Weekend Wrap-up for weekend ending 4-21-07 - Online and Info Product Marketing

Weekend Wrap-up for weekend ending 4-21-07



Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Weekend Wrapup

Lots have gone on this week in Internet marketing.  This
email will give you a quick wrap-up of my observations on
the week.

First, I'm speaking at the Big Seminar coming up in a week
or so. If you haven't signed up, go to BigSeminar.com.

First as you know, we did our survey on our new blog
designs. I'll be announcing the winner later. One of the
designs that scored VERY high absolutely shocked me!

And then, my favorite design totally flopped! I hate it
when that happens. But it IS the reason I've been teaching
and preaching surveys ever since I learned the importance
of them from Ben Suarez back in 1978.

If you don't know, Gary Halbert passed away in the last
week or so. There were some tributes to him. I'm surprised
there weren't more. But a lot of you have come into
Internet marketing recently so you don't know the genius
and madness of Gary.

But one note is that he was the person that originally
taught Ben Suarez how to make direct mail pay out. Ben
went on to build a 650+ employee machine. But you wonder
what would have happened if he didn't have Gary to teach
him some of the ropes?

Even the smartest, most talented person needs someone to
show them the ropes.

I talked about the 12-product survey early on in “Amazing
Formula”. But then, laid out the actual 12-product
procedure I use in Gimme Money Now —

That was the very first prototype for what Phil Wiley later
went on to name “mini sites” with his own clever and unique
twists.  I actually got the initial idea from Corey. He gave
the model of how he was selling car secrets online with an
affiliate program and 2-page sales letter.

Not being too slow of mind, I quickly created a product
explaining the whole model!

The very FIRST time I taught a survey method was my first
speech on Internet marketing on the Tag Powell cruise
where I spoke with Ted Nicholas and the legendary E.
Joseph Cossman.

Now, a note on graphic design…

I've noticed that several products have come out in the
past month with graphic design at a much higher level of
skill than before I came out with “Design Dashboard.” Have
you all noticed this also?

One product hit two weeks ago with a hot design on the
sales page. Then another one hit yesterday. I can't say I
started this trend. But I can say that you didn't see this
happening before Design Dashboard and before I started
talking about the importance of using graphics to stand
out from the noise.

Now, “Design Dashboard” —
http://www.hypertracker.com/go/marlon/0421edd/top isn't
all you need and you'll still probably hire designers when
you have the dough. But it sure does help to be able to
know how to change the text on a PSD file in a jiffy. Or
whip out your own header overnight when you're in a rush.

I talked to Armand the other day. And he told me the
reason he did his own graphics was for speed number one.
And also consistency.

So here's one for ya: What if you had a list of 500,000
subsribers and the average sub was worth $70? (In my next
Milcer's newsletter, I'll be talking about this company
and how they do it.)

But here's the point: If you aren't tracking each month
the size of your list and how much each subscriber is
worth, and you're operating on a list revenue model (vs.
adsense), then you've got to do this.

As a sidenote, the company with the 500,000 list is
selling 100 million online. That's a tidy sum. But the
CRAZY thing is, their emails in Yahoo look like junk. They
literally don't wrap correctly.

It proves that you don't gotta be perfect. But you do
gotta get it going.

One thing I haven't been tracking is my list retention.
I'm going to start doing that. That is, over a year what %
of your subscribers do you retain?

OK. That's my weekend wrapup. I'll be releasing the
results of the blog header survey shortly.



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