Win $300 In 300 Words Or Less

Win $300 In 300 Words Or Less

Post to This Blog and Win $300 on December 26th

Tell me HOW the Promo Dashboard would help YOU in your marketing, business and life in 300 words or less.

My team and I will select the best post based on originality, sincerity and inspiration to others (how they relate.)

There is a SECOND prize for the best video submission.

Create a YouTube video 5 minutes or less and post it to the blog.

The winner will receive $200 credit toward buying any of my products on, other than the Promo Dashboard.

No purchase required. See more rules at the end of this post.

You're either a CONSUMER, a PRODUCER or a PROMOTER.

Consuming how to sell on the Internet products without producing and promoting will get you nowhere. Producing a product but not PROMOTING will get you nowhere.

1. WHAT would making the shift from a consumer or only a producer to an active PROMOTER do for your life?

2. What has STOPPED you from making the transition from consumer only or producer mostly to a producer AND a PROMOTER?

3. What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

4.What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

Post your comments on the How to Promote In 3 Easy Steps Video and get a chance to win $300.

Watch the video at:

* Do you WANT your videos to have a PIMP background like that? How about that opening cube?

* How do you feel about knowing how to DO, using AND pimping out your PDF's, screen videos, live video, streaming video, flash audio PLAYERS (that are totally trick)?

* Do you wanna be BORING like everyone else?

* Do you want YOUR flash audio players on your web site to look like everyone else's? Do you want YOUR Camtasia or CamStudio Power Point backgrounds to look like everyone else's?

* Or do you want YOURS to look both unique and cool? Does the difference between what is SAID and what is DONE bother you?

* Does it disturb you that people make their money throwing out shock and awe promotions at you but then never show you HOW to do those things yourself?

* Do you feel other marketers are doing TRICK things in their PDF's, videos, web sites, graphics and emails but then NOT telling YOU how to do those things for yourself?

* Are they holding back the good stuff for themselves? Are they lording over you how big their list is, their car, their house — how PIMP their videos and PDF's and promos are. But then, NOT telling you HOW to do the stuff THEY do — but just giving you the same ol' drivel?

* Is what is SAID and DONE the same? Or are you seeing ONE thing DONE and another SAID and taught? Yeah, they got full color this, hot that, pimp this. Pimp that. But what you YOU?

* Are you YOU being showed how to DO those things for yourself? Or are the secrets being hoarded?

* Are they being kept between a very small circle of friends who keep lording it over you again and again and again through ruthless waves of product launch emails to POUND you finally into submission and handing over your money? Only to remain as in the dark as you were BEFORE? Is that happening to you?

* Are YOU being shown how to have your OWN pimp videos, pimp PDF's, pimp web sites, pimp email promos? Is it about THEM? Or is it about YOU? Are YOU being empowered to be a PRODUCER and SELLER of products and services?

* Are you being made more and more DEPENDENT on others? Does it bother you that you pay thousands of dollars and STLL don't know how to create cool graphics in a PDF? (it's much simpler than you would think you do NOT need to hire a graphic designer to do it.)

* Does it bother you that fancy videos are used to SELL you. But even AFTER you fork over your money, you're still never SHOWED how YOU can use the SAME methods that marketer used?
Is that fair?

I'll tell you what I think. I think one set of techniques is used ON you to get you to buy. And an entirely, much lamer set of techniques, methods and skills is taught to you. I think product launches keep getting crammed down your throat one after the other in rapid succession with too much cramming and not enough showing and revealing after the fact. That what's being done TO you ain't bein' taught. That you aren't being empowered.But that's what I think. What do YOU think?

Rules are subject to change. They include void where prohibited. Deadline for entries at Midnight on December 25th 2009. Winners will be posted on December 26th on the blog. If any other important exceptions or stipulations occur to me, I'll post them. Void for friends, family or employees of Higher Response Marketing Inc. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO WIN. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries but are likely to be under 1,000 total. You can view the current number of entries on the blog.

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