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Why I’m Jamming Out On Twitter





How I'm Jamming Out On Twitter….SSSHHHHHHHH


Marlon here.

What's up this mornin'? What's happenin'?

You been workin' on your goals this morning? I HOPE you're focusing
on your goals much as you can first thing.

Now, what I've been doing is hopping on Twitter while I'm having
my morning coffee….

NOTHING happens in my world till I have 2 cups o Joe in the morning.

And if I run out of Duncan Donuts Original Blend coffee …. my
world stops.

AFTER I have coffee, I send an email to my list and call my office
to make sure Danny and Sean are on track.

Then I try to focus on a major priority for the day. Which 80%
of the time should be lead generation or product creation. You
KNOW that if you've read Ockham's Razor.


“How To Get Up To 5 Supersized Bonus Jackpot Paydays Per Month”


Harris Fellman reminded me on Twitter that Ockham is about as easy
to pronounce as Milcers!

YUK. But ORIS — Ockham's Razor Income System is good. Really,
it should be ORMS — Ockham's Razor Marketing System. But that has
NO ring to it.

I don't like to use the “I” word in ORIS in emails because it's a
potty word for the filters, you know?

So back to Twitter.

Here's the freebie video on using TWEET Deck if you haven't seen


Get in the loop with us.

If'n u didn't snag a copy o Dana's report, it's 7 smackeroos. So
grab yourself one. Our brothers and sisters in marketing have
been adding 50 to 740+ people to their Twit list in only 1-3


That is the link for Dana's under priced, killer report that people
are using to add bookoos to their Twitter list faster than a crack
addict can say “huh?”

This IS the new killer app.

1. Follow the people in your market who own the lists

2. Follow the blog writers

3. Follow the opinion leaders

Now BE PERSONABLE and make friends! Say hi. Help a brother or a
sister out.

Do NOT push links to start.

When you DO push links, make it a viral, brandable PDF like I teach
you in Promo Dashboard. I got a whole icon on that.

I've reconnected with so many people.

YOU can meet opinion leaders.

You can make friends with blog authors in your niche.

You can make friends with list owners who can email for you.

You can meet ghost writers. I met one today.

You can get the inside scoop on stuff.

You can CONNECT so you aren't alone and isolated feeling like it's
just little ol' you stuck behind the keyboard jockeying all day
for greenbacks.

Twitter is here.

Twitter is now.

Twitter is Tipping Point. And if you've read ORIS, you KNOW what
I'm talkin' bout and shoutin' about.

Best wishes,


PS: Read yesterday's ezine on the blog if you haven't. It explains
how the seo, Twitter and all the rest fits together in Marlon's
Master Plan.

PPS: Hit me up on the blog with your feedback on this article.
I personally respond, not a bot or employee.

  • Dennis says:

    marlon if you still have time(run and get a copy of hummingbird for tweeter) $197 and worth 10 times that, it allows you to automatically add followers from any other persons list of followers(frank kern,etc.)with just a few clicks you can add thousand the guy only had 7 copys left last nights of followers in days.

    [Dennis, I like the human element with Twitter. I don't have anything against automation. But I think too much automation ruins the human interaction, which is the whole purpose of Twitter.]

  • Diane says:


    You are one of my heroes. I use twitter, but also check out http://www.cirip.ro It is the Romanian version of Twitter. Click the flag at the top to change it to English. Unlike Twitter, Cirip.ro has "follow" backlinks. I get a lot of traffic from other countries, backlinks everytime I post, and the benefits of friends and groups like Twitter.

    [Hi Diane, haven't heard of it but that's interesting. Will check it out.]

  • Tia Dobi says:

    P.S. Marlon makes it hard to squirm out of stuff…I kinda like that. (Probably a great thing in life.)

    Follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/tiadobi

    [Tia, on your page under your pix, offer a free report that sells whatever it is you want to sell. Don't waste that space.]

  • Mike Massie says:

    Well, there's nothing like coming in late to the party… but I guess it's better than never. 🙂

    Really enjoying these posts on Twitter, and also the ORIS book.

    Thanks for the great info, Marlon.

    [Hi Mike the way I look at it, the party doesn't start until I show up!]

  • Fermin Suero says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great points on Twitter. It definately is Tipping Point.

    Have you seen the new service going around that can get you thousands of followers in less than a month?

