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Yahoo PPC: $463,590.22 In ONLY 58 Days With Yahoo PPC?


Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Marlon's Marketing Minute for January 24


Marlon here.

This week's ARTICLE:

==> “$463,590.22 In ONLY 58 Days With Yahoo PPC”

==> Subtitle: Kiss Google Slaps Goodbye and Get Those
Bills Of Yours Paid

I have a story today that reveals:

— Where to download a FREEBIE ebook on Yahoo that's HIGH quality
— A Squeeze page method that's a new innovation
— How to boost subscribers with an offbeat method
— What set my blog on fire last week?
— The secret of translating bills into daily amounts
— What woke me up to Yahoo?
— An example of innovation

This is NOT theory. This is all based on practical stuff you
can actually DO without being a rocket scientist or super duper

Save this for reference and use it as a checklist

Take the article, change the URL in the resource box at the
end to a reseller ID and stick it on your web site, blog,
Facebook blog, Myspace blog, Hub Page, Squidoo lens, or Google

Put it up and announce it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog,
email, or whatever else you have.

This IS an article people will want to read. You WILL make
sales from the link in the resource box.

If you don't have a reseller ID, just go to: and sign up. It only takes
2 minutes.

There are 4 ADS at the end of this ezine. You can replace
all THOSE with reseller links if you want.


P.S. Read the announcements…

* FREEBIE DOWNLOAD in the article today about Yahoo marketing.

* Brand new reseller site makeover. New tools!

PPS: Other marketers ONLY send you good content during their
product launch. I'm with you every week, motivating, inspiring,
educating. Where are THEY when a product launch isn't going

I'm here every week delivering rock solid content based on years
of experience.

Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #4, January 24, 2009

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement: New ebook shows you how to use Adwords
to knock off those bills of yours

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: “$463,590.22 In ONLY 58 Days With Yahoo PPC”

D. Services You Can Use

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher



New ebook reveals even more details on how to get your
bills paid by creating mini campaigns:

Cash Bootstrap Method

This is good stuff if you're a newbie and wanna get a practical
method you can use to knock off those bills one-by-one.  I paid my OWN money
to buy this ebook and personally read and reviewed it. I have also exchanged emails
with the author so I know it's legit. 



One: Follow me on Twitter

This way, if you don't get my emails, you get my Twitters.

Two: Give Away “The Best Of Marlon Sanders” to your friends
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I've just released “The Best Of Marlon Sanders”

Give it away to your friends or list and snag affiliate
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Three: Download your FREEBIE ebook now.

“The Best of Marlon Sanders”

There is a squeeze page. The idea is for you to enter
the email address you actually READ! I'll send out a version
later where you can bypass the squeeze if it bugs you.

Four: Ateam call

I don't think Danny had time to get the last call posted.
We'll send out the announcement of our next call this


“$463,590.22 In ONLY 58 Days With Yahoo PPC”

==> Subtitle: Kiss Google Slaps Goodbye and Get Those
Bills Of Yours Paid

By Marlon Sanders


You've heard about the Google slap.

Where all of a sudden Google raises slams your account
so none of your ads run unless you pay $5 or $10 bucks
a click.

Now, I'm working right now on how you avoid this. I've
heard lots of theories.

In the meantime, what if you could NOT worry about Google
Slaps at all? That would mean you could go back to
“Squeeze Pages,” email marketing and everything we as
marketers know HOW to do.

Advertise on Yahoo!

The thought turned me off because I thought you couldn't
get enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

Then, I ran across this letter in the Clickbank Marketplace:

Yeah,it's an ad.

But really, it's an eye opener! That woke me up…

$464,590.22 is nothing to sneeze at. And on Yahoo? My jaw
about dropped. I thought “no way.” I read through the
letter and it made sense.

A number one position on Yahoo might get you as much traffic
as a #5 position on Google and cost less!

Of course, that huge number isn't indicative of average results.
I imagine whoever did those numbers is a pro.

