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Your comments on today’s ezine article?


Hit comments at the end of the post and let me hear from YOU!  I do often personally respond.


  • Marge says:


    I want to have a membership site, which will include teleseminars which folks can access various ways, even if they can't be on live…

    I will also have written content at the website.

    But I'm planning to send out a CD/DVD of the month, which would include the 4-6 calls I will do each month with various experts, providing my target market with resources.

    So, when I asked which "product" I should use, I really meant which Membership site creation product.

    Were you saying if I use your products to be my guide in the creation itself of my actual content, that there is perhaps enough free info around to help me put it all in a membership format without having to purchase any of these higher ticket membership set up packages?


    [Marge, I use Amember for my membership sites. But my friend Jason Fladlien highly recommends a software called wishlist except I don't think it will drip feed content.]

  • Hang it Marlon, that video of Joe Crump left me speechless (yeah, right)!

    Maybe you couldn't tell, but his clearly stiffled Elizabethan accent gave him away…

    Joe is really James T. Kirk's great-great-grandpappy (and wasn't that also a prototype phaser on the desk behind him?

    Just think, if William Shatner dubbed his voice 'ol Joe could be the next big thing in Star Trek, the Never-Ending Franchise.

    Live long, and prosper (Say, isn't that Paramount's motto now?)…

    [Richard, how are you? You lost me. If you don't like Joe's presentation, it's fine. Joe's customers love it and that's all that matters. You aren't his target audience. The point that's relevant to YOU Richard is that whether you want to talk about Joe or Frank Kern or what I've done or others, video IS working gangbusters now. Even Camtasia screen capture video. So instead of making fun of someone else's presentation who is a multi millionaire…..even though I know you're just joking around…the productive thing to do is to ask how you CAN use video with YOUR target audience in a way that will work.]

  • Kevin says:

    You wrote,

    I remember when I thought, "How could anyone DARE charge $100 for an

    info product?" … Because I never could envision myself having

    $100 to buy it.

    Bullseye. Bingo.

    [Kevin, I remember being there. And I'll tell you what I found. You get the money when you have a product or service to sell. There's tons of free help on the Internet on youtube. There's plenty there to help you make a hundred bucks. And is free. i have a newbie ebook that's free.There's There's back issues of my ezine. There's lots of help in those. I once had a car that smoked like a bomb. Bought deodorant with all pennies. Worked deep nights to pay bills. Put 30,000 miles on my car in 6 months trying to sell insurance. Worked 100% commission sales jobs. Bro, I've been there and done that deal. The thing that gets you out of the trap is having products that sell without your own personal time. A great option if you're broke is article marketing or selling on ebay. There are plenty of free ebooks on both.]

  • Marge says:

    Hey Marlon…

    Good stuff as usual…we all have had too many "nights", instead of days, but it helps to be reminded the nights come with the territory.

    2 things…

    You might double check sales copy for your clc product.

    Look under the "So here's the deal…" section. I am thinking you want those figures to be different…1 price for newcomers, and 1 for Milcer's Club/product owners?

    Maybe it doesn't matter, because your special price even beats those…but it's just a bit confusing, as we are reading thru that.

    Other thing–you know I am working toward the membership model.

    There is more than one membership model out there now.

    (Ryan Deiss's & Russell Brunson's, to name a couple…)

    I don't recall your mentioning having covered memberships in any of your products. I have several, but not CLC. Does this (or any other product you have) cover membership set up?

    If not…

    Are there questions I should ask myself about my biz in order to determine the best product for me? If so… what would those questions be, so I would know which way to go to get rolling with my membership site?

    Hope you can share your opinion without getting into any hot water? (LOL)

    (Or I will certainly keep it to myself if you want to email me privately.)



    [Hey Marge, how are you? The page on CLC you're talking about was an OLD SAMPLE promotion. Those aren't current promotions, although I do plan to fix em up when I get around to it and re-use em somewhere. should be current. I don't cover membership sites currently. My friend Jason Fladlien has something on it. Marge, the product you need depends on what you want to do. Create a product? Promote a product? Design a website. Set up an affiliate program.]

  • Derek says:

    Marlon – Just ran across you a few weeks ago and the info on your articles is great. I wish I was past the newbie stage but not so, I feel I know a little but haven't made a buck yet!

    I have done the opposite you recently suggested and that is paying via elance/odesk to do a lot of my work. It is good, I think, but I am also at bay of someone else and the time they care to put in. I have a few more ideas but I am not sure which product to start with of yours. I have all the other big name producst, but nothing to show for it but bills and that is not a Federal Reserve note in my pocket!

    So do I go with infoproduct dashboard or design dashboard? I think I should do both??

    Thanks again and have a great weekend and 4th of July. Derek

    [Hi Derek, if you want to create your own product get info product dashboard. If you want to PROMOTE get promo dash. If you want to design a web site and learn some basic design, get design dash. I DO outsource. But it helps to learn basics first.]

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