WARNING! This issue is over the top, out of control, brutally honest. - Online and Info Product Marketing

WARNING! This issue is over the top, out of control, brutally honest.



Saturday, October 13, 2007
2:56 pm

Hey Gang,

WARNING! This issue is over the top, out of control, brutally

It's beyond a rant. It's brutally truthful.  But not even a rant.
It's more direct than that.

It's NOT for the lazy or people who don't wanna know the real truth
about the real game. And how it's played and how you really make
money in thins business.

I'm gonna make this edition shorter but meaty.

The article today is simple:

“Get the Lead Out!  Time For Action!”
by Marlon Sanders

How do you learn this game of selling stuff online and making
money?  That's really what you wanna know, isn't it?

Here are my tips:

1.  Learn the freakin' roots of the business

That means some basics.  Buy some Jay Abraham off of ebay or
wherever.  Learn about USP, moving parade. All Jay's schtick
is great stuff and changed my life.

John Caples' 3 books are all 100% essential and cheap off of
Amazon.  Claude Hopkins is required.  Frankly, Jay like it a
lot more than me. But you can read it in a night, so why not?

I would put Amazing Formula in the category of the roots of
this business. It was the first ebook on Internet marketing
that really sold huge.  And it's a framework that still is great.

2.  Do your homework

Don't expect to buy 1 stupid product and become a pro.
Guys and gals, this isn't about being a HACK and making money.

I think I'm inventing a new word. And that word is a
“AMA” or “A Marketing Artist”.  The only reason I say that is
I love the connotation.  You become an ARTIST….It's an
art and a science.  )h, it's probably not a good name. I'll
think of a better one.

But artist…that's what it is. It's science.  Yeah. But there's
a certain ART to it. A certain skill.  A certain understanding.

I paid my dues. Yeah, I haven't worked a lot in 7 years.
But my friend, I paid my dues for many years.  All successes
do. It's no different than any other field, business or

Those who succeed usually work harder and know more.
Although a HTM certainly helps the most.

If you don't know HTM, do your homework.

3.  Be willing to strike out a lot in the beginning

Good gosh.  My first 3 or 4 or 5 products sucked and didn't
sell.  That's paying your dues.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.  The pitch is, “you don't need to
pay any dues.  I'll just give you what you need to know on a
silver platter.”

Then, 3 years later, you're on their newsletter, coaching club,
conference calls, etc.

They told you what you wanted to hear and gave you what you needed.

You wanna be somebody?  You wanna make your products sell
online?  You wanna have a killer business?

Yeah, sorry. But you gotta pay your dues in terms of learning,
experimenting, failing and work.  Sometimes even long hours.

4.  Don't get stuck in the paralysis of analysis.

You probably already know enough to do something.  Gosh,
yesterday I layed out my whole action system on 1 conference call.

I do that in “Gimme My Money Now” and my dashboard.  Have a
propensity to take action.

You learn by DOING!

And when things don't work, it sucks. It hurts.  It's pain.
That's the game.

5.  Be in the game to learn, not to get instant sales and results.

Instant sounds great. It motivates.  And you know what?  If
you even get 100 people or even TEN people on a list and send
an offer, you CAN get instant results.  A sale or a few sales.

One of my friends got his first sale after he got 10 opt ins
from a Google pay-per-click ad.

I've read results by people doing pretty well off very small lists.

So get in the game to get results. Work to get results. But
don't get discouraged if you don't make that 100 G's your
first year like everybody implies you will.

Heck, some people imply you'll make a million your first
year (I'm NOT referring to Mike's product, by the freakin'
way….Mike is my dog and a great marketer).

You know what I'm sayin'?  There are results you can get
fast. But you build strength, ability and muscle.

Most people?

They learn NOTHING about the classics.  No John Caples.
No Jay Abraham.  No history of the business.

They think they'll make 100 g's their first year — or

They don't wanna buy more than 1 newsletter, private site
or coaching program.

