You Vote. I Respond

You Vote. I Respond

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
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Re: Please Vote


Marlon here.

Would you do me a small favor and cast your vote? What do you
want or need help with next?

1. Outsourcing — getting help with your business

I've given you Is there something I'm
missing? Is there something more than that you want help with?
If you're stuck on the technical stuff, you need to outsource.

2. Creating systems

This boils your activities down to checklists so you don't have
to think. You just “do” or outsource.

3. Product Creation

I've give you for this. Is there a missing
link for you? Do you want MORE on this?

4. Getting Traffic

I have given you for starting your own
affiliate program to get traffic. I've endorsed a few ppc
products and Justin's seo product.

Are there missing links for you? What more can I help you with?

5. Converting your traffic

This means getting people on your email list and sending out
emails Yesterday I endorsed Tinu's new She's
a master at traffic.

6. Getting things done, confusion or “overwhelm”

I cover all these in my Overwhelm Cure. You can still get the
videos of week 1 and 2 and get in on weeks 3 and 4:

Where are you AT?

To get more money coming in the door than you have right now, which of the above 6 steps do you want or
need to take and WHY?

Is one of those 6 a barrier? Have you applied my solution fully and completely? If not, what do you need from me to get that area of your business going today?

Please let me hear from you.


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