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You Vote. I Respond

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
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Re: Please Vote


Marlon here.

Would you do me a small favor and cast your vote? What do you
want or need help with next?

1. Outsourcing — getting help with your business

I've given you Is there something I'm
missing? Is there something more than that you want help with?
If you're stuck on the technical stuff, you need to outsource.

2. Creating systems

This boils your activities down to checklists so you don't have
to think. You just “do” or outsource.

3. Product Creation

I've give you for this. Is there a missing
link for you? Do you want MORE on this?

4. Getting Traffic

I have given you for starting your own
affiliate program to get traffic. I've endorsed a few ppc
products and Justin's seo product.

Are there missing links for you? What more can I help you with?

5. Converting your traffic

This means getting people on your email list and sending out
emails Yesterday I endorsed Tinu's new She's
a master at traffic.

6. Getting things done, confusion or “overwhelm”

I cover all these in my Overwhelm Cure. You can still get the
videos of week 1 and 2 and get in on weeks 3 and 4:

Where are you AT?

To get more money coming in the door than you have right now, which of the above 6 steps do you want or
need to take and WHY?

Is one of those 6 a barrier? Have you applied my solution fully and completely? If not, what do you need from me to get that area of your business going today?

Please let me hear from you.


  • Mira Cope says:

    Newbie still struggling with information overwhelm. Like many others, I have read / subscribed to several systems. Each one adds a little bit of value to what I understand. I still need to develop writing and/or speaking skills to create my own product. Would like to know what products people are making money with besides the "make money on the internet" programs.

    [Hey Mira, go to and download it. I have a video in there where I show you 6 billion in sales on the internet 99% of which is NON IM stuff. Also, I take you in CJ and give you a tour of thousands of non IM products.]

  • Bruce Eichelberger says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Getting TARGETED traffic that converts is my vote…



    [Hey Bruce, yes, many people have a challenge with traffic. Thanks for sharing.]

  • Robert Sasick says:

    I am a single 75 year old man — a newbie. Don't have a web site – yet. Bought Kevin Wilke's Nitro Blueprint

    but can't seem to get beyond step

    one — finding a market and what to sell. I saw your Secret thing

    a few days back but can't seem to

    find your email to buy it. I would

    give up half of my social security income to find a local tutor — (I

    am in Fort Collins, Colorado). I

    Can't seem to get anything

    accomplished anymore by reading directions or listening to a cd or tape. I need hands-on instruction

    now — anything (or better yet

    ANYONE) you can suggest would be

    greatly appreciated.

    Respectfully, Robert

  • Josephf says:

    I would wish to be able to use all your available help except that the internet connectivity in our country is very expensive.

    Currently we are trying to install an under-sea optic cable which is expected to complete during the next three months time.

    We will make use of your facilities then-especilly the Outsoucing and creating systems-actually all!

  • Jim Fortune says: is the web site I mentioned in the comment I just left on an earlier post. Thanks,

    [Jim, it's The method is Taguchi and I recommend The software product name is Split Test Accelerator by Jim Stone]

  • Eric says:

    While I can get ton of traffic, what I need are BUYERS and not just the usual swarm of "visitors".

    Only then do you get conversions/ make money.

    Getting properly targeted traffic is the difficult part, even with safelists there are just too many tyre kickers.

  • paku says:

    I am stuck on all 6. Number 6 is the most applicable. I think I am, not ever going to be able to start an online business.

  • David says:


    [Hey David, I can't recommend my Overwhelm Cure too highly… .

  • Peter ODell says:

    Getting more traffic.

  • Lynn says:

    Semi-overwhelm. I'm doing some stuff but need more focus. Still testing for something that actually converts.

  • Javier says:


    You have to setup your products so that the person doesn't get access to the steps ahead without finishing the one prior with a nagging autoreponse function saying "Did you do step 3.4. or 5 yet, it's been 2 weeks lame ass!"

