What Is A Demonstration of Higher Value and How Can You Use It To Get People To Buy From Your or Pay More?

What Is A Demonstration of Higher Value and How Can You Use It To Get People To Buy From Your or Pay More?


So there he is.

They call him "the world's greatest pick up artist."  He's wearing this crazy, tall, funky top hat like a magician.  He has odd jewelry on.  And he's teaching guys how to "pick up women."

It's a show on in the U.S.  Where the man named "Mystery" takes a group of dateless, desperate guys and teaches them how to meet women.

It's fascinating in that he has his own world and own set of terminology.  Things like DHV's, which stands for "Demonstration of Higher Value."  Then there are OIO's, which are indicators of interest and IOD's, indicators of disinterest.

And the lingo goes on.  You can see video of him on VH1.com.  Just search for "pick up artist."

What's totally and completely bizarre to me is how much of what he says applies to Internet marketing.  I'm going to zero in on one of those things — demonstrations of higher value.  Let's start with "the pickup artist" TV show to begin with.  It probably wouldn't exist unless a book called "The Game" hit bookstores bigtime and demonstrated the value of the concept.  Mystery was the featured character in the book.  And that likely had a major impact on him being the featured character in the TV show.

Next, in "The Mystery Method," he has his guys wear clothes or articles of clothing that are unique and stand out.  One reason is so they have a conversation piece. The other is to increase their social value.

Point:  Your packaging or design of your products and web site signals or demontrates the value you have.

Another thing Mystery has his guys do on the TV show is "social proof" themselves by being seen with attractive people. So a guy might invite along an attractive woman some place to help him meet someone else.  By implication, he has high social value if he's seen with someone perceived as attractive.

In short, social proof.  Social proof in marketing would be having articles published in directories, speaking at seminars, testimonials, showing that you hang out with popular influencers, and so forth.

Then, there is scarcity — not looking so "available."  By implication, if you're in demand, that's a demonstration of your value. And if you're NOT in demand, then it's a demonstration of low social value.  DLV.

Anyway, I could go on and on drawing parallels. 

And the point I want to make today is that you may already know a lot about marketing that you don't know you know.

Why?  Because if you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, you probably used some or all of the above techniques without realizing it.

Signalling value or demonstrating value for your product or service is largely FREE.  It costs you NOTHING to do but has a major impact on whether or not people buy from you.

And chances are, you've already demonstrated a skill in doing this in an area of your life in the past.

People buy based on benefits – costs.  And increasing the benefits part of the equation is as simple as demonstrating or signalling higher value.

Marlon Sanders

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