  The battery in my watch was run down for the past 3 or 4 years.  I finally got it replaced.  Not because I needed to.  Because I wanted to wear the watch for the aesthetic appearance!  You know, to look good.

I don't have a clock in the house other than the one on my computer and VCR. I don't need clocks.

Why?  Because my investment of time is not what generates my income.  It's my products.

“But Marlon, I can buy this software.  And I click the button and it makes stuff, and uploads stuff, and magically makes money appear.”

My response is, “Yeah, but is it EVERGREEN?”  Or, as I often call it, “ever-red” since red is my favorite color.

Will the thing keepl on working?

An awful lot of people in this business email blast their list ever time the hot, new, sexy whatever model comes out.  I have never done that even though it would be to my advantage.  Why?  Because when you email for others, you increase the liklihood they'll email for you.

The reason I haven't done it is because I don't believe in endorsing things to my list that I don't personally feel are evergreen.

There are lots of models in Internet marketing.  People who say you can make a fortune this way or that.  Most of 'em haven't been around as long as I have.

I mean, it's fashionable now for markters to say they've been marketing online since 1996.  Show me!  I was around then. I never heard of most of those people.  I can show you my sites.  And I think even tracks traffic back to then.  Or fairly far back.

My point is NOT to brag about how great I am.  It's simply to explain that the model of the day, week or month may not be one that lasts over time.

The model I teach is evergreen and lasts.  That model is to obtain or create products and let those products generate your income for you.

I'm gonna boil this down and make it VERY simple for you:  You NEED, you MUST have products that you sell.  Yeah, I KNOW the money is in the list.  But what do you sell TO that list?

You sell products — either yours or someone elses.

And while selling affiliate products is good, you won't generate loyalty that way.  And you can't build your own back ends into the products. I get a $6,000 check each month (as high as $7500) from one back end built into one product.

It works.

To start, you can use private label rights products.  But as soon as you can, I advocate having your own products.

“But Marlon, creating products sounds like work.”

My answer:  It ain't nearly as much work as doing the work once and getting paid for years.  It ain't nearly as much work as a job.  It ain't nearly as much work as having to spend your own time for every dollar you earn.

You NEED products.

That's what I do. That's what I teach. I show you how to have products, have lists and sell products to lists.

For help, go to: and buy all my products. ‘Cause what you just read is what I do.

That's why I ain't got a clock in my house and I don't wear a watch other than for looks.

It's a strange business.  For other “gurus” to make money, they gotta convince you THEIR method is better than mine, so you buy from them and not me. And frankly, the same is true of me.

My job is to convince that the soup of the day won't last long. And that my model, the evergreen model, rocks.  Others have to convince you that the zillion dollars they made in the last 12 months on a shaky model that will break in 6 months is a better way to make money than evergreen.

Evergreen ain't sexy.  It isn't real new.  It just HAPPENS to work like clockwork.  See, people been makin' money for 1,000 years sellin' products. That don't change.

Now, the methods?  They change.  But the core?  It's solid.  My model is SIMPLE — find people.  Find what they wanna buy. SELL it to 'em. It is that simple.

Do you wanna me on the Marlon Sanders evergreen program?  Or do you wanna trade your stupid time for dollars the rest of your life and chase rabbits, rainbows and hype programs the rest of your life?

That's really the decision.  I say go evergreen.  I'm about evergreen.  I'm about what works and I know works.  Been working the last 7-10 years. Gonna keep working.  The only thing I feel I need to tweak or improve in my model
is my traffic method. I'm working to enhance it some. But basically, the model still works the way it is “off the shelf.”

Will you work the model?  That is the question.  You either work the model, work the system or you make excuses.

You either product products or you make excuses.

You either sell products or you make excuses.

The same goes for my assistants. They either produce the products of their posts and their assignments or they make excuses.  You can't put excuses in the bank. So when people make excuuses, they buy themselves new jobs!