  • Hi Marlon, Thanks for contributing above and beyond for our benefit. My hold up is in the system side. I've had my blog up for almost 2 months and one of the few key details left is to enhance the opt-in box.

    I'd like to offer free ebook & or software for subscribing. Is there any easy method for preventing non-subscription access to the PDF or ZIP files that I'm putting on my site? Should I even be concerned about it? I haven't up-loaded any premium digital products yet but wouldn't those require some added security as well? Thank you, Steve D

    [Steve, yes there are ways to protect this stuff. But if you're just getting started, get it going. Improve it later. I don't protect download paths on my squeeze pages. Most people won't bother to bypass you.]

  • PAUL FRIAR says:

    Hi Marlon.

    Although Im happy to use ftp clients to upload a site, I have only ever done this with files someone else has created…basically I dont know how to create my own fully functioning website.

    I have created webpages using templates and uploading my own pictures, but again this was all easy to do as every step was explained to me throughout.

    Also I have tried several autoresponder programs (free versions!) and cannot get a single one to work when I test it with any of my email address's.

    My vote would be for all of the above…I guess as Im busy with many things I just need to dedicate more time to learning how to create my first site.

    Many thanks.

    Paul Friar

  • mike says:

    I vote more on Product Creation – beyond interviewing other experts. How about how to become an expert in any field or niche you choose without interviewing other experts but instead telling us how to go about researching what else has been written on the net and in published books and then showing us how to create something new from all of it in our own words but and with our own perspective and spin so we stay clear of any legal issues. How do you do it, Marlon? I belive that many of the things you create

    products around are based on your own experience and the things you are influenced by in the course of your extensive reading.

  • Carlos says:

    I vote for numbers 5, 2 and 1 in that order.

  • Nancy Gomez says:

    Marlon – just one more thought given the beginning topic of the yesterdays team meeting; hypnosis, NLP, and specifically "reframes."

    Toward the end of the call you delivered a message that created a complete shift in how I see my role in building my business; totally reframed it for me.

    IMHO, reframes are most frequently nothing more than a message clearly delivered that goes straight to the heart like a silver arrow and pops open a new perspective. Very cool stuff..

    Just wanted to share that. Nancy

    [Nancy, you're a highly experienced verbal communicator…true? Why not do weekly pitch/content calls? If nothing else, pitch other people's big tickets for 10% commissions if they put people on the calls.]

  • david rose says:

    I find that outsourcing,traffic and monetization are the main areas of concern. I give you a thumbs up on what you are trying to do!

  • Ian Robinson says:

    I am having continual problems with FTP and still cannot upload to my websites

    I am sure it is a case of missunderstanding something in the instructions and I just keep plugging away

    [Ian, type FTP into youtube. There are many videos there on how to do it.]

  • Marlin,

    First I want to thank you for the truck load of information I have received since I've been on your mailing list. I have every email.

    #6 sounds like part of the problem but focus and just doing something is my problem. I embarrass my self at how much I know, what I have in place for a foundation like a domain name, two different hosting accounts two blogs two web pages without content, tax id from when I filled for my LLC life time membership with World Wide Brands so it sounds like I could use a VA?

    [Michael, you desperately need my Overwhelm Cure: … OK maybe desperately is overstating things….but let's say it'd sure come in handy…..]

  • Black Eyed Suzie says:

    It is the taking of that first step .. getting the web page up and then offering links (affiliation) etc… I have ideas – it's the fear that the idea is "not good enough".

    [Hi, as you think about that idea and allow yourself to realize that's something in your head not out there in the real world, you can see it's just a reason. So the thing to do is GET CLEAR NOW THAT MOVING on with these things is the only way to put money in your bank. Your refund rate has the real vote on the quality of your product. Not some idea in your head. If your refunds go over 10%, THEN you need to improve your product.]

  • Rick says:

    I vote for "thank you,Marlon"

    Cheers from downunder.

  • Bence says:

    Vote: Product Creation.