Last week on my blog, tons of people SOUNDED off their voice
about this idea:

You break your bills down to daily amounts. And you create
campaigns or projects to pay each bill. For example, if your
car payment sucks $350 out of your wallet each month, you
divide that by 30 and you get $11.66 a day.

It's hard to wrap your mind around making a zillion bux in
a year. But $11.66 a day? Come on man. If you use a LITTLE
of what you've learned about Adwords or article marketing,
you can snag 12 bux a day! That's like one ebook sell every
three days.

Get 100 clicks ever 3 days or 33 clicks a day. Make TWO
sales (2%). One sale pays for the 100 clicks and the other
one gives you your car payment.

Now, with Yahoo you can get those clicks on your LIST without
getting the living crap slapped of you or staying up at night
worrying about it.

So now, once every few days, you pop over to Clickbank or
to You find a product you like. You do
a little Camtasia or Camstudio video on it.

You know, show what it is. Walk through it a bit. Then
offer your OWN bonus (even if it's a PLR something or the

MORE sales!

Those two or three emails a week knock off another bill
or two.

If you break your bills down into daily amounts, you probably
have 10-13 campaigns you need.

Then you add in things you want for your lifestyle. And you
turn THOSE into campaigns.

I talked about these concepts at length in my articles last
week and TONS of people posted, and I responded at a considerable
cost of my time. But I wanted to get people on track with this.

You can read a few of these posts here:

Read through the comments. You'll learn a lot and get inspired!

Now, to get you STARTED on Yahoo, I have a FREEBIE ebook for ya:

Snag that while it's a freebie. It's very high quality. Lots of
illustrations and so forth.  A few people in COMMENTS have reported a problem
trying to open that PDF.  It opens fine on my box.

If you have a problem, go to Yahoo's blog and try it from there:

I don't think most people are having any problems.  But if you can't get it to work
on your box, CONTACT YAHOO.  I make no money for passing that long. There
are no embedded affiliate links. The PDF works fine on my boxes at home but I
will have my staff check it out on Monday. 

So spending a little time to ramp on on Yahoo is probably worth your
time. Let me give you a GREAT idea on how to do this.

Look at how Andre did his page here:

Notice that nice graphic at the top. You hire a designer to do a nice
little header graphic.

Then you have a little tutorial on your topic like he does here. But
it's incomplete. On page 3, 4, 5 or 6 after HOOKING the reader in,
THEN you hit 'em with your squeeze.

This is how Andre did it:

See, after getting you to READ through the content and building
credibility and value, THEN he presents the squeeze.

The inventor of this method far as I know or the guy who best articulated
it was Brent Hall in Multiplier Method. He tells how the first time he
did this, he tripled converions and subscriptions went up to 50%.

But that was some time back. I doubt you'd get that good results now.
Still, I think it's a method worth testing.

On one Squeeze page Brent showed, he had what you'd NORMALLY see on a
squeeze. THEN, he had a little PDF icon where you could downlad the PDF.
The PDF then did what we're talking about here.

It gave 3 or 4 pages of value then the squeeze box.

This is an example of INNOVATION.

I have a new product I'll be releasing shortly that talks about HOW and
WHY you have to innovate for top results.

And this little Squeeze tweak demonstrates the concept perfectly.

I should charge $100 for what I just said. Really, that's a very powerful
technique. I won't steal his thunder but in Multiplier Method Brent
told his ratios. They're double or triple other methods.

I haven't tried or verified these myself. But I will.

Hit me back on my BLOG. Lemme know your thoughts, feelings and opinions
on this.

Have you broken down your bills to daily amounts yet?

Have you mapped out what campaigns you'll put together to pay 'em?
If you read my Master Plan that I posted on my blog, you'll see you CAN
build a whole business based on this.