Frankly, they just don't get it.  Do you?  I hope so.
Otherwise, I'm wasting my time on this Saturday afternoon
when I could be at the coffee shop and out shopping.

Which is where I'm headed now.

6.  Get your game on.  Learn the skills.  Don't spend
forever just “reading.”  You need to LEARN HOW to do stuff.

I say learn Photoshop Elements, learn how to write a sales
letter, learn how to write a decent freakin' offer.

Learn the BASICS of this business.  I take my own paid
company time to teach my own employees the basics.

I would expect nothing less of you.

You need to learn some skills. A little Dreamweaver or other
html program ain't gonna hurt you. Seriously.

Oh, learning to create and compile a PDF for gosh sakes.

You know, these are skills I think you need.

I'm skill based.  Others will tell you to outsource everything.
And for the stupid record, I believe I had the first TWO products
on outsourcing in this business about 2-3 full YEARS before
anyone else.

My “clone Lisa” program at operateyourbiz.com.  And also my
Digital Product Creation System which was in depth documentation
on how we outsourced.

But still, ladies and gentleman, learn to do a 12 product survey.
Learn to post on Elance and Rentacoder.  Learn to write a decent
ezine article, report, and email.

Learn to write sales letters.

7.  You learn by doing

I've enumerated things to learn.  Now go DO!

A lot of people bought Affiliate Dashboard and a lot of people
didn't.  My dashboards are all ACTION products.  If you want
to set up your own affiliate program, and if you have PLR
products or your own products, you should, I can't imagine
NOT buying it.


If don't have Design Dashboard, you need it:

8.  Get products DONE.

Half done, gonna be done, almost done, done some day, done
but not proofread, gonna be done tomorrow.

All equal not done.

You can't sell not done.  You can't bank money off of almost done.

“Done is beautiful” — Patrick Anderson

The hardest thing people have to do is to overcome the need for
perfection and get it done.  Well, most people. You also don't
wanna put out something shabby.  Some people like OVERDO it!

That's probably NOT you though.  Most people just prepare and
prepare and prepare.

And never DO IT!

The product never gets done. That is why they don't make money.
That is why they sell outdated, low quality, no demand reprints
rights crap.

Just JUNK.

Why?  Because they can't get it done.

How is that for a SECRET?

The secret is, get it DONE.

If you haven't noticed, I'm about the ONLY online marketer telling
you this stuff straight up.  It doesn't HELP sales. It hurts them.
Why?  People want EZ done for you, in a box.

I've already made my name and been validated. So I can have the
balls to tell you.

Stop over analyzing the crap and get it DONE. Do it. Get it finished.
Get it out. Promote it.  Pimp it. Sell it.

9.  Get products promoted

You get products DONE then you get promotion DONE. You promote
like crazy. Start with whatever you KNOW how to do.  Know how to
write articles?  Do it.

Know some ppc game?  Do it!

Know some affiliate promotion game?  Do it! Hint: use

Need to get some promo game?  Buy http://www.getitgoing.com

Got ebooks on your hard drive with some promotion systems, tools,

Go them.  Get them done. Track results.

Some work. Most don't. That's LIFE!  That's business.  Most of it
don't work.  Some does.  The does pays many times over for
the don't s.

Get the promotion DONE!

You got it?

Stop analyzing.

Stop doubting yourself.

Stop doubting your product.

Stop finding reasons it isn't good enough.

Stop saying it won't work.

Stop finding reasons you can't do it.

Get it DONE!

No more excuses.

Get the lead out.

Light a fire under your tail end.

No GO!  Stop reading. DO something.


Make some money. Sell something to someone for Pete's sake….
before I hunt you down, get on your stupid computer and do it
my freakin' self.

GO! BYE!  Do it.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

P.S.  If you know someone stuck in the paralysis of analysis,
email this to them.  Post it on your blog.

Tell someone somewhere.

Thanks for sharing.