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What 1 Thing Doubled “The Rich Teacher’s” Sales In 4 Months?

Marlon's Marketing Minute
December 12, 2009


Marlon here.

Today's issue:

How “The Rich Teacher” Doubled His Sales in 4
Months Beginning In December 2008 and How to
Use The Secret To Have Your Own Blockbuster
BEGINNING January 2010


What one thing doubled the “Rich Teacher's”
sales beginning in December of 2009 and what
this has to do with YOUR 2010.

I don't know if your 2009 rocked and rolled.
Or if it rolled over and played dead.

But I DO know there's one secret the “Rich
Teacher” used from January of 2009 to April
to double sales. Then more than quadruple
them by year's end.

I'll REVEAL all to you today.

Best wishes,


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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #46, December 12, 2009

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

B. Main Article: How “The Rich Teacher” Doubled His
Sales in 4 Months Beginning Last December

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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C. How “The Rich Teacher” Doubled His Sales in 4
Months Beginning Last December


The date is December of 2010.

You're looking back on your 2009.  Did it rock again or did it
blow chunks again?

Do you know WHAT you have to do to make it the former and not the

Fast forward:  Now it's the end of 2009.

You have CONTROL now over what you'll be saying when you read my
ezine issue in 2010 asking this same question.

Did your 2009 rock or flop?  And do you know WHY?
Did your sales rock and roll or roll over and play dead?

Did it rock n roll or make you wanna BURY it UNDER a rock?

Most importantly, do you know why?

Some people had blockbuster 2009's.  I'll take
my friend I call “the Rich Teacher.”  He's a UK bloke.

We talked in December of 2008.  About now.  He
had a few products and a small list.  He had some loyal customers.

Then after our discussion, and showing him a secret
method my pal Daegan Smith of marketing-leverage.com
uses, He doubled his sales in 4 months.

===< Get this:  It was ONE thing.

It wasn't 20 things.  It was ONE thing.  Now, to
implement that ONE thing took 4 months total.  But
there was ONE basic thing.

He started applying the method in January of 09 and
by April or May of 09 had doubled sales.  And by the
3rd quarter had tripled.

Question:  Why do SOME people have massive sales
breakthroughs like my friend and others bounce around
and have nothing to show for it?

Truth is, this is NOT common sense nor common knowledge.
And the proof of that is that most people don't do it.
The guy or gal who breaks out of the pack IS the exception.

But why?

Is it luck?  Not when there is causality.  In other words,
if there were no clear cause, you'd call it luck.  But
when the person did specific things, that's not luck.

It's a result of doing things.  Some of my customers had
GREAT 2009's. Some didn't.

Here's how I boil it down:

1.  The secret is NOT doing the same things you did in 2009.

If you do the same things you did in 2009, I dare say
you'll get the same results.

2.  The secret IS in unlocking the Formula to get people to buy.

Simple question:  Can you predictably, reliably get people
to give you money?

That's a yes or a no.

If you get 20 people on a webinar, after talking for 60
minutes, can you get 2 of those people to spend $100 to $2,000?

And can you do it over and over as in you have a “formula” for doing it?

If you get 20 people on a teleseminar, can you get 2 of
them to buy from for a ticket for $100 to $2,000?

If you get 1000 visitors to your web site, can you get
a percentage of them to buy from you?

This is called have the “Sales Formula.”

A business is a selling machine.

Do you have a sales formula that works with predictable

If you don't, that's 80% of the ballgame right there.
Either you can get people to buy from you or you can't.
That boils down to having a formula.

A Formula means you've isolated the causative factors.
In other words, you know that if you do x, y and z
that the result is SALES.

And you know that it works X% of the time.

If you don't have a reliable Sales Formula then right
now do this:

Get an index card.  Write on it:

“Master a Sales Formula That Works”

“The Rich Teacher” created a Sales Formula using video.
My pal Daegan recently converted to video.

You'll notice that right now tons of people are doing webinars.

You take the Sales Formula, stick it on Power Point slides
and TALK your way through the Sales Formula.  That's a  webinar.

There's a bit of a difference.  You give some content and
so forth.  There are nuances. But basically, you're putting
your Sales Formula on Power Point slides and talking points.

If you don't have a Sales Formula:

a.  Your traffic doesn't matter

What difference does it matter if you have traffic that doesn't
buy from you?

b.  Your web site graphics don't matter

Graphics help you differentiate your offer. But they don't CAUSE
people to buy. Your Sales Formula does that.

c.  Nothing else matters

When you're starting up job #1 is to get people to buy.  And to
know the Formula.

After you're successful, guess what?

Job #1 is to get people to buy.

After you're a billion dollar corporation, guess what?

