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Top 10 Google Secrets

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Weekend Wrapup for May 19, 2007


If you're trying to set up your autoresponders, shopping
cart, affiliate software, graphic design and hosting,
pictures, don't get SNOOKERED!

Go here and save a truckload.  No bull.  I know all the
ropes and don't feed you a load just to snag an affiliate

It's a LOT more than just graphic design.

I guarantee it rocks and back that up with a moneyback offer.



Marlon here.

I'm pecking out this weekend wrap-up on my laptop.
Actually, normally I don't have a laptop that's worth much
since the only time I use one is when I'm doing

I don't need one when I'm on the road 'cause my team runs
things. Also, my hands are so big (at my height), typing
on the tiny keyboards isn't easy.

Having said that, since I'm not very mobile after the knee
scope, I'm REALLY happy to have this laptop and a spot on
my sofa.

If there are typos, I apologize.

1. If you're looking for a laptop, this new 12.1 inch
screen HP is a beast. It has an AMD 64 dual core
proccessor and an Nvidia graphics card.

I'm not that much of a techie. But I'm told the dual core
processor means it can zip through your information a lot
faster. The little metal grid at the bottom you use to
navigate works really slick.

2. I envisioned 1 week after surgery sitting at Starbucks
about now having my cappuccino. That ain't happenin! I've
been there a few times. But right now, it's the sofa at

3. Since I'm ON the sofa, I bought and read some ebooks
and software programs. One of them is on a topic I don't
focus on — search engine optimization.

Let me first say that without doing jack with seo, I've
gotten 1 out of every 102 people who surfs the Internet
via an English browser to visit one of my sites….and
that does NOT include our traffic this year nor our
traffic my first 2 or 3 years in this business when I had
huge amounts of visitors.

So I STILL feel associate programs rock. Still, let me
share what I dug up while banned to this sofa:

a. I have some sites and pages that are ranked PR5 by
Google. PR = page rank. By linking to the same 3 pages
from all 5 of those sites, I can create 3 PR6 pages (or
that's what this spreadsheet I downloaded tells me).

Page rank is a combination of how Google ranks domain
factors, off-page and on-page factors. Mostly, that
translates into how well you've done on-page basics like
having a title on the page that targets your key word,
your H1 tag (I'll explain that shortly). And then your
off-page factors. Far as I can tell that is your ihbound
links and the quality (or PR) of those links.

LONG story short — I can take 5 of my PR5 pages that have
NO links on them. I can put links to 3 sites on those 5
pages. And if all works well, those 3 sites will be
transformed into PR6 sites!

Who cares?

Well, if I have a PR6 site on many of my keywords in
Google, I'll get a top 10 ranking. For example, on the
term “sales letters” Yanik's is #1
and pushbuttonletters isn't even there (I've got on the right hand PPC side).

But with a PR6, I would at last whip Instant Sales Letters
in the SERPS (search engine page results….or those
listings you get when you do a search).

OK. For all you tech savvy seo people, I've probably just
hacked that explanation to death. My thing is associate
programs, NOT seo.

But for those of you who want the quick and dirty, boiled
down explanation of seo, here is what I think the
important things are:

* Doing the basic things on your site like having a title
that targets your key words, using your keywords on the
page at least some. I DO recommend you learn to do these

* Your domain name. The domain name does count into
Google's page rank measure. I don't know what percent it

* Your inbound links, the PR rank they have, and how good
the match is between the page sending you the link and
your page.

If you get a link from a PR9 page about cows and your site
is about horse racing, this is not good. Actually, I would
be interested to hear what the data says about that.

According to this spreadsheet I found, if I get a link
from a PR9 page to my page, and there are 10 or less
outbound links from that PR9 page, then my page becomes a
PR8 — if the PR passes through.

The question is, how closely related do the pages have to
be for the PR to pass through? I've read that Google
requires the pages to be similar in nature.

To make a long story longer, you can actually BUY PR 8 or
9 links at sites that sell 'em. So let's say that you buy
a link from a NEWS site to your Internet marketing site.
How much PR boost wil you get? Or are you just wasting
your money? $100 Reason I say that is because there aren't
many Internet marketing PR9 sites willing to sell you a
link! Anyway, here's what I do NOT understand whatsoever:

Unless I'm totally mistaken, 80% of search engine
positioning boils down to having the basics on your sales
pages (title tags, etc) and then your inbound links.

All the seo products I read get lost in a complex
assortment of information. I think what this boils down to
is 80% of seo that will get you 80% of your results ISN'T

But I'm not sure anyone wants to let the cat out of the
bag. See, in the early days of Internet marketing, people
were doing the exact same thing…trying to pull the wool
over people's eyes about how complicated things were.