Build a business — Got Bills? The 12-Step Master Plan To Pay Your Bills And Build a Business

Marlon Sanders

PS: One of Andre's close friends created a little ebook on how he
applied Andre's methods. It's a VERY good tutorial for newbies.

Cash Bootstrap Method

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

Check out all my products here:

(SIGN UP AS A RESELLER, put YOUR reseller URL and ID where
the above link is, post this on your web site and make some
dough for spreading a killer guide everyone will want to


REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention


D. “Services You Can Use

(If you want to post this ENTIRE ezine, you can replace the
following links with your RESELLER links)

Stop trading time for dollars and start trading products for

Save 100's on graphic design. FREEBIE report:

NEED A SALES LETTER? Fill in the blanks and click a button.

Many people have copied my software. But there really and
truly is only ONE original.

See the original systems I created for Lisa

Copyright 2009 Higher Response Marketing Inc.
All rights reserved.

  • sarie says:

    Hi Marlon, Our signal strengths is lately very bad. I am more off line than connected.

    I enjoy your articels. I wish my knowledge of e-books, blogs, etc. wasn't NUL!

    I must make money this year! As it is, the petrol (fuel) prizes increases yet again, our first grand child are to be born, and our youngest daughter is a student…

    Need I to say any thing more?


    [Hey, read my past blog articles on paying your bills. I have some really good ones there from the past 2 weeks.]

  • Kat says:

    Great article as always.

    [Thanks Kat]

  • David says:

    Do you have an affiliate program?


    David Jordan

    [Hey David, yes, we have an oustanding affiliate program:

    Thanks for asking David.]

  • stevieod says:

    LWC is right, 2.8 megs of blankness. Used Mozilla Firefox 3.0 to download, and used Adobe Reader 9.0 to try and view the pdf. Nada, nich, zippo, nothing but pages of blankness. It's things such as this that make me wary of internet marketing and 'gurus'. As the poster in Fox Mulder's office said; "I want to believe"


    [Hi, here is your solution. Here is Yahoo's blog where they offered the ebook:

    You will see the link to the ebook on their blog.

    Go there and see if the download works. If it doesn't, I don't know what to say. Yahoo created it. You'd THINK it'd work on everyone's boxes. It works fine on mine so I can't duplicate the problem. When my staff comes in tomorrow I'll ask them to try several computers and see if they can replicate the problem. But try the link on the Yahoo blog. Maybe you'll have better luck with it.]

  • LWC says:

    Hmmm. Also tried to download it, actually got a downloaded PDF but it was all blank 2.8mb 43 pages of no information.

    Even tried a different browser/diff variation but same problem.

    Can you email the handy free yahoo ebook to us too? Very keen to read it.

    Superb info/offer — thank you! Can't wait to get started.

    [Hi, here is your solution. Here is Yahoo's blog where they offered the ebook:

    You will see the link to the ebook on their blog.

    Go there and see if the download works. If it doesn't, I don't know what to say. Yahoo created it. You'd THINK it'd work on everyone's boxes. It works fine on mine so I can't duplicate the problem. When my staff comes in tomorrow I'll ask them to try several computers and see if they can replicate the problem. But try the link on the Yahoo blog. Maybe you'll have better luck with it.

    It's a free ebook offered by Yahoo, not us. So we really can't support Yahoo's version of the PDF. But I will make every effort to have small team figure out what's up.]

  • zoe says:

    Hiya Marlon and his Admin Team (Tim??)

    I have the same problem as Toni, where I'm told by Awember 'Already on list' So can I have a copy sent directly to my email box too? Ta

    [Hey, yeah, it's gonna be an issue we have to fix next week. Thanks for alerting me. Sorry for the hassle. Marlon]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Many thanks for your articles and information!

  • Roger Auge says:

    For some reason Marlon, I'm unable to get to this page:

    for the free YSM ebook. I've tried everything but can't find the right link or modification of the above link so I can get the ebook.

    Thanks Much!


  • Toni says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I tried to download your new EBook, but was told that I am already on your list and therefore could not have it.