  • Brian Mann says:

    Systems! I know how to do most everything, it's getting it done in the right order and getting to it that I need to do.


  • Tony Son says:

    I have information OVERLOAD…………..HELP! Where do I start and Traffic of coarse…….[Tony, you desperately need my overwhelm course:

  • Peter says:


    The reason I haven't followed up on your plan is that I would have to sign up for several other newsletters to add to the confusion that I have now.

    My problem is that because I had ordered so many different "winning programs" that turned out to be total fakes… because to do this you now have to "Buy This Fail Safe Program" and be on your way!

    I bought from The xxxxxxxxxxxx center which I thought was an upstanding firm only to have them "Shut Me Off" after a time. These were programs to teach me how to create letters, an autoresponder, and a variety of other books and programs most of which I was never able to open.

    As a result I had to file for bankruptcy.

    Now I find myself in the same situation looking for quality programs and as a result I have been sent to a variety of "Affiliate Marketers" who have a program that you really must have.

    It is this kind of huckstering that is making it very difficult for anyone to be a believer of what is presented.

    Consequently I am attending an online course where the instructor is even willing to answer questions, provide tools he has accessed at no cost and I am beginning to understand the mumbo jumbo. I have just started the class this week.

    I have heard you are good and that is why I still read your newsletters. But I'm not signing up for any others.

    You requested for people to sound off and so I have.

    [Hi Peter, here is how you recoup your money. Create products and sell them. You can literally create products including the research in 5 hours. You can write sales letters in 3 hours. The answer is to create products and sell them. See my ezines from the past few Saturdays.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I have to agree with Dog, it all boils down to creating a good system, so that you can skip the figuring out, and then everything is just a matter of taking (the right) action.

    My compliments to you Marlon for continuously bringing things down to simple cheat sheets.

    But it all takes time. You first have to eat this elephant bit by bit, before you can understand and overlook a system. It's like climbing a hill, you only have the complete panorama once you're on top.

    And you cannot really skip any step, outsourcing and all that, before you have this panorama before your eyes.

    So patience is a virtue. It takes time.



  • Jeri says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I have to go along with Jim, using FTP and uploading ebooks and, or resale packages to sell or give away.



  • Carolyn says:

    My problem is converting traffic into sales.

  • Charlene says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I am a beginner. I have tried PPC and PPA affiliate marketing as well as posting articles with affiliate links, but have had no luck in make money. I am also working on creating my own products and have started a blog:

    Things that are stopping me from making money include:

    knowing how to add links to my blog for promos and products and finding traffic. Thanks for your question and dedication to your students.

  • frank burns says:

    Marlon, I am creating what I believe is awareness and support from others to actively engage into raising funding for local & International charities, Mission Food Centers and a plethora of associated workshops that all need financial assistance. It is more important for me to concern myself with this topic than it is to become instantly wealthy. I appreciate all of the steps, the personal expense that you and a lot of other well to do people have outlaid to help this event become a part of our reality. If you take a serious look now at the value of the dollar or greenback you must ask the question, what is more important right now. The whole world is in the grip of an economic meltdown and families that were suffering last year, would be almost heart broken & destitute by now if they were not given just the basics of food and shelter to help them through their event.

    As others read my thoughts, their growing concern may ridicule my attempt to raise funding but it is beyond doubt a global affair and it will affect each and everyone of us. I am poor now and not well off in any regard but I am in pick up mode, after my wife & I decided above all, that we should give our entire life savings away and we did. But the most delicate of all topics governing the rule shadowing over charities, isn't how much we can make ourselves, but how much others can benefit by our actions. In my post I elected to take on the task of separating myself from my own needs when I look around and take notice of the drawn weary faces that walk right past us and sometimes, we choose not to see them. I am hoping that we now can see them and fight with every bit of strength & compassion to lend a hand where ever we ca. Thank You for Your Support

  • Angela says:

    I would have to say that #6 is my problem. I am so overwhelmed with information that I just don't know where to begin. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. [Angela, you REALLY need my overwhelm course: — I DO have a solution for this.]

