Twitter + Outsourcing + Ockham + Traffic = ?

Twitter + Outsourcing + Ockham + Traffic = ?


Twitter + Outsourcing + Ockham + Traffic = ?

Let's talk about the big picture.

I want to tie together everything I've talked about
in the past few weeks.

1. Outsourcing using the John Jonas system

If you need ongoing technical help, programming or
help doing grunt work, this may be your solution.

Let's say you pay $250 a month.

That's $8.33 a day for a full time, english speaking
employee. Not bad.

A LOT of people have gotten mixed results with Elance
because you work with people once. But you don't take
advantage of repeation and a learning curve.

As I see it, you can use outsourcing for technical help,
for seo help or other things.

I think it's realistic to get a webmaster this way who
can handle repetitive tasks and grunt work that you
don't want to do.

2. SEO Lies

I endorsed Justin's SEO Lies product. It's ideal for
outsourcing. And he even put together videos to just
hand over to your outsourcers.

I'm going to send you info on this soon.

But one way to get traffic is to get links (called
backlinks) on your keyword terms.

Justin's system for doing this is very practical.

This system is OPTIONAL. In other words, if you have
another way to get visitors and traffic, you don't need
it. For example, if you're following Tinu's Evergreen
Traffic System, or you're doing ppc or other methods to
get traffic, you don't have to do this.

You've got to find a few ways to get traffic. I like his
system because you can outsource it and it isn't too
complex. But it's pretty Evergreen. I don't think Google
is gonna smack down on his methods.

They're fairly Evergreen.

3. Ockham's Razor

I lay out the Master Plan in one chapter that shows how
all this fits together, including Facebook, Twitter and
other social media.


Are you struggling with the big picture of how you
get ahead? Are you drowning with overwhelm or too
much complexity? Does it all not “make sense” to you?
If so, you need Ockham's Razor. Boil it all down to the
two factors you MUST focus on! Get focused! Get ORIS —


4. Twitter

I endorsed a Twitter product from Dana on how to get people
on your Twitter list.

We've gotten IMMEDIATE feedback on the blog from people who
built a list of 150 to 700+ in just a few days.

The idea on Twitter is to network with people in your niche,
find out what they want and what they talk about.

But most importantly, find out who owns LISTS. Make friends
because these are your potential affiliates.

Do NOT blast out promos to Twitter unless and until you've
really developed a good relationship.

I see Twitter as a nice, easy way to form relationships.

5. Yahoo Search Marketing

I sent out a few articles that talked about Yahoo Search
Marketing and how to use it to run ads that get people on
your list.

6. The Master Plan

In Ockham's Razor I briefly lay out my Master Plan. I'll
probably do it more in depth in a product or possibly a
workshop or seminar.

But the short version is:

Step one: Target an audience

Step two: Get people on a list

Step three: Send out offers

==> Seo? It's a way to target people and get 'em on your list

==> Twitter? It's a way to find LIST owners so you can get them
to email offers the PUT people on your list

==> Outsourcing? It's a way to avoid getting bogged down in
details so you can focus on marketing

==> PPC? Pay-per-click is a way to get people on your list

==> Yahoo Marketing — An alternative to Google to run ads that
get people on your list

==> Link building? A way to get ranked in the search engines
so you can get people to your site and on your list

==> Press releases? A way to build backlinks that get your ranked
in the search engines so people come to your site and get on your

==> Posting in forums? At the end of the post you have your “sig line”
which is a link to a page that gets people on your list.

==> Facebook? It's a way to join groups of people who are a target
market. Then you can get 'em on your list.

==> Promo Dashboard — Shows you how to build a page that GETS
people on your list. Then how to follow up and make sales.

==> Blogs — Where you send people after you get them on your list
to build relationships. Also possible to use them for seo ranking
that gives you traffic and gets people on your list.

==> Affiliate Dashboard — Shows how to set up an affiliate program
so affiliates send you visitors that, in turn, get on your list.

==> Design Dashboard — Shows how to build web pages and design
them. These pages are what you use to get people on your list.
And to put the offers on that make sales.

==> Promoting affiliate products? You should STILL send people to
a page first where you get people on your list.

Does this make sense?

It's the Master Plan.

It's in Ockham's Razor.

I'll publish it in more detail in the future. But it ALL fits together.
It all ties together.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

PS: Post your feedback on the blog:

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