Video Sales Letters: I got one million reasons to disprove the hype - Online and Info Product Marketing

Video Sales Letters: I got one million reasons to disprove the hype

“Video Sales Letters: I got one  million reasons to disprove the hype”

And lest you think I'm dogging out my pal Ryan, READ what I got to
say first.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 5, #15, April 10, 2010

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor advertisement

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article:  Video Sales Letters: I got one
million reasons to disprove the hype

D. Resources

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders, Publisher


A. Sponsor Advertisement

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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C. Main Article: Video Sales Letters: I got one
million reasons to disprove the hype

Are video sales letters replacing standard long form sales

Recently, this has been the topic of a lot of hype and

Being that I own, I'm a person
who has a strong opinion on this. But let's get OUT of the
domain of opinion and into the realm of facts.

First of all, for a little background, my pal Ryan Deiss
produced a video and a product saying that long form
written sales letters are a thing of the past.

It's a brilliant pitch.

And without giving much hard data, he managed to convince
people of this fact.

Now, Ryan Deiss is someone I consider a friend. He's a
VERY astute marketer and has been in the “Game” a long
time. I have nothing but much respect for Ryan as a person
and as a marketer.

His product on how to do video sales letters rocks. I
mean, Ryan always produces high quality content.

So this isn't about “Ryan.” It's about a topic and a
belief. And that belief is:

“Long form sales letters are dead”

“The only thing converting great are videos”

If you haven't seen the video, it's here:

Come on guys and gals, boys and girls. Let's stop smoking
anything and look at a few hard core facts.

1. Million dollar sales promotions in the last few months

This product sold 11,000+ units RECENTLY:

That's an affiliate link by the freaking way.

Now LOOK at the sales letter.

Is it ONLY a video?

No way. It HAS video. But it's a traditional long form
sales letter.

2. Vin Montello

Vin writes copy for many big launches. He's a hotshot
hired pen with a talent for creating winners.

Vin has split tested this with clients a lot.

VERDICT: Sales letters WITH video have almost always beat
video sales letters ALONE.

3. Other million dollar launches

If you research OTHER Clickbank products that sold a
million dollars or 5,000 to 10,000 units, they ALL have
sales letters.

And these have been in say the past six months. Recent.

4.  I got 300 million OTHER reasons…

Agora does what?  300 million in sales a year.  Something
like that.  I don't think they have even one pure video
sales pitch.

You don't do 300 million in sales from sales letters if
sales letters are dead. Come on now!  Let's get off the crack.

I won't even bring up T.J. Rohleder who is one of the top
bizop direct mailers in the U.S.  Everything TJ does is
sales letters…really, really long form sales letters…
like unbelievably long.

Or how about the fact that direct mail is a multi-billion
dollar industry and that won't change anytime soon.

5. However, sometimes video does convert better, depending
on the audience.

I haven't tested video WITH sales letter vs. video alone
recently. I DO know that for my Promo Dashboard, this
video did great:

The $300 thing at the end is OVER. Don't post to the blog.
It's over and done. But I wanted to show you the video
because it did convert well for us.

I want to TRY putting that video on a sales letter and see
how that does in comparison.

If you go to and look at the videos selling
magic tricks, you'll see that when you can DEMONSTRATE your
product video wins hands down over a pure sales letter.

Here are a few facts:

* A POOR sales letter will get beaten by a great video.

* A mediocre sales letter will get beaten by a great video pitch.

* A video sales letter vs. a written sales letter of equal quality
can go either way.

* A written sales letter WITH a video will likely beat the video

Now, there ARE some GREAT reasons TO use video sales

a. You do NOT have to WRITE a sales letter

A lot of people like my pal Daegan Smith find it faster,
simpler and easier to throw up a video pitch. And for
Daegan, that converted as good or better than his sales letter.

Plus — and this is the part you'll like, he saved a ton
on copywriting fees.

Vin Montello isn't cheap. Top copywriters aren't cheap. So
if you can throw up a video pitch in a few hours, it's a
definite money saver.

But not everyone is good at verbal selling. It isn't my
strong point. I prefer writing, although I do like to make
videos now and then.

b. You can bang out sales promotions fast

If you're a SLOW writer and a FAST talker, this is great
news for you.

You can throw up some power point slides, fire up
Camtasia, hit record and you're off and running.

In 60 minutes you're done.

The question is, WHO started this big video sales letter
trend in Internet marketing?

From my perspective, Shawn Casey STARTED this becauwe he
had an extremely successful CPA offer that was a power
point pitch where he literally just READ the slides.

The big dog knows his marketing.

You can SEE that pitch here:

I hate to give out that URL because it's such a great
pitch half of you will buy it. Geez. You gotta learn to
ANALYZE pitches without always buying them! It's a
brilliant pitch.

Shawn reads the slides JUST like Ryan talks about. Those
have to be the ugliest power point slides in the history
of the world. Well, maybe not. But it just goes to show
you that at the end of the day, it's the text that sells.
And ugly isn't always bad.

However, Shawn did NOT cause this Lee McIntyre was the guy
who started it. Not that others hadn't been using video
sales letters for quite a bit of time.

But Lee set the world on fire with his killer video sales
letters. Lee could put one out in a fraction of the time
it took him to write a sales letter.

