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The Positive Power Of Producing and Promoting



Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: New Issue Of Marlon's Marketing Minute


Today's article:

“How to Go From Being A Consumer Of Internet Marketing
Info Products To Being A Producer And A Promoter Of
Products, Which Is Where The Action And The Money Is”

This article answers the question:

“Marlon, I have SPENT a small fortune.  I have BEEN in
coaching programs. I have BOUGHT the course.  How come I'm
NOT making any dough?”


Tuesday or possibly Wed. is the day.  I'm planning on Tuesday
but we still have much to get done.

Watch your email.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #26, August 9, 2008

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement:  A few bullet points from the
Promo Dashboard sales letter.

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: How to Go From Being A Consumer Of Internet
Marketing Info Products To Being A Producer And A Promoter Of
Products, Which Is Where The Action And The Money Is

D. Services You Can Use

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It is NOT about traffic. It picks up where traffic leaves off

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==> Getting people to CONFIRM their email (very important)

==> Sending out email promos to those folks

==> Taking them FROM emails to podcasts, videos, PDF's and
other tools to get 'em to BUY!

==> How do you REALLY get people to buy? I remove all the b.s.
and “guru speak.” It ain't that complicated! I show you how
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==> I'm the ONE guy making things simple for you. Taking
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==> How to pimp out your PDF's, do the right lighting for videos,
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C.  How to Go From Being A Consumer Of Internet Marketing
Info Products To Being A Producer And A Promoter Of
Products, Which Is Where The Action And The Money Is

By Marlon Sanders


Today's the day, you know.

The day the magic bullet ends.

I'm not here to sugar coat things.

To candy coat his business and sell you sandcastles, dreams
and illusions of an easy life that doesn't exist.

Here's the truth:

The money is in producing and promoting products, NOT in
consuming “how to” info products.

Having said that, last year I spent $37,500 consuming ebooks,
courses, teleseminars and so forth on marketing.

In other words, I AM a consumer.

But dominantly, I'm a producer and a promoter of products.
My job in life is to come up with new products that create
value for my customers and to promote them to the best of
my ability within the time and money constraints I decide

“Marlon, I have SPENT a small fortune.  I have BEEN in
coaching programs. I have BOUGHT the course.  How come I'm
NOT making any dough?”

Answer:  You're consuming.  But are you PRODUCING and PROMOTING?
And are you doing it more than ONCE?  Are you out there playing
the Game every day?

Let me explain…

The problem I see a lot of people have is they consume,
consume, consume. But NEVER cross the bridge to creating,
producing and promoting.

Fundamentally, you ARE a creator. It's a law of life. You
don't get money from others until you create or possess
some sort of value they want and are willing to exchange

The thing that STOPS a lot of people from becoming a producer
and a promoter is FEAR of getting it WRONG!  You want it
all to be perfect, to be right, to NOT make mistakes.

Well, you can throw that out the door right now.

No matter how many courses you buy, you WILL make mistakes,
you WILL waste time, you WILL waste money.  Then why do I
buy info products?  Because I hate learning curves.

I hate figuring things out the hard way. I like doing it
the easy way.

But people get stuck there also. This program sounds good.
Then the next one sounds better or even more perfect.

Let me tell you what I've found — there's often a difference
between what is SAID and what is DONE.  Meaning, people tell
YOU to do one thing while they DO something else.

You'll notice most Internet marketing teachers DO things
in their promotions they don't teach. That's because they
feel they need to 1-up their customers.

They need to have audio tricks, podcasts tricks, video tricks
that  are PROOF they have superior knowledge and skill.

When you go, “Wow, that was cool!  How did they do that?”
When you say that, you can pretty much bet you'll never find

I have an issue with that.  If I pay you to show me then you show
me something entirely different, yeah, I have a problem with that.
Show it, reveal it, teach it or shut the (#_$ up!

I see a LOT of teachers who have huge, massive results.  Which is
totally awesome.  And their products are great theory. But they
NEVER reveal their secrets.  They never really teach YOU how to
do exactly what THEY do.

They have the cool pdf's.  They have the cool videos. They have the
trick blog graphics. Their video streams perfectly.  They have
hotshot designers. They have awesome video editors.  They have great

But they never tell you WHO these people are.  Or HOW to create the
PDF graphics.  Or how much they PAY the writers or video editors.
Or where and HOW they hired them and HOW specifically they manage

Personally, I think it's a crock.  They teach one thing and DO
another. And everybody acts like it's all so great what they're
teaching.  Don't you WONDER exactly how they get their PDF's
distributed by everyone under the sun?  Or how much they paid to
get that video edited.  Or WHO did those killer graphics?  Or
what the squeeze page really LOOKS like that built that 100,000

Or whatever the case may be. I'm just saying I think you deserve

Anyway, my goal is to “out” many of these methods.  At least the
ones that have to do with promoting. You know, some of the real
tricks about how you do the cool podcasts, videos, pdf's, etc.

