Vote: THIS html version vs. all text

Vote: THIS html version vs. all text

Marketing Minute

Vol. 5, #22, May 22, 2010

Overview of This Week's Issue:

A. Sponsor advertisement

— B. Announcements from Marlon

— C. Main Article: How to Turn Your Niche Idea Into A Full-Blown Business, including a complete real example

— D. Resources



week's article
: “How to Turn Your Niche Idea Into A Full-Blown Business — including a complete, illustrated real example”

Today I'm going to show you a great example of creating a niche product for a market. Last issue I talked about and how Gary Craig simply adapted the work of Dr. Roger Callahan. Now, today I look at how another marketer took Gary Craig's idea and built a DVD and big affiliate promotion around it. Here's the site:

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Marlon Sanders

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A. Sponsor Advertisement

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B. Announcements from Marlon


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C. Main Article: How Gary Went From $18,000 a

Year To $400,000 a Year


If you've read my past articles, you've used MicroNiche Finder (aff link) to find a lucrative niche market. You should be locked, loaded and ready to rock and roll. If you aren't, you need to go back and read my back issues.

Now, let's look at how you flesh out a whole marketing sequence in a niche market. The example I'm using is a product I love called The Tapping Solution. This is NOT my product. I bought the DVD because Joe Vitale is on it and told me about it.

First, let's look at the MAIN web site. Keep in mind…this could be YOUR web site. And it could be about dog training, Salsa Dance, or how to do WHATEVER…

This is the main site:

Notice the opt in box I've highlighted in red where people can input their name and email address to get a tapping ebook. Notice the headline and the testimonials on the right as well as the main video and testimonial from none other than Bob Proctor.

Landing Bob Procter as a lead testimonial was a great idea.

By the way, I bought this DVD and loved it. It's what turned me onto this whole tapping thing. Then, I bought Gary Craig's dvd's off ebay since he doesn't sell them any longer. I found out you can tap for ALLERGIES or things you sometimes have a reaction to.

Anyway, you can hire a graphic designer to create a page with similar quality as this for $150 to $250 or $500. There's a very big difference in what designers charge. The point is, if you're on a budget and you shop around, you can literally get a very nice design for $150.

My friend Adeel Chowdhry (he did one of my video bonuses for Promo Dashboard) has multiple products that have hit #1 in very competitive categories on Clickbank. He has top notch graphic design and pays probably $250, if that (or did in the past).

Now, there are a few things about the above site I'd split test. Normally, the more links and choices you give people, the lower the response. I'd test this design vs. a one-action design.

But I LOVE the way the testimonials go down the side.

Now, scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see an affiliate sign up link at the bottom. They uses 1 shopping cart for their affiliate program. Here's my private label of it if you'd like to try a 30-day trial.

After you sign up, that's the page you go to with affiliate links. Notice the nice branding at the top.

You'll notice they built a WHOLE business around this:

1. Tapping Insiders which is a continuity program.

2. The Tapping Solution DVD which is the front end

3. Tapping World Summit which is their seminar

That is a very well-constructed back end. You can't complain about a DVD front-end with super power testimonials including Joe Vitale and Bob Procter WITH a monthly membership site on the back end AND a seminar.

Here's something NEAT they did. I got an email offering me a freebie preview of the World Summit Event (which is sold for digital access now).

I got to listen to Joe Vitale's speech on Tapping AND Jack Canfield and Bruce Lipton. And you can too. Tapping World Summit Preview.

I read that over 81,000 people attended the first Tapping World Summit! That's a lot of people.

You wonder HOW this whole process is going? Check out the Alexa:

That's an outstanding spike on Alexa and indicative of a pretty strong product launch.

Speaking of the product launch, they DID also have a JV page. I saw it earlier but I'm running out of time to get this ezine issue out.

I hope you enjoyed this. I doubt I'll be able to do this each week because it takes quite a bit of extra time to do an html version. But I hope I've opened your eyes on the steps to fleshing out a niche and turning it into a business.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That

Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step

Internet Marketing.”

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You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any

products I mention


D. Resources you can use


(If you want to post this ENTIRE ezine, you can replace the

following links with your RESELLER links. Get your links


1. After 8 years, thousands of customer emails, thousands of

buyers in virtually every major city in the world (and

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marketers and products have come and gone, after attacks

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Internet Marketing Ebook

2. Newbie Fast Start Help Kit

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me. Internet Marketing For Newbies

3. The A to Z of Designing & Building Your Web Site

Design Dashboard shows you not only the basics of doing your own design but really walks you step by step through setting up your hosting, autoresponders and shopping cart.

Web Site Design Training

This is an EVERGREEN product and if you're new to this business

you'll learn tons..

4. Promote your own products made easy

Grab the brilliant video by Adeel Chowdhry on how to mash

together stock video, stock sounds and stock music to create

an attention-grabbing, compelling video you can put on your

sales page, Facebook, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, or even

Twitter out to your list.

Promote products online

6. Your Own Products?

It's the only step-by-step, A to Z system not JUST for

creating info products …. but that shows you HOW to select

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E. Get the Evergreen Traffic System


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May the road rise up to meet you

and the wind be always at your back

and until we meet again

may God hold you softly

in the palm of his hand

— Irish poem

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