What do you think about Santos’ videos so far? Sound off here: - Online and Info Product Marketing

What do you think about Santos’ videos so far? Sound off here:

Hi Everyone!

Santos here.

Like I said on my Friday video, I want to know what you think of my videos so far. If you are one of my video subscribers, leave a comment on this post and let me know what I'm doing right or wrong.

If you are not receiving videos from me, make sure to sign up for them at:




  • Ray says:

    Hi Santos

    Content of your videos is excellent. I agree with an earlier comment about showing time to run on the video. People are so stretched for time these days that they tend to get impatient.

    I know that I will tend to watch a short video but if it goes over 10 minutes it's usually a case of "I'm outta here" Your videos are short & punchy so showing time to run will keep your visitors on the page.

    I know you are passionate about your subject which leads to your animation but excessive head & hand movement tends to distract the viewer from your message.

    My wife reckons that I could not hold a conversation if you cut off my hands so I know how hard it will be to try & modify what you are doing.

    But, equally bad would be to sit there like a "talking head" – try to get a balance somewhere in between. Show your passion – that makes it interesting but try & slow down a bit.

    Keep up the good work – you are doing a great job – congratulations.

  • Santos, the energy and enthusiasm you show in front of the camera is great. However, I was disappointed to see that you didn't once mention PushButtonChannel in the first video at all. In the second video, you did mention it but you still have a ways to go to show why PushButtonChannel is even better, better, better than JUST live streaming video!

  • Reg Warden says:

    Hi Santos.

    The Videos so far have been very good, explanatory, interesting and helpful.

    If you can keep up the same format (which I am sure you can), together they will be a valuable collection. The more information you can distribute on Video Production and Marketing the more valuable it will be for us all.

    There is no doubt Video is the way to go.

    Very Best Regards from U.K.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Desmond says:

    I just signed up. I like how the videos are set up esp after you optin to the list…that was pretty cool.


  • Kirby says:

    Hello Santos;

    Enjoying your videos so far.

    1)Is there a length on how long a product demo should be? … 15 min .. 30 min .. etc?

    2) What piece of software is required to record the demo in progress so it can be downloaded later for list members who can't make in to the actual live demo?

    3) I'm trying to get my head around how to do a live demo for a digital product? An ebook you could print and show … but for affiliate products that are digital … say someones video course you're promoting, that would be a challenge would it not?

    Keep up the great work.

  • Carlos says:

    So far they are a waste of my time.

    I have not listened to one all the way through.

    There is a lack of specific tips and info to help me make money on the Internet.

    Been doing this over three years now and I require actions items and not fluff.

    Please get to point one, two, three and so forth about how to use video to make money online.

  • Mike says:

    Hi Santos,

    It's probably a function of

    the 3rd world Internet service

    at ExtendedStay, but it takes

    30-40 minutes to download the

    video at papertape speeds.

    It then plays the audio at

    regular speed while the video

    plays at 1/10th?? speed.

    (That's right papertape speeds

    right here in Silicon Valley,

    surround by tall buildings of

    network companys.)

    When the audio is done, the

    video keeps playing at 1/10th


    Maybe it works on a hard-wired

    mainframe, but here it's just

    not usable. I'm sure it's

    terrific on a high-speed

    Internet connection.

    Ditto for YouTube and all the

    others – even Camtasia takes

    forever to load.

    Can't wait to get out of here.


  • Cheryl says:

    Hi there Santos and friends,

    I FINALLY found someone who doesn't talk over my head. I'm glad you're not 'one of those gurus', YET! I'm a newbie and I need simple step by step instructions. Because you presentations are simple and not assuming, I just may be able to become an online marketeer….for real…and not mere wishful thinking. You make me feel as if I really CAN do it! Keep up the good work of being yourself, while relating simplicity. I'm sure the famous gurus began simple, but forgot about the poor guy that needs to be clued in to the REAL beginning. Most assume we all know, or should know the simple steps. We may not. There are ones that really want to enjoy communicating passions, but need all the help we can get.

    BRAVO to you guys! You're doing OK.I love professionalism; in my business I train people to represent our clients in that manner, and it is important. But… that can come along with practice, so in the meanwhile you and we have to get used to being in front of many peering and judgmental eyes. What's important for now is the message, and it's getting across.

    Soooooo….keep up the good work and give simple steps, because the gurus already flood the market with the BIG BANG stuff!

    I plan to let newbies know where they can find out how to begin….>>>HERE at Marlon's Place!<<< :o)

    Ohh…btw…I tried to use the code before midnight for the 'special', but it didn't go through.(15 min.after the #1 video was em'd)Was there an issue?

    Thanks Bunches!


  • Bob Marconi says:

    If one is careful, you learn 'something' from everyone you come in contact with.

    It may be a 'nugget' or it may be a 'revelation' but the learning is there!

  • Bill says:


    illustrate how to:

    1- offer viewer a link to downloadable file or squeeze page automatically, after watching the video,

    2- add slide show capability, with voice over;

    3- examples of how to sell "services" using video and action response offers.. best ways to do so?

  • Dee says:

    Hi Santos,

    Thanks for the videos so far and the energy you bring to the show. The videos rock for me because you can get live feedback from your output.

    Also, as a coach I cherish the practical uses of these videos as well as how to reach and target my audience. I would be showing local businesses how to use live streaming videos to educate and communicate with their prospects while building greater loyalty.

    So, keep those videos coming and I look forward to some more slamming videos. Peace out.

  • Chris says:

    Santos, I like the quality of your videos, but in today's world you really need to keep the message short, and to the point – I receive hundreds of Internet marketing 'guru' emails a day… I'd focus on adding value upfront to your messages – just talking about your love for video on the internet doesn't quite pull same weight as giving resource links, tools, etc. Just noise unless you add value for my 5 minutes of time. Also, by NOT showing remaining lenght of video in progress bar, the visitor fears it will just go on, and on, and on – thus existing your page. Hope that helps, and is honest enough for ya. Best regards. PS: Your blog articals are well done and helpful.

  • I enjoyed them. It looks like you're really interacting with your customer. You are showing great energy which is a definite plus. It's kind of difficult for me to keep focused if you show too much head movement, but I think you're just an energetic guy. It's definitely pushing me forward to do some video.



  • Paul Perry says:

    Hey santos

    I would like for you to go into internet marketing in greater depth,I do no a lot of the basic stuff. And I do enjoy watching your videos they are fun and light hearted thanks again


  • Tim says:

    Good content. Streaming a little hit and miss (I've got FIOS).

    You seemed to be reading a lot the first one, but after that you seemed really relaxed and just talking to us. Great energy.

    I'm enjoying them and they're giving me the kick in the butt I need to do some of my own. Hell, I figure if you can do it, anybody can… LOL.

    Keep up the good work Santos,


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