You know those trick PDF's you see with cool graphics? They're
probably done in Adobe In Design.  But you can ALSO do them in
Power Point or Photoshop Elements if you know how.

You know those totally cool video effects?  Probably done in Adobe
After Effects.  Which is not too hard a program to learn, although
it isn't for newbies.

I think the test of a guru is NOT how tricked out THEIR list, PDF's
or whatever is.  It's do they empower YOU to go and do thou

Or are they just building their own little kingdom and keep the
secrets to themselves?  Like HOW do you get trick graphics like that
on your blog?  Who did them and how much did you pay?

Or HOW do you shoot video that looks that good? Or how did you get
those cool graphics on there?  Where did you buy those sound

Now WHAT did that squeeze page look like exactly and HOW exactly
did you get those 200,000 emails on your list?

Whose empowering whom?

Who is performing MAGIC TRICKS and illusions, CHARGING you for the
secrets then NOT taking you back stage and teaching you some lame
basic sleight of hand trick?

This is about YOU.

I want to encourage and empower YOU to become a creator, producer
and promoter.

I want YOU to have cool pdf's, cool videos, cool podcasts, cool
web graphics.  I want YOU to build that nice cash cow list.

Can you TALK?  If you can, start doing podcasts as soon as you
can, even if no one is listening.  At least you can post your
podcasts on your blog and send them out to podcast directories.

Create and send audio postcards to whatever list you have.

Don't have a list?  Create AUDIO something or the others that
you GIVE away on a squeeze page to GET subscribers.

Can you WRITE?

Then get busy. Spend 30 minutes or 1 hour a day writing.  “But
Marlon, I can't type!”  I just talked last weekend to a best-selling
author with many books who types with TWO fingers!  No bull.

So if you can write, get your blog up and start doing posts.
Write emails and sends them to your list. Don't have a list?  Write
a free report, promote it and you'll HAVE a list.

Now, if you can't write and can't talk, you better get a business
partner or get REALLY good bidding out jobs on!

Here's my simple point:

You've gotta find ways to COMMUNICATE with your target audience
and get it going.  You get better by DOING. Become a compulsive
DOER. You've got to add DOING to your LEARNING.

And the first step to doing that is to get over the fear of NOT
doing it right!  The way you DO it right is by getting started
and DOING. Then, when you get stuck or make mistakes go back to
your info products and get help. Or go to a forum and get help.

The money in this business is made by creating, producing and

You ARE a creator by design.  If you have kids, you're a creator.
If you sing or speak or write, you're a creator.

Your creations do NOT have to be perfect. Few are.

They DO have to be something others want to exchange money for!
That's the criteria.  Will others PAY for your creations?  If
not, get better at it or create something else.  And get better
at the promoting of your creations.

The best artist does NOT make the most money. The best promoter
makes the most money.

Now, a LOT of Internet marketing includes web design.  You need
PAGES on the web. Those pages have TWO things — design and COPY.

If you can ONLY learn ONE, learn to WRITE COPY!  But I'd advise
you to get decent at both.  It gets really frustrating if you can't
do any web design yourself.

But it gets really EXPENSIVE if you can't write any copy yourself.

I love graphic design.  I really enjoy mucking around with Photoshop,
even though I'm not that good at it.

What I AM good at is writing copy.

So if you can ONLY learn one skill, learn to write copy.  Or, if
you can't write good, learn to sell on TELESEMINARS.  Good enough.
Lots of people in this business make great livings pitching products
via teleseminars.

My friend, this is NOT a complicated business in terms of strategy.

1.  You target people who are likely to buy and have the money to

2.  You offer them something VERY appealing for free to get them to
identify themselves as potential buyers.

3.  You make an irresistible OFFER to get them as a first time
customer and build trust.

4.  You SELL them more by sending emails that sends them to podcasts,
video, screen video, webinars or teleseminars.

Let's be honest…

The FUN part of this business is learning.

The DOING part gets frustrating.  It's a technology business.
Servers go down.  Autoresponders muck up. Software NEVER integrates
like it's supposed to.

