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Win $300 In 300 Words Or Less

Post to This Blog and Win $300 on December 26th

Tell me HOW the Promo Dashboard would help YOU in your marketing, business and life in 300 words or less.

My team and I will select the best post based on originality, sincerity and inspiration to others (how they relate.)

There is a SECOND prize for the best video submission.

Create a YouTube video 5 minutes or less and post it to the blog.

The winner will receive $200 credit toward buying any of my products on, other than the Promo Dashboard.

No purchase required. See more rules at the end of this post.

You're either a CONSUMER, a PRODUCER or a PROMOTER.

Consuming how to sell on the Internet products without producing and promoting will get you nowhere. Producing a product but not PROMOTING will get you nowhere.

1. WHAT would making the shift from a consumer or only a producer to an active PROMOTER do for your life?

2. What has STOPPED you from making the transition from consumer only or producer mostly to a producer AND a PROMOTER?

3. What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

4.What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

Post your comments on the How to Promote In 3 Easy Steps Video and get a chance to win $300.

Watch the video at:

* Do you WANT your videos to have a PIMP background like that? How about that opening cube?

* How do you feel about knowing how to DO, using AND pimping out your PDF's, screen videos, live video, streaming video, flash audio PLAYERS (that are totally trick)?

* Do you wanna be BORING like everyone else?

* Do you want YOUR flash audio players on your web site to look like everyone else's? Do you want YOUR Camtasia or CamStudio Power Point backgrounds to look like everyone else's?

* Or do you want YOURS to look both unique and cool? Does the difference between what is SAID and what is DONE bother you?

* Does it disturb you that people make their money throwing out shock and awe promotions at you but then never show you HOW to do those things yourself?

* Do you feel other marketers are doing TRICK things in their PDF's, videos, web sites, graphics and emails but then NOT telling YOU how to do those things for yourself?

* Are they holding back the good stuff for themselves? Are they lording over you how big their list is, their car, their house — how PIMP their videos and PDF's and promos are. But then, NOT telling you HOW to do the stuff THEY do — but just giving you the same ol' drivel?

* Is what is SAID and DONE the same? Or are you seeing ONE thing DONE and another SAID and taught? Yeah, they got full color this, hot that, pimp this. Pimp that. But what you YOU?

* Are you YOU being showed how to DO those things for yourself? Or are the secrets being hoarded?

* Are they being kept between a very small circle of friends who keep lording it over you again and again and again through ruthless waves of product launch emails to POUND you finally into submission and handing over your money? Only to remain as in the dark as you were BEFORE? Is that happening to you?

* Are YOU being shown how to have your OWN pimp videos, pimp PDF's, pimp web sites, pimp email promos? Is it about THEM? Or is it about YOU? Are YOU being empowered to be a PRODUCER and SELLER of products and services?

* Are you being made more and more DEPENDENT on others? Does it bother you that you pay thousands of dollars and STLL don't know how to create cool graphics in a PDF? (it's much simpler than you would think you do NOT need to hire a graphic designer to do it.)

* Does it bother you that fancy videos are used to SELL you. But even AFTER you fork over your money, you're still never SHOWED how YOU can use the SAME methods that marketer used?
Is that fair?

I'll tell you what I think. I think one set of techniques is used ON you to get you to buy. And an entirely, much lamer set of techniques, methods and skills is taught to you. I think product launches keep getting crammed down your throat one after the other in rapid succession with too much cramming and not enough showing and revealing after the fact. That what's being done TO you ain't bein' taught. That you aren't being empowered.But that's what I think. What do YOU think?

Rules are subject to change. They include void where prohibited. Deadline for entries at Midnight on December 25th 2009. Winners will be posted on December 26th on the blog. If any other important exceptions or stipulations occur to me, I'll post them. Void for friends, family or employees of Higher Response Marketing Inc. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO WIN. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries but are likely to be under 1,000 total. You can view the current number of entries on the blog.

  • S. Griffin says:

    "You’re either a CONSUMER, a PRODUCER or a PROMOTER" … CLASSIC INFORMATION! To bad I missed the deadline. But thanks again for the inspiration. Another job well done Marlon!

  • Meena says:

    Marlon, I am new to the internet business, I wish I could afford to buy your Promo Dashboard that would help me start build a successful online business.

    It has been 5 years of unsuccessful struggle to get my online business set up. I tried and tried many sources,still feels like I have no technical skills and was about to give up that dream. Now, Marlon has came up with an easy system that can change my mind and I feel there is still hope I can make it.

    I am ready to use this point and click system to have my online business setup.

    Your system is like a set planner, that will help guide me step by step.

    If I win, I would use it to buy your system and get started. Hoping to have whole new year 2010 that will help me be financially secure to support my family.


    Wishing you in advance Happy New Year


  • John Ng says:

    I am voting for Sunny.

  • Hyram Lucky says:

    I believe Larry Brown in his early post makes a very good point. Your products Marlon, are efficient and quite simplified but it's a hard note for non-internet savvy people to swallow and and apply things to off line businesses until they "get it". Do us a favor make some of your great products geared toward brick and mortar and service businesses who don't as Larry mentioned speak the internet guru language. I don't believe you can go wrong and it should be quite simple for you with your simplified style and talent.

    Happy New Year!


  • A lot of great posts!! As far as I can see…everyone who wants to do biz online NEEDS this!!

    On Christmas Eve I discovered that my two stores on line did not work!! Not the shopping carts, not the email, and the last business I bought…a pc-game site, was not only not launched correctly,but what is there is the eBay page that shows me as the winning bidder…plus, my personal login info. Now, this is web developer who/that charges just under $100.00 a month. So…guess who YOUR biggest fan is right now?…Me! I want to start making serious money, and helping others not to get scammed like I did.

    The shortest distance between two points, is a straight line…You/me at the start point…and at the other end is success…and YOU are the short direct straight line between these two points!!!

    If I do not win, I will for-sure invest

    in this!!! One thing for sure, I'd be able to make money right away, and not wait three months to realize that I'd been ripped off. Just give me a "down-home folk-person" any time!!!

    Abundant blessings…patricia martin

  • Elizabeth says:

    One last thing – how on earth are people getting their pictures next to their name like that? That's so cool!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Here's my personal story about the power of promotion. I have a fairly small list, less than 5,000 ppl. I was going out of town for my birthday, and wanted some extra spending cash.

    So what did I do? I wrote up an email! Just like Marlon says. I made an offer to my email list. Right after the email went out, sales started coming in and I made a good amount of birthday spending cash during those few days 🙂 That's the power of promotion! If you just do what the promo dashboard says, you can build an email list that makes money too.

    It gets even better. I probably made all the mistakes that could possibly be made along the way. I don't mail my list as often as I should, I didn't pick a very good niche as far as the market being one that buys a lot and spends a lot of money, I'm bad at tech stuff so my website is pretty ugly, I'm not that great of a writer so my promotional material is not as good as it should be….

    Yet – I still make money because I did the steps in the promo dashboard. I targeted a market, I gave them free stuff to get them on my list, and I promote stuff to them. If I would have had the Promo Dashboard from the beginning, I would have done the process a lot better and a lot faster.

    I honestly do think the Promo Dashboard can help anyone have success online as long as you just follow the steps.

    Even if you don't do each step 'perfect', even if you don't have the best website or the best offer or the best copywriting. It's all about the process and having the right fundamentals in place.

    Then you get stuff like the amazing formula, and/or you learn Marlon's sales letter formula and you start practicing and making your offers better, and you start making more money.

    Then you learn more and improve other things, and your income increases again. It just takes a roadmap (promo dashboard) and some persistence.

    Thanks Marlon & team 🙂

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi there!

    Here is how the 'Promo Dashboard' will help not just me, but anyone:

    1) Eliminate "information overload", which so many struggle with. Rather than putting pieces together to figure out what to do, just follow the steps. It's so simple and organized, which is just what we all need.

    2) The examples that show what to do, instead of just telling you and hoping you can figure it out.

    3) Being shown how to do all the technical stuff (can shortcut your success by months or even years!) Trust me, it took me forever to figure this stuff out.

    4) Makes it easy to do advanced tricks! Like the copy-and-paste code that puts people's names in your sales page. That's so awesome! Normally you'd have to pay someone, or not do it because it's too difficult to figure out. I'd love to be able to do that with sales letters, and Promo Dashboard makes it so easy, it gives you the code!

    4) Being shown how to get people opting in and buying your offers. This is where the money is! Everyone needs to know this. Even advanced IMers can improve.

    5) Visual screen captures – it's much easier to learn and do things when you're visually seeing how to.

    6) Who wouldn't want "pimped out" PDFs, PPTs, etc? I'd LOVE to! It's fun to pimp out your stuff, and makes your materials professional, helping you get people to stick around and buy stuff. 🙂

    "Promotion is powerful" because, like Marlon said, it's money on demand.

    I have a personal story of my own to demonstrate that fact, but it'll put my entry over 300 words…

    I'll put it into a separate blog comment 😉 because I think it might help inspire some people

  • Romona Burns says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Your timing for this contest couldn't be better.

    First, I would like to give you a little background on me. I started this whole online marketing thing in November 2006. I started out in affiliate marketing, like so many do.

    I bought into a membership that had a website template with all the code already built in to promote adsense, clickbank, amazon, and ebay.

    The first thing I wanted to do was change the look of my site, to give it a little pizzaz. That's how I discovered Design Dashboard. Design Dashboard was the first major program I bought, and most definitely was worth the cost. Since then, I have spent a lot of money on different programs to make my business work, but I could count on one hand how many were worth what I paid for them. I couldn't even count on all my fingers and toes, how many companies have disappointed me.

    I really had a hard time with the affiliate marketing thing, because how could I promote things that disappointed me. Well, that and I still did not know how to promote. I've come to realize, that promoting is probably the most important part of this puzzle called internet marketing. You can have the coolest looking site, but if you're not promoting it nobody sees it. You make no money!!!

    About a year and a half ago, I got a resellers hosting account so I could have as many domains as I wanted and would have complete control over my websites. Well I did try a bunch of things, but once again fell short, because of my lack of promotion. Come on, how many people on a traffic exchange really even take a second look at what you're showing them, unless it's another traffic exchange your promoting.

    To make a long story a bit shorter, in November I revamped my business plan, heck let's be honest, I sat down and actually put a business plan together. I started with a blog and have been populating it with a ton of great information. Google visits me almost everyday. I spend a few days at the beginning of the month to get all my posts ready for the whole month.

    For the month of December I have been putting together my first real product to sell. I have my product website, and my giveaway product ready to roll. My goal is to have my product ready for sale by the first week of January. So far I am on target to have my sellable product ready on schedule. Here I am at the promotion stage again. If I'm not getting my freebie into people's hands, how do I expect them to even know I have a product to sell?

    This would be prime time for promo dashboard to come to the rescue, just like design dashboard did a few years back.

    On a more personal note, and I promise I will keep this a bit shorter, my husband and I lost our 12 year old construction company in October of 2008, due to the economy. Since then, work has been sporadic. We were evicted from our home of 8 years at the beginning of last summer. We stayed in a skanky motel for 2 1/2 months, and in October were given a second chance by some very kind people, and moved into the house we are currently living in. We have 2 girls, 19 and 14. They have been really understanding about things, but sometimes it really hurts, not to be able to give them the things they deserve. Our Christmas was pretty dismal. We spent a total of $27 on each of them. (I'm not sure they were really thrilled with the socks & underwear) LOL. Our tree was a $10 4' artificial tree, we got on clearance yesterday. But I know, their are people out there, worse of than us. We still have a roof over our heads, and still have top ramen in the cupboard. LOL.