    How do I get to read a copy?

    Many Thanks


    [Hey Toni, mmmmm, u bring up a good point. I'll have Tim get it to you mon. Sorry for that glitch.]

  • I've been following the trends of the Yahoo PPC situation, and the potential is fantastic. I've always been intimidated by PPC with Google, since the competition is crazy, and so many people know much more than I do. I hope this will even things out a bit.

    [Hi, I wouldn't assume people know that much more than you. But yes, not nearly as many do Yahoo and even less do MSN. You can also try adbrite.]

  • Marlon

    Many thanks for this article. I am very happy to get the Yahoo book as I am about to go into Yahoo marketing. Because of Google's dominance I have spent very little time looking at Yahoo so this gives me the impetus to really learn. Thanks indeed.

    I am ashamed to say I bought the first Multiplier Method and left it sitting on the shelf so to speak. Brent is obviously one smart fellow !

    I will dig it out and really study it thanks to your timely reminder of how good it is.



  • Doug says:

    Hey, Marlon that method is definitely a tried and true method from as far back as the abascus .My dad taught me that when I was a young man trying to keep control of my money . Excellent advice keep it up Marlon. Thanks for the information!

    [Hey Doug, your dad was a wise man, eh?]

  • tom r says:

    Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom Marlon. You've been amped up the last couple weeks and I am paying attention.

    I'm working on your twelve step program tonight! OK maybe its only 9 or 11 but I'm paying attention.

    If I can find that $79 I'm in…just schedule it in a pay week or wait until I get a stream to pay for it lol!!

    You're the best, get well, and take your meds. I can hear Grace Slick singing right now. And keep teaching/writing!

    [Hey Tom, well, I'm fine UNTIL I have the hearnia surgery! Then I''ll need meds for a day or two….hey, create a stream. $79/30 = $2.90 a day. Now….what do you ALREADY know how to do on the Net that'll bring in $2.90 a day? How about getting a URL for an affiliate product and posting in 3 forums once or twice a day? Send em to a free video where you review the affiliate product. Or send 'em to a squeeze with an opt in or to a review on your blog. But WAIT….that'll probably make MORE than $2.90 a day…I don't wanna get carried away here. You can also do what he shows in seo lies where you target BUYER keywords and bid ONLY on buyer keywords. Your conversion on those would be high. Bidding on product titles is also good.]

  • Hi Marlon.

    Those brits, now living in the sunny Spain, really know affiliate marketing. I use some of the exposed techniques with great results.

    Good guys!

    [Hey, yeah, there are other cool tricks they have but I didn't feel it'd be fair to give 'em away.]

  • I know that the trick in the multiplier method works because I bought it!

    It was a really powerful marketing strategy.


    [Franck, it has some killer strategies in it but it's kinda advanced for a lot of people. But if you get what he's saying, he has some cool ideas in there.]

  • great article. btw, got the seo ebook and read it last night. amazing stuff. for real. i never thought of title tag as BOTH seo & marketing tool. or the description as needing to "sell" the click (seo & marketing tool).

    will check out the marketing bully site, and just downloaded the free ebook on yahoo. man, let me tell you that's just awesome. thanks for sharing. i appreciate the "no product launch" madness (yes, i got sucked in, too!).

    sometimes it feels like i know too much, and end up doing too little. does that sound familiar?

    and thanks again for your responses (i come back and check them out).

    [Hey, yeah that title tag thing is SO simple and from what I see on Google search results a LOT of people don't know it. The solution to the DOING issue is to set out your monthly and weekly goals. For example, I'm pretty crystal this year what I want to do each month. Now, I may not be able to do it all. But I know the objectives. The OTHER HUGE thing is what I learned from Michael Masterson. You work the first 1-3 hours of the day on your MOST important goals. Every day. That really IS the answer. I've been doing my best at it since I read that a few weeks ago. It takes discipline and practice.]

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