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Twitter Marketing Secret: The KILLER Feature Of Twitter You May Not Know




Re: The KILLER Feature Of Twitter You May Not Know

From: Marlon Sanders
To: {!firstname_fix}


Marlon here.


I was on it. Got a lot of people on it. My messages to out on

But I didn't “get” one KILLER, totally awesome feature about it
that is really basic but critical to understand.

You can message people by putting the @ symbol in the message
box then type their Twitter name.

Now do NOT rush and start messaging all the gurus. You won't
get responses.

But network with people. Be SOCIAL. Make friends with people
at your relative level in the business. If you're a newbie,
make friends with other newbies.


If you are new to Twitter, here's a little report that'll get
you up to speed. The one I read that turned me onto Twitter is
not being sold now for some reason. Or the site is down. I found
a substitute on Clickbank that looks good:

Here is the thing:

I have friends I left PHONE messages for but couldn't reach.
But Twitter gets through to them.

I can communicate with people on Twitter I'd NEVER call or talk
to on the phone. It's really the KILLER networking tool.

Now, if you USE it, then be sure to check the links on the right
side when you log in that say “Direct” and @replies.

I wasn't checking those.

I found messages from a month back.


I'm not really a big networker. Not that I shouldn't be. I'm
just not. But this makes it PAINLESS!

I'm going to use Twitter more.

Listen, THIS is an awesome way for you to network with people
who have lists and that can sell your product.

But do NOT be a putz.

Do NOT message everyone and say, “Hey, dog, can you promote my


You GREASE the chute.

Message them and say, “Hey, I write an ezine and want to put your
AD in it! Got something I can sell?”

You may only have TWO people on your list but START an ezine like

Don't wait.

Then start running adwords and/or doing organic seo like the
SEO Lies report taught you.

Or start using the stuff in the Yahoo ebooks I told you about
last week to run pay per click ads.

Or use Ad Infiltration from Steve to get those REALLY cheapo
clicks and subscribers to your ezine.

Like I said man.

CRANK it up. Get going.

Get your tail on Twitter whether you are intimidated or not.
If you need help, snag that little Twitter thing I linked to

It's really NOT hard to use.

But WRITE an ezine. Put CONTENT in it best you can. Do NOT
put out junk like people did in the glory days of ezines.

People put out ezines with crap.

Oh, do NOT go to the dark side and start using automated Twitter
junk. It's tempting.

Don't do it.

It's SOCIAL. Just get on there and meet people.

Find people who have LISTS in your niche.

Make friends of all things.

God forbid you should make friends with people who have lists
THEN offer to put an ad for 'em in your ezine.

THEN you offer to interview 'em for 10 minutes and post it on
that blog you've got or are intending to get up.

Crank it up.

Get the blog going.

Again, if you need help, here's a nice little, inexpensive
product to help you:

But there are TONS of things on how to blog. I have some
basic info in the Promo Dashboard on it.

The MAIN thing is to START.

Best wishes,


PS: Post below and let me know your opinion.

  • Marilyn says:

    Being ready for Twitter, I am not ready with a reason to be there. I did sign up there a while ago and have a user name et al. I have a lot of catching up to do to get to Twitter. FOr example, I just figured out how to manage a safe list for my e-mails. While I was there, checking that out, I saw this block bizness that was there. I then wondered if all the work I do sending e-mails to a list I have been developing, is going to e-mail addresses that may be blocking my e-mails. Is there a way to find out if an e-mail address blocks your e-mails? I most certainly want to know more about this blocking stuff, before I have a bizness going.

    So if anyone has time to explain this more to me, please do. I am in the "dark" on this as a newb to internet communications.

    Hi Marilyn,

    Don't worry about people blocking you. Worry about being engaging and providing value. If you

    do that, your people will follow you. Find a niche. Serve your niche. Go download Then follow some people. You'll learn fast.]

  • Tia Dobi says:

    G'morning Marlon – what's your Twitter acct? (Couldn't find you to follow you.)

    What's that link to the Masterson video?

    OK I will spread the Gospel of Marlon now.