    I am not telling you all of this to feel sorry for me, but to show you that I am highly motivated. I have thought a great deal about what I would do with the $300 if I was chosen as the winner. I could put the money in the bank to cover a couple of checks that are going to bounce because of our Christmas spree, or I could split it between my 2 girls and let them go buy some new clothes that they most definitely deserve.

    But no, what I have decided, if I win, I will take the money and use it to incorporate my online business. 2010 is going to be my year to shine, and I want to be prepared. I refuse to let our past mistakes take down my new business. I have been planning this for awhile now, and would like to get it done at the beginning of the year for filing purposes. Even if I don't win, this is one of the first things that will be done with the money I will be earning in 2010.

    I would like to put a challenge out there for anybody who has been struggling with this whole internet marketing puzzle. 2010 is my year, make it yours too. Create a schedule, find your focus, and obtain your goals. Just do it.

    And for gosh sakes, get rid of most of those people sending you crap in your email telling you about the next greatest thing. Set your goals and follow through.


    P.S. Make sure you stay on Marlon's list, though. He gives away great information and is a wonderful motivator. I have a huge swipe file with all the really cool information I have gathered from Marlon in the last 3 years. He's the real deal and knows what he is talking about.

  • We're so jealous of Karen Kramer's video that we've decided first to give you some applause, Karen. And then take the bold step of trying something we don't know how to do. We see that you – among others – have a live link to your video. Now, although we know how to do an HTML link, we didn't think we could put it in our post. But maybe we can. So here goes: maybe a link to our Football is for Lovers video. Or maybe just us looking silly. Oh, well. It won't be the first time.

    As ever –

    Bob and Kaye

  • Bill says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I think you're one of the "good guys". But personally, I don't think your product will help me. I think internet marketing is all "smoke and mirrors". I'm a real skeptic, but I work hard and am booksmart; and fairly successful offline.

    I'll buy your product based on your reputation. And if it works, and if I'm a success with it, and I win the $300 for being the most original — I'll give YOU double your money back!

    That's right, I'll give YOU $600 back. Promise. I truly mean it!

    How's that for original?


    PS. I'm NOT kidding.

  • KarenKramer says:

    Wow Marlon! What a great contest! As soon as I found out about it, I sent this letter off to my grand kids. At least this way if I don't win the contest, my grand kids might just get the hint and buy me PromoDashboard.. LOL

    Dear Grand kiddies;

    I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given me this past year. The beautiful pink sweater shrunk nicely in the dryer and fits snugly enough to go well with my red leather hot pants, the lovely roses for Mother’s Day were a special treat (don’t worry I only had to get a few stitches for those cuts from the thorns). The Poinsettia for Christmas was nice, however Mistletoe would have added an extra zing here at the Retirement Home.

    With my birthday fast approaching, I thought I might give you a suggestion for this year’s gift. As you know I recently completed my “Hot Biker Babes of the 1970's” ebook and could really use some help promoting it beyond my Facebook fan page and the back of those “special” magazines.

    Everyone keeps talking about a crazy fun Internet Marketing Guru named Marlon and his easy step-by-step Dashboard training. They say it’s so easy that even a former blond Bimbo could learn a few new tricks. Things like creating pimped-out graphics, finding rabid followers that will actually read my emails (unlike certain people who happened to have sprung from my very womb) and making uber cool videos with awesome special effects. Can you just imagine what I could do with those kind of skills? Never mine, don’t imagine that… it will probably cause you to be warped or scarred for life.

    But my point is … now that I have my great new product ready, I could really use the help of someone of Marlon’s character to help me promote my product to a hungry market.

    So, please kiddies…. scrap the rocking chair and give me something that can kick-start your old Granny’s business. After all, one day… when I kick the bucket, you’ll be much happier with an inheritance from an Internet Marketing Mogul Granny than one that just sat on the porch leering at all the old geezers.



    PS: If you act fast you can get some mega valuable bonuses and the entire thing will only cost $59.95

    PPS: Merry Christmas Marlon … and btw I don't have any grand kids so I really need to win this contest.. LOL

    PPPS: Sorry if this posts multiple times having trouble getting it to show up.

  • KarenKramer says:

    Here's my slightly quirky Promo Dashboard Video… Be sure to watch all the way to the end…LOL

    Happy Holidays to Marlon and his awesome staff.

  • KarenKramer says:

    Wow Marlon! What a great contest! As soon as I found out about it, I sent this letter off to my grand kids. At least this way if I don't win the contest, my grand kids might just get the hint and buy me PromoDashboard.. LOL

    Dear Grand kiddies;

    I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given me this past year. The beautiful pink sweater shrunk nicely in the dryer and fits snugly enough to go well with my red leather hot pants, the lovely roses for Mother’s Day were a special treat (don’t worry I only had to get a few stitches for those cuts from the thorns). The Poinsettia for Christmas was nice, however Mistletoe would have added an extra zing here at the Retirement Home.

    With my birthday fast approaching, I thought I might give you a suggestion for this year’s gift. As you know I recently completed my “Hot Biker Babes of the 1970's” ebook and could really use some help promoting it beyond my Facebook fan page and the back of those “special” magazines.

    Everyone keeps talking about a crazy fun Internet Marketing Guru named Marlon and his easy step-by-step Dashboard training. They say it’s so easy that even a former blond Bimbo could learn a few new tricks. Things like creating pimped-out graphics, finding rabid followers that will actually read my emails (unlike certain people who happened to have sprung from my very womb) and making uber cool videos with awesome special effects. Can you just imagine what I could do with those kind of skills? Never mine, don’t imagine that… it will probably cause you to be warped or scarred for life.

    But my point is … now that I have my great new product ready, I could really use the help of someone of Marlon’s character to help me promote my product to a hungry market.

    So, please kiddies…. scrap the rocking chair and give me something that can kick-start your old Granny’s business. After all, one day… when I kick the bucket, you’ll be much happier with an inheritance from an Internet Marketing Mogul Granny than one that just sat on the porch leering at all the old geezers.



    PS: If you act fast you can get some mega valuable bonuses and the entire thing will only cost $59.95

    PPS: Merry Christmas Marlon … and btw I don't have any grand kids so I really need to win this contest.. LOL

  • KarenKramer says:

    Wow Marlon you sure know how to motivate a poor old Grandma!

    As soon as I discovered this contest, I sent off the following to my crazy grand kiddies in the hopes of winning this contest… if I don't win, maybe the kiddies will get the hint and actually buy the Dashboard Promo.. LOL

    Dear Grand kiddies;

    I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given me this past year. The beautiful pink sweater shrunk nicely in the dryer and fits snugly enough to go well with my red leather hot pants, the lovely roses for Mother’s Day were a special treat (don’t worry I only had to get a few stitches for those cuts from the thorns). The Poinsettia for Christmas was nice, however Mistletoe would have added an extra zing here at the Retirement Home.

    With my birthday fast approaching, I thought I might give you a suggestion for this year’s gift. As you know I recently completed my “Hot Biker Babes of the 1970's” ebook and could really use some help promoting it beyond my Facebook fan page and the back of those “special” magazines.

    Everyone keeps talking about a crazy fun Internet Marketing Guru named Marlon and his easy step-by-step Dashboard training. They say it’s so easy that even a former blond Bimbo could learn a few new tricks. Things like creating pimped-out graphics, finding rabid followers that will actually read my emails (unlike certain people who happened to have sprung from my very womb) and making uber cool videos with awesome special effects. Can you just imagine what I could do with those kind of skills? Never mine, don’t imagine that… it will probably cause you to be warped or scarred for life.

    But my point is … now that I have my great new product ready, I could really use the help of someone of Marlon’s character to help me promote my product to a hungry market.

    So, please kiddies…. scrap the rocking chair and give me something that can kick-start your old Granny’s business. After all, one day… when I kick the bucket, you’ll be much happier with an inheritance from an Internet Marketing Mogul Granny than one that just sat on the porch leering at all the old geezers.



    PS: If you act fast you can get some mega valuable bonuses and the entire thing will only cost $59.95

    PPS: Merry Christmas Marlon and btw, I don't really have any grandkids so I really need to win this contest 🙂

  • I just saw the concept really well, and the concept is a combination of what I call a smart work and a smart system, for most people, especially affiliate, they do not have these two concepts as a whole, even many of them are just not using smart systems and smart work as a way to start a business on the Internet both as a product manufacturer or as a promoter / affiliate. And perhaps most of them or even me is include persons who use the hard work way.

    This is different from the concept that you showed in your video, I can see that the concept has been made with very imperfect, the step-by-step in the video such as looking for and finding target market, giving freebies, and others is indicates that you are using a smart work, this is really gradual and systematic.

    certainly with the concept of smart work should be coupled with a smart system, without the concept of smart smart system will not work flawlessly and is certain to be harmful. because the concept of smart work were unsuccessful run in line with expectations due to the use of the system just is not smart.

    so in my opinion this is what people must have and use if running in internet business.


  • Here's my video message:

    On my diet blog I tell people: There is no magic weight loss pill, the only magic is in YOU taking action!

    I guess that applies also for internet marketing, at least that is the "internet marketing secret" I discovered in 2009 😉

    Merry Christmas to everybody!

  • 1. WHAT would making the shift from a consumer or only a producer to an active PROMOTER do for your life?

    My life will take a 180 degree turn when I shift to active promoter. I invested thousands, probably like many of you posting here today, and stayed in the perpetual learning cycle for a long time.

    Want to know why?

    It was comfortable, while I was learning, I couldn't fail. It was like a crack addict having to get their fix. It was a weird feeling because the story I kept telling myself was that the more information I learned, the better off I'd be…

    .. or at least my ego liked to think so.

    2. What has STOPPED you from making the transition from consumer only or producer mostly to a producer AND a PROMOTER?

    The one thing that has stopped me is the fear of success in the sense that other people like to take shots at successful people.

    Funny that I came across this post today actually because a friend who moved to California to pursue a screen writing career and I were talking about fear of success just yesterday.

    We came to this conclusion:

    "it's the price to pay for being brilliant, and for having the bravery to pursue what you believe in"

    that comes from a place of compassion and not from arrogance by the way. It's scary going after what I believe in at times because in part, the people I surrounded myself with before I grew into who I am today don't understand.

    It doesn't fit in their box. And sure, they want the best for me and say what they say on some level out of a good place…

    I've learned to forgive them for they know not what they do.

    3. What has been MISSING in any products you have bought on the topic?

    The missing piece has been a step-by-step implementation revealing what they did.

    Rich Schefren was just talking about this the other day when he said something to the effect of:

    "some say it's the responsibility of the consumer to figure it out when they buy the info product. I don't agree. In part it's our responsibility as the producers of info products to empower the consumer, to give them tools to put the information to use"

    I've come to realize one thing.

    The most important part is in the marketing and sales (the PROMOTION) of what we do. If we don't get the word out in a way that connects with our target market, how else are we going to facilitate the change in other people's lives?

    4. What do you NEED in order to break through and actually CREATE your own info product?

    A step by step system like the Promo Dashboard to keep me on track.

    A system of accountability when implementing the system so I'm accountable to someone else other than myself.

    A way to consistently measure results.

    Consistent massive action.

  • Randy says:


    You boiled the process down to 3 simple steps. Properly Target Your Market, Create an appropriate Freebie that will appeal to that market and then Launch your offer using your entire marketing arsenal. These steps are very SIMPLE, but they are not necessarily EASY. After all, the 'secret' to makeing money in the stock market is to "Buy Low and Sell High"! However, untold fortunes are 'lost' in this market every year, while the simple secret hasn't changed.