Job #1 is STILL to get people to buy.

So get your index card and write on it:

“Master a Sales Formula” that works.

A Sales Formula consists of:

— A Formula for getting attention.

In NLP and hypnosis this is called a “pattern interrupt”.

3.  Once you have a “Sales Formula” the secret is in
DISTRIBUTING your “Sales Formula”.

How did Bill Gates get rich?

He got thousands of dealers and distributors to BUY his
operating system.  He had a Sales Formula that worked far and wide.

How do infommercials work?

They have a Sales Formula that they deploy in hundreds
of cities over and over.

Now, the “Rich Teacher” used his own little method to get
his Sales Message distributed out there thousands of times.

My pal Daegan uses an ENTIRELY different method.  And,
if fact, is totally rebuilding his deployment method.

I have a network of 25,000 affiliates who DEPLOY my Sales
Message. And my top deployers in the past have been people
who went on to fame and fortune. People like Yanik Silver,
Jim Edwards, Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill, Ewen Chia, Mike Mertz,
Allan Gardyne (well, he was famous all along).

Last year, Daegan deployed HIS Sales Formula using the
CPA networks and had 1,000 people a day JOIN his email list.
But he hit a few bumps in the road with that deployment  formula.

So he's creating a NEW deployment Formula and is already
up to 205 subscribers on average per day.

Some people call the Sales Formula Deployment Method
a Sales Channel.

My friend Joel Peterson is helping me deploy a new Sales
Channel or deployment method.  It's showing great promise.

Let's analyze YOUR 2009.

Did it rock and roll and make you wanna bury it UNDER a rock?

The results depend on 2 things ALONE:

1.  Did you develop a Sales Formula that could predictabley
make sales on teleseminars, sales letters, webinars,
seminar speeches or wherever you deployed it?

If you deploy a Sales Formula that doesn't sell, then it
doesn't matter if you deploy it a million times.

You still get a goose egg.  Are you a goose egg marketer?
If you are, you need a new Sales Formula.

2.  Did you DEPLOY your Sales Formula thousands of times?

You know, you can have a Sales Formula that converts 1% of
unique visitors to sales, which isn't bad.

But if you had 1,000 visitors on the year, you didn't end
up with jack.

Questions and Answers

Marlon, I sell AFFILIATE products.  What's this got to
do with me?

Answer:  One, you usually use a “pre-sell” to heat
up your people before you send them to the merchant's
affiliate page.

So your “pre-sell” formula is the equivalent of your
Sales Formula.

And the part about getting your Sales Formula deployed
is the same.  If you don't get your Sales Formula to
the eyeballs of potential buyers, you don't get anywhere.


Marlon, I'm new. Where do I start?

Answer:  You start with a Sales Formula.

You've gotta be able to get people to buy from you once
you deploy your message.


Marlon, I have tried it ALL and no one buys from me.
What about ME?

Answer:  Would you agree there are people out there who
are rocking and rolling?

Since online sales exceeds a billion dollars, that's kind of a given.

The question is, what Sales Formula are THEY using that YOU aren't?

Once you answer that, you have your answer.


Marlon, I AM successful and had a GREAT 2009. But how do
I ramp it up and double or quadruple sales in 2010?

Answer:  You have a Sales Formula obviously. So you focus
on part two — deployment.  You deploy more.  And you
create a FUNNEL for your buyers to spend more money with you.

That's the other thing “The Rich Teacher” did. He created
some back end products, memberships, etc.


Marlon, I don't have enough traffic.  How do I get traffic?
I'm doing everything with the search engines. I got web 2.0,
backlinks, and the whole shebang. Why doesn't this Formula
work for me?

Job one is to find out where your customers are, what do
they buy and what price point.

All those things are part and parcel of the Sales Formula.
You aren't reaching buyers, you're selling the wrong thing or
at the wrong price point.

Those are the options.

Traffic doesn't matter.  You can get 1,000 visitors a day
but if they aren't buyers in the market for what you sell,
what difference does it make?

A lot of beginners start with “surf” traffic, traffic exchanges
and things like that. Those are OK to start with. But that
traffic converts really, really low if at all.

Your missing piece is getting decent traffic.

For SEO traffic, you have to look at the match between the keywords
people are searching on and your site.  Look at Google Analytics.
Chances are, people are searching for things and finding your site
via keywords that aren't closely related to what you're selling.

Step one is, you gotta get a Sales Formula that works. And that
includes knowing who buys, where they are, how you reach them
and how you get them to buy.

The best place to start is to look at what IS WORKING for others
selling similar products.  Where do they get THEIR sales from?
How do they generate THEIR leads?  What is the price point of
THEIR products?

That's a good starting point.

Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing

Marlon is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy”

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