  • Kris says:


    I realize this is not your pick one of the above answers but its what's going on in my head.

    Hmmmm, maybe that means overwhelm.

    I need a back end for this site.

    I don't have a big back end but just offer other peoples products in the a/r sequence.

    I could also use technical and other help on setting up a membership site for salespeople I am working on.

    For instance should I lead in with free resources. Should I offer a month free but only to people who purchase my self liquidating offer. Shoould I offer a month free to anyone.

    Should I use Joomla or a blog within a blog that is password protected. What are the other options you have seen or used?

    Whats the best way to go about getting an article or interview from a book author or expert in the field that I can use as content.

    How much content should I add monthly for a $17/mo site?

    I know you have covered some of my questions at some time before so I apologize in advance for not keeping them from falling out of my head…

    Maybe it is overwhelm… or organizational skills.

    Have a good weekend,


  • Mary Nolan says:


    I so look forward to your emails.

    I am on Overwhelm for sure.

    I am taking a course I started in Dec and have 4 sites up and 1 ready to go up.

    Have learned a lot but soooo much more to learn and do..and I do really love it.. all the ideas, methods, etc. that I do seem to be on Overwhelm.

    And this keeps me from beginning sometimes and doing what I CAN do.. what is right in front of me to do.. the next right thing.

    You are sooo very generous.

    And all you ask is for us to respond sometimes.. and I havent .. and for this I do apologize and will do better in this.

    I really do appreciate your time and commitment to all of us.

    I have learned a lot today just reading this blog.

    Thank you so much.

    I will do the overwhelm deal.

    Mary Nolan

    [Mary, first of all, keep at it. Second of all, if you have the funds do get the overwhelm course. I have insights into this no one else has and it WILL help you. Thanks for taking the time to share with me and others.]

  • Bill Gluth says:

    Creating systems would be the only missing link you've not covered yet, Marlon

  • C D'Artagnan says:

    New Insurance agency and have difficulty with reliable website creation, and other outsourced items.

  • Thanks, Marlon,

    I'm with Jim, your first responder, on the subject of autoresponder use. I'm interested in selling ads and downloads on blog(s). Over and over we are told "it's completely hands-free–just get a domain name, WordPress and AWeber and you already have your continuing content so you are all set!" Huh? I do have gobs of original content and continuing content–it's all offline however.

    What about the 'niche' already-done-for-you sites, Marlon? Are these a training ground?

    Warm regards,


    [Hi Steve, I don't know the problem on the blog. It SOUNDS to me like you either need a blog dripfeed program or you need There are tons of already done for you sites you can experiment with. I'm sure you'll learn something from that. Doing trumps not doing.]

  • Dog Mason says:


    I have to vote for creating systems. Being retired military, if I could grind everything down to an A-B-C click & voila system, all the other items would become easily handled sidebars.



  • Darrell says:

    My vote is Traffic.

    I currently get traffic from google and


  • Paula says:

    Marlon, I'm overwhelmed I haven't started. I purchased Kim Roach's product and her use of the Dashboard is fabulous.

    Haven't even gotten through all of her videos. I will get back into your emails and work through them. From reading the comments, it seems like a good system. Thanks

    [Paula, it's true that overwhelm keeps you from getting started, so it makes sense that the way to get started is to get over the overwhelm as quickly as possible…that's why in week 3 of my Overwhelm Cure I give you an elegant 11 minute solution to Overwhelm that will get you out of the trap you're in and started on the road to where you're going….You'll find the answer here.. .

  • Rollion says:

    All of the above. I am a newbie who is reading through everything you post and following directions. Better than a small business course, Marlon. Keep it coming. I just did a networking letter for a beginning inventor using the free formula you sent in a prior e-mail. I'm waiting for a response, but it's a great letter. Did I mention the example I used was FREE? Keep it coming!