    I believe the Promo Dashboard will help me, or ANYONE, by allowing anyone to follow a PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS that is laid out in an easy to follow and implement manner! Nothing will happen without action, and I believe your Promo Dashboard details the ACTIONS I would need to take each and every day to have a successful money-making business. The Promo Dashboard would allow me to make certain that I didn't 'forget' to do something. As I said above, it would allow me to follow your PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM to success.

    Thank you Sir!

  • Scott says:

    Here comes another one! And just in time for Christmas! Marlon, after watching the video on your Dashboard, my first impression was, “Here’s another one with sucker written all over it!” My wife wonders how people see the big “S” on my forehead when I’m at the computer. Regardless of what she thinks, even though she may be right, I have not given up…yet. You may be my last hope! At one point in your promo you mentioned about being overwhelmed by trying to follow too many systems. I was caught in that rut to the point of giving up with my efforts to become a network marketer. It is my opinion that too many of us get into this situation where we are trying to follow too many gurus that we just become frozen. We just don’t know which way to turn or what the next step is. We become so frustrated that we give up. Personally I am tired of these so called experts that will show you step by step how to get started. They never, never follow through with their promises. The Dashboard may be the thing for me and for thousands of others. People like me that are not techies but are humble and willing to learn. Some of us really need to be held by the hand to get started. I have spent, or rather wasted, too much money on programs that are so complicated that you need a degree in computer science to get going. The Dashboard looks like the answer. For many of us it may be the last kick at the can. I know, as do others who have difficulty getting started, that there is money to be made with Internet marketing. The Dashboard may be what we need.

  • We're Bob and Kaye. We're old.

    We've always been creative. Spent our lives on and behind the wicked stage. Once upon a time.

    A few years ago, three months after Bob graduated magna cum laude from Montclair State, on the weekend between a singing gig at a local saloon and a recording session for a new album, Bob had a stroke.

    End of life on the wicked stage.

    Yet, like so many old people, we still wanted to eat. And pay the rent.

    As connoisseurs of Jack Daniels and Kettle One, and also big tippers, it was clear that being greeters at Wal-Mart would not exactly get 'er done.

    The Internet seemed like the only venue that could. So we've decided on a last-quarter goal of creating financial freedom online for ourselves, and charting a strategy simple enough for our coupon clipping brethren to do the same.

    Which brings us to your Promo Dashboard.

    Cause, yeah: we don't want to be boring. Or bored.

    And you bet we want to do exciting videos (we set up text and images - – for our book video, Football is for Lovers, but we want to create videos all by ourselves).

    Podcasts not so much: we're kind of funny looking.

    Anyway. We have creative ideas up the kazoo. We get the Target, Freebie, Launch concept.

    We've taught ourselves enough HTML to put up a basic website ( In fact, we're your affiliates.

    The problem is that by the time we learn enough about videos and podcasts and social networking to actually load up that 'arsenal of weapons,' we'll be sitting in an urn on the mantelpiece.

    So if your Promo Dashboard can give us enough 'how to' along with the 'what to,' we'll be happy senior citizens.

    Because, frankly, we don't have forever.

  • Brian Vogt says:

    I think I'm great at making products but have always been lousy at promoting them. I think the #1 way the Promo Dashboard would help me is by giving me an overall framework to use and navigate from. There is *so much* stuff out there, and it seems like if you focus on one thing, you end up neglecting something else. I believe that the Promo Dashboard would help me find my way through the mess of marketing and actually reach the point of successful product promotion.

    It would also probably help me finally "win" in some areas where I tend to fail. Usually it seems I offer a freebie and if it doesn't work I just scrap the whole idea–or I go about offering it the entirely wrong way. Having a roadmap to pull me through those difficult spots would be helpful, to say the least.


  • Hardy says:

    Hi Marlon & team,

    I always love the way you explain things…simple and straight forward. You say it as it is, without any sugar coatings. Not like any of those other so called "gurus" which always makes things look so easy (and push button).

    It's not that I'm against doing things the easy way, but the thing is if the guy (or girl) who teaches it said it should be easy then it SHOULD be easy. So when it didn't turn out to be as easy as it's said, then I must did something wrong. It may not be 100% correct statement but it sure seems true to me! That's why I'd been an opportunity seeker up until now.

    I know how to build sites. I've had 4 sites so far. I've partnered with others and produced an ebook which is still selling until now. All without much promotion. I've always wonder what should I do to get my business to the next level. I was thinking if it's time to find another "guru" again, but then I listend to your talk. I listened to what you said on the video and I realized that it's so true. I need to start promoting my sites and my product.

    But the challenge is I don't know where to start.

    So here is what I'll do if I have the promo dashboard:

    1. I'll go through the lessons dilligently everyday.

    2. I'll follow the action step that's laid out.

    3. I'll take action and start promoting my sites and my product.

    4. I'll send you testimonial on how promo dashboard has helped me actually make money online.

    5. Repeat step 1-4.

    6. Quit my job and work online fulltime 🙂

    7. Enjoy more time with my family.

    Anyway enough talk for now. I need to go and work on my site again.

    And if I don't talk to you again until next year, May you and your team have the best Christmas and Happy New Year.



  • Terry Loving says:

    Promotion? In 3 easy, understandable doable steps? No foolin' Marlon?? I was tempted to do a blond joke (as I am one) and stopped myself.


    Scattered, creative & brilliant (I add)

    Persistant, courageous, adventuresome (not bad!)

    But find a direct path to success on my own?

    Oh please, where's my charge card, better yet, where's my phone?

    This offer's so good, gotta take it right now!

    Promised the world hmm…. there's a guarantee – WOW!

    No fool can refuse this, the copy's well written,

    This guy keeps his promises – Me, I am smitten….

    The product solves problems – they all disappear –

    Put my PayPal on auto, My bank accounts in gear!

    Cruise easily into a "4 hour Work Week"

    Check numbers, Evaluate, Assess, slightly re-tweek

    Wrap up all those loose ends giggle with glee,

    Reserve that vacation spot I'm leaving just see!

    Thanks for the pointers the help and assistance,

    your magic works wonders, it stokes my persistence

    of succeeding on line though today money trickles –

    you offer solutions to increase it to nickles.

    From nickles to millions I can see it today –

    This blond will be leading tons of others this way.

    Thanks for the fun Marlon! I love the way you work!

    Taking the Local out of Small Business

  • Rob Lear says:

    It is SOOOOOO important to have a "paint by numbers" system these days to follow (a swift kick in the ass doesn't hurt either!!;).

    Here's the problem(s): Too many people teaching too many ways to skin the same chicken, and most of them leave out the critical details that are essential to success! Information overload without a clear cut plan to follow!

    For many people (myself included), if even one small piece of the puzzle is left out, it can mean the difference between success and failure. People need an A-B-C-D-E…. plan to follow that will get them ALL THE WAY to their desired result!

    I have been sitting on a potentially great product idea, in a great market and have been promising to release this thing for the last 6 months, and because I didn't have a system, like "Promo Dashboard", I never completed all the steps to get it out there.

    The key is ACTION! But, if you don't know what action to take, you experience analysis paralysis and end up doing nothing! I finally feel confident that I can complete all the steps necessary to get this product finished, and get it out there!

  • Eric says:


    Been following you for a while now. I've read many of the blog posts and can see some pretty interesting entries. Basically, you are the only person online that communicates with everyone the TRUTH!! Online marketing isn't easy or hard. It is simple if you are willing to learn. We have used your teaching to build our list and to promote. You also don't try to "kill" the little guy/girl trying to get started. Your products are cheap compared to the value they offer. Your content is step-by-step. I think the biggest problem with the people out there are trying to follow several "gurus" and not focusing in on just one methodology. Basically, you come from the heart and understand prosperity principles. So, no kissing ass here for $300. Get the Promo Dashboard, set aside a couple of hours a week, plan a course of action, AND BE WILLING TO MAKE SOME MISTAKES!! Start small and establish a scalable model. Then ramp it up and be patient. Track your results and make adjustments. Ask for expert help. The Promo Dashboard will take you where you want to go IF YOU TAKE ACTION…

    Happy Holidays!


  • I have numerous websites, all related to the two areas I am passionate about – Education Reform and Animal Rescue.

    I spent so much time following this way and that but never seemed to nail down the process of Promoting and Selling.

    I have Marlon's Design Dashboard and I am thrilled with it. Complete from A to Z and full of information I would never have thought to ask.

    If the Promo Dashboard is as good and detailed as the Design Dashboard, it should have everything I need to Promote and Sell PLUS answers to the questions I'm too inexperienced to even know to ask.

    Marlon, your practical down-to-earth approach is so refreshing, especially after all the hype that I stupidly allowed myself to be detoured by.

    Folks, Design Dashboard changed my life and gave me the skills I needed. I know Promo Dashboard can do the same.

    Thanks for the contest, Marlon!

    Your friend,


  • Donna Maher says:

    Dear Marlon,

    One of many things that makes you different is your innate believability. You present things in a natural, easy way so that it becomes more understandable and you also manage to simplify daunting tasks. You give your audience the feeling that they CAN do whatever you're showing them, which is extremely important, especially for neophytes.

    You also aren't afraid of sharing your success secrets like so many 'gurus' are. And, because of the awesome content and bonuses you're offering, it sounds like Promo Dashboard will fill the promo needs of all marketers, regardless of their degree of online marketing experience or even what niche they're in.

    Like so many others, I often find myself daunted by the many components of successful marketing and promoting and have even become frozen at times by the sheer magnitude of the tasks that need to be done. Your video was a real eye-opener and it gave me new hope, inspiration and renewed faith in myself. You actually make it sound as easy as 1-2-3! I took notes and got a couple of ideas I'd never thought of, just from watching & listening. Kudos!

    I believe that the time-saving factor built into Promo Dashboard will make a HUGE difference to busy marketers, especially those who don't yet have a 'team' hired to help them build their online business. Promo Dashboard will provide the necessary skills for every producer who NEEDS to become a promoter, as well, in order to succeed monetarily in the way they presently can only dream about.

    Thank you for everything you do, from your informative blogs, for sharing so freely and for creating products that help demystify internet marketing and simultaneously build self-confidence and provide us all with the skills and tools which we all must incorporate for our ultimate success!

    Merry Christmas to you & yours,


  • Marlon IS "down to earth" and breaks down the BASICs that ANYONE will understand. He really believes in K.I.S.S. system

    I can not tell you how much money I have spent in order to make my business grow, BUT in reality I gave my profits away to someone who confused me and sabotaged me by taking my precious time away from me in order to OVERWHELM ME with marketing THEORY.

    I need Marlon because he teaches REAL solutions not "theory mumbo jumbo".

    If you want more time and money call Marlon NOW. If you want to be razzle – dazzled, then give me your money and I will have your head spinning immediatley!!

  • Mike says:

    Look, Marlon makes this whole Internet marketplace workable! What to do, How to do, and When to do.Compare that with all

    the gurus that will absolutely turn your brain to mush! It makes perfect sense!

  • dennis says:

    im a newbe, marlon is apperntly a great marketer,i have just been stuck on getting started i.e. i have had a couple web domains but never got started even after buying several systems,paul l,

    mike v.,to name a few.

    putting out the money in hope is hard to do with wife out of work,and supporting 3 18+year old kids all out of work,and a grandchild,in hopes of winning i could get started online and not feel guilty.

    thanks for the chance,and

    marry christmas to all.


  • The Promo Dashboard Package is absolutely phenomenal.

    The key thing that was said on Marlon Sanders video about the Promo Dashboard was "how do I do all of that without pulling my hair out?"

    No longer do I have to wonder how can I get people to buy, because the Promo Dashboard has everything I need to get people to buy, and in true step by step style.

