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The Step System For Overcoming Sticking Points and Obstacles

Marlon's Marketing Minute


Marlon here.

This week's article:

“The Step System For Overcoming Sticking Points and Obstacles”

This is a very short MMM for 2 reasons:

1.  I'll explain on Tuesday

2.  I want to see more action on last week's ezine.

PRODUCE/Promote class members

a.  I added 2 new videos on week 1 walking you step-by-step
creating your product.  Go back and watch those 2 videos.

b.  I have a NEW video on how to recoup your price in short
order. That will be posted Tuesday.

c.  I owe you more bonuses that WILL be fulfilled next week.

d.  Please POST your video or videos on the blog, which is now
set up and functioning.  Click on the BLOG tab and post your
product as a REPLY the post.

e.  If you are STUCK on a specific of how to do something, post
it and I'll help.

f.  My responses to the blog posts ARE set up.

Now, to those of you who are NOT in the Produce Promote event…

Folks I offered a reward for the person who took action on last week's ezine.

We only had 3 or 4 people do that.

CLAUDIA is the winner of Product Dashboard.  Claudia, post to and Tim will get you a login.

Here is last week's article:

Now, re-read that article, take action on it and post at the
bottom and tell me what you are doing or have done.

AT LEAST create one video for goodness sakes!

My friend, I already know this stuff.  I don't write this ezine for me.

I've been creating products for years and years and years.

I write this for you.

But if you don't take action, it tells me 2 things:

1.  Maybe you just want to be wowed with what other people do
but you really aren't serious about doing it yourself.

Fair enough.

2.  You didn't GET my ezine.  That's possible.

3.  You need coaching.

If you need coaching, get in my webinar.

Other than that, I can't THINK of any reason NOT to do this
when I spelled it out in very clear detail.

A few of you remember people whining and moaning about how
broke they were and why this business is unfair to them.

So last week I gave you a plan that required almost NO bucks.

Where are those people now?

The Law of the Universe is e

Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #34, September 26, 2009

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement:  Still time to get in on the whiteboard training

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: “The Step System For Overcoming Sticking Points
and Obstacles

D. Services You Can Use

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher


A. Sponsor Advertisement

Still time to get in on the Whiteboard Training where I
will guide you through producing and promoting

Stop screwing around, get accountable, and get your produce
produced and promoted.  Otherwise, you're just dreaming.


B. Announcements from Marlon

==> Do NOT email us for customer support

Do NOT email us for customer support. We are anxious to
serve you at:

We have LIVE CHAT to serve you better.  Most people in this
business skimp on this.  I don't. Tim is an award winning customer service person.

C. “”The Step System For Overcoming Sticking Points and Obstacles”

From the LACK of people who posted at least one video last
week, I'd say there is a HUGE problem with EXECUTION.

Brilliant strategy won't put a dime in your bank account.

Execution is 90% of winning.

But why don't people execute?  If you aren't executing, why aren't
you executing?

I had a long chat on the whiteboard in week 1 of the Produce and
Promote Event about this.

What happens is anytime you do something you run into obstacles.
Now, if YOU are in the event and you have an obstacle as opposed
to some theoretical question, then post to the blog and I'll
see if I can get you unstuck.

But if you are NOT in the event, what do you do?

You realize that it's NORMAL. It is how things work.

Anytime you try a new learning curve, things don't work and you
run into obstacles.

The key is to do it ANYWAY.  You do NOT need to solve problems
that don't exist yet.  Solve what you can.  Do what you can.

When you do that, you then can often see more of a solution. And
you eat the elephant a bite at a time.

You ONLY need to solve the obstacle or problem in front of your face.

This is called “The Step System.”

You can't see to take the NEXT step until you take the one BEFORE it.

The ONLY way you get three steps beyond where you are now is to
take the next step.  You will NOT see or know how to take 3 steps
from now until you take the NEXT step.
So this is the path to success.

Take action.

Find obstacles.

Overcome obstacles.

Take a new step.

Meet a new obstacle.

If you let one or two problems or obstacles stop you, then you
will slow your eventual success down.

You learn by DOING.

The only way you really and truly learn anything is by doing it.

Best wishes,


PS:  I'm NOT writing this ezine just for the heck of it. I'm
writing it for people to DO things and get results.

So if you're willing to play the Game with me, then go to this
ezine article from last week and DO what it says:

Then post 1-4 videos on my blog.

The winner has already been chosen but you'll show me you're a
doer and not a talker or complainer or voyeur.


Normally, I'd have ads here and other stuff.  But people have said
they aren't getting my ezine.

So I'm taking the url's out on the theory that one of those
domains may have an issue.

If you have NOT gotten the last few ezines but you got this one,
post to my blog and let me know this one reached you.

There's another reason this ezine is a little short and I'll
share that on Tuesday.

In the meantime, take some action and prove to me you're a doer
and not a talker.

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