    [Hey Tia, I wonder how that didn't show up? Maybe I need to fix something. For anyone other than YOU I'd tell them to go to youtube and look michael up. Because when you search Michael Masterson, it's the FIRST video "goal setting techniques." But since you are you and since you're spreading the word, here's the link that *should* go to it:

    Thanks Tia and rock on…Marlon]

  • Zara says:

    Hi Marlon – twitter is great, I found out about it via Thomas Power – a trend spotter(CEO of Ecademy) worth following

    I'm gathering together people from other networks via twitter and think it has the power of instant messaging/ texting/ alerting/informing and more – migrating people over to twitter is like building a large optin pool of visitors – it generates a crowd of people all interested in two way communication – true networking.

    Like facebook more rules will show up no doubt – when making friends I suggest NOT following too many people too quickly – or you may be mistaken for a spammer/robot

    And don't just broadcast what you have for sale – that feels like spam to many – people want to know (like a status updates) things like, how you are, where you are going and other little things that make you human, nothing too personal!

    Blog updates and announcements can be sprinkled within your twitter day – as ideally the people that follow you will know that's how you make your living.

    Also I suggest following people you know from other networks already – check their profile for a twitter badge and follow that way, most people will follow back in my experience.

    I've been told by credible sources that another way to increase your "reach" is to use the RT function to Re-tweet another persons tweet – maybe someone else who replies to this thread can provide some more detail on this ? – I'm not savy on the RT do's and don't.

    I tend to give a tweeter credit/kudos by included their @tweetername in a delicious save (which is re-broadcast via RSS widgets ( on my profile pages – which is a way to use boomarking and tweet/status updates to further effect/reach)

    A last quick tip before I sign off here is – a "super broadcaster" you can reach people over about 30 major networks including twitter and facebook with the same message and track number clicks on comments via shortened urls.

    Twitter is my main "station" though:



    [Hi Zara, very good tips on Twitter. Thanks for sharing with everyone. Marlon]

  • Shekhar says:

    Thanks for this nice info Marlon. I think I need to give Twitter a try despite its being image as a big time waster by many (like the first commenter). Probably we should not dismiss any idea without trying it for some time.


    [Hi, I'm saying to use it to meet people and network some. That is how I think it is best used. Some people LIVE on it. I don't think that is terribly productive.]

  • Kim Baillie says:

    Hey Marlon

    We've been doing the Twitter thing for a few months at a personal level but then discovered even more value in having a profile that is one of our keywords. This way if you are not a "name" yet (in your keyword) area you can get people to follow you because they are interested in the topic and search for it on Twitter. You still need to be providing good content but its a great way to get traffic to your site/s. (so for example, this is one that I have just set up

    Its still hotter than Texas here in Australia! 😉


    [Kim, that's clever! I like it. Australia is a beautiful place. Actually, tonight in San Antonio it's cold by our standards here. Thanks for posting and giving us a tip!]

  • Kymberley says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Thanks for the validation – I have been using twitter for the last month and it has been a great tool for keeping up with what's going on the internet marketing world. As well as building traffic to blog posts and such. My boss, Greg Writer forwarded me your latest email. I am so glad that one of his colleagues agrees that my time on twitter is not wasted. It can be addicting though and a big distraction. I use tweetdeck also to keep track of my dm's and @replies so they don't get lost. BTW all the links in your latest email were broken not sure if it's because it was forwarded but i figured out that the last letter had dropped off the link.

    [Hey Kymberley, I can't believe how many people use Tweet Deck! I have to check it out. Yes, Twitter really is a great way to connect with people if you have a plan. Not sure why the links were broken. Hmmm]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Love your posts. They are so full of actionable content it makes my head spin.

    I discovered Twitter somewhat by accident when my dad was at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN (got bit by some wierd tick in TX and almost died)and I followed almost 49000 people before they changed the "rules"…so people could only follow me for a while.

    So, I still ended up with thousands of people following me. I have since been re-instated, but in the interim I moved to Facebook. I have built a nice little Friends network there too. Both are wonderful tools for interfacing with people from all over the world. I have not used either one much for marketing, yet, but I do plan to.

    [Hey Sharon, yes, you actually do have to watch ticks if u live in the woods especially. Wow, 49,000. That's just crazy. Hey, if you're not using them to connect with list owners, do it! Give first.]