    I was about to give up internet marketing because I wasn't having much joy, luckily I was tempted with the opportunity of winning $300 just to make a comment after Marlon's video about the Promo Dashboard, but my goodness when I saw Promo Dashboard in the video a real good feeling came over me, It's like internet marketing got brought to life.

    To be completely honest with you, even though the prize money is good; it's now the Promo Dashboard that I'm really interested in and I'm so glad I found it.

    The Promo Dashboard Package is truly the internet marketing missing link for a lot of us, because now when I do a product launch as Marlon so truly said "I can throw my full arsenal at the prospects" and feel good about it knowing that I'm doing things the right and correct way, the way the big boys do it, and that I have done everything I should to win over my prospects.

    The way the Promo Dashboard is organised is simply outstanding! I no longer have to read pages of information ending up with information overload, I just look at the Promo Dashboard and decide what arsenal to fire off at my prospect and away I go.

    Thank you so much for coming up with such a great product.

    – Lionel.

  • Hey Marlon,

    My video: only 5th video ever so don't laugh to hard. Seriously I would love your constructive critisism.

    It's true that you can breakdown the promotion process into 3 steps 1) Target 2) Freebies 3) Launch and I understand those basic concepts very well. The trouble I have and I'm sure many internet marketers have the same problem – lack of discipline and focus. We want to do too much all at the same time. Promo Dashboard will help to keep me going in a straight line – from start to finish. What a concept! The step by step, do this now, do this next system is what attracts me to this Promo Dashboard.

    You found a problem addressed my needs and provided a solution. It's really as simple as that.

    Thanks Marlon,

    Love your stuff

  • Albert Mario says:

    Hi Marlon,

    as expected, your "KEEP IT SIMPLE" character is always shown in the delivery of your products.

    It's simply useful especially to not just busy expert marketer but to newbies who may not know how to do certain marketing operations synchronically; indeed the baby step framework of your product is no-brainer.

    well, about one year and 2 months ago, I was struggling in marketing an affiliate product. On that time, I have done everything else, from finding the right type of market (niche), choose the suitable affiliate products out of so many in Clickbank and design the webpage along with the sales copy.

    Finally, I arrived at the last step: that is to launch and to promote. And that is when I begin to tremble because I did not have the capability to promote the product by myself.

    Part of the reason is that the product itself is going to be launched off very soon, and so competition is tight. By knowing the fact that there are so many outstanding internet marketers(affiliates) out there, I began to lose confidence in myself and so I abandoned the marketing campagin.

    Indeed even if we have anything else fully prepared, nothing will come out without action being taken. And nothing great will result from lousy action being taken.

    now, that we have everything we need to tackle the most common problem of being successful in internet marketing, the action/launch, I see that there is very little chance we wont make FOR IT TO WORK!

    and again, it's not just the idea and the product that makes it great, the panel or the dashboard system itself has been really helpful to users. It just shows how considerate the creator is, haha..

    when other people say that he'll teach one how to fish, you're doing more than just that, you even provide the boat and the fishing equipment…

    maybe you can give me "the fish" then… haha…

    Well, impressive work for this end of year 2009

    I hope you have a very enjoyable Christmas eve over there! GBU

    [Albert, take action without hesitation. You might as well. We already know that NOT taking action won't work. Go ahead and do stuff even if you are intimidated and even if you think it won't work.]

  • HELP!!

    I'm drowning under a sea of information, opt-ins, freebies, subscriptions, teasers, "leaked secrets” and social blueprints.

    WAIT! What’s that on the horizon…. could it be? YES – It's Marlon Sanders throwing me a lifeline with the words "Promo Dashboard" emblazoned on the rope.

    Brothers and Sisters, Over the last six months, i have subscribed and unsubscribed to 4 different programs, spending several hundred dollars and hours that I will never get back, for a gross income of $31.26.

    Folks tell me I'm semi-intelligent and have never seen myself as a quitter, however, I'm totally confused by the many different approaches to internet success.

    Marlon has provided what I have been praying for; with a paint-by-numbers, systematic, step by step process for success called the

    Promo Dashboard.

    I have been rescued by Marlon, food tastes better, the air smells fresher and the sky is bluer.

    My mind is focused and I have a plan.

    The future is an open book and my life will never be the same…

    [Ray, you're funny actually. But listen man, do you have your target market yet? i.e. do you know who you're gonna sell to specifically, what forums they hang out at and what blogs they read? Do you post in those forums with a sig going to a squeeze page? Do you post comments on the blogs with the same? A squeeze page is a good start. Promo Dashboard helps with the squeeze page, the freebie and the target market. You really got to be getting people on a list (how many you got) and sending out emails to sell something.]

  • I'm not sure my comments were posted.

    I created a video. Here is the link at YouTube:

    Here is the link at my blog:

    thanks, Marlon.

  • Hey Marlon.

    I have a number of your products and I must say I recommend them without hesitation or reservation. Your dashboard concept is a great way of learning through an easy step by step approach.

    I have learned much from you and for that I thank you. That said, I have decided to create a video for the promo dashboard promotion.

    Honestly, I saw your email that so few people had commented, and I was shocked. I had to go for it.

    Here is the link on YouTube:

    I have also posted it on my blog at:

    It is a short video. I used Windows Movie Maker. The background music is royalty free, so I am not violating any copyright.

    I only share this here, as a way for everyone to realize, videos are promotion tools which are fairly easy to learn to do and they really sohuld be (as you stated in your video) a part of everyone's Promotion toolbox.

    Thanks again, Marlon.

  • Patricia says:

    HOW Does A Average Person Like YOU Or I Become A SUCCESSFUL Marketer?

    As with any other profession, to be successful, we MUST have (2) things:

    (1) The KNOWLEDGE to do our job correctly

    (2) The correct TOOL(s) to make it not only easier and simpler, but to get it done CORRECTLY the first time around, and in the least amount of time which is EXACTLY what the PromoDashboard can do for us.

    Seriously, if we can 'point and click' the PromoDashboard will SHOW us, or TELL us exactly HOW and WHAT to do to make sure we cover (3) essential aspects that MUST BE covered when it comes to any successful Marketing campaign which are:




    So, as Marketers, if we are not making a fair amount of money now, we are not as knowledgeable as we should be, and could be, so a certain 'tool of our trade', the PromoDashboard, is very essential to our success.

    The PromoDashboard is informative, detailed, and helpful as it takes the absolute beginner, as well as the more advanced want-to-be marketer by the hand and SHOWS him/her in a step-by-step method WHAT to do, and HOW to do it…from scratch!

    Instead of re-inventing the wheel or wasting our time getting hung up as we try to decide what to do next, how to do it, or what …may… work, the PromoDashboard has …everything… we will need right at our fingertips!

    Yes! Everything is in a clearly labeled and layed-out push-button easy to digest point-and-click format which is so easy to follow that even our computer illiterate Granny could do it!

    What more could we ask for?

  • Diana says:

    Once upon a time, there was beautiful peasant girl … click the “Pause button.” I enjoy fairy tales, but not with my business. The time is now, and well, I’m not exactly the typical princess, either. I’m usually the one helping others, but these days I’m the one needing help. The goal is to convert my expertise into a business that can help many individuals even as it provides income for me. So I began my Internet marketing adventure. I read here and there and even took a course that was good quality, but turned out to not be the area of information I needed. The actions I took didn’t get even the modest results I’d hoped for. I read here and there until information overload hit and paralyzed me before completing other actions. Despite my various setbacks (teleseminar with too few people to be recorded, dial-up Internet at 28.8 kbps, technical blips with recording a workshop, dwindling funds, etc.) I find I’m not willing to give up. Help! Where’s that fairy godmother when one needs one?

    Marlon, you’re not exactly the typical fairy godmother, but you do have the knack for reducing the information into practical bite-sized pieces that almost magically provides the needed know-how. Your pushbutton programs are exactly what I need — sequenced organization, plus user-friendly how-to’s on the aspects I most need help with. I would use the Promo Dashboard as a checklist so I don’t leave out any steps. I have some freebie information pages desperately in need of design revamping, plus a series of tips that need some rewriting to connect more personally with the recipients. I want to offer quality products. I really don’t know how to successfully promote anything. Basically, I need every step of the Promo Dashboard. Please grant my wish.

  • Bob says:

    Most home business and internet marketing entrepreneurs are self-employed people that usually have worked for others in a management capacity and RIF'ed or have long held a dream of owning their own business. But as often as not, they lack all the skills and knowledge needed to function in that ownership role. Moreover, typically, the small office/home office or SOHO business owner does all the work, pays an ever increasing tax burden, and usually lacks the resources of larger companies for a complete professional full-time staff in the areas of business operation, marketing, planning and development.

    Martin's dashboards, especially Design Dashboard, gives the business owner his time freedom back by using MPA without the overwhelming burden of outsourcing costs and information overload. K.I.S.S principle spot on, all tied up in a neat little package! "…with Multiple Points of Assault, at least one will succeed in reaching the target"..Sun Tsu, Art of War

  • Joann Snell says:

    Hi Marlon, I like the way you simplify the marketing process. I think the promodashboard would help to keep me focused on the exact steps I need to take to become a better promoter. There's no way to forget something because you have it all laid out, step by step.


    "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year"!

  • Wayne says:

    Marlon Sanders — scapegoat or savior?

    Seriously Marlon? All this Promo Dashboard is going to do is get people hopping mad.

    Worst case scenario: Joe Blow buys it, gives a half-hearted attempt for a day or two and now ol' Joe gets to blame someone else for his stuff not selling — the old Sanders (scape)goat himself!

    Current scenario: I've already sworn off being a blind (and broke) consumer. The trouble with being a producer without being a promoter is that pretty soon it isn't any fun to produce if it just sits there and no-one else gets to benefit from it. Hearing about people making money hand over fist because they've got some "secret" just gets me riled up.

    Best case: We invest a few bucks, follow your proven promo plan, and go from rarely producing to promoting non-stop! How's that translate into mad people you ask — I'll be furious that I didn't have it all laid out for me before. (Then I'll cash those checks, quit a day job, and it'll be all right!)

    I'm looking forward to the Promo Dashboard helping me use my precious time on the critical tasks for promoting what I produce. I have little time I can allot to marketing after my commitments to my wife and kids, church family, full time school, and day job.

    I'm constantly reminded that in order to enjoy the parts of life that count every marketing moment needs to count. Having a known good plan to follow makes that much easier.

    Thanks for doing what you do M!

  • Michael Bailey says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I think what Promo Dashboard would offer me is a organized SYSTEM of steps I could take to get moving on an online business. The reason I haven't started moving is the confusion you talk about. There seems to be so many steps to learn and to take that it leads to paralysis. You just don't know where to even start. So this would be a great organizational tool to follow step-by-step to get myself in motion.

    Merry Christmas to you & family!

  • Marco says:

    The proof is in the pudding, Marlon.

    And you have the potential of a super-hot word-of-mouth generating marketing program that makes all the tongue-in-cheek Pagan-Kern-Schefren-like marketing launches look like spoiled kids talk.

    What you should do is take complete newbies, make them use your tools (Promo and all the other dashboards and tools you have) and (hopefully) get results.

    And in the process you record everything on camera and or Camtasia and post it everywhere.

    The "Marlon Sanders' Make Newbies Make Money Online Challenge" sort of thing.

    What Robert Allen did in real estate with the people from the unemployed office, you old school marketing guy who cares about people do for "making money online".

    Get some grannie, single mother, unemployed or loan struggling student make money online with your tools and become OUR Hero.