There's a learning curve anytime you wanna do something new.

But THAT is where the money is also.

What I do for money pretty much is remove the learning curve. Take
the pain out of the learning curve.

Anytime there's pain, there's money.

But the money is in being a PRODUCER and a PROMOTER.

The challenge is to overcome the PAIN of things not working, of
NOT knowing which product to produce or hot button to put in the
headline or email to write.

And you'll NEVER know for sure. Gurus don't know. Don't kid yourself.
They ACT all certain because people want to buy CERTAINTY.

But they aren't certain.

There ARE no definitive answers. NONE!  Business and life isn't a
connect-the-dots affair.  It's not the real world.

Real world is you struggle with decisions. Real world is you aren't
sure.  Real world is 7 things don't work and 3 DO work.

And if you never do the 7 the don't work, you'll never find the 3
that do.

Most people struggle under the illusion that gurus make all 10
things work.


Don't care who the person is. The law of life is 7 things don't work
and 3 things do. I could cite research done on something like 10,000
projects or experiments that validate this.

To sum up:

1.  The money is in producing and promoting, not consuming
2.  Consuming helps you shortcut learning curves
3.  You'll make mistakes and get it wrong. Live with it
4.  You'll never be certain
5.  When you ARE certain, the rules change
6.  You have to try 10 things to find the 3 that work

The people who succeed overcome the pain of doing.

That's the BIG secret.

They execute.  Period. End of story.  They do 10 things for everyone
else's 1 thing.  But that's also where the THRILL is.  There's a
certain THRILL in the doing.  A certain adrenalin. A certain

You don't get that sitting on the sidelines. You get THAT playing
the game.  You gotta get IN the game and PLAY the game to win.

You get IN the game the moment you start producing and promoting.
And at first, you'll probably do it wrong.  You'll get it wrong.
You'll choose a bad target market or a dumb product idea.

It's just the way the game works.

You get BETTER at the game by playing.  You can READ chess books all
you want. But you'll NEVER be a great chess player till you pick up
a board and get your king captured and you kick yourself over making
a dumb move.

The thrill, the excitement is in the PLAYING.  And also the mistakes,
the pain, the learning. You don't get one without the other.

Now, my new Promo Dashboard takes as much as the learning curve out
of the way as I could.  It helps you avoid as much of the pain as

The purpose of the Dashboards is to HELP you execute. There's still
holes or things we overlooked.  I try to cover everything. But
there's always something you forgot or didn't put in.

You'll still screw up or get stuck on this or that.  I'm gonna have
a 60-day forum on Promo Dashboard to help out some.

Yet, this is the process. This is life.  It's not all connect-the-

It's more like “be uncertain, not know, do anyway, make mistakes,
do more, some works, do more of that.”

That's reality.

The thing that gets you buy is passion and a love for what you
do. If you don't love it, if you aren't passionate about it, you
have a long row to hoe.

If you produce and promote like crazy in this business, sooner or
later, the tide will turn your way.

That is what I believe.


P.S. I meet people on seminars, get a lot of blog posts, etc.
from people who say, “Marlon, I loved this or that Dashboard or
I loved Amazing Formula or used Push Button Letters.”

Or, “I saw you at the seminar and boy were you funny!”

And I love positive feedback.  But if you really wanna put a smile
on my face, then this is it:  “Marlon, you gave me that push I
needed to make the transition from being a consumer to a producer
and a promoter.  Here's what I'm producing or promoting TODAY!”

I didn't say you had to make a zillion or whatever.  But that you
get it and that you're producing and promoting, THAT is the thing.
If you do that, then LEARN and increase your skill, do it and do
it and get better at it …..

See, THEN the bux come.

THEN, your ship comes in.

A lot of people want a magic wand they wave and money comes in
the door.  They want a magic bullet.  The magic system that
can't fail.

My friend, there isn't one. Stop looking. Seriously.

The magic is in YOU taking action, and producing and promoting.
THAT is when the good things happen.

As soon as you get a system up and running, you can HIRE people
to run it for you like I do.

That is when the “lifestyle” kicks in. That's when the “lazy”
part kicks in.

But you gotta get in the Game and get things running first.
THEN you hire people and farm out your systems.

That's how I've not worked a lot in years.  I got a system
up and running and then hired virtual assistants and recently
a few employees.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Promo Dashboard.”
If you want to see it, go to


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D. “Services You Can Use”


PUT UP YOUR WEB SITE? Discover how easy and simple it can
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Plus, find out the exact resources I recommend to save a
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