Ditto for you.  When you make excuses for not having, creating, producing, promoting or selling products, you BUY yourself more time on your job!

Only 1 thing buys you freedom, time and gets you away from a job — PRODUCTS that make money instead of you working your fingers or brain to the bone making that money.

I am the liberator of men and women.

Why?  Because I liberate people from having to spend their TIME to make money. I show them how to have products that make money for them, so they ain't gotta be on the clock making money.

Dump your freakin' clock. Dump the idea that you gotta make money with your time. Get it clear in your head once and for all that the way to make money is by having products that SELL and put money for you in your bank account.

Get that straight. Today!

Once you get THAT in your head, you'll understand why my friend Stephen Pierce says “today is the BROKEST day of the rest of your life.”  What he means is that once you have products selling for you putting money in your bank account, you will no longer be trading your personal time investments for money.

Your products will be earning money for you.

You no longer earn money with your time.

THAT, my friend, is the ultimate liberation.  And why I'm the great liberator of men and women around the world.

I don't go chasing rabbits.  Selling you every hot new product or model that comes down the pike just because I can whore my list and turn a coin. I am here to liberate you by selling you a model that works.

A model with integrity.

OK.  I gotta go. I'm going to a coffee shop to work on a product. Yeah, some days I work. Not a lot.  But if my assistants don't do their job or don't get a product done, then the buck stops here.

The good news is, when I get this product done, it'll pay my bills for 3 or 4 years.  It'll be bringing in at least some money 5 years from now.

Will what YOU do today do that?

If not, it's time you change. It's time you get with the product creation and promotion program I teach and STOP chasing sales pitches that sound good but fall apart in execution.

Hop to.  Buy some of my training and START doing it.  Or dig out what you got of mine on your hard drive and get busy creating your OWN products. Oh, and stop complaining that it's work!

You work once and get paid for months or years. I STLL make money from products I created years ago.  Years!

‘Nuff said.

In the eloquent words of Stephen Pierce, “Today is the brokest day of the rest of your life.”

Now GO create, produce and promote.

Marlon Sanders

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D. “Services You Can Use”


PUT UP YOUR WEB SITE? Discover how easy and simple it can be to do your own graphic design (or at least some of it). Plus, find out the exact resources I recommend to save a bundle.  Avoid going down the wrong path.

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  • If I may reply to the comment left my Anita…

    Anita, Marlon writes the way he speaks and if you've ever heard the way this huy talks you'll notice in his natural accent that this is nothing to do with "trying to be hip" 😉

    Maybe Marlon could load a pod cast so everyone can hear how this guy speaks who don't know him too well.

    It's just Marlon being Marlon and not only telling how it is but actually using his normal everyday personality in his writing.

    Another clear case of the man being the man and NOT some hyped up slick marketer trying to be something he's not.

    Personally, I like that style of writing. It's more personal and natural 😉


  • Linda Napier says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I receive ALOT of emails and newsletters but always Make the time to read yours. There's always something I learn! I loved your article and although this question doesn't relate I dind't know where else to ask it:)

    I purchased your affiliate product and I've been working on

    building my affiliate progam. A very important piece is driving me crazy.

    I can't seem to decide on the commissions!

    Our product is certifications in several different training programs we have developed over the years.

    We start out with a small $500 sale and $100 a month recurring fee that leads to certifications in three other programs

    that are $2500 each with a $400, $300, and $200 recurring monthly fee with each additional certification. this could take years to accomplish and the top designation would end up costing a minimum of $8,000 and $1,000 a month recurring charge. That would be $2000 (25%) commission and $250 (25%) a month residual income.

    Here's the dilema…

    1. should there be residual income on the monthly fees? If so 25% 10%. I wish I could find the newsletter I read where, if I remember right, you had a very strong opinion on residual income for affiliates.

    2. no one can really sell this without help.

    I'm paying 25% right now but I'm doing most of the selling. if I give them only a referral

    fee of 10% I don't think they will feel that it is worth the bother but if I ask, of course they are going to say they want the 25%.