  • Jim Zaccaria says:

    I learned about Twitter from @CoachDeb at @DaveLakhani's Renegades of Persuasion WORKshop in Vegas last year. Before that I had a Whole DIFFERENT idea of what a Twitterer was, or is that Tweeter [not to be confused with 'tweaker', though nearly as addicting!] ANY-way, @WarrenWhitlock teamed up with @CoachDeb and wrote the 'Free' Twitter Handbook, [ ] THE Definitive Authority on using and maximizing Twitter. Listen to Warren on BlogTalkRadio here: If you're serious about getting the Most out of Twitter, you might also check out "Twitter Revolution" from Amazon here: also by Whitlock and Micek – Useful reads, I've found And they're Great People Too! [Like Marlon] In case you're wondering what the @ sign is for in front of all the names, it identifies a Twitter ID. If you're Not using twitter, You're missing out! You can 'Follow Me' at I am @JimZaccaria on Twitter. and also facebook, another useful tool for your Networking and Marketing Plan.

  • Muriel says:

    Hi Marlon,

    As usual, you give thoughtful and useful information. Although I'm here, just struggling with overwhelm and haven't succeeded in getting my website up and moving yet, I feel that all your insights and suggestions will benefit me in the long run. Keep it up.

    Have a great cash-flowing day.


    [Muriel, read through my past posts on my blog. Especially read the Master Plan article. You run some pay per click ads. Get people on your list. Send out an ezine where you insert ads for affiliate products until you have your own. Post the articles on your blog to get seo. Send them out to article directories. Read my "Master Plan" post. Muriel, most of what you need to do is in Promo dashboard. Have you "done it"? I mean, really DONE it? Good luck.]

  • Marlon,

    i did the same bloody thing….

    …..i had a message that was about 3

    weeks old and i didn't even know it!

    …oh well….


    [Steve, it's an awesome tool when you figure it out!]


  • Joel Peterson says:

    I didn't get the whole twitter thing at first either…but now after using it "The Right" way for a few months… it's been the BEST networking tool ever.

    I've been able to line up several JVs just in the last few weeks… and no I didn't just message them about promoting my product.

    Work it slow and give good content. If you are a newbie, people don't care about what you are doing. If you comment on what other people are doing and build them up… give them some good content or recommendations….that's when the magic of Twitter kicks in.

    Someday when you are the big dog… people will want to know what you are doing…

    By the way….if you use Twitter use this program:

    It will save you a TON of time.

    Joel Peterson

    [Hey Joel, GREAT tips. Thanks. I'll check out Tweetdeck. Marlon]

  • Ken Little says:


    Would you like to let us know your

    twitter username?

    Mine is

    Look forward to your tweets.

    Success Belongs To You


    [Ken, it's in EVERY ezine issue…:) Really, I expect you to read EVERY word of my ezines….:) But sure, you can follow me…..I'm not a serial Tweeter but you'll get some things from me there.]

  • You know, it's funny, Marlon. I was telling people in my newsletter this morning that they need to reread last year's sales letters, email series and marketing collateral and start tweaking for a new world with a floundering economy.

    While I am a fan of LinkedIn and blogs, I've not seen the glamor or value of Twitter and Facebook. I get hit on by old school mates who I don't care about, or I read who is drinking coffee at Starbucks, or reading the latest best seller. That doesn't go a long way for me and seems like a general waste of time for them and me. Like maybe we should all get a freaking life and start writing about something really interesting, or that – God forbid – actually builds relationships and draws us closer to our audience. Or maybe just pick up the phone and talk to someone as opposed to relying on a PC to communicate on our behalf.

    I don't know, the jury is still out on Twitter for me.

    [Steven, appreciate very much the endorsement to your folks! Now on Twitter, I believe you're MISSING the point on it. You can DIRECT message people and they will RESPOND. A phone call takes TOO LONG to respond to and so does email. Twitter is like short really fast communications. You can get THROUGH to people with Twitter you can't reach other ways…even the phone. This has NOTHING to do with what they are writing about…although if you want a jv it's smart to read what they are up to.]

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