You Won’t Make a Dime Until You Learn How to Promote, Build Value and Sell - Online and Info Product Marketing

You Won’t Make a Dime Until You Learn How to Promote, Build Value and Sell

It's time.

Time to productize.

Time to monetize.

It's YOUR time.

Time to find your people, your tribe, your audience.

Time to find your message, productize it and monetize.

There is no monetization without productizaton in this business.

That means you take your message, your know how, your fire and energy and you put it into products and sell them.

You've Got To Learn The Art of Promoting and Selling

Listen, just because you have a product and stick a blurb out about it on your Facebook timeline doesn't mean it will SELL.

It probably won't.

This is an ART.

This is a SKILL.

But beyond that, it's COMMUNICATION.

You've got to create a SPACE, a GAP, a DESIRE, before you present your offer or your solution.

If there's no space, no gap, no desire, there's no sale.

The gap is the distance between where someone is today and where they want to go. The outcome they want.

Don't ASSUME people will WANT your product or have any freaking clue in the world why they NEED it. Or what the VALUE of it is.

This is easy to screw up.

I screw it up sometimes.

I get so into the product that i forget to CLEARLY create the gap, the space, the need, the desire for it.

That's what your content marketing should do. It creates the gap and the desire.

But if you think effective marketing and sales is just sticking a blurb out about your product on Facebook, it isn't. No even if your product or thing is cheap.

If people are don't wanters, they're don't wanters.

The key is to learn to SELL, to PROMOTE. To create DESIRE. And then offer your product as the SOLUTION to that desire.

The most common way you do this is by presenting pain points that your offer solves. But you can also talk about the positives it creates.

It's just that people typically people act more urgently on pain points than they do getting what they want.

So people are more likely to go to the dentist when their tooth is hurting like heck than they are when they want a nicer smile.

First, You Talk About The Customer and
What Their Pain Points Are And Their Desires

It goes back to things as simple as F.A.B. when you present your offer.

Feature: What something is

Advantage: What it does

Benefit: What it does FOR YOU

I know this is simple, simple, simple.

It's also so easy to overlook when you make your offers. I do it from time to time. Everyone does.

One key phrase you can use is WHICH MEANS THAT.

The color is red WHICH MEANS THAT you can easily find it when you're looking for it.

Or it's a color that will remind you of being on fire everytime you see it.


People think they can just vomit product info and features out to their audience and people will automatically see and understand why they need it, what the value is and why the price is a bargain.


It doesn't work that way.

Do the work.

Study similar products and how they're sold by people who do it well.

Do your homework.

Learn how to promote and sell.


If you don't know HOW TO CREATE VALUE, you won't go far in business. Because you won't be able to create value for what you sell. So no one will be willing to pay you for it. Not even your mum.

On the other hand, if you learn to create value anytime you want, the world is your oyster.

Learn to create value.

Learn to promote.

Learn to sell.

This is 101.