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Why I Set Goals and How It Makes More Sales and Fattens My Wallet

Here's the simple fact:

If you set a goal, studies show you'll accomplish more than if you don't.

Yet, there are 1,001 people out there who will yell at you to NOT set goals. For blah, blah, blah reasons. I mean on the Internet for every yin there's a yang. For every opinion there's someone who disagrees with it.

Mainly because to get attention, people become polarizing. For whatever reason, counter opinions get attention, regardless of any basis in truth.

I'm just talking Psychology 101 here

The brain is a goal-oriented thing. I would call it a machine but that sounds crass.

Maxwell Maltz put fancy words to it and called it a Servo Mechanism. That made Psycho Psybernetics a best seller. And rightly so.

On a simple level, studies show that when you set goals you accomplish more.

Then you have the people who say set huge, unattainable goals and shoot for the moon. For a long term strategy I agree.

For what your goal is this month, I believe in setting STRETCH goals. Goals that STRETCH you but are within reach.

If the goal for the month is out of reach, it's my belief you won't try to reach it because in your heart of hearts, you know it's out of reach.

The REASON setting goals works is that you focus ACTIVITIES toward the end result.

Imagine going into physical therapy after a knew surgery and the therapist had NO GOAL.

So you're rehabbing your neck,y our elbow, doing core exercises. You're working on your triceps and biceps.

That's going to be a very long recovery process.

Instead, the path to success is to know the target, aim for the target, have a set of activities that have a probability of reaching the target and do the plan.

This works.

It just works.

Goals Keep You From Being In a Comfort Zone

If you keep increasing your goals, you prevent yourself from getting locked into a comfort zone and being stagnant. You keep growing.

It's easy to become complacent and stop doing what got you there.

This is one of the big reasons to use goals.

The thing you do NOT want to do is set goals that stack up LOSSES instead of wins.

You want to build your self confidence, not burn it down.

I agree with what Grant Cardone said in 10X that many of us set goals that are way too small. The way I see that is your longer term goal is BIG. Your shorter term goals are stretch goals but achievable. That way, you keep stacking up wins.

What I don't agree with is on a weekly basis setting goals that can't be hit.

All you do is stack up losses in your mind.

In your brain, it means you keep losing.

The brain wants to avoid pain and losses.

So don't do that.

Set stretch goals.

But stack up wins.