The MOTIVE for doing so is to sell services.

I came along with a series of products and made a pretty
big impact to cut through the smoke and mirrors.

So let me tell you what I think is going on in seo.
Companies publish elaborate lists of 101 ways to get
inbound links. They make it sound so tough and difficult
that you could NEVER have time to do it.

Then, they go out and buy a few high PR, relevant links to
their client sites. And maybe they mix in a few directory

Simple. Client is happy. And their rather sizeable bill
gets paid. Maybe that is happening. Maybe not.

I do know that today people tell clients they need $50,000
and $100,000 web 2.0 applications, complex content models
and many other things.

The models are, at best, dubious in terms of the potential

But clients don't want to pay $100,000 to hear it all
boils down to having an affiliate program and pimping the
daylights out of it. Which is the truth in most cases.

I'm not going to become an seo guru any day soon. What I
CAN tell you is that NOT doing a few basic seo things has
been less than bright!

None of my pages have title tags worth anything,
descriptions or H1 tags. Let me ‘splain that for those of
you who who are dummies about seo like I am:

b. Your title tag.

In IE, Firefox or whatever browser you're using, go to
THIS web site:

Now, view the source code of that page. On your browser at
the top, you'll see a link that says VIEW. Then you select
“source” or “page source.”

At the top of the page if you hunt around a little, you'll
see something that looks like this:

<TITLE>Keyword keyword whatever whatever</TITLE>

That is your page title. And between the two title “tags”
(both those words that say TITLE and have the little < />
around them are called “tags” because they tag the text
with code that tells the browser how to display it.

Now, at the time I'm writing this (soon to be fixed), if
you go to and look at the
top left of the page, you'll see that it says “Push Button

That's because THAT is what I have listed at the title of
my page. You would THINK my page title would be Sales
Letter Software. Or somethin' like that.

See, if the search engines read that title, they'd go,
“Oh, this page is about sales letters.” And they would
then put me in the SERPS (the listings you see when you
search) under “sales letters.”

Using the name of my product as the title of the page is a
total waste.

I'm told you should make the first couple words in your
title your key words. And you have 60 characters total
that the search engines will see, but do NOT quote me on

c. Description

One of the common “meta tags” is description. This is what
some search engines publish in their results as the
description of your page.

I don't have ANY of my sites. Arggghhh!

d. Inbound links

Remember that example of the search term “sales letters” I
gave you and how Yanik's “Instant Sales Letters” is #2 in
the listings right behind Microsoft?

Well, I fired up a clever little software program I found
and discovered he has 1 PR9 link, six PR7's and a lot of
lesser links.

But his high ranking links have dozens or hundreds of
links on them, which dilutes the PR that is passed

By the way, Yanik is a friend, so that's why I'm using
this example. He'll get a chuckle out of it. I'm sure he
spends about ZERO hours of his time each month on seo,
although he may joint venture or pay someone to do a
little for him.

Anyway, if I send off links from five of my PR5 pages,
I'll get my page up to a PR6. His is PR5. Thus, I WIN!

What sweet victory!

Well, actually, seo stuff seldom works like I anticipate.
So I won't be spending those golden eggs until the goose
lays them.

That's the great thing about affiliate program marketing.
You KNOW pretty much what it takes to get a result.

If you missed my 6-week startup class on creating and
marketing your own affiliate program, I can honestly say
you missed out on some really, really good stuff.

Those who made it to the live calls and asked questions or
really listened to all the audios will tell you a lot of
secrets and great info were revealed.

Also, I'm gonna take the spreadsheet PR calculator I
found, several totally tricked out software programs and
write 'em up for my Milcers.

Check this out….I found this program (10X better than
any others I've seen like it) that lets me type in
keywords like “sales letters.” It runs a search and lets
me know the PR of the pages in the top 10 and how many
inbound links each has.

Then, you can take any of THOSE pages, run a search and
get a breakdown of the PR of every page linking to them.
That's pretty trick.

Thing is, if you see only a few inbound links with high
PR, you know you can beat those pages out. Or, if you see
that the top pages all have high PR (7's or 8's), then you
know to not waste your time.

I'm gonna talk about that program in my Milcer's issue.
Too bad you will NEVER see that info if you aren't a

If you aren't one, you're missing out! You know, I may go
2 or 3 issues and not cover something you are that
interested in. Then, I'll hit a home run.

The online part of the Milcers needs improvement.  I'm
working on that.  But the print newsletter you get in the
mail is worth it every month in my opinion.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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