  • Nancy Boyd says:

    Marlon, I have several projects going, thanks to outsourcing with some talented folks. But I think I really need some help with the systems. It doesn't all flow like I want it to, and I'm beginning to see that there are some elements missing.

    Still working on the overwhelm bit.

    And here's a thought: what about putting ALL the pieces together in one place, like a mega-dashboard, so when we want the next piece of the puzzle it's right there? And could you make that affordable please, LOL?

    Thanks for thinking of so many ways to help — and asking us what we want 🙂 (and then over-delivering!!)

    [Nancy, the overwhelm is solved in 11 minutes in video 3 of: — After that 11 minutes there will be no more overwhelm. I understand you want everything cheap without paying for it….and the simpler and more elegant a solution is, the more it costs because the longer life experience it takes to create something that elegant and simple. A beginner can create a complex solution. You have to do something over and over to discover the heart of it….and that is the most valuable information you can get….and since the value it creates is so much….the cost is actually quite cheap compared to the value it creates….All I ever ask people to pay is a dime for every dollar of value I show them how to create….so I sell what I know for dimes.]

  • George says:

    Hello Marlon!!

    Creating Systems and Getting Traffic would be my two areas.

  • Lou Martiniano says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I cannot get enough face washing about how to get traffic. If we get traffic all else falls into place. If your site sucks, traffic won't buy so adjust or fix until they start to buy. If we can get fast responsive traffic and then long term in love with you traffic that would be great. As with all gurus that give us info they do not give out complete info. Like Squidoo for an ex. until I got xyz's info I did not realize that I needed to make small changes frequently so I could ping often. Just a little item left out. There are many examples like that. Anyway I think you get my gest. Thanks. By the by, even though I was raised in Michigan, I was born in Woodward, OKla. a very long time ago, just thought I'd tell ya.

    [Hey Lou, my mum was from Taloga…..not too far from Woodward I guess. So traffic is your issue. OK]

  • Dave Schwatz says:

    #2 would be me.

    I have made strides… website, blog, auto-responder will be there by next week. (Hired a contractor.)

    Need a product. (Perhaps by mid-May.)

  • stew says:

    Hi Marlon,

    It would help to learn more about what types of affiliate products convert more. Also how to create a product website that goes about the cookie cutter variety cluttering the Internet today.

  • Dwayne says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I am a petroleum landman with 20 years experience. I received word yesterday that the oil & gas company I have represented for 9 years terminated my contract. My income has been in the neighborhood of $100,000 per year. Comfortable but not in the area I need to generate in the internet market.

    I have procrastinated & have had paralysis of analysis about getting active in the internet market. I have purchased several of your products as well as other products. I intend to purchase several more of your products.

    I would appreciate any information & direction you would be kind enough to offer to get me off dead center.

    I live in Conroe, TX not very far from your place of residence. I need to begin to actively pursue generating income.

    Marlon, thanks for any guidance you can offer.

    Dwayne Waller

  • graeme lomax says:

    things are getting out of hand, have got so much software and not got the time , have two web sites up and running and now my blog need to get traffic to web sites and blog just want to get incom streem going, i am not spending any mony on more stuff,

    [Actually, the solution is to spend more money. You have no system to prioritize outcomes. See Otherwise, you're going to keep running in circles which is why you can't get anything done.]

  • Todd says:


    First let me say thanks for your dedication to your students and their success. I was on the A-Team call yesterday, thought it was filled with pretty good stuff. Now we know how Frank does it!

    My sticking point is the Starting Gate. With work and all the other excuses I make it's hard to get on a role. Getting the first site up is the hardest. The one listed above cost a fortune! Live and learn. I'm working to get over the hump and with you kicking my butt each week, I know I'll get there! Thanks again for your help and persistence.


  • Peggy Loe says:

    creating systems and getting traffic

  • Thomas says:

    Yo dude,

    You look like "Q" on "Star Trek: TNG".