    Any bit of advice would be soooo welcome.

    Marlon, I sent you our book of our main program, MasterStream Sales, a couple of yrs ago when Matt told me how much you loved to read. You wrote back that it was, "quite a body of work".

    I don't expect you to remember but then again maybe you will! That's one of the programs that people are being certifed in.

    Thank you for any guidance:)

    Linda Napier

  • Great article Marlon and I have to say I agree with it whole heartedly. I now buy resale rights as much as possible and promote those instead of affiliate links. I've got #2 ranking in Google right now for a product thats makes sales on a consistant basis.

    I am also working on a couple of my own product releases and will soon have a passive income momentum going like you have.

    Thanks again for the article/motivation

    Rick Roberts

  • Dan Foley says:

    Hi Marlon,

    This was an excellent article and it is the truth about what you say. You DO need a product to be successful and not watch the clock.

    I added it to my evergreen newsletter.


  • Akin Alabi says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I hoped to be in London to see you speak for the first time but I other pressing engagements kept me away.

    I'm sure I missed a lot.

    Love your work.

    Akin Alabi

  • Dick A. says:

    Marlon, Your article hit the target of something I've been thinking about as I've scanned the different ads online. It's in your hammering on the question, "Is it evergreen?" In the past years, I've seen programs and products come and go. Somehow, I've thought that online earnings schemes are not that stable, or as you call it – evergreen. But apparently, you've worked in the evergreen reality for quite some time now. Perhaps, it would be helpful to many (like me) if you could discuss product characteristics that make products evergreen or not. Thank you for your time.

    [Dick, it's the model that is evergreen…..creating and selling products to a target market…and using methods to do so that arne't going to quickly get outdated.]

  • […] I skipped publishing an article last weekend since my sleep schedule was totally off and I didn’t even know what day it was!”. The ONLY Way to Make a Lot More Money Than You’re Making Today… […]

  • Luke Brown says:

    That's the truth.

    In fact, today I went out and purchased a new laptop, grabbed some lunch and took a walk with my wife- all thanks to money that was coming from products I created years ago.

    Now I'm going to go watch a movie and have some dinner- and the money will keep coming in because Marlon has it right.

    I tried selling services- I went crazy and broke.

    This advice is GOLDEN if you act on it.

  • Dear Marlon,

    I'm listening and I'm learning.

    Working on getting my second product done and

    "Today is the brokest day of my life".

    Thank you for your "evergreen" advice,


  • Jackie Beem says:


    I agree with you 100 percent. Selling your own products is the way to go. You can mix that with affiliate marketing but in the long run the long term residual income will come from your own products.


  • Dav says:

    Awesome article Marlon, love it cause it's simply the truth! You gotta have your own products for long tern success.

    Rock on dude!

    From Dave in the UK!!

  • Hi Marlon,

    Just read your article…. Oustanding and 100% totally inspiring and spot on in every way.

    I love the fact you don't jump on any bandwagon to turn a quick buck promoting anything and everything.

    You gotta have your own products, it's just that simple and if you don't have them or can't make them then pay someone to make them for you.

    Marlon, I am sure you have heard this many times before but.. "your 'amazing forumla' was the first real internet marketing product I ever purchased (quickly followed by 'push button letters software' which bossted by sales beyond all belief).

    Power to you Marlon because I have total respect for the way you do business and what you teach people.

    Michael Sherriff

  • Byron says:

    Hi Marlon

    That's so true there is always pure golden nuggets from you, here on out I'm going to think green. Hey you don't want to tell me about that coffee shop idea do you, now I'm in the market? : )Affiliation then?

    Enjoy your non-time in the free zone Marlon whilst I figure out how and with what to get there.

  • Hi Marlon,

    Man! I just love your article I always get a golden nugget from it, thank you Marlon and congratulation on your London seminar presentation.


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