  • Zach Waldman says:

    Welcome to MMA fight night! No, not mixed martial arts, but instead, Marlon’s Marketing Arsenal. In the red corner, we have every new fangled marketing idea known to man. In the blue corner, tried and true marketing that’s worked for over a 100 years. The bell rings, we go to the action, and the crowd roars as New Fangled sprints to the center of the octagon. Tried & True may be in trouble, but wait, New Fangled just turned around, ran outside the cage, painted his head purple, and is spinning in circles. Tried & True doesn’t seem to notice as he asks the crowd what they want. The crowd starts chanting, “We’re rich and we want to see a fight!” Tried & True has found his target market with money to spend, taken a quick survey, and now confidently begins to stalk New Fangled to give the people what they want. However, there’s a problem. New Fangled is nowhere to be found. Wait, there he is, working the concession stand. Apparently fighting didn’t work out and he’s trying to sell toasters. Wow, he really doesn’t understand these fans at all. Tried & True counters by giving away free pictures of the ring girls. There’s a line a mile long! The fans are thrilled by the high quality of the 8 X 10 photos so when Tried & True offers to sell them fight DVDs they know those will be awesome too. New Fangled is on the ground, tapping out, his eardrums no longer able to handle the sound of the cash registers ringing in Tried & True’s corner. Mixed martial artists use techniques that have been around for years. They focus on these fundamentals until they master them. That’s what Marlon’s MMA is all about.

  • Hi Marlon and team!

    I think the dashboard would be a tremendous toolkit for new, intermediate, AND seasoned internet marketers for many reasons.

    For the newbie, learning every step in one place with all the needed tools right there, would make learning internet marketing, and bringing in a great new income, so much easier. There are so many pieces to the whole internet marketing puzzle, that remembering to do each step, in the right order, is a true blessing.

    For the intermediate internet marketer, this is a great toolkit because they will have everything they need right in front of them, and can quickly move on to the next project or niche.

    For the seasoned, professional internet marketer, this is a great tool because this can be recommended to the newbies and intermediate marketers who are always asking, "How did you do it? How can I do it too?" Plus, as an affiliate, you can bring in extra funds on a regular basis to help pay for the next vacation, new furniture, or a fantasic night out on the town.

    I can see this complete package being a real blessing to me, and subsequently my clients, because a large part of my business is setting up processes for other businesses, both start-ups and growing businesses, and setting everything up with a system like this, then teaching the processes to my clients, would be a tremendously powerful selling tool.

    I'm very much looking forward to becoming an affiliate of this program, and setting up these step-by-step processes for my clients!

    I wish you and your entire staff a very happy holiday season!

  • Bruce says:


    Like your "old school" approach very much. You are right in that your teaching method is the only one of its kind regarding internet marketing. You can't beat "step by step."

    My goal is that I want to excel as the "PROMOTER." Now there is where the action is! I have made a modest income from internet marketing but got caught, like many…going to the bright and shiny so I got scattered. I think it is a rite of passage that we all have to experience that before we get enough knowledge to get down on it and actually "do it."

    This may be the first time you heard from a fellow internet marketer, but I, too, remember Ben Suarez and his "Superbiz" program. I bought the program myself back then. It blows me away that you still have your dog earred copy of that manuscript. So, I can relate from your humble beginnings to discover how direct marketing works from way back then. I salute you for "paying your dues" and doing the trial and error route to internet marketing success.

    There is a state of "knowing" when in internet marketing, an aura of confidence, along with "inside information of specific techniques" that I believe is not being teached by the so called "gurus."

    Becoming a successful "PROMOTER" is my dream because I know with that talent I learn from you, there is no limit to how much I can make.

    I dream to live the "internet lifestyle."

    Marlon, keep churning out those great products of yours!



  • Gail says:

    Okay, I'm gonna give this a shot. I may not know something about promoting, marketing etc. But I guess promoting your blog to get higher page rank and more readers is the same with marketing. You have to know your target, and you have to set a goal. Hahaha. It really does inspire me a lot to do better. Thanks for this video clip. Oh, btw I love the way you made your little tut. I like your voice 🙂

    [Hi Gail, your blog says you are 14, unless that is a persona. You don't write like a 14 year old. You have to be 18 to win this little contest.]

  • Ragu says:

    I have watched the video and it is very informative.

    I feel that your Promo Dashboard will help to understand the mechanics of successful targeting, getting opt-ins by offering freebies and sending the emails that converts.It not only helps to understand the mechanics but provides the tools necessary to perform this process and indicates the mistakes if we have chosen the wrongly targeted folks or the impact of our freebies and the possible flaws in converting.

    For beginners, It is like driving the car with the help of experienced driving school people with the right tools and tips.

    For experienced marketers, it is like getting the help of experience rocket scientist to plan and launch a series of missiles in the air.

  • Bonnie says:

    In one word I feel EMPOWERED. The answers to all my questions and a tutorial as well. God Bless You!

  • Most people that desire to to become financially successful recognize that they have to produce something that others will buy. I transitioned to the Producer several years ago, but still lack in the Promoter mindset.

    When I discovered my skill that would fit into a specific nitch I went whole hog into creating an info product that continued to lack as a sell-able product. The I discovered the Info Product Dashboard, the easy to follow the bouncing ball concept helped me tremendously to finally put a product together. That product still sits fallow because I have yet to promote it successfully.

    Reviewing the Promo Dashboard shows he that it is possible to learn Promoting by doing, doing in easy to follow steps that leave no room for fear of failure. Just as the Info Product Dashboard helped me create my product.

    I am sitting, looking at all the Consumer IM products sitting on my bookshelf that taught me snippets of skill that might be usable one day, but none of them were the entire package. And most left questions unanswered.

    Information overload has been my barrier to success, having a clearly marked road map will help me find my way.

  • Tim says:

    Hello Marlon, I enjoy reading your mmm and it is refreshing to see someone in the IM world that doesn't hop around you are the real deal. The promo dashboard will help anyone who uses it. The key is taking action. The PD forces action but not just any action it forces one to do the correct actions and gets rid of the info overwhelm of know the next step. Keep on keeping on

  • Frannie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the video and the reminders to visit this blog. When I started out online a few years ago I paid almost $10k for a "how to" coaching program. Your little video essentially captured the entire course material.

    I've decided to "undo" all the learning, convinced it is all hooey. Especially the past few weeks as every guru on the planet has emailed me the same promotions.

    None of it means anything to me anymore. I'm unsubscribing to all of it and looking for something real.

    Thank you for being "different".



  • Ernest says:

    Hello Mr. Sanders, I thank you for the opportunity you have presented with this contest.

    I'm Ernest, though I've learned much,

    still I feel light years away from having a functional machine. Why? Could it be the domain & hosting, the cPanel, keyword lists & bidding, product

    creation, email management, content. Or perhaps it's the PPC, SEO, MLM, affiliates,

    wholesalers, drop shipping, social media, traffic building, banner & text ads, squeeze page, copy writing, sales letters, conversion, back-ends,

    back-links, and micro-niches. Had enough? But wait there's mo…… dial 911, please.

    I was drawn to this IM thing because if successful, I'd evade the job cycle. I was convinced to do it because of the extremely attractive

    claims of "tall money and short hours from the comfort of your own home."

    I wanted a basic understanding of the "roots". Like the fishing metaphor, I wanted to not only learn how to fish, but how to tell a good fishing rod

    from a bad one. In doing this, Marlon Sanders, kept appearing in my search, giving out WAY more information than sales pitch.

    I found that more than half of the migraine inducing list found above, is addressed and well organized within the Promo Dashboard. Some other impressive qualities is that it:

    *Simplifies the promotion process

    *Guides you to an Actual Launch Point

    *Is a Tool that will simultaneously educate through tutorials

    *Will save TIME

    *Is reasonably priced

    *Gives you an Advantage to cover ground those without it may skip

    Happy holidays to all, and again, thank you Mr. Sanders.

  • Marlene says:

    I hate it when I get a product that just tells me ABOUT what works! It leaves me wondering … uncertain how to proceed. Confused. Frustrated.

    I LIKE being told HOW TO do what works! I LIKE being given the steps that work — the steps that I can use to create successful results!

    What I've found from using the Promo Dashboard is akin to sitting down and being personally tutored by Marlon. Using this tool is like being taken by the hand and having Marlon walk me through the How To's for the 3 steps in source video — Target, Missile, Launch.

    After watching this 3-Step-Promote video, did you say to yourself, "Yes — that really sounds good. But how do I do it?"

    If you did, GREAT! If you did, PromoDash IS your answer!

    The Promo Dashboard gives not only the steps to research the target market, it also follows through, showing you what to do with that information for maximum results!

    Then, the Promo Dashboard details different ways to generate the Offer itself. PromoDash does this into various multimedia formats … to enable you to create the Offer to best appeal to the widest cross-section of your market. Then, this tool guides you to create your squeeze page AND responder-system — with all of the how to's from creation to upload. Thus, you are ready to generate that so-important asset — your own opt-in list!

    Next, the PromoDash walks you through the many elements of promotion and, ultimately, Launch. Once again, this resource focuses on multi-outlets — Web 2.0 and multimedia. It gives you the requisite steps to appeal to your largest-possible audience.

    So, instead of scratching your head and asking yourself helplessly, "How could I possibly do it?" … Go get the answer: Promo Dashboard!

  • Marlon,

    The information and lesson you provided in the How to Promote In 3 Easy Steps Video has finally gotten me excited again about the prospects of truly being successful online. It is genuinely a breath of fresh air, especially when compared to all of the over-hyped, rehashed garbage that continues to fill my inbox on a daily basis.

    You have clearly illustrated that the Promo Dashboard is a carefully thought out, designed and completely operational system that works when implemented properly. What has me so excited is the apparent ease of use and overall quickness of the Promo Dashboard when it comes to all of the tedious tasks associated with getting every aspect of an online business up and running – target, freebie and launch.

    As a C5-6 quadriplegic with limited arm/hand use and finger dexterity those tasks can be daunting and extremely time consuming to say the least. From what I have seen, the Promo Dashboard combined with my effort provides more than enough potential for me to achieve financial independence, which, in turn, will allow me to pursue the many other goals and dreams I have.

    My first goal would be to make my dream of starting my not for profit organization, disABILITY betterment, a reality. Its sole purpose will be to help others with disabilities by using a three step process – identify and discard the problem(s), focus on the ABILITY and make a positive change for the better – in order to show them that there is more to life than their disability and four walls.

    Lastly, I want to thank you for the keep it simple, off the beaten path approach information needed to forge ahead toward a new beginning.


    David L. Cross

  • Tim Romero says:

    Since I already own Promo Dashboard, this post will have to be called…

    "HOW the Promo Dashboard HAS ALREADY HELPED ME in my marketing, business and life."

    Keeping it to 300 words or less may be a little hard, but here it is…

    First of all, I am not a newbie Internet marketer. I've actually been making a living on the Internet for nearly 10 years. And all I can say is that I WISH there was something like Marlon's Promo Dashboard when I first started out… If for nothing else, to keep me on task, so I can get things done!

    You see… like Marlon, I am a little bit hyperactive, and I have a really hard time staying focused. And just like most people reading this, I've invested a lot of time and money on my "Internet Marketing Education."

    And like many of you, as hard as I try to not be distracted by the next big product launch, the newest marketing courses, methods and cutting edge tools, I always seem to pull my credit card out and buy the latest and greatest offering.

    Don't get me wrong. I very seldom have regrets about purchasing information when it comes to furthering my education. The way I see it is that if I can take just one usable bit of information and apply it to my business to increase opt-ins and/ or sales, it's worth the investment.

    BUT you know what?

