Whiners vs. Doers

Whiners vs. Doers

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Whiners vs. Doers


Marlon here.

Two kinds o people.

Whiners. They whine. They complain. They bitch. They moan.

They act like the world owes them something.

That gurus are all out to scam them.

That gurus owe them freebie products and maybe if they succeed
they'll fork over money.

These people have a victim attitude about life. They are the VICTIMS
of gurus or other people. They do NOT have responsibility for their
own actions.

They spent $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 and have NOT made a dime and
it's all someone else's fault.

You know why a lot of “gurus” don't enjoy the guru business?
Because of people who blame the guru for their lack of success.
Just like blaming the President or the economy if you don't have
a job.

If this is YOU, you do NOT need to buy anything at all from me.
You need to do one and only ONE thing.

Go buy Atlas Shrugged. It's at your bookstore. Buy it new. Buy
it used. Read every page. Yeah, it's a LOT of pages. That's
because you NEED a lot of pages to get this stinkin' thinkin' out
of your brain.

Ain't no Internet marketing book, course, seminar or system gonna
help you. Go read Atlas Shrugged.

Then there are doers and people who are PROACTIVE.

They learn and take responsibility for their actions. They learn
to DO. Not just learn to learn.

If things go wrong or go bad, you realize it was because you CHOSE
to be passive. And you CHOSE the actions you took. And you didn't
model a success formula.

Actually, all the things Napoleon Hill talks about. That is what
it takes. And if things don't go right in your business, there is
ONE and only one person you blame.


And you know why? Because if YOU make things go bad, then YOU have
the power to make them go right.

By cranking up some products.

Be cranking up some Adwords.

By cranking up your lead generation.

By cranking up your product creation.

By cranking up your ezine.

By cranking up your affiliate promotions.

By cranking things up you make them go.

An object in motion tends to STAY in motion.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

Which is why I LOVE going to the gym.

And which is also why I gave myself a hernia. NOT my personal

I did it even though he was right there.

But in the end, I take responsibility for my actions.

The buck stops here.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

PS #1: Crank It Up

PS #2: Post your comments

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