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Who Else Wants An Affiliate Tools Panel Like THIS?



Check this out!  Would you like YOUR affiliate tools page to look like this?  Imagine what your affiliates would say!  Well guess what?  We JUST created this for our own affiliates to use in the Promo Dashboard launch. It isn't even live “yet.”  And I don't have a place for this in the product, so I guess it'll be a bonus to the first X who buy.

I guess you could call this “pimp out your affiliate control panel.”  I haven't decided yet, but my thoughts right now are that only the first X who buy will get this.  You have buttons you can link to emails, videos, PDF's, commission schedules, stats pages or whatever you want.

If you want to see this puppy LIVE so you can get links, emails and videos to promote the PROMO DASHBOARD, sign up at: http://www.getyourprofits.com

The DASHBOARD will go LIVE at: http://www.promotemarlon.com/promodashboard (it's NOT live yet…)

control panel

  • Hans Wozniak says:

    Hey Marlon, awesome video and a product that should go through the roof in sales.

    I can't wait to grab it once it launches. I'm one of the people you described in the video waiting to make sales but not sure where to turn…


    [Hi Hans, you need to find out the forums, blogs and web sites your people go to as well as their age, income and educational level. I show you how to do this and write up a buyer profile. Then you ask yourself what kind of report, audio, course or screen capture video you could create that would force them to opt into your email list if they even have a heartbeat. Then you send out emails selling your own products or affiliate products. And those emails employ what I call "the full arsenal." That would be podcasts, screen capture video, live video, teleseminars, and webinars. You should get 15% to 25% of ppc traffic to opt in and you should convert 10% to buyers as a very broad overgeneralization.]

  • Paul Flood says:

    Thank you for the suggestion Marlon. My ezine subscribers growth have been rather anemic and your observation about the lack of a hot topic hit the nail on the head.

    The lack of the good mike was apparent in the You Tube video I posted. I have a mike but didn't use it. Lesson learned.

    I'll get on the hot topic and use the mike.


    [Paul, I was just giving advice in general on the mic….not referencing your wonderful video. It's just an issue for anyone doing audio….the first thing is to get some good sound. When you run a successful business, it's easy just like you said to get distracted with other things and forget that maybe your topic for your freebie has grown stale. Although I do have a friend who uses rather normal topics but high bulk in terms of number of pages in the ebook and does well. He also just drives large amounts of clicks. For a 200 or 300 page ebook, a lot of people will opt in if it sounds pretty decent and not cheap.]

  • Paul Flood says:

    That's my plan Marlon, to use it to go to the next level. After that, I'll be doing the same for my clients.

    Robin, that is funny! When I grow up I wanna be… Hey! How about the Be Like Me Dashboard! PLR version – Put your name here and your picture here.


    [Paul, you and Robin are funny. Paul, what you can do right away is think of a super hot topic for a freebie and do screen capture videos/power point on it if you know how to do that. If you don't, Promo Dashboard will teach you. Make sure you have a decent mike. You can start with a Plantronics but keep it far enough away from your mouth that you don't get popping sounds. Alternatively, if you prefer real video or podcasts, they ALL can work as a freebie. Even reports and ebooks work fine if they're on a hot topic. But you need a HOT topic…and something pretty specific people WANT to know and are willing to fork over their email to GET.]

  • Juli says:


    I think you have come up with an a ingenius way to teach people how to set up online businesses with the dashboard concept. I purchased your Design Dashboard which I intend to use to build my executive coaching business website in a few weeks.I will also be purchasing your Info Product Dashboard once I get ready to write a self-development book that will also be sold on that website. I saw the ad for your Promo Dashboard, I can't wait to see it. I could really use that tool as well to get visitors to my website and to get my coaching business off the ground. Keep the dashboards coming, they are the best modular training applications I've seen yet.

    [Hi Juli, thanks. And I'm really hoping Promo Dashboard ends up being our most helpful and useful Dashboard yet! Thanks for posting.]

  • Robin says:

    Okay Marlon,

    I'll be first. First time I've ever been first at anything. I need it. Plain and simple. If I'm ever going to grow up to be Marlon, I have to have his toys.

    [Robin, you're funny. Actually, what will serve you well is to have a free offer your target audience salivates for then advertise it in places they frequent. Then, send out emails with pitches and value and send people to audio, video and blogs to sell 'em.]

  • Paul Flood says:


    Very cool. The funny thing is that I've been exposed to all types of launches in the past but this is the first one I am genuinely excited about. That includes multi-million dollar launches back in my days as a marketing manager for a manufacturing company.

    This launch and promotion strategy execution is in the front folder of my swipe file. Thanks for the lesson.

    You have my attention!

    [Paul, that's so kind of you. This won't be one of those giant crushing launches where you get a million emails. But I DO feel strongly about the value this product brings to the table and I want to do a good job of expressing and demonstrating that value to my customers and potential customers. The MAIN thing to ME Paul is that YOU become the star, that I make YOU look good, that YOU can do some trick, cool stuff, NOT just me. It's NOT about what trick stuff I as a marketer can do. It's about what I can empower YOU to do. I have Photoshop, After Effects, equipment, office space. So what if I can do cool stuff or "shock and awe" you with stuff. Can I empower YOU to do the same? That is the goal.]

    Paul Flood

  • Tres Piernas says:

    Looks confusing.

    [Tres, there are 6 rows for 6 weeks. One icon a day. 6 icons per week. My goal is for you to be able to do each icon in 30 minutes or an hour a day, although that may not always be possible. This is NOT get rich quick and easy. So if that's what you want, go elsewhere. I'm about real results, not selling fantasies and dreams that cash in on the illusion of hope. This is reality. This is how you do it. This is what it takes. Anything less is likely an illusion.]

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