And since Lee is pretty charismatic on video, the video
sales letters converted better. Not everyone is so

Kinda like Frank Kern. Tons of people have hired expensive
video guys, bought video equipment and so forth to try to
duplicate Frank's success in using video.

The DIFFERENCE is they don't have anything remotely
resembling the charisma Frank has. A few guys are actually
“wooden.” They just don't come across well on video.

For the record, I was the FIRST in our market to produce a
video live in the car on a way to something…I did it
with Red Factor way before Frank did that stuff.

Here's the difference: I ain't good looking like Frank!
Let's be honest here. Some people got genetics in their
favor. Others…well…..there's probably a bit of a
reason I'm still single!

I actually got BLASTED on the Warrior's Forum for how I
looked in the video.

What I learned is that for ME, if I do video which I do
sometimes, I have to dress up a bit and strive to look as
good as I can.

I'll wear a nice shirt. A little jewelry. A cap to cover
up the fact that I got a bit of a patch missing upstairs.
I figured out how to use the right kind of lighting so it
makes me look younger.

I compensate for my weaknesses with a little bit of style
and flair.

The point is, you gotta take whatever assets you have and
USE 'em.

If you're a writer, then WRITE.

If you're a talker, then TALK.

If you can't write and you can't talk, then you BETTER be
good at outsourcing.

That's right.

I know someone in the IM field who produces VIDEO pitches
and products who always hires someone else to do it. I
don't think they have very clear spoken English so they
just hire it out.

I'm not entirely sure they speak English at all.

c. Power Point sales letters eliminate a lot of the

Ryan is smart. He realizes most people don't wanna do
talking head videos or fancier video.

So he emphasized the power point part. And it's a great

You can get the BENEFITS of video by doing Power Point
sales pitches.

++++++++++++++++ The Final Lesson ++++++++++++++++

1. If you think I'm dogging out my pal Ryan, you totally
miss what I'm saying.

2. The evidence from million dollar launches on Clickbank
shows that sales letters with video convert the best.

3. The great thing about video is that you CAN convert
pretty darned good and you don't have to write a sales

If writing is a stumbling block for you, this should be
great news.

4. Some guys and gals are going to video sales letters
exclusively for convenience.

My pal Daegan is going exclusively to video sales letters.
He's saving the money on copywriters and getting just as
good if not better conversions.

5. If you're “wooden” on video or not charismatic, do the
Power Point thing.

6.  If you DO wanna get something on how to do video sales
letters, Ryan's course is really awesome.  Gotta hand it to
Ryan for bringing innovative ideas to the marketplace.

7.  My only disagreement is with the fundamental premise
that sales letters are dead.  I'm on record here as saying
this is a flawed premise and believe that most of the time
a sales letter WITH video will outpull a video alone.

8.  Put your foot in the video sales letter water and see
if it works for you.  Maybe you'll be like Daegan and never
go back to written sales letters again!

9. If you're good at writing, then try ADDING video TO your
written sales letters.

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
the Internet.


REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention

D.  Resources you can use

(If you want to post this ENTIRE ezine, you can replace the
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1. The Marketing Dashboard: Amazing Formula and Gimme
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things in AF and Gimme.

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5. Promote your own products made easy

Grab the brilliant video by Adeel Chowdhry on how to mash
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an attention-grabbing, compelling video you can put on your
sales page, Facebook, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, or even
Twitter out to your list.

6.  Your Own Products?

It's the only step-by-step, A to Z system not JUST for
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  • Joe Jutrisa says:

    That's a great article Marlon!

    I've been thinking about this for some time now and I think your article sums it up 100%. Every marketer should read it. I think video's great and so are good sales letters. The comments you made are right on the money, so I wont go over them again.

    It boils down to this….

    It just depends!

    I like Jimmy's comment too. My pet peeve is realllyyy long sales letters and videos you can't zip through. I remember watching one from a leading marketer and it just kept going.

    I had lunch, went to the toilet and it was still going! I think it took about 45 minutes! I guess I didn't see much or buy anything.

    I think there's a lesson there.

    Thanks again Marlon.

  • Jimmy Krug says:

    Hi Marlon,

    A friend told me about this site and the "controversy." Recently, I watched 3 video presentations made by 3 very popular proponents of "video only" direct marketing.

    It took 3 efforts for me to reach the conclusion of 1 of them… and I gave up on the other two. None of them enabled me to jump forward, pause, etc. That said, I'm one of those people who enjoys buying products, just to see what others are doing out there!

    These "video only" product pitches basically convinced me of the exact opposite of what they were intended to do. They were too long and drawn out… and much like a sales letter, I was watching the very technique that I was being asked to purchase in action.

    Honestly, I thought, "You've gotta be kidding."

    Video with a sales letter is a great combination – be it screen capture or Power Point slides. Unfortunately, too often it's the people who really can't afford this type of product jump in head first (or wallet first) only to be greatly disappointed by the end result.

  • Doug Barger says:

    Timely post Marlon.

    Long form salesletters are alive and well according to many people's stats as you say.

    Nothing wrong with adding a video in the mix.

    My audio went out one time and I couldn't watch/hear any videos any way.

    Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever purchased from a video.

    I've purchased from several long form salesletters though. 😉

    And love to write 'em too!

    Great post big man. Will continue to keep an eye out.

  • Great stuff Marlon. Thanks for all the good information and insite into current trends that a lot of us don't realize. I really appreciate the time you put in to help the little guys (and girls) out.

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