    Keep the emails coming.



  • Personally I am at the traffic part of my dilema. I have a small budget and am confused if any of the traffic gets results without spending even more money that on the products you are saying works. I guess the question is: hAfter purchasing the system how much time and money needs to be spent to reach my goal?

    Your system is awesome thou 😉

    [If you're broke, you need to do article marketing or youtube videos.]

  • M.

    I've responded once….

    My problem is cash flo…..

    There is no sensible way for me to get

    into this if I can't support it.

    You don't know how BROKE I am.


    [email protected]

    [Search Google for bum marketing. I think the url is or something like that. It's a free article marketing system. You can also create videos using free camstudio software and upload to youtube.]

  • I vote for number 6.

    Also can i promote your overwhelm product?

    I cant see any affiliate tools for it on the site.

  • Nancy Gomez says:


    Thanks for asking, but what I need now is just time. I outsourced a blog fix so I can get to my blog and I have 10 articles being written for it so I can populate it and start getting traffic to it.

    I'm writing reports to give away and have

    outlined an ebook to sell.

    I used Masterson's goal setting method to follow and now I'm dancing as fast as I can.

    Thanks again for all the useful information you continually provide.


    [Nancy, you're a shining example of the power of Ateam.]

  • The biggest problem for me is getting things done. I have to admit on having information overload and that can make a mess of my focus.

    Another item that I lack is a down to earth checklist. For me this would be an order of alignment in doing things.

    I guess you can see where my vote is.

    Thank You


  • John says:

    I am a basket case I need help with everything. I will however save this email, I think I can find the answers to my questions here. Thank You

  • Mike says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I suppose #6 is the sticking point for me. There are so many different ways to build an online business and a hundred courses for sale about each of them that confusion follows excitement. It's a vicious cycle.

    It would be nice to see a "road map" for each type of venture is that's at all possible.

    I'm off to view your videos now.



    [Mike, 100% the videos will help you. The process is extremely powerful.]

  • Tony Norton says:

    Converting traffic.I have not yet looked into traffic reality .com so perhaps that might answer my queries. Also planning my time to ensure I get things done properly. I confess I have not viewed the videos week 1 and 2 which is part of the getting organised problem.

  • Ed says:

    1. Outsourcing — getting help with your business

  • Manny says:

    Hello Marlon,

    Thank you for your emails you are a great leader and coach, I am looking at your products they are all high quality. I need some advice from you.

    Here is my plan:

    I am in the process of creating my own products and my own affiliate programs, also I need easy tools to use to promote other offers: such as affiliate network offers for this I just need simple squeeze pages with some graphics.

    Please tell me which from your products I need to have in my arsenal? I've seen other products but they don't come close to yours, great value here.

    just give me a quick step using your products. to make this happen

    thank you

    have a great day

  • John says:

    Hi Marlon,

    From your list of 6, creating systems is my weakness.

    Kind regards


  • what aboutsome clicks ? out here <— Reply on 4/23 post

  • Gaj says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I would vote for #6 item that is dealing overwhelm and taking action simulteneously.

    Great content and smart thinking post.

    As always I love your news letters and emails so hate to miss them 🙂



    [Hey Gaj, you can STILL get in on:

  • Bernd says:

    I vote for Getting Traffic

    Greetings from Vienna


  • 4. Getting Traffic

    Thanks for and endorsing a few ppc and seo products.

    This area need greater detail for parallel traffic. Can you help, Marlon?

    Parallel traffic what is found and wanted after the initial search (think what goes with beer = pizza)


    Sherrie Rose

    "The Love Linguist"


  • Jim says:

    Hi Marlon. I am stuck at using FTP or whatever it takes to get the site or the info up to the net. Also the 'how to' of setting up/using an autoresponder.




    [Jim, I believe this is the last icon on row 2 of promo dashboard. We cover it there.]

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