Stuck Point #1: Overwhelm

Stuck Point #1: Overwhelm


Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Stuck Point #1: Overwhelm


Marlon here.

Did you post your sticking point on my blog? If you haven't
done so, please do it.

One common stuck point posted is the issue of feeling overwhelmed.

I'll tell you a story.

Yesterday I had an awesome conversation with my friend Daegan
Smith. His interview is in Promo Dashboard.

Daegan said that he realized he'd made MORE progress last year
if he'd bought a few less products and spent more time creating
and selling products!

Now, I'm in the business of selling products.

So it might seem odd to you that'd I'd tell you this story. But
some of you buy everything that comes along without regard to
your goals for the year.

MOST products sold online are different MODELS to get bux in
the door. Fair enough.

Bet let me simplify this.

You find demand, create products, sell products.

The hardest part of those 3 steps is the selling. So spend 80%
of your FOCUS on the selling NOT the creating.

How much time did you spend last year SELLING?

You've GOT to find a way to blast through the things that are
holding you back from SELLING.

I'm considering doing a series of 4 teleseminars or webinars on
getting over all the stuck points people have posted on my blog.
I would divide this into 5 teleseminars covering different
topics with related stuck points. The pricing I'm considering
is $97 each or if you get 4 the fifth is free. So all five
would be $397. Or you could just get the one that addresses
your specific stuck point. I would do my best to cover all
the stuck points submitted on my blog.

If I offered this, would you want in? Would you want the
397 deal or just one at $97 that covers your specific stuck point.
Would you prefer a telseminar or webinar? And would you want it
in the day time or night time? Do you feel this would help you?

POST your RESPONSE in COMMENTS at the end of this post.

I know you'll spend $500, $1,000 or more on new products that
sound sexy and exciting. And I don't blame you. Learning is fun.
Doing is a challenge. The question is, will you spend $500 to
overcome your stuck points? I need to know…..

What I heard from you on my blog is that things like technical
issues, problems getting a web developer to finish yoru site,
lack of focus, problems creating the product or choosing the
target market are stopping you from SELLING!

And the sale process is where you have to focus 80% of your time
and energy. Getting the traffic and sending out emails to get
sales, doing teleseminars and so forth.

Here is my advice:

Put a piece of paper up in front of your face by your computer
or on the mirror in the bathroom. List your STUCK POINT and 5
things you can do to fix it.

Five steps you can take in the next 21 days.

The FIRST thing every morning, I want you to take ONE ACTION to
overcome your stuck point.

==> Do this every day for the next 21 days.

And do it FIRST before other things get in your way.

If you don't have ANY idea what to do to overcome your stuck
point, read through all the posts on my blog where I've
personally responded to people.

Feel free to post if I haven't responded to your specific stuck
point and I'll give you some quick feedback.

Just post in COMMENTS at the end of this post.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

PS: Please read the advertisement above and respond on my blog
either yes or no and why.

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that caused me to buy it? What about the other ads I show?
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