Twitter Marketing — How To Follow My Day-By-Day Exploits — FREE!



Did you know you can follow my day-by-day exploits — FREE!

This opportunity may not last forever.

But right now, you can follow me on TWITTER.  Just go to:

You can follow me there.  I recommend you sign up for Twitter and then click the FOLLOW under my picture.  You’ll see the “follow” after you sign up.

I’m publishing little snippets almost every day.  Twitter seems a little buggy today.  If you try to join or follow me and you get an error message, try refreshing your screen.  Oh, YOU can FOLLOW all the people I follow.  Click on their picture and click the FOLLOW under their pix. This is FUN stuff!


3 thoughts on “Twitter Marketing — How To Follow My Day-By-Day Exploits — FREE!”

  1. Hi Marlon,

    Thank you for all your effort and hard work for bringing us a lot of important information and products.


    [Vito, how are you? thanks for your comment my friend. And I hope I serve you well.]

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