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Weekend Wrapup: This 1 is money in the bank



Saturday, Sept. 22, 10:44 a.m. CST

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: This one is money in the bank


Marlon here.  This is my “money-in-the-bank” weekend wrapup.

Normally, I write a full ezine issue on Sat.

But since I'm speaking at Frank Garon's BIG event (he's doing radio
AND TV advertising for it) in UK, I have to get my prizo ready.

I'm doing a dry run of my speech on Tuesday.  You can still get
in on that call if you spend one of our coupons for a discount on
a product:


OK.  I'm going to give you a quick “Money-In-The-Bank” tip here.
‘Cause this one is money in the bank.

What you do is give people a free gift (ANY free gift will do as
long as it doesn't suck) a few days BEFORE you make your pitch or
ask for money.

This is the law of reciprocity in action.

You can use it with customers, prospects, or affiliates.  I've
seen hard core research (apart from my own personal experience) on
this.  It works.

It flat out works.

You can also give the little token gift a few days before asking
for a testimonial.

Now, if all this seems cold or calculating or something….
remember, we're in the SALES business folks.  If you don't feel
comfortable with selling stuff, then start getting used to it.

This business isn't charity. It's about selling things to people
that solve their problems, make them feel good or get them what
they want.

It's win win.

But like it or not, you are STILL selling.

And I assume you read what I got to say because finally there is
someone who will tell you the truth and call it like I see it.

I OFTEN take unpopular stands.  Like when I tell people the money
is in SELLING stuff and not in playing fun and games and tricks
and things that are not EVERGREEN.

I believe in EVERGREEN marketing, or as I affectionately call it,
“ever red” since red is my favorite color.

So this is NOT a complicated business.  Yeah, the technology can
be.  But the business?

Guys and gals….come on now…don't make this hard.

You find a group of people.  LOOK at what they are spending money
on then SELL them some stuff along the same lines.

Now, which part of that equation is so far beyond your ability
that you can't do it too?

The part where you find a group of people to SELL to (like who
else are you going to sell to other than a GROUP of people?  A
group of trees?  Or just one people's?  You don't got a choice
here.  You MUST pick a group of people to sell to.


OK.  Now, here is the highly complicated second step that is somehow
such a secret that you can't figure it out…..you LOOK and see
what they are ALREADY spending their money on.

That simple.

LOOK.  That ain't hard.  Come on now.

Step three, you gotta sell 'em something similar that is at LEAST
as appealing as what they are buying and hopefully even more so!

That's about it.  You rinse, wash and repeat.

OK.  I told you this one was money in the bank.  I gave you the
free gift trick.

And a pep talk.

Now stop whining about why you can't do it or making excuses and
get your head in the right space.

Go out…find a group…..watch what they buy…and get somethin'
to sell'em that's as good or better.

Now GO!

Post on my blog…hit me back with some feedback and then go do

And get your tail end on Tuesday's call by spending your stupid
coupon…it's money in the bank…SAVINGS…


Now git.  Go!  Do!  Make it happen.

The blog is at http://www.0tips.com



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