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Who Else Wants To Pimp Out Their PDF Graphics?



You've seen those pimped out PDF's that get sent around by every affiliate, their dog AND their postman (or postwoman)?  Well, I can't guarantee you THAT exposure (although it helps if you pay .50 a download).  What I CAN show you is how to PIMP OUT your very own PDF's. That's one of the benefits I've packed into the new Promo Dashboard (this one is a bonus for fast action).

It's easier than you might imagine. There are 3 ways to do it:  

1.  Use Power Point — you need a special little graphic and instructions to do that.  We give you the graphic and show you how.

2.  Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  Piece of cake.

3.  Adobe InDesign — This is the pro tool for creating PDF's. We'll show you how to do it there too.

Here are sample graphics I whipped up. These SHOULD look familiar. Of course, the GREAT thing is, once you learn HOW to create these, you can make yours look DIFFERENT.  You can change fonts, colors, shadows, add a bevel or texture, do all kinds of stuff.


Here are MORE examples of the cool graphics you can ADD to your PDF's to PIMP 'em out!  Don't you think having graphics like this makes your PDFs look MORE valuable?  I do!  And you can even do stuff like this in Open Office or Power Point if you know how!  I REMOVE the learning curve, so you don't have to pull your hair out trying to figure out HOW to do it.




  • Carol says:

    Hi Marlon, I love your products! I don't recall seeing anything about the pricing on Promodashboard, so I don't know if it's going to be pricey or not. I was wondering, in light of all the other launches going on, are you considering a payment plan? It may convert more people, like those who just recently purchased Traffic Secrets and are feeling a bit broke at the moment. I think Promodashboard will be a great complimentary product to TS. On another recent launch, the conversions went way up when they added the payment plan. I would like to see more people be able to buy your products because they provide so much value. Just my thoughts 🙂 Look forward to Promodashboard's launch.


    [Marlon's comment:  Carol, thanks so much.  The product cost is very inexpensive, so no payment plan will be needed.  Enjoy.]

  • Tammy says:

    I'd be willing to buy this product without a sales page. 🙂

    I want this product. I NEED this product!

    *crossing fingers in hopes that Tuesday will be the release date*

    [Tammy, I'm finishing up videos today. Frankly, I've been under-staffed. Normally, I wouldn't have this issue. I have to hire a full-time webmaster. Anyway, the sales letter is barely started. We'll see!]

  • Marlon,

    This is why I keep my eye on you – you're always 10 steps ahead of the game. Keep it coming, baby!

    [Hi, thanks for the encouragement and nice comments! Well, I'm trying hard to live up to it with this product. It's a pretty big undertaking to have both advanced things and step by step info for beginners. We'll see how well I pulled it off.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I have even seen PDF files with videos embeded inside of them!

    Very cool way to be unique…


    [Brett, you just insert an HTML page with the video embedded in it and compile. That's the easy way to do it in I think any pdf converter. Adobe Acrobat also allows you to insert media.]

  • Bernie says:

    I'm game. Let's rock!

    Dead Ducks need not apply.

    [Bernie, you're funny!]

  • Kim Burney says:

    Hey Marlon,

    This stuff is great! I can't wait to get it – no, really I can't wait. When can we have it? The suspense is killing me. I have seen many benefits in this dashboard and would love to test it out NOW!



    PS When is the release date?????

    [Kim, if all goes as I hope, Tuesday. But I have to get a sales letter done. And we're still adding some things to it. It's a very big undertaking.]

  • Desmond says:

    Oooooo…..nice. Cant wait to try it out.


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