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Your Juicy Weekend Wrap-Up from Marlon



Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Weekend Wrap Up

1.  html vs. text — my latest thoughts

I'm debating having a publication or two in html.  I like the look
of html vs. text.  But it is a pain to get it delivered.

I read some stats from Ezine Queen (Alli Brown) that say html gets
read and clicked on more, even though delivery is an issue.

If you're publishing an ezine, you might consider the html format.
Of course, I'm going to split test it.  That is, I'll mail 1/2
of the gang html and the other half text.  Then compare results.

I'm also going to be compiling a list of tricks to actually get
your HTML email delivered, if this puppy tests out.

2.  Virtual staff vs. local

I'm having challenges hiring a part-time PHP/mysql person here
in San Antonio.  In Dallas or Austin it would be a piece of cake.
What we're doing now is running ads at the college.

If you're looking to hire someone but you don't know if it will
pay off for you, one way to do it is to start part time.  That's
how I got started with my first assistants way back.  I hired
them part time.

If I can't hire talent locally, then I guess I WILL be forced to
work on a virtual basis.  I've used virtual people for years.

Soon as you can, I DO recommend hiring virtual (long distance) help
and/or in person.  Corey told me how his first employee came into
his home.  They would come in some days when he was still asleep.

Matt used to do that here in my home.  I had an office set up for
him.  Still, I imagine he's glad to be in an office.  And I'm glad
to have my privacy back.

3.  Why 12-product surveys rule!  Are YOU using them?

One of the methods I teach no one else does is the 12-product
survey method.  For example, in my recent blog header test, it
would have been impossible for me to guess the winner.

Yet, at Armand's Big Seminar, I was talking to Michael Fortin and
I found out in his split tests, he got a SIMILAR result with his
photos.  I was shocked!

No one gets it.  Alex developed the Ask Database survey method.
It serves a TOTALLY different purpose than the 12-product surveys.

Why surveys?  They help you increase the hit ratio of your success,
help you avoid expensive trial and error learning and put the
odds in your favor.

4.  Do you HATE details?

I don't know about you.  But I hate details.  I mean, I can't even
type an email without typos.  Seriously.  THAT is why I have
virtual staff and why I hire people.

Now, in the early days, I couldn't afford to do this.  So I did
stuff myself.  Then soon as I had the dough, I got some help.
Nowadays, I am sophisticated about using testing and things to
hire the RIGHT help.  Back then, anyone was better than me!

My Digital Product Creation System led the market by about 2 or 3
YEARS on how to outsource.  You aren't going to find ANYONE talking
about it for 2 or 3 years after I came out with that product.

In it, I documented HOW I was outsourcing to virtual assistants
and elance.  At the time, it was really, really groundbreaking.
Some would say even visionary.

I STILL have techniques and methods for using staff, teams,
virtual assistants and others no one knows about.  If you're like
I am and are not good at details or you just don't have time to
do it all, you've GOT to get help.  I mean, seriously.

5.  Do you know what your MODEL for online success is?

Most people have no clue about what their model is.

I stumbled across my model the hard way.  I mean, back when I was
driving around in a really, really smoky car and buying deodorant
for pennies — the only model I knew about was the one I had a
date with (one date 'cause smoky cars don't go down well with

I was talking just yesterday to Kirt Christensen. And Kirt and I
agree that the model is about everything.  I sucked Kirt's brain
dry on the latest models he's using and knows about!

Just last week, I spent $2,000 buying a new model.  It's part of
the 25 g's a year I spend on my OWN education.  Now, I never had
that much to begin with.

My goodness, I remember when I just couldn't fathom how anyone
with morals would even charge $100!  My friend and I used to
complain how expensive McDonald's was!

What turned life around for me?  A better model. That's what.

Instead of swapping time for money, I began selling what Napoleon
Hill called “specialized knowledge.”  It was a MUCH better model
since you do work ONCE and get paid forever.

I STILL get checks for stuff I wrote 7 and 8 years ago.  For
example, I did ONE conference call maybe 7 years ago for 3 hours
and I STILL get paid for it 'cause it's GREAT evergreen info you
can't get anywhere else —

Here's the scoop:  New models are GREAT but only after you master
“the BASIC model.”  So many people in this business want to go
triple diamond before they have gone direct. The good news is you
can learn 100X faster than when I was doin' it in the old days.

6.  Are you a sucker for models that don't work?

OK.  I like about everyone in this business.  But I don't agree
with all models or people.

The quick buck crowd wants to make a quick payout without any
regard for the long term.  It's like Mark Cuban said the other day,
“Rule one of business is don't rip off your customers.”

My friend, taking the easy way out may be easy.  But in the long
run, it'll leave you with nothing.  You may have retirement facing
you.  Or you may be looking to escape your job.

Imagine finally quitting your job then having your model fall
apart.  That's why I CAN'T stand pitches that hype or promote
models that are just a quick hit with zero longevity.

Get smart.  Learn to think.  That's what I help people do.  Choose
your model carefully and don't fall for the quick fix.

My basic, ground zero model is at:

And the action plan is at:

You probably have those. But if you don't, I'm really at a loss
for words.  They are like essential training.

If you want basic, ground zero training in creating your own info
products, go to:

7.  How my mentor was doing the “info product model” many years
ago with sophisticated “ascension.” — A SHOCK to many people!

I hate to break this to some people…but my mentor worked something
like 30 years ago with Thomas Hall, author of “The Direct Mail
Guides” which were a huge seller back then.

Gary Halbert called Thomas Hall HIS mentor.

Anyway, my mentor was Lew Williams (one of the founders of
“rockabilly” music by the way).  And Lew was trained in copywriting
by Thomas Hall and worked the seminar and coaching model with
him back then.

He was selling $5,000 and $10,000 SEMINARS and COACHING back
then on an “ascension” model.  I'm SHOCKED when I hear how much
he was selling coaching and seminars for back then.  I mean,  back
“fer” I was born!

Shoot, even before that W.D. Gann (a famed stock trader) was
running a pretty sophisticated info product funnel as was Charles

Lew trained me to write copy the “hard way” just like HE was
hand taught by Thomas Hall.  He used to edit my copy TWENTY times.
And at the end, we would scan down the right margin and cut off
every single cottin' pickin' sentence so not even one long line
grabbed your eye at the end.

Well, I was VERY fortunate to have Lew Williams and his wife
Anita as my mentors.  You should be so lucky as to have mentors
like Lew and Anita.

Alright.  I'm wrappin' up this weekend wrap-up!

This weekend I'll be making a list of “back-end” revenue sources
that I can write up in the next Milcer's issue I write.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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