Twitter Marketing Secret: The KILLER Feature Of Twitter You May Not Know

Twitter Marketing Secret: The KILLER Feature Of Twitter You May Not Know




Re: The KILLER Feature Of Twitter You May Not Know

From: Marlon Sanders
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Marlon here.


I was on it. Got a lot of people on it. My messages to out on

But I didn't “get” one KILLER, totally awesome feature about it
that is really basic but critical to understand.

You can message people by putting the @ symbol in the message
box then type their Twitter name.

Now do NOT rush and start messaging all the gurus. You won't
get responses.

But network with people. Be SOCIAL. Make friends with people
at your relative level in the business. If you're a newbie,
make friends with other newbies.


If you are new to Twitter, here's a little report that'll get
you up to speed. The one I read that turned me onto Twitter is
not being sold now for some reason. Or the site is down. I found
a substitute on Clickbank that looks good:

Here is the thing:

I have friends I left PHONE messages for but couldn't reach.
But Twitter gets through to them.

I can communicate with people on Twitter I'd NEVER call or talk
to on the phone. It's really the KILLER networking tool.

Now, if you USE it, then be sure to check the links on the right
side when you log in that say “Direct” and @replies.

I wasn't checking those.

I found messages from a month back.


I'm not really a big networker. Not that I shouldn't be. I'm
just not. But this makes it PAINLESS!

I'm going to use Twitter more.

Listen, THIS is an awesome way for you to network with people
who have lists and that can sell your product.

But do NOT be a putz.

Do NOT message everyone and say, “Hey, dog, can you promote my


You GREASE the chute.

Message them and say, “Hey, I write an ezine and want to put your
AD in it! Got something I can sell?”

You may only have TWO people on your list but START an ezine like

Don't wait.

Then start running adwords and/or doing organic seo like the
SEO Lies report taught you.

Or start using the stuff in the Yahoo ebooks I told you about
last week to run pay per click ads.

Or use Ad Infiltration from Steve to get those REALLY cheapo
clicks and subscribers to your ezine.

Like I said man.

CRANK it up. Get going.

Get your tail on Twitter whether you are intimidated or not.
If you need help, snag that little Twitter thing I linked to

It's really NOT hard to use.

But WRITE an ezine. Put CONTENT in it best you can. Do NOT
put out junk like people did in the glory days of ezines.

People put out ezines with crap.

Oh, do NOT go to the dark side and start using automated Twitter
junk. It's tempting.

Don't do it.

It's SOCIAL. Just get on there and meet people.

Find people who have LISTS in your niche.

Make friends of all things.

God forbid you should make friends with people who have lists
THEN offer to put an ad for 'em in your ezine.

THEN you offer to interview 'em for 10 minutes and post it on
that blog you've got or are intending to get up.

Crank it up.

Get the blog going.

Again, if you need help, here's a nice little, inexpensive
product to help you:

But there are TONS of things on how to blog. I have some
basic info in the Promo Dashboard on it.

The MAIN thing is to START.

Best wishes,


PS: Post below and let me know your opinion.

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