    I would like to get your opinion on it it is here:



    [Fermin, I'm not big on automation. I think Twitter is a better social environment. Some of my friends would disagree with me. The point of Twitter is to connect with humans. If marketers rape it with automation, they'll ruin it in general. I can't comment on the specific program because I haven't seen it.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Yep, I see you on Twitter more and more these days. (you and I had a full out conversation there just yesterday)…

    It's a great place to REALLY connect with people that you may not have had an opportunity to do in any other way.

    Email???? Pffft…..

    Yeah right.

    I've spoken directly with High Profile Actors, Celebrities, Newscasters…and even marketing Guru's (Like you Marlon)….and never would have been able to if I sent out an "email"

    Twitter IS where it's at RIGHT NOW!!!!

    People will notice you if you just interact there. Like Marlon says, don't start marketing and posting links to products and affiliate pages…

    Get to know someone. Send them a kind word. Many times people will check out your profile and click on your listed URL. That's how I get lots of visitors to my own "The How To Project" blog.

    Good to see you on Twitter Marlon.

    [Jason, agree with all the above. Ditto]

  • Steph says:

    This is a squidoo lens. I would like to know if any of these artcles and emails you send to me, Am I able to put them on the lens? Steph

    [Steph, yes, my Sat ezine specifically gives permission as long as the resource box is included. My daily articles are ok on YOUR Squidoo as long as you leave all links in and do not add links for other people's stuff. Do NOT mass automate this…But if you're doing this personally, yet. It's all good.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    You forgot to mention that twitter is a great place to quote famous marketers and make them think that you said it. 😉

    Blue Skies,


    [Jeff, you're funny!]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Twitter is something I did because Pat O'Bryan said it was important to do it–And was he ever right!! Many of us did this at Pat's recommendation, and we all now have well over 1000 followers!!

    I love promoting my blog, my push for HB 1660/ SB 300 here in PA, my squidoo lenses and also promoting people I see have something of great value to offer the world!!

    I love to communicate with people I never would know, otherwise!!

    I get all of my news on Twitter.

    Then I got an iPhone, and love to Twitter important things as I see them, anywhere at all–with a great camera to document the insight!!

    Lovin' it!!

    [Kate, Pat was SO right on this one. Love the Iphone idea.]

  • J. Anne says:

    Hey Marlin,

    J. Anne here…got Dana's stuff and Ok, like I'm up to 482 peeps following me on Twitter in 4 days.

    FOUR days.

    My ezine- BTW – 110 peeps in 2 MONTHS.

    Twitter rocks…look for me over there: SimpleSchooling

    [Hey! That's so awesome. Today on the Ateam call I showed how to build the whole business out using Twitter. The call recording will be out in a few days.]

  • Tia Dobi says:

    Aw chi-wa-wa. Are you saying I don't need to have a big A** blog and a 4-sale must-have product before I log on lotsa new friends on Twitter?

    I've been holding back (if this is possible for moi) because of the former.

    Plus I'm a bit un-American (fairly private. Must be the Brit upbringing).

    Your full-on blown-out and Dunkin Donut java-induced clarity is appreciated.

    [Tia, you want to spend 1-3 months on Twitter just building relationships. I laid out how to build a business from scratch using Twitter today on the Ateam call. Audio will be out soon.]

  • OK Marlon, I couldn't resist:

    You're a marketing genius. I get that.

    I've appreciated your valuable tips and encouragement.

    Here's one for you –

    Attend to your health!

    There is a WORLD of wellness coaches/gurus/helpers out there. (You twitter, so you know!)

    The coffee and surgery are not long term solutions.

    You're successful and wealthy right?

    My friendly challenge to you is to spend some time

    caring for yourself (you want to be around to serve

    all of us for years to come right?).

    I recently brainstormed a list of healing modalities

    with some friends. From Aromatherapy to Yoga we came up with about 50 in one minute.

    Maybe Yoga and Aromatherapy ain't your thing… but then again, maybe they could be. (And there's a lot of letters between A-Y!)

    All My Best,


    [Hey Justice, appreciate your caring comments and positive energy. Thanks!]

  • Karen Shain says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thank you for the tips on Twitter. It's great to have experts like you willing to help others.

    Have a great day,

    Karen Shain
    http://www.karmas-for-success.com http://www.bloomees.com http://www.karmas-by-karen.com

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