    Every single time I purchase a new marketing course, product launch formula, mass control, butterfly marketing (you name it, I own it), They ALWAYS have Marlon's "How To Promote in 3 Easy Steps" in common.

    SO… As I said at the beginning of this message… What Promo Dashboard has done (and continues to do for me and my business) is keep me on task.

    And just like all of Marlon's other dashboard products, if you can listen to audio instructions, watch some videos, and DO THE STEPS in the order Marlon has it all laid out, you have no more excuses.

    As the saying goes… Just Do It!

  • I know that the promo dashboard could be a great benefit. We have the #1 google rank for our market, (online since 1996) an email list too large to handle, a social networking site we launched in Feb that now has 3500 great prospects and now a great product/service to market. So now it's how in the world do I begin to create that successful connection between my list & my product/services… Your 3 step system helps me focus on what I need to start with first! For that Sir Marlon I thank you!! Off to figure out some freebies!!

  • gladys escalona says:

    Hi Marlon, I am always amazed how you can distill marketing concepts to 1-2-3 steps. The “Launch all weapons” step I found especially enlightning.

    For a newbie like me the dashboard will give the opportunity to save me from some costly mistakes, folow a simple action plan and the chance to actually get it all done.

    Thanks for all your excellent articles

  • dana burns says:

    i am one of those newbies. a head full of information leaking out of my ears.i have looked at many sites and bought a few and to be honest i aint no closer to maken money now then i was when i started. however your site has offered some encouragement with the auto this and auto that i may just get ahead–soon as i can afford to take the next step sshheee

  • luis escalona says:

    Hi Marlon, I am always amazed how you can distill marketing concepts to 1-2-3 steps. The “Launch all weapons” step I found especially enlightning.

    For a newbie like me the dashboard will give the opportunity to save me from some costly mistakes, folow a simple action plan and the chance to actually get it all done.

    Thanks for all your excellent articles

  • Crisologo says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I've been on Internet research since 2003 and I put up my website (Gardening tips for Senior Citizens) this year but still in its construction process. I'm lost how to promote it when it will be running.

    But seeing your video about Internet Marketing, I was surprised to learn that there are only three steps needed to succeed online; e.g. Target, Freebie, and Launch, the main forces for Internet Business.

  • "WOW" in any language, and mirror imaged, is still "WOW"! I have folders full of information, methods, You name it…I have it! A lot of conflicts…all pertaining to the SAME thing! I study, I look up terms, and I open every link on a page. I study successful sites to find commonalities.

    I am currently working on putting all these collected ducks in a row, in order to have a successful Affiliate biz. THEN…BANG!!! I see a marketers dream! "PROMO DASH BOARD"!!! Like I said…"WOW"! What I have collected in folders…you have totally packaged on ONE PAGE! WOW!!!

  • Natalie says:

    Hi there Marlon,

    Thanks again for another master project. I must admit that I have been mainly a consumer and producer and an inefficient promoter. As you said before it is really about action and doing it right to make products really sell!

    I honestly think the Promo Dashboard will really put into focus each step-by-step component of making a whole business run on autopilot in the long-run.

    The best part is the super dashboard which makes it so much easier to create an entire promotion from scratch for any kind of niche. The fact that you have covered EVERYTHING from target market and brainstorming an idea to infoproduct creation, to making a converting offer, squeeze page, and integrating an effective email marketing scheme, followed by proper promotion techniques, using audio, video, webcasts, socialmarketing and blogging really makes Promo Dashboard a StandAlone internet marketing ATM machine.

    I firmly believe Promo Dashboard would help break the mold of just being a consumer and encourage me to create effective products and produce far better sales conversions than if I were to do it alone.

    Thanks again for all your work creating this fantastic point and click IM system!


  • Deb says:

    Hi This is the first marketing video/lead I've followed. And I mean EVER!

    I figure that you must be onto something because….

    a) You've taken me away from my facebook

    b) Your video saved me from two great crimes Ignorance and Apathy.

    I do have a product I am ready to launch and believe in serendipity, we are working on a strategy to launch now, today.

    And I figure I know nothing as I don't even know what an aff-link is.

    But I do know you've got me fired up, and that is AMAZING. Either way, you have a convert.

  • Elaine says:

    For months now I have been pondering if I want to or can do more on the internet than being "a consumer". I constantly see websites saying they can tell you how to promote a web presence without telling you a darn thing. This is the first time that anyone has given a step-by-step plan of internet marketing that I understand, and has provided this basic information FOR FREE. Thank you, Marlon, for giving me some direction and the desire to start a sincere internet marketing program. The Promo Dashboard would intensify and simplify the process. I think anyone who could click a mouse and have the slightest ambition could follow each segment and become successful. I can't wait to see the Dashboard launched!

  • Elwood says:

    BTW Marlon, I've got a proposition for you on behalf of your doubtful customers. Give me ACCESS to YOUR NEW PRODUCT, I'll follow it Step-by-Step, and video my progress. Let someone pick a Marketable Niche. (As you know, I'm an expereinced marketer and lets see what I can do. If I can't make your product work, You PAY Them $300 or Whatever. Now that's Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth is!!!! Of course you'll owe me big time, what's new ;>)

  • Elwood says:

    You're Welcome and Thanks my old friend. I've been using a great deal of what you taught me back in early 2000, maybe earlier, to secretly generate a small fortune. I'll be in touch. Merry XMas.



    Thanks again, you've turned me into a work-Oh-Holic- NR. Deb says hey and thx 2. You helped change our life!

  • Penny says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for your great post and your poston being a consumer, promoter or producers certainly rings true for many people who wants to get into Internet Marketing.

    Many people want to reap the benefits of what an online business can do for them but do not want to put in the initial hard work.

    I would liken the Promo Dashboard to being a GOOD SEED. I had a seed given to me last Christmas for this plant and in less than a year,my catus plant is growing nicely. So the promo dashboard is like a 'good seed' for many people as it throws the guess work of succeeding online out of thw window.If people are willing to follow the three steps you have outlined and track their results with the dashboard, they could be making a nice income online. I have purchased the marketing dashboard as it helps me in both my current job and my online venture and it has been a great product as it pushes me to roll out the projects much faster and my opt-in list has increased by 100% from last year without the dashboard

  • Elwood says:

    Good God Marlon, it's been a long time man.

    Folks, I'm here to tell you, Marlon is the real deal. One of the first checks I made online was from Marlon's affilliate program for his Sales Letter Product, (that was a while back).

    Damn it Marlon, where did the time go? Wasn't it you that invented the internet?

    Anyhow, for those of you that are looking to make your first pay-check online, I can't think of a better mentor.

    Marlon's products are always first-class, easy to follow and produce results, usually pretty quick to those of you that will follow Marlon's instructions.

    That don't mean buy Marlon's course and sit on your ass, that means order Marlon's course, follow his EASY, Step-by-Step instuctions and GET PAID.

    You can do it, the only obsticale is… WILL YOU Do it?

    —- BTW —- I don't want the $300 Marlon, give it to someone that does. Preferably to someone that needs it, that will work for it and share what they've learned with others.

    Merry Xmas, you old Guru You …


    (See, don't even want freebie Aff-Link)

    [Good gosh Elwood, where have YOU been? Really great to hear from you. I hope ur doing well! Thanks for taking the time to give me a shout out.]

  • art says:

    Hi Marlon..fellow Texan,

    Doing the work for others for many years is very fulfilling and requires working long hours..Its time for a change and focused effort. Your 3 step program will provide the step by step process needed to maintain focus to start AND COMPLETE the project. Its time to stop trying to figure out the product creation to selling process and follow the treasure map to the GOLD.

  • M. Vincent says:

    Good evening, Marlon. Just finished listening to your video on "How to promote in 3 Easy Steps". Well, here is my story.

    I've been looking at starting an internet business for many months now, and up to now the result has been: analysis paralysis. Don't know who to follow or who to trust. One guru says Google loves blogs, the other says you have to really know how to set them up. One says you don't need a website, another says you need one, plus an autoresponder, plus …. etc. One says you can loose money with PPC, another says not if you know what you're doing. One says just start out as an affiliate, another says that won't make you much money, you need your own product. Many "this is THE ONE" systems out there, but it seems you always need something else, or the information is incomplete, or this is not for newbies, or something else.

    So the big question is: who do you trust with your money (I've already spent too much)? Who do you go with? Right now I can say this: of all the people I have heard, you Marlon don't come through with hype, or grandiose promises, or long speeches. You don't mess around much, just tell it like it is. I feel you taught me more and gave me more confidence in your product and what you can teach me that WILL work in that short video than any other "guru" out there.

    So, how can the Promo Dashboard help me? well, it's like a complete promotion plan laid out in steps, and honestly, I have never seen anything like it out there. It really clears your mind and gets you focused on what you have to do.

    of course, the only way to REALLY find out if it will work for me is to buy it and use it. I do know one thing: it sound VERY logical – just 3 basic steps, not complicated, just do them well, do it right, and… magic! People start buying… and I am finally learning how to do this business. Thanks to someone who knows what he is talking about (actually this was not the first time I heard you talk about how your products can help), and who sounds like he honestly CAN help me, if I only ask.

    So that's my story. Thanks for the opportunity.


  • jan says:

    Hi marlon, does the whole world speak english? No, they don't. But like me, they try. At school they learn to read the language, not to listen to it. So 75% of the so called "videos" make no sense at all to them. And they click away. They want to read text at their own speed. Not at the speed of the text on the video. They need time to lookup difficult words in a dictionary or on google. So if you like to have customers outside "english talking countries", deliver a well written handout of every video that's made.

    greetz from the Netherlands. Jan

  • Paul Klein says:

    Hi Marlon,

    You always are "spot on" with your tips and information. To boil things down to 3 steps makes the process a whole lot easier for new marketers to grasp what to do to get things moving forward for their fledgling businesses. For seasoned marketers, we can learn to simplify things we have complicated and cluttered along the way.

    I see your Promo Dashboard being the best tool available to coordinate product notice, promotion and delivery.

    This is something that will help me to utilize the current subscribers in a better way, as well as help me in bringing in new customers with new products.

    I don't see where there will be any room for error so that the ease of building my subscriber base and increasing sales will make my family breathe a little easier as my business takes off.


    Paul Klein

    P.S. Merry Christmas! (You really should leave some cheese out for S.Mouse…)

  • Shirley says:

    I have been struggling for years to get my site/business “jump started” all to “no avail”. Granted, I have had very little funds to invest as my life was pretty much destroyed in the 2004 hurricanes and the challenges to recover have been long and hard. I want desperately to get my business “jump started” as it is my way of helping others BEFORE they become victims of serious illness or natural disasters. Promotion is so very IMPORTANT in the entire marketing process yet expensive. The PROMO DASHBOARD sounds like a very valuable tool….a tool I hope to be able to take advantage of down the road. My clients are people who think “that will NEVER happen to me”. Being able to get thru that belief is a major challenge that I need to overcome. To be able to successfully promote my business would change my life tremendously. First off, it would help bring back the sanity I lost during those hurricanes. It would make my heart feel SO good to be able to help others BEFORE they become victims…thus easing the devastation for them. I believe in my products, I believe in my cause, I believe in myself! I just need some serious help to “get the hitch out of my gitty-up”.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Marlon,

    As one happy owner of Promo Dashboard, I gotta agree that it's a hell of a good product, although one that I certainly have under-utilized to date.

    your video truly is really good: it spells out both the simplicity and the complexity of doing a thorough job of promoting a product. I really like the 1-2-3 outline and explanation – the whiteboard is easy to follow and IMHO is preferable to the "talking head" kind of presentation that has become so common recently.

    If I had to pick just one of the promotion methods you mentioned as a favcrite, I think the $1, 7 or 14 day trial is the most appealing. As a buyer you can figure out right away whether the product delivers on the promises or not, and whether it will be something that will help your efforts.

    Anyhow, keep up the good work, and just send my $300 to one of the wounded veterans organizations.

    All the best,


  • Rick Rose says:

    Very Good Video promotion. Very plain and clear, simple and straight to the point. The promodashboard does seem to be a simple step by step point and click your way to success in your marketing and promoting venture. Seems like you really don't meed to be a brain surgeon or astro physisist to do this business. Thanks Marlon.

  • Marlon, you've done it again! You really have a knack for seeing the SIMPLE amidst all the confusion and clutter. You always boil everything down to the basic, doable steps for us.

    The advice in this video is so valuable. It's not just a pitch for a product. The content is HEAVY with useful info! I paused it many times to be sure I was capturing all the "meat".

    You're so "right on" about us struggling online because we're trying to follow 100 formulas or models. And most of those only give SOME of the steps, not a complete formula from beginning to end.

    Even the products that do give pretty good steps, they stop there. But Marlon, you're telling us what to do if we follow the formula and people don't opt in. Or if they don't buy. You explain what to look for, what to improve.

    I've tried a little of this and that online. Now that I've retired, I'm finally at the point of creating my very first free report. And that's why your video is so timely for me! I'm already following the formula (the Freebie step), but still need the "promo" know-how.

    I have a couple of your other Dashboards (Design and Marketing), so I know how these products are put together.

    Especially since I'm a visual person, it really helps to have a colorful chart that lays out the steps in attractive icons. Just looking at the chart helps me "see" the process in my mind. Then, of course, each icon can be clicked as you're ready for that step.

    Having the Promo Dashboard will be an excellent tool for staying on target and not forgetting any steps.

    You mentioned the "old days" where you subscribed to an email series just by sending a blank message. We talk about the "wild-west" days of Internet Marketing, but in some ways it's a lot wilder NOW than 8-10 years ago. There are way more choices of how to do stuff, which is good…

    But it's also confusing. I've been a CONSUMER for over ten years, sorry to say. That's what kind of confusing wilderness this arena can be! That's why we need people like you, Marlon, who can keep us on

    target. I wish I'd had the sense to just follow you ten years ago and ignore most everyone else!

  • Larry Brown says:

    Marlon –

    Hope all is well, long time no see. As you may or maynot know, I really don't market to the typical "internet marketing" niche any longer.

    In fact, since you and I had lunch (i think at Yanik's 1st Underground seminar I have been focused on marketing and helping off-line businesses (primarily using the internet as MY means of raching them) to promote and grow their businesses. Markets like "plastic surgeons" which Yanik and I did together for a few years, and my core consulting business (which is my background, the landscaping management and construction industry where I built a company in Atlanta and sold it for a hefty seven figure profit in record breaking time in comparison to industry standards).

    Anyway – just to let you know, I sent out the letter that you sent me to my best list of landscape contractors, landscape maintenance professionals, outdoor and landscape lighting professionals, just as I have done in the past on many occassions.

    But here's my challenge to you…

    Clients like mine are basically "local service business" or professionals and want to market to a tight LOCAL market. Now, you and I know that all of your products and services can easily be adapted to any type of business. The problem is that these local "off-line" businesses don't understand typical "internet marketing" lingo (although they do have web-sites) and it scares them off. I would like to see you offer some of your stuff, in a more "help the brick and mortar business via the internet" style an language.

    If that could happen I believe that not only my clients, but possibly millions of other businesses could greatly benefit from you stuff (because of your unique ability to make everything so "simple and efficient" and expand your market imensely as well.

    I hope that you'll give this consideration as it would really help me to help my clients as my time for creating new products is so limited.

    Also – please take this as genuine and sincere feedback and not just an attempt to make $300 for a blog comment (as I could just as easily make much more than that with a measily broadcast message shorter than this to one of my small lists.

    BUT – should you find this post to be helpful – possibly the winner – then rest assured that the $300 awarded will go towards my annual contribution to The Natchez Children's Home on my annual stop at 1:15 on Christmas Eve to visit with the orphans and Santa for song, cookies and coffee.

    Happy Holidays!


  • The Good

    The Bad

    The Ugly

    The Good a.k.a. The Novice

    I’m new to online marketing and desperate to make some extra cash online. Oh My Gosh, there is a ton of people telling me they can help me make a ton of money online in 1,2,3, steps. Six months later I bought a load of products and well, I broke and still not making a penny online and even more confused.

    HELP ME! Then along comes Promo Dashboard – Where have you been all this time. A step-by-step how go from zero to WOW all under one roof and it will work for any product I decide to promote or develop.

    The BAD a.k.a. Not So Novice Anymore

    Okay, I did everything everyone told me. I bought the courses, the ebooks, packages, domain name I have a hosting account and I can even do my own web pages. Tons of money invested in products like good PLRs, Resell Products and in 12 months I learned a lot of stuff that I can help others to get started. Plus I know I’m really good at my niche market.

    OMG . . . I have done everything and it takes for every to manage all the little bits of details. Wish I could have everything setup under one roof and just focus on making money and building a client list. Oh yeah! That list is just not coming along fast enough I keep forgetting little details here and there.

    YIKES . . . Promo Dashboard . . . OMG this is perfect . . . What a BAD boy I am going to be, I can finally kick some serious marketing and have the tools all under one roof. Ok this is going to make my life so much easier.

    The Ugly a.k.a. The Experienced Marketer

    Alright I am rocking and rolling, I have a nice little list and I am making a few bucks every month, enough to almost let me quit my day time dead beat job. Finally I can tell that Scrooge to keep his job. Time to get seriously UGLY and kick some marketing butt, man I have all these sites and promotions going . . . I am spending so much time on managing everything now I need another 10 hours in the day to focus on generating more money. I wonder who has a system that will let me plug everything I need and roll with it.

    Hmmm . . . OMG this is insane I need to set up four or more systems and they all work so differently. Damn, this is a waste of money and time. I can’t afford to waste my time doing this Mickey Mouse stuff. Okay I have a budget for marketing and to buy tools but what in the world are some of these guys thinking.

    Oh wait Promo Dashboard, hmmm . . . what no way, only $$9, but look at all the features. Some of the other tools are $97 plus a month and they have no where the features. This is awesome, it will let me keep things organized, I can focus on what I need to do and that is make more money by deliverying my customers more info, products and services. Hey and I can still save some serious dollars. Whatelse does this Marlon guy have that I can boost my Promo Dashboard . . .

  • Sharon Marie says:

    To be perfectly honest, I do not know HOW Promo Dashboard will help us. We started internet marketing in 1999, and have had some success, but not enough to quit our day jobs. We've learned much, but it's been an overwhelming experience sifting through information from over 100 opt-in lists. We finally learned who is who and have eliminated all but a handful from whom we get information.

    With what we've learned, we have 7 websites so far, and 1 has a top spot on Google, but is not converting real well. Time is a big factor, and our money is tight, so knowing HOW best to proceed from here to get more sales would help us in a big way.

    As of June 2010, we will have our social security income, which will allow us to spend a little more time to make money on line, but until that becomes a reality, we still need to continue working to make ends meet.

    We know how to find niches, keywords, get the sites built, write, and ping, but that has not been enough to get traffic and sales.

    Our dream has always been to be able to travel, and making more money on line will help to make that dream a reality.

  • Nezine says:

    I have been online for a while and had read alot of what gurus have been peddling and alot of free stuff too. Some ust re-word the free information and pack it into a paid product with a hyped sales page.

    I have become wary of buying marketing products as most of them say the same things.

    The Promo Dashboard, however, seems to be different in the sense that it is more visual and organised. The way I see it, its like a guideline on a control panel. That could really help me!

  • Jaamin says:

    Target, Freebis, Launch – 3 steps to make a sale, propably. I've only made one sell in a period of almost 6 months when I begun to get interested in internet marketing. I've bought a lot of different courses. It had to be pretty easy and fast to make some money. The thing is that I've never completed any of this courses fully. Almost every week or 2 there is something new comming up in the market and it's off course easier than the one I've purschased a week ago. I am not living in the US and I don't speak english fluentely. I am learning and what is going on in the internet marketing niche is sometimes really overhelming. Everybody would like to sit back and relax and watching cash rolling in to their back accounts. I would like it too 🙂 maybe I am lazy, oh well, yes I am. It is true that making it hard is really easy and making it easy is hard. I am looking for some kind of excuses to not to start making my own website, to not writing blog post, the most common excuses I've got is lack of money. I can spend 100 dollars a month on some course but I need it to work. And here comes your Promo Dashboard. It has it all in one simple dashboard. Step by step. After six months I know one thing for sure. I have to take actions to see results and if the results are not what I wanted to see I have to try another actions. In your promo dashboard you see your progress. I think it would be the perfect tool to start and I mean to start for real. It doesn't looks overhelming, it doens't looks scary or that it's too much to handle. Hosting, autoresponder, promotion, all in one place so I don't have to run all over the web to find it. Not everyone can make money online, it is like a regular job and you have to do it right to get paid, you have to put some effort into it. I really think promo dashboard would make my shoes bling and keep it clean all the time.

  • Ray Posner says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Your Promo Dashboard brings it all together in a step by step blueprint for marketing online.

    At one time or another I have seen or been told about most of what you share in your video. But no one, until now, has had the vision to put it all together in one place.

    And of course when you get all this information piece meal you tend to forget and leave out important parts of the process.

    Promo Dashboard ensures you don't miss any vital step and will take my internet business to new levels I have only dreamed about until now.

  • John says:

    The video makes clear in broad terms the three steps required for successfully marketing a product online. The Promo Dashboard breaks those three steps down into specific tasks and spells out the order in which they should be implemented.

    Keeping on track is difficult for most beginning and intermediate marketers. I know that's been true for me. Having a list of tasks with quantifiable start and end points is a huge help.

    Targeting the market is definitely the first and probably most important step. Most people do it last, if at all. They crank out a product, throw it out there and wait for the world to beat a path to their door. As you said, if it was that easy, everybody would be doing it! Promo Dashboard spells out the tasks needed for this important step.

    Having an incentive for people to give up their contact info is also critical. Again, as you said, it's not as easy as offering some cheesy PLR piece any more. It has to be something with real value to be attractive in today's market.

    Finally, most marketers don't know all the tools available for promotion, or how to use them properly. Promo Dashboard not only specifies what the tools are, but what to do with them for the best result.

    I can't begin to tell you what a difference it would have made in my business if I'd had Promo Dashboard three years ago when I started! It would have saved me countless dollars and hours spent buying and trying one course after another which all basically said the same things in slightly different ways. None of them ever gave up the details needed to actually make their methods work, assuming that they knew them themselves.

    Thanks for telling it like it is!

  • Dan says:

    Hey Marlon –

    Video keeps stopping at 9:20 What didn't pay your power bill? lol

    I would like to listen to the whole video

    By the looks of it maybe I didn't pay my bill

    I've tried about 4 times

    Look forward to your reply

    Standing By – Dan

  • Joshua says:

    I am not going to B.S. here… without good promotion, I can have the best product in the world, and it will not sell.

    If I am going to be successful on the internet I need at least one of two things, and to be honest, I probably need both:

    1) Someone else who is willing to promote my product.

    2) Personal knowledge and experience in promoting.

    Of these two steps the second is most important, because armed in this way, I will be better able to find, and teach people that are willing to promote my product, so eventually I will not need to do it myself.

    When one gets right down to it, very few things in life are TOO difficult when they are broken down into simple, easy to follow steps. The problem is that I don't have what it takes to break things down this way myself. I have had the stamina to read a dozen different methods, but not how to break them down.

    This is where the Promo Dashboard comes in. It breaks promotion down into steps that are EASY to absorb, understand, and DO.

    I wouldn't have written if I didn't have a desire to succeed on the internet. Promo Dashboard will help me by providing a proven system that will provide me the map, from start to finish, on internet promotion.

  • Jim Cockrum says:

    The only thought I have is this…

    Are you nuts for PAYING OUT $300 cash ON TOP OF stuffing our Christmas marketing stockings with $1,000 worth of great FREE advice?

    There's no school like old school…

    My family and I are celebrating and sharing yet another bountiful Christmas again this year because I put your great advice to work when you first gave it to me.

    Thanks Marlon-


  • This tool would be extremely beneficial to me at this time as I am in the process of trying to juggle two online businesses. One business is the complete product which is new to the market and has the ability to save consumers money while improving their lifestyle and the ultimate effects on the environment. This particular business is in desperate need of some viral marketing and exposure to let people know it even exists. That particular business was brought to me, as I was in the process of trying to reorganize my own privately owned business. I do believe the dashboard would allow me to leverage my time more effectively and give me time to complete both of my current goals – one of which is to bring the new product to consumers as it truly will improve the lives of many for the future, and give me the extra benefit of assistance with my own product creation for my business. Ultimately time is the one thing we can never get back. I currently spend 7 days a week and easily 14 hours a day or more on the computer. I am in trial and error mode most days as I know "how" to do a lot of things, but the scale of which I am dealing with at this time is overwhelming for one person to handle and I feel like I'm having to make up the recipe for success as I go along. I am in need of a solid completed plan (mine is there but still some of the in between details are missing) with a highly structured setting that can keep me organized and on track and time of my targets. Answers in short: 1. Peace and Sleep 2. Time 3. Real organization 4. Solid product idea with a real USP.

  • Hey there King – Step by Step of Internet Marketing, Old-School Marketing Ambassador (that should be enough to get you flying off)!

    I like what I've seen so far – the material, the presentation, etc. They deliver as usual and you rock (especially the white board background) BUT…

    You see, I've talked to many folks and they told me the MAIN reason why they want to make the moolah online is they want a low maintenance, passive income.

    Some are more ambitious and want to replace their main source of income (but wait until they have power outage – they'll understand what living online means)

    But most of them just want passive, recurring, low-maintenance income. They are not too interested in making millions or multi-millions (of course – they have never taste what it's like). Just a down to earth figure will do – like the story you share about the $300 a day Adsense guy.

    That's the thing they look forward too.

    So how you Promo Dashboard come into the picture?

    I got the feeling that it is not quite clear…

    Maybe it will help with traffic…

    Maybe it will help with design a bit…

    Maybe it will help… I don't know!

    The thing is, a low maintenance income does not mean 'set up and forget' – not in this ultra competitive age. It requires extra effort and maybe that 'extra' can be supplied by the Dashboard (you hint things like sending sign-up to an article page fill with Adsense, right?).

    I don't know if I am on target at all but that's what I feel with this whole making money online things. Just like you, I like to keep it 'old-school' – research the market (thru keywords), slap relevant contents, and promote it to both: Search Engines and humans (in that order because when SEs find me, humans do too).

    Merry Christmas King! And take care…

    [Hey Nezrul, how are you? No-brainer, passive income sounds like perpetual motion to me. IT's good in theory. The $300 a day adsense guy is real. But he writes 10-15 articles a days. I think he spends 4 hours a day doing that. Most people don't consider writing 10-15 articles a day passive income. But it depends on how fast you write. I'm a marketer and I teach marketing. I'm really not here to sell dreams. How many people would quit their jobs if they could make $100 to $300 a day doing something almost brainless? Like 50% of the world. It's the law of supply and demand. If it were possible 1/2 the world would be doing it and it would stop working. All businesses I know of take intelligence and skill. And frankly, most jobs that pay anything other than the minimum.]

  • Art says:

    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the net

    Marketers were selling and hedging their bets.

    The copy was worded and thought of with care

    in the hopes that the buyers soon would be there.

    The websites were hosted and offers were said

    while visions of coversions danced in their heads.

    Marlon with dashboard which I hope to use

    was giving us tips on how not to lose.

    With three easy steps you can avoid such a clatter

    and focus on things that essentially matter

    Target the market, give freebies and more

    get opt-ins and write them…that's what responders are for!

    Its hard to stay focused with so much web chatter

    and concentrate on those things that matter.

    When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

    Marlon in a video that I need to hear.

    And Marlon whistled and shouted and called out the clues

    'Target your market, learn what they use

    set up an optin, make sure it's right

    Build up your list all through the night

    Launch to your market with all sorts of fun

    like podcasts and mallcasts…don't stop till you're done

    The launch isn't what Jeff Walker would use

    But a launch to your market they can't refuse

    But Marlon, what if nobody's buyin?

    Well, heck, don't stop your tryin!

    With pdfs, videos, podcasts and more

    These are our weapons, that's what they're for

    If you're having trouble managing these

    Then ask for “Promo Dashboard, please”

    The purest and simplest way to success

    Is follow the dashboard, do nothing less

    So Marlon ,like Santa, delivers the toys

    to all of us marketing good girls and boys.

    With apologies to the author of “Twas the night before Christmas”

  • Anna says:

    Oh wow, this could have helped me a couple of months ago. I paid almost $1000 for a course on how to do teleseminars and they made it sound so easy. They threw out big dollars scored,and if I just followed what they say I would have the same results. I wanted to take action and did the whole thing, and got a great total of one sale. If only the promotion part had been discussed. I was at a loss. This looks like a great tool and something that takes you by the hand so your not stuck in the "now what do I do?" haze.

    Thanks Marlon, you make me believe I can do this!

  • Patricia says:

    The concepts of the video was simple, but powerful! It shows how to go from 'trying desperately to convince someone to buy your product' to 'this is what I have to offer, it is pretty good and will help you. Let's become partners?'

    This what was missing, this link of feeling that buying your product is a win-win situation.

  • Hi Marlon,

    Wanted to thank you for my most recent affiliate payment-and am looking forward to those that come from this awesome little gem!

    I don't think it matters how new marketers are-this Promo Dashboard looks like the perfect organizational tool for everyone!

    Newbies will benefit by learning the valuable promotion process, but more "seasoned" marketers like myself will also benefit by having all the steps

    in a neatly organized fashion that will help keep us on track as well. I know that to be true because I still use your original dashboard to keep focused. Busy marketers tend to get off track without a tool like yours to reign them in.

    Thanks for the cool video! It will make a nice Christmas gift for my subscribers! Everyone that takes the time to watch it will benefit if they are smart enough to implement what you've taught-with or without spending a dime.

    Kristi Sayles

  • Dawn says:

    Hey Marlon! I have been researching this work-from-home using my computer STUFF

    for two and a half years! I have heard all the marketing Guru cr@p that was ever written! You are by far the best presenter, and most believable, not to mention, THE FUNNIEST Guru out there! You say things in a way that even I can understand…and believe me, THAT IS SAYING A WHOLE LOT!!! THANKS, DUDE!!

  • Reinaldo says:

    The dashboard will help my potential customers to respond their inmediate doubts and to decide to buy or to comeback in the next opportunity.

    The dashboard will help to convert a potential customer in an effective one (buying person)

  • That is how I feel when I am trying to figure out hat t do. I have three(3) of my 21 grandchildren living with us and it is mostly hectic. I need a well organized machine to help me "Get er Done". I am tired of people selling me god knows what and ten just saying her is alink to some tools, go use them.No help, just do it.ARRGGGHH!

    Help me man. My husband is disabled so he can only do so much so I REALLY need to quit my day job, that's why I internet market. Stll working the da/night job. HEELLPPP. Teach me tobe a sucess, PLEASE?

    [Hi, I understand your frustration. It's a process. There are no instant or magic answers. There are tricks and secrets that can make your progress faster. What I DO is show you step by step how to do things that I know work. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas.]

  • Julie Cramblit says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I am Julie and I have

    been working as a affiliate making money

    at home for 15 yrs online and I enJoy it

    and Love helping other people to make money as well I enJoy learning new tricks of the trade I found your video to be very valuable information and could help people to succeed

    ty for sharing Julie

  • Sunny says:

    Hi Marlon this is Sunny James here I have to say that Your promo dashboard is a great method of solving other peoples problems with marketing,producing and launching its fabulous & God Bless you for making it easy as 1,2,3. by allowing others to concentrate on what they do best, instead of having to become a techie specialist

    That is fantastic and this is why I am a Motivational Speaker who use to be a carpenter,electrician by trade, who always had a dream of becoming a country recording artist since I was 8, but never took action on that dream until the age of 34 when my son & I were hit head on by a drunk driver & almost lost our lives I couldn't work for 4 years & being single parent, I had to struggle to get back on my feet & we almost lost everything we owned.

    The 1st thing I did was record my music which then lead to singing songs for students in schools & it was then I felt compelled to tell them how important is was to believe in yourself & follow your dreams since then I have become a motivational speaker for youth & adults using my words & songs to motivate & inspire & encourage others

    So now that I realize my purpose to serve others in this way my mission is to motivate, inspire & encourage at least 1 million people in my life time & what better way to help me do that would be your promo dash board.

    P.S. Remember to always believe in yourself & follow your dreams because that is what life is made of.

    Merry Christmas &

    God Bless You!

    [Hi Sunny, I can see why you're a motivational speaker. Thanks for that inspiring message!]

  • Judit says:

    Hi Marlon, I am always amazed how you can distill marketing concepts to 1-2-3 steps. The "Launch all weapons" step I found especially enlightning.

    For a newbie like me the dashboard will give the opportunity to save me from some costly mistakes, folow a simple action plan and the chance to actually get it all done.

    Thanks for all your excellent articles!

  • Gk Eckert says:

    Hello, I've written 88 articles for Ezine and have one e book completed and a second near completion. I started the whole process ass-backwards. Driving traffic without a product or even a freebie to offer. I know more now. I like the way your 3 rules simplifies it. Some very good points about all the million different theories and methods out there! You can certainly drive yourself crazy. I see the dashboard helping with graphics, designing squeeze pages and professional looking copy. My arsenal is sorely lacking. I have finally got some freebies,a squeeze page and am starting to build a list, but it's slow going, and could be more polsihed. The dashboard could speed things up a great deal!

  • D.K. Wyman says:

    I can't help feeling that there has got to be a better way than building lists, squeeze pages, etc. etc. etc.

    I'm still looking for something refreshingly different. Perhaps I will have to create it myself.

    [Hi D.K. Well, autoresponder companies require that the user enter their own name and email and most don't like email subscriptions. In the old days they could just email your autoresponder. Here's the thing: A good squeeze page converts at 50% to 70%. That's hard to beat. There's nothing wrong with creating AFTER you have cash flow. And I don't know your situation. But if you don't have an established flow of sales, just do what works. There is an alternative to squeeze pages but I can't mention it in a public forum. It's the kind of thing I talk about on Ateam calls.]

  • Ruth Shultz says:

    I truly believe that being an active PROMOTER would make me a lot more capable of earning money, a lot more competent, and more confident. The thing that has halted my transformation to a promoter is honestly not understanding the simple formula of Target, Freebie, and Launch very well. The products I have bought prior to now have been missing simple and specific points and explanations. Good step by step products have been missing to a great degree. These offerings are very often no more valuable than platforms on which gurus try to show off.

    I have needed simple and concise instructions; like you have given us here to a great degree on your video. This has given me more belief in myself and I think I am ready to do it now.

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