Why I’m Jamming Out On Twitter

Why I’m Jamming Out On Twitter





How I'm Jamming Out On Twitter….SSSHHHHHHHH


Marlon here.

What's up this mornin'? What's happenin'?

You been workin' on your goals this morning? I HOPE you're focusing
on your goals much as you can first thing.

Now, what I've been doing is hopping on Twitter while I'm having
my morning coffee….

NOTHING happens in my world till I have 2 cups o Joe in the morning.

And if I run out of Duncan Donuts Original Blend coffee …. my
world stops.

AFTER I have coffee, I send an email to my list and call my office
to make sure Danny and Sean are on track.

Then I try to focus on a major priority for the day. Which 80%
of the time should be lead generation or product creation. You
KNOW that if you've read Ockham's Razor.


“How To Get Up To 5 Supersized Bonus Jackpot Paydays Per Month”


Harris Fellman reminded me on Twitter that Ockham is about as easy
to pronounce as Milcers!

YUK. But ORIS — Ockham's Razor Income System is good. Really,
it should be ORMS — Ockham's Razor Marketing System. But that has
NO ring to it.

I don't like to use the “I” word in ORIS in emails because it's a
potty word for the filters, you know?

So back to Twitter.

Here's the freebie video on using TWEET Deck if you haven't seen


Get in the loop with us.

If'n u didn't snag a copy o Dana's report, it's 7 smackeroos. So
grab yourself one. Our brothers and sisters in marketing have
been adding 50 to 740+ people to their Twit list in only 1-3


That is the link for Dana's under priced, killer report that people
are using to add bookoos to their Twitter list faster than a crack
addict can say “huh?”

This IS the new killer app.

1. Follow the people in your market who own the lists

2. Follow the blog writers

3. Follow the opinion leaders

Now BE PERSONABLE and make friends! Say hi. Help a brother or a
sister out.

Do NOT push links to start.

When you DO push links, make it a viral, brandable PDF like I teach
you in Promo Dashboard. I got a whole icon on that.

I've reconnected with so many people.

YOU can meet opinion leaders.

You can make friends with blog authors in your niche.

You can make friends with list owners who can email for you.

You can meet ghost writers. I met one today.

You can get the inside scoop on stuff.

You can CONNECT so you aren't alone and isolated feeling like it's
just little ol' you stuck behind the keyboard jockeying all day
for greenbacks.

Twitter is here.

Twitter is now.

Twitter is Tipping Point. And if you've read ORIS, you KNOW what
I'm talkin' bout and shoutin' about.

Best wishes,


PS: Read yesterday's ezine on the blog if you haven't. It explains
how the seo, Twitter and all the rest fits together in Marlon's
Master Plan.

PPS: Hit me up on the blog with your feedback on this article.
I personally respond